Diary 14th April 2014

Well it was my intention to stay up for Lidl’s specials this morning. As I was getting fed up with clothes being ripped opened etc., I was wanting the Spiderman(for the new The Amazing Spiderman 2: Electro Premiering in Dublin on Friday). So I left my Apt at half 7ish with a brisk walk. I arrived at LIdls shortly. Love me some walking. Its awesome. So I went into Lidls got my Spiderman gear. Oh bio can’t wait to show it off. hahaha. So then afterwards I began to think, why not continue on walking and see where it leads me. So as it happens I had a few errands to do anyways.

So I walked up to the Hospital the Liver, that Stanescu hear failed to show up for his appointment. Would you believe it, I couldn’t even find it. Considering I have been there for awhile now. I couldn’t remember the number. So I asked a passerby, where the Liver Center is, she didn’t know what I was talking about. More ignorant if you ask me. So then I asked a staff member if the building she was going into was the Liver Center. She said no, its the Neurological Center but that she’d ask someone in her building for me. So she did and she brought me to the building. Very kind of her might I add. So I went in, and booked another appointment. To my surprise I now have to wait til next June. Of which I was hoping to get it over and done with for the year. But its what you get for not attending your appointment. So then onto my next errand, after a disappointing errand. Then again I ain’t blaming anyone but my own. Afterall I failed to get up in time, no thanks to Sammy last Wednesday. So then afterwards it was found that the alarm was being cancelled because of the maintenance I was doing on a nightly schedule, I decided to change it. So as dated last Friday my Alarm app is now working. The reason I bring up the alarm debacle again, its the reason why I had to carry out this errand in the first place. Oh believe me I rang them several times, so instead while I was out on a beautiful walk from getting Spidey’s clothing, I decided why not continue onwards. SO its all cool cept I have to wait til June. The receptionist explained they only have 2 appointments per year. Something to that affect.

So then I decided to reroute myself and walk up the street. Noticing all the different departments. Never have I seen it as decentralized in that Liver one building, Breast Cancer another building, Neurology had  1 or 2 buildings etc., et.c, Twas beautiful to see all the people going to college or work or some even coming home from work for those who work night shifts. Some were even exercising of which I have been noticing a huge increase. Its unreal. Then again I welcome it big time. Says I to meself, if only I could walk to my work place, but then noticing I corrected meself, in that I would have to be on my feet, depends on the job in question.

So then it was time to do my last errand. After I got my sis bday present, which is safely in the hands now, I had to pay my Sky(TV Provider bill). However things got a bit icky, in that I was in DR of €6. So to get that sorted, I had change from Spidey. But to get the money into the bank, I had to go to the bank and lodge it in. But no surprise they weren’t open. Which I kinda figured that would be the case. They don’t open til 10am of which I was not gonna wait an hr for them to open up. So then I said there has to be way to get the cash into my account today. Cause Sky in the past cut off my Subscription until I paid up. Last year funnily in May/June, I got into a major Financial difficulty. In which me sis had to help me out(Not financially, but to tape my Dallas(Original) program). So I then realised the local Post Office comes in handy, as it allows me to lodge money into my bank account via the Post Office. So I was delighted. Although I had to wait 10mins, to open up. But I can’t just wait til tomorrow to lodge money. It had to go in today. So that’s now all sorted.

While I was doing all my errands and walking etc., I was chatting to a hottie on Bang(An android app that allows gay men to swap pics, like pics etc.,).

So now, I have arrived home after a beautiful morning and wonderful walk. Listening to music videos. The Trey Songz guy/group not sure which, is a total hottie. A few minutes I got a letter int he post relating to my Direct Debit from the Credit Union Loan I got out at Christmas ’13. You all my recall last week sometime or perhaps the week before that I was expressing how strange things were getting. Between Panti and Front Lounge closed during the week esp at half 12 in the morning and secondly my bank wasn’t being debited. Well the letter that I got today, actually confirmed my curioustiy and strange behavior that the bank was doing. Ireland recently got a Payments upgrade(software known as SEPA). Ever since its been messing with Bank Accounts of customers in the country. So my letter explained if you weren’t able to get the Direct Debit out on a particular day it was suppose to come out, it arrived in the other account. I knew all along something wasn’t right. I told this to my sis. For e.g on a Friday of every week, My account is debited €30. €10 for my Savings account and €20 for the Loan  I have to pay back, as I explained above for the Christmas Loan of ’13. But nothing was coming out of the account. Even my Cineworld, come to think of it, I was due €36 to be taken out on the 4th which is a Friday. But never came out til another day. Normally my Cineworld is €20. But seein as Stanescu hear lost his card he was charged €16 extra for a replacement.

So imagine this guys, this all happened within 1 hour. Isn’t this amazing. hahah. So I came home and looked at Morning Edition and Music Videos. I then headed off to bed for the night.

Diary 13th April 2014

It was my intention to get up at half 1 in the afternoon. I had gone to bed around 6. Previously I used to go to bed around 8 or 9 in the morning and get up in the evening. But I recently attempted to try and change this. GO to bed earlier and get up earlier. So today I attempted to get up for half 1 in the afternoon. I have been having trouble sleeping immediately like I used to. So gonna keep trying to do so. So eventually today I got up at half 3. Slightly too late for the meetup I was due to go to. Of which the meetup was to see Rio 2. Review will be published in due course, as I had missed some of the movie due to my lateness. So after the movie, I wanted to lodge money into my bank account to get my sis her Birthday gift. Her birthday was last week, but due to my financial troubles and ignorance I finally have put in the order. So she’s gonna love it. I felt so ashamed in telling her the truth. But as she’s helped alot in the past particularly of recent, I don’t mind the amount to buy. I would go the ends of the earth for her. 

So on my way to my sis’, I took note of the following on Irish city roads. 

A country woman driving breaks signs aka not following dem. She wants to turn right but clearly is not allowed. Cars beeping at her. I exclaim she mustn’t know DA city as well as she thought. She’s from the country side. Co. Galway. Well her car at least. 

Then I witness another road rage:

Taxi coming out of a lane way bullishly forces a car who’s in his way can’t go any further or reverse is forced to reverse. He gestures to the driver who is in the way of the taxi to move up ie move outta my way.


Throughout yesterday i had thoughts of saying goodbye to my sis while a bus runs me down. Yesterday I took the lack of the invitation hard. I even took to Facebook and exclaimed that I’ll never have a bf in Ireland – which is quite sad because of the bullying homophobes. Then in my mind I wanted to write on my Facebook telling the whole world that I’m in love with Brendan O’ Farrell. There was another guy whom I was chatting to, I was starting to develop feelings for him or as I said to him, that I have “mixed feelings” between  O’ Farrell and Mark P H. However throughout the night, my feelings for him was decreasing and decreasing. As firstly he says He likes Ros na Run. I then asked what does he think of Fiach(sexually), he replied: “Whose Fiach”. He watched it last year. I understood he meant that he follows it like me. Then the persistent phone calls, and plus for a guy who’s looking for a lover or whatever, to be looking for naked pics of myself(of which I didn’t mind), My feelings was continuously decreasing. Then again maybe he was horny, cause If I recall he was drinking(2 pints according to him). Either way, If your looking for love, then ask the guy out or whatever JUST not sex. or send naked pics etc., He said “I wanted to go on a date with you last night”. My reply. “U had a funny way of showing let alone asking”


Only today I can answer The Falcon’s(Antohony Mackie mmmm) question took Captain America(Evans) “What Makes You Happy”. Honestly I can now say Cinema and or gardening. Depends on da condition of my back. 


On my  way to sis I did a bit of spring cleaning of da phone. In that I disabled(NOT uninstall) apps start up when da phone starts up.  U’d swear it’s a brand new phone. But the moment of truth is when I go to update da apps via play store. Let’s hope da apps will install smoothly instead of hours. 


I eventually arrived to my sis. hehehe

I asked by sis what is she addicted to. She told me(of which i won’t divulge for privacy reasons). I replied relatives are an addictive to me. I asked her then how long is she addicted. She said since 18. 

We chatted about rels not inviting us. She’s been having disturbing dreams of her uncle dieing n seeing her. Which is quite disturbing. I explained it cud b dat she didn’t  go his funeral last year. So I suggested dat IF (Of which I said so several reasons for a reason – of which I will get into it in a mo.) dat she go to da anniversary in da summer. Now da reason I mentioned to her if several times is dat we weren’t invited to da 80th. Later on mom explained dat another family weren’t invited. The Bradys.  

We then somehow got onto the topic of Religion. On my way to my sis, I was given a pamplet of Jesus7(A week long of events of where Jesus was for an exhibition on his last days – being held in Maldron Hotel, Parnell St., Dublin City Center). She pointed out that the Bible was written by a human, ie NOT GOD. Now I found this quite interesting. She makes out to be that the Catholics out there are believed that the Bible was written by God. I personally agree with my sis, in that if God really didn’t like gays, then he’d have sure away of telling us. In fact there’s Homosexuality amongst the Arch Diocese in Rome etc., etc., I told her that a friend of mine Sean W(aka Brandon) posted to me Bible Basher starring Martin Sheehan. He stated three particular items. One being If a Husband and Wife lie beside each other, they should be stoned to death; If you are anywhere near a pigskin like a saya  football or whatever, death will come you’re way; If you work on a Sunday(Sabbath Day), you should be stoned. Like seriously honestly… If God actually wrote this particular version of the Bible, then I don’t think the Human Race would exist. Afterall, the majority of the population sleep with men, women etc., they work on a Sunday to feed their family’s, starving family might I add etc., Footballers in particular America who play NFL(which touches Pigskin football) yeah like seriously a God would write this. Get a life and an education………Before I left to go home, literally I told her about Brendan’s screaming. Of which I fail to understand why it happened in the first.

So I eventually headed on my way home. Twas most encouraging to learn that I have been loosing the weight. I can only thank my wonderful legs for the gift of course thanking God for providing such. So with that in mind, I decided to head home a different route. Twas most enjoyable. My rule of thumb is always go the same route back. So. e.g Home – Sis I go a particular route to her place, then instead of going a different route, go the same route as I did going to hers. 

So I got home, I was updating my apps in my sis place then I continued updating ’em at home. However about an hour or so or not even that, I started experiencing connection droppings etc., My phone wouldn’t download the apps, in fact it was restarting itself. For a split second, I thought a virus or whatever came aboard my phone. When I was logging in my route from coming home from my sis’ on the dailymile site, it wouldn’t load. I was sharing posts on my FB, and even that it was cutting out. So I went onto my provider UPC to see if there was any issues in the locality. No surprise that there wasn’t. So while I did have the connection for a split second, I applied for Horizon WiFree. Which basically put, puts ur connection in a UPC enabled home. ie if you’re visiting a UPC enabled house, you can use your own UPC Account via your own specially made Password. Its a fantastic idea. Then when that was sorted, no surprise the connection went. It was like never before. Eventually it came back up and running.

So with all this excitement(hahaha), I’m going to retire to bed after Lidl’s tomorrow morning, as I want to get Spiderman tshirts and clothing. I wanna me babe on me. Even if its just Spiderman in question, I;ll just picture my babe on top. God yesssss. 

Diary 3rd April 2014

I got up feeling very groggy as I had to be up early to meet Maureen at the Muse Cafe in Easons O’ COnnell St., I hadn’t seen her since last Jan ’14. We chatted and chatted. Could have chatted for hours. I told her that the Noah Movie is due for realise and as one of my mates in the States said in a recent post on Facebook that Noah Movie was not one bit based on the Bibile, so I asked Maureen what exactly went down with Noah. All I know is that God wanted to banish evil and set about a flood to kill all. BUT warned Noah in advanced by means of building an Ark.
Another topic that I wanted to ask her was about Tarzan. Ever since Adam accused me of being weird in the sense of not knowing who or what is Tarzan last Saturday, I have been asking various people. I’ve already asked me sis. She had heard of it. However Maureen her self actually has heard of it. Now I was very surprise considering her age in her 80s. So WHAT DA HELL’S WRONG WITH ME THEN. BOy a stranger let alone a straight one really knows how to push your buttons. I’m referring to Adam, incase ppl think am accusing Maureen.
Previously I have been asking my homophobies ie Mom and Dad if they can’t accept Homosexuality why do they want me in their lives. I had asked them back in Feb ’14 I’ve already asked them this, However I had forgotten to ask Maureen. I asked her, why keep me in her life, if she don’t accept me as gay. She said of course she does. I said not at the time with the devil crap she came up with. But all in all, we left it at the following quote “We Love You” as the reason why she can’t just stop contact.

I then headed to the Outhouse. On the way on the street, I met Scott and Willem along with Scott’s relatives. I congratulated them on their recent Civil Partnership in Belfast. Couldn’t be more happier for them. So then I headed into the Outhouse. I had a cuppa tea and a relaxation company. I saw a guy I thought I recognised. The guy in question am referring to would be Jan from Czech Republic. I had met him on Grindr, initially at the time for sex, but as we chatted it was for coffee. So we met up in Grehsam Hotel. Thats the guy I thought it was. But Joe who works in the cafe, called him by a different name. SO obviously not the guy I thought. Thou very cute. Shortly before I headed to home, Chatted to Joe for a bit. Twas pleasant. We were both trying to figure out who Brendan S, has been engaged to. heheeh. He recently got engaged to a guy. May I take this opportunity to wish him the very best of luck in his engagement. I hope he is happy and his partner. Best wishes to both of them.

SO I came home for a bit, with a view of going to two movies. However as I hadn’t heard back from Brendan O’F regarding Captain America, I had decided that I see The Legend of Hercules and the Muppets. However low and behold Brendan got in touch. So final arrangements are as follows, seeing The Legend of Hercules(Review here) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (Review here). On my way out of the Hercules film, I bumped into Patrick(Outhouse) and his friend Trevor of we all bumped into Brendan. Twas lovely to see all ie familiar faces.

I then headed home after leaving Brendan at the Luas stop up in Stephens Green. I walked almost 7km. Twas the most lovely and soothing. Sides from some auld drunk guy, twas lovely and peaceful. A bit too peaceful for a late night opening of Thursday nights. On my way down Grafton St., I found quite alot of Rickshaws. Of which I found slightly abnormally. Then I also noted, that while I walked up Parliament St and Capel St., that it was SO strange that both The Front Lounge and PantiBar respectively had no patrons ie closed up. Then coming up towards the north of the city, hardly a soul considering it was early even in 1am. I say quite unusual. Considering its a late night opening, and the patrons should be buzzing inside. Well eitherway, twas a nice and quite walk.

Well what a busy day I had. I walked almost 17km in one day. A nice rest in bed is a well rested legs.