Diary 29th February 2016

I was there’s for a few hrs trying to work out why I was having three runtsstic ACC. It only dawned on me that I was using runkeeper for comparison. Haha. Whats happening here, is that I was trying to figure out why all my latest updates on the Fitness was not regarded. I had been using my Nexy. I then found out that I had created a new account on the Nexy, which is an awful shame. hahaha. So I was there trying to figure out on my Lappy, why I was having THREE accounts??? Couldn’t put my head together. haahah. So that said I only realised that I was actually looking at RunKeeper instead of Runtastic. hahahah.

I was looking at the election coverage for the whole day after finishing Knots Landing. What a momentous occasion, to see Fine Gael being reduced in numbers but more so Labour being wiped out. ONe’s thing for sure. That Fine Gael/Labour is no more. As John Bowman (Former RTE Broadcaster) puts it, we have “more question than answers”

And then there infamous pedophiolia guy. Hmmmmmmmm. This triggered me big time in relation to my dreams. As per will be told. What happened was that I was chatting to this Filipino guy. We were getting on great til he brought about sex with a minor. He told me he loves it and THEY love it. I kept repeating to myself that its not possible as they ain’t mature. etc., etc., So the short of it all, I reported the convo and reported the convo to Facebook and of course Unfriended him and Blocked him and when Facebook told me “We’re sorry this has happened to you, it may AFFECT you” that went through me. This caused my 37hrs sleep.

So as I said to Sarah last week that only for POlitics or Current AFfairs, my life would be empty. hahaaha.

Diary 1st August 2015

Today after a nice sleep, I woke up with a horrible stomach pains. So I dashed to the toilet and let it all out as one would say. I spent about 20mins on the toilet doing diarrhea. So I was trying to figure what exactly is the cause this time. Am I allergic to apples now all of a sudden, like. hahah.

So then I set about walking to the Gresham where we I was to meet the Photowalk group for to get the bus to Powerscourt & Gardens. So then we met up there. While waiting for the bus, I got myself a few apples etc., as we were recommended to get a picnic instead of Avoca where its highly expensive. Vinny was advising that I leave my camera on instead of shutting down the camera after every pic to save battery. hehhe. The last time, just to save battery, when the camera shut down, I would switch it off after EVERY photo being taken to save battery. Before I hoped on the bus, I got myself a SALAD sandwich. The woman thought I wanted a Meat salad sandwich. I got mad, when I didn’t even mention any meat. I asked her is that for me. On the bus, the signage on the bus was calling out Stops in BOTH Irish and English. One of them was Court Ophally(Cúirt Úibh Fháilí). That’s the same Irish for the County of Offaly. haahah. So we arrived. We were a bit let down that we had to walk a half hour to get to the actual destination. So when we arrived there, we made plans whereby we separate and take our own pics. As described in the pamphlet, its much better enjoying on your own. hahaah. Well how true is that. So I set about following a trail highlighted on the map. It was amazing to see the amount of Selfie Sticks and MORE International Visitors more so than Irish. Now it was a shame that all my apples were falling out of my bag, so I had to eat them there and then. It was getting a bit too warm, so I had put my jacket and the rain jacket INTO the bag and hence why my apples were falling. So after eating allot of apples, I continued my walk of enjoyment. Then I headed back to meet the gang for a picnic for 1pm, We were initially suppose to go and see the Waterfall too. However with the price and MORE so, the location we would have to walk an hour or so, 5km. I wasn’t in the mood to be walking. So then just about as I was finishing up after the picnic, I wanted to take more pics. So unlike the last time at the Vintage Car Show whereby the battery went, as I failed to charge it up completely as it was at 2 bars out of 3 which I thought was acceptable but heyyy. But getting back to today, however, the camera reported Memory Full. So I had to make do with my phone, which I had hoped to avoid and just leave it for my GPS app Strava. However it wasn’t to be. I wanted pics of my babes the trees etc., So then afterwards, Cath, Jackie and I headed towards the bus. We went to the toilets, I unfortunately had my own diarrhea again. I was advised thou to cut down on the amt of apples as its alot of roughage or fibre of which I never knew. So then I got the bus back with Cath. While waiting for the bus, I popped into Poppies Country Kitchen to get a salad and Broccoli and Carrot Soup, of which Cath again advised of my roughage intake.

So then after a lovely bus journey home, I decided to pop into Gerry in Kennedy’s to see about Terminator to let him know of my enjoyment of the film series. ahahaha. However as today was a match day, I wasn’t sure of how busy the pub would be. But low and behold Gerry was there and not a soul around, just a few lieing around. And also I bumped into Brian, Gerry’s brother in law. I haven’t seen him years. hehehe.

I then after a few hours headed to Cineworld to see Ant-Man(Review here). Before that thou, I had my diarrhea. So I decided to get popcorn as well, just to soak up the stuff. When I arrived, I was asked as per the norm, if I wanted dips, I declined as there’s dairy in them, so I said I’d give my bowel a break,

Diary 1st March 2015

I was due to go to Westwood, again for the umpteenth time. I failed to go as this time my body wouldn’t let me go cause of my soar throat. I got that from sitting in the Jumper which I bite cause it can’t be worn outside in public anymore and the Thermal undies last night, when I was spoz to go to the movies last nite. So instead I stayed on in bed. And headed to my sis. It is unfortunate that BOTH of us were on under the weather. Which has never happened. Its usually EITHER. She is currently suffering from Pancreatitis. Me from the soar throat. I had posted a status on my FB saying about my soar throat. I was recommended to go and gargle. Now I tried this (Or as I later learned – spoz to have) when I was with my ex. I remember I had an absis or lack of Fillings ie sensitivity. IT was causing me hell. I was gargling Dad’s Hennesy Brandy, and I remember he telling me stop wasting my money. I was like ERRR me health MORE important. Anyways, I then remember my ex Keith feeling sorry as he had the same a few yrs ago. So my sis prepped up the gargling with salt. I attempted the first time, it was alrite. I was surprised that I got it right the first time in years. heeheh. My sis explained that I have been in the past RINSING instead of gargling. I had previously on my way to my sis bought Strepsils. My fav. However they failed to work throughout the night. They would have, if I had NOT bought the takout with BBQ Sauce and my sis’ curry chips that she had prepped in oil(which I gave her from my Mom’s takeout) and a chicken(Meat free) that was in too much water. So that was our “wonderful” night. hahaah. Shortly before I headed off. I was checking My grindr n youd’ never guess what image I saw. I was chatting to a cute guy. He said he was a daddy and he uploaded a pic of his son who is a minor. The pic was someone washing him down naked. His butt was facing the camera. I was apalled. I reported him to grindr.

Diary 23rd October 2014

Well I got up slightly tirelessly. heehhe. I was due to meet O’ Farrell. I had apparently forgot to turn on the Sleep AutoSMS. He texted me. So I got ready. However when I arrived at the Outhouse, he wasn’t there. Declan told me that Brendan was looking for me. But he had to head as his phone ran outta battery. So I was chatting with Declan for a few minutes. I decided to go and see The Maze Runner(Review Here). Shortly before I went, Paul came in. The guy whom, did the bitching behind my back, hence my self harm. Joe who was serving my Green Tea, looked anxiously and answered smartly to Paul as much to say, No bullying is tolerated in the Outhouse. So then I was chatting to Declan, when Paul asked me how things were. The nerves that were in me, so nerve wracking. As I have said in the past, and I mentioned to Mom recently, I don’t have the balls to confront a person but VIA Facebook only. I have a plenny a mouth on Facebook. Words hurt on Facebook, just as they do in person. Well Paul must have seen it, as he was acting so nice. hahahah. Or as Dracula would say Buhahahahahah. Or “Let the games Begin”.  So then on the way home, as I reported yesterday, that my cell phone battery was running low and the display WOULD NOT switch off. So I decided to do a little test. During the above movie, I decided and just thought could it be the Fitness Apps I have running in the background. So when I got home, I tested ALL fitness apps, that I use ONE at a time. Nothing. So I tried them all, as if I were walking. So low and behold it was found that Runtastic Pedometer is the culprit. Which is actually a shame. Ill see if I can contact the developer or something.

Diary 10th October 2014

Well as I had yet to get my dole AND to get to sleep for a few hrs, I had a hella to do today. I first finished up my Social Networking skills – hahaha. I got my dole. Then headed to AIB to lodge the dosh into the bank. I then headed onto Tesco to get my milk, of which they didn’t have Almond Milk from Alpro. So I got Almond TESCO Brand. I then headed onto Ryan’s hardware, as I wanted to get a weighing scales. They did have em, but I would have preferred if they could connect to my device. So I didn’t get any. Shortly before I went out, I got a call from my credit union, saying that my loan has been finished and to what to do. So I just for the time being, reverted back to the 10 a week to my Savings account.

So I then headed off to sleep for a few hours. I had initially setup a meetup with my mate Todd. I hadn’t seen him since the August Bank Holiday Weekend. So it was my intention to see Maze Runner, then the Outhouse and then to meet my mate. However it wasn’t to be. So I got up slightly later than schedule BUT I eventually got up. So I set about heading off to meet my mate Todd. I first told him, that I was wanting to head to the Outhouse to find out what up with what Ronan said on my FB. I was deeply upset about that people had been talking about me behind my back and not in the good way. So poor aould Ronan is another My sis. With this I mean, if anything happens to me, my folks would be asking my sis questions etc., So I apolises in advanced to Ronan. I asked him who it had been. In the interest of privacy, which by right these bitches n bastards don’t deserve, but I’m a nice guy. But buy golly, they will both get a very nice message on FB in the morning. Something to wake up to in the morning. So afterwards, Todd met me in the Outhouse instead of the Gresham Hotel where we were suppose to meet. We both then headed on off to Cuicneas(Review here), WE wined and dined as one would say. eheheh. Then we headed on off to Cineworld to see Dracula Untold(Review here). After we got the tickets, we eyed a few hotties. mmm. We WE were chatting while at the same time eyeing the hotties. I had said to him about a fact. He said that he learned something knew. I said, “You learn something new everyday”. His response, if you don’t, then you will have wasted your day. Then onto the actual film. After the film, we both headed onto his new place. I must say its a lovely little place. While there, I noted a cross on the wall. He then told me that Jesus original language was Aromathea. I had heard of Joseph of Aromathea. Bottomline, I learned something new today, ie Didn’t waste my day.  hehehe. On the way to his gaf, We encountered the Gresham Hotel. Whereby I shared a story that I was meeting a guy during my homophobia days for a cuppa tea. So I headed on home.


Malala Yousafzai, has won the Nobel Peace Prize of 2014. She’s the youngest ever winner to win the Laureate Prize. Kailash Satyarthi is the other winner who jointly won along with Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize 2014. She was shot in the head 2 years ago by the Taliban for speaking out FOR children’s rights and education. She became a campaigner for ALL the children to have a right to Education. She was shot also for speaking out AGAINST the Taliban. She fended off competition from the Pope, the US Whistleblowers: Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning(Transgender person). Malala now joins Nelson Mandela(RIP) and Aung Sang Suchi(Burma activist)

Gerard Craughwell has won the controversial Seanad By-Election. Fine Gael’s John McNulty, had been asked NOT to vote for him. His name was too late in being struck off the register. As I understand from a friend, someone within the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party went the WRONG way in nomenating the controversial TD. My heart goes out to him personally. Questions rose throughout the few weeks, from WHOM did Minster Humphires get the name from etc., etc., Fine Gael has been accused of “Jobs for the boys” et.c, and “Cronyism”. Catherine Seely(SF), John McNulty(FG) were amongst  the other candidates in the election.

Following are the results of the By-Election.

Gerard Craughwell(IND) – 87,

John McNulty(FG) – 84,

Catherine Seely(SF) – 22

The By-Election was called in the first place was because of Deirdre Clune(FG) election to Europe

Voting is underway in the Roscommon South-Leitrim BY Election and the Dublin South West By Election. Luke Ming Flanagan and Brian Hayes who departed for Europe who won Seats in the European Elections

North Korea’s Leader King Jun Yun has been missing for over month. His health has been of close attention. He’s missed yet another key public event.

Diary 13th August 2014

Well today had come and my excitement for Joseph(Review here) had arrived. I was most excited to see the production. Maureen(Nun) had previously told me the story of Joseph. I met Brendan and Daniel at the NCI College, and we all headed on off to Bord Gais Energy Theater. I was there the last time for the Big Gay Sing, in aid of Marriage Equality. We again waited outside for a few minutes. After the popcorn was the not the best the last time, I was a abit hesitant in getting it again. So I decided to try it. So I got the SMALL version this time, just in case. It wasn’t as bad. The salt level was low and the most important it was stale as O’ Farrell says. hahah. So then we all went in. Then at the Interval, we went for a toilet break. I got my scrumptious Green Tea. mmmmm. Then we all went back in. After a wonderful performance, we all headed on home. We left Brendan at his Bus. Then I walked with Daniel to Baggot St., where he lives. On the way, I encountered gorgeous buildings. Twas lovely to experience such wonderful place. I explained to Daniel, that when I walk, I’d to be thinking and of course we don’t have to concentrate etc., hahaha. Whereby if your cycling or driving ya have to concentrate on the road.

On the way home, after leaving Daniel, I accidentally ended my Fitness Apps, which was a pity if ya ask me, cause one of the apps, I have NOW allows me to post to DailyMile and then in question on Facebook. Whereby previously I had to Map my route on my own. So then I stopped by Gay Spar(as Mike told me a few weeks ago the Spar on the corner of George’s St/Dame St where all the gays go for whatever) to see if I could get a sandwich, as I keep forgetting to take out a bread outta the freezer. To my surprise n shock n horror they didn’t have any Vegetarian or at least Meat Free sandwiches let alone salads. I was quite taken aback. So then onwards and upwards towards Londis where Subway is on O’ Connell St., So then I headed on home via Drumcondra and got myelf a Veggie Burger n Curry Chips. I was most impressed with the service. When I got home, I saw a takeout, says I to meselfe “Fuck it, she don’t trust me”. The reason I says so, she don’t trust me to eat on my own. She being my Mom. Well assuming it was her who put it on my bike.

On the way home, I decided to try the OK Google feature on my Android Cell Phone. I wanted to remind me about the Bread int he freezer, SO I said the following “OK Google, Remind me to take bread out of freezer. And would ya believe it, it worked. Quite freeky, might I add . hahaha. Am waiting for the the actual time.” Then I tried S Voice provided by Samsung. And as it happens it saved the reminder in Google Calender. Whereas the OK Google, as provided by Google Now, saved the reminder there.


Hollywood has lost another great acting icon. Lauren BacCall died of a stroke at the age of 89. She would have been in the earlier era of Hollywood. WAY before MY time.

Diary 20th July 2014

I got up around 7 when I was spoz to be with my sis or at my sis. heeheh. I eventually arrived.


I rang Maureen relating to the “Message from the Environment” or whatever. I first asked her if she knows anything about voicemail whether she knows how to listen to it. She does. She told me that it costs her to listen to her voicemail. So I said that I’d giver her a shortcut to listen to her voicemails on her landline phone. So then I got onto the main topic of teh conversation in which,  I asked what exactly did she mean when she said about the environment. As it happens, she just wanted to recommend a course. I told her that I have no interest in it, whatsoever.


Everywhere I walk, whether to film or whatever, I encounter some hot guys fitness. The whole country’s gone fitness mad. haahah


Just literally a few yards from me sis, I encountered a dog sticking his head out through a gateway. It frightened the shite outta me. hahhaa. Never seen it before. Now that’s a good one thou. hheeh


Eventually I arrived at my sis. WE discussed various topics. Our first discussion was of Celebs being drunk or ruining their lives. I said that I can think of celeb who IS a clean, as in Daniel O’ Donnell etc., What I’m trying to say, any “celeb” we hear is either in trouble with the law or whatever.

I was looking around, and saw my childhood crisps that I used to have as a kid as in Burger Bites. When I was a kid in my Elementary School days, if my memories serves me right, I recall, that I used to always ask a guy for burger bites. Something like that. Then Dad a few years later, when I was working for Pauline his next door neighbor, I used to get paid a big bucks. Then as I was spending like a loonie, on Simpsons DVDs etc., he accused me of being a “Parasite”. It hurt me at the time. At times it bugs me. Hence why I never accepted cash from any of my folks when they offer. I have to WORK for it.

My sis then brought up an interesting but valid point being that Bread(well white) is made from flour. I knew that Brown bread was made of flour. But white, it never crossed my mind. So now I’ll have to start looking for bread that is vegan. As flour u can guarantee there is some form of eggs involved.

Then we continteud our night discussing what a friend of mine told relating to dating friends. He made a very good point. In that if you date a freind of your’s and it DON’T work out, then it will compromise the friendship you have had. You will feel awkward around each other. Sadly that is true  of one person.

Then we got on the main story of the day: The Mom Debacle. In that Mom has been impossible with my sis. Becuase of the news and hurtfulness of my birthday. It all started last Tuesday, when I told that I didn’t want anything off em, and that I have the tickets for the Joseph & The Amazing TechniColor Dreamcoat – which technically I don’t.

We did however were looking at Two and A Half Men and Starred Up(Review here). I just had to see Jack’s Precious bundle of joy(You all know what I mean. heehehe wink, wink)






196 Bodies have found. 100 others have yet to be found.


Three time major winner. Rory McIlroy won for the very first time, of the Open Champion


A woman in the US is sueing tobacco company Reynolds…. America. She claims that the her husband is now deceased. She claims, that the husband was not informed that the tobacco company did not inform the husband or anyone else I assume that there are cancerous risks. She is suiing the company for $23BN. Its an untter disgrace,

Alan’s point on TV3’s IReland AM was and I quote:

“Did they chain him down, and make him smoke, three packs a day

But, if every researcher, and every doctor in the world tells you, was he in a cacoon,

Did he not read a paper, did he not see anything, in all those years

Did he not see one thing, where it said smoking kills, Do not smoke”

Sinead’s point was on the topic: “But they didn’t inheritantl say, this will give you cancer and it does”