Diary 29th February 2016

I was there’s for a few hrs trying to work out why I was having three runtsstic ACC. It only dawned on me that I was using runkeeper for comparison. Haha. Whats happening here, is that I was trying to figure out why all my latest updates on the Fitness was not regarded. I had been using my Nexy. I then found out that I had created a new account on the Nexy, which is an awful shame. hahaha. So I was there trying to figure out on my Lappy, why I was having THREE accounts??? Couldn’t put my head together. haahah. So that said I only realised that I was actually looking at RunKeeper instead of Runtastic. hahahah.

I was looking at the election coverage for the whole day after finishing Knots Landing. What a momentous occasion, to see Fine Gael being reduced in numbers but more so Labour being wiped out. ONe’s thing for sure. That Fine Gael/Labour is no more. As John Bowman (Former RTE Broadcaster) puts it, we have “more question than answers”

And then there infamous pedophiolia guy. Hmmmmmmmm. This triggered me big time in relation to my dreams. As per will be told. What happened was that I was chatting to this Filipino guy. We were getting on great til he brought about sex with a minor. He told me he loves it and THEY love it. I kept repeating to myself that its not possible as they ain’t mature. etc., etc., So the short of it all, I reported the convo and reported the convo to Facebook and of course Unfriended him and Blocked him and when Facebook told me “We’re sorry this has happened to you, it may AFFECT you” that went through me. This caused my 37hrs sleep.

So as I said to Sarah last week that only for POlitics or Current AFfairs, my life would be empty. hahaaha.

Diary 2nd February 2016

My sis called down for a period. Then she headed back home.

I went to collect my Medical Cert. and dropped it at Store St., Looked at further TV and then got ready for to see my sis.

However she herself wasn’t feeling well. So I didn’t stay too long.

Diary 31st January 2016

Today was a very quiet day. Although I can’t fathom why my PRE – cold issues came back. By that I mean my pissing still seems to be coming out without “my permission”, hahahaha. Then the sleeping which takes a few hours to actually hit the pillow and sleep??

Then I headed to my sis for a nice reminiscent movie ie the Other Guys. Awwww what great memories and laughs. We also watched the White Chicks. hahahaah. Then during the night, I then got a sudden back ache. Was I holding the rubbish bag, I doubt it. But it happened.

Diary 29th January 2016

I’m at a hotel. A trick is played on me. Whereby my bikey is sold. So I get him back when am told that a dog is woofing in the courtyards. I become so emotional when reunited.

I then have another dream whereby a guy flies me off into a room. Then this happens a second time. On both times, pictures of women’s boobies etc is found on display. The first time I don’t do anything. The second time I’m abt to attempt to delete em by selecting, however they disappear when the guy tells me they’re deleted and you’re fired., I react so badly to the point I scream out loud. I tell them first Am gay n second for u to first not to interview other people you automatically assume. You’re some leader!!!!!!

Maureen, My sis, mom n I are in someplace in Romania here called duag r duaw. On a white bus with the name in gold.  My sis talks to locals and I breakdown exclaiming “Il never have that”

Dad came to collect me. I got ready for to meet him. We registered the citizenship letter and then got a bite to eat in scrumptious cafe. It was scrumptious alrite. Haha. Then afterwards I came home.

For ready for the Dr appt. He examined basically. I told him abt my back trouble he wouldn’t hear of it. Then with medication I told him I don’t take capsules. Yet he gave em. So went to pharmacy n they told me to go back to the reception. The reception asked me with a stern face something wrong I told em. So she came back possibly from the Dr.  Then having seen no change I then decided to try n chance me arm n head to lydons pharmacy. They were so kind to change it to vegetarian Ie no capsule. So yeah. Delighted.

Diary 26th January 2016

After a near 24hr sleep it was time to get up for to be medically assessed for my injury benefit.
I first went to collect my medical cert albeit it took longer. The receptionist weren’t calling numbers at all.
Then I rushed onto oisin house. The nurse brought me into the assessment room. Then I was asked questions as per the form the assessor was required. He brought up my uncles death which started the whole thing with back pain etc.
Then went to mom and dads to figure out what to do about his lappy. So I put it down to lack of updates.  So spent several hrs installing.
Then afterwards I headed back to my place to collect my sleeves and Boi were they came in very handy tonight. I was non stop at them while I was with my sis. Reasoning being the bringing up of my uncles death then the st Stephens day massacre etc etc then whether or not Il b STARTING on disability allowance etc etc.   We looked at Alvin 4. Happy king Julien day from the film  Madagascar.

Diary 24th January 2016

Well what a night of health endurement I went through. It involved piss and cumming. Which the latter I don’t understand. I wasn’t even horny. I wouldn’t mind but I did go to the loo during the night.

So then I got up eventually. Looked at yesterday’s news. Then afterwards I got ready for to head on my long trail of going into town to go and get “Marianna” and my sis’s care bare and of course my two Birth Sisters. hehehe. I left at 17.18. I arrived at 17.40. So I was very close. heheheeh. The shops were closing at 6pm. They close early on a Sunday. haahahah. So then my first shop was Toymaster for to get my sis Care Bear, I had seen the other day. Then next to go and get my BIG teddy bear. I then quickly googled opening hours, for PC World. As it was closing at half 6, I said I’d go. As my GoPro didn’t come with any memory let alone Internal Memory. heeheh.

So then I struggled as ever hahaha, with my trousers falling off me with severe weight loss, and then. So I came back to my place for a brief period to get my sleeves, and to drop Marianna and my Sis 2 back at home. heheeh.

So then I headed onto my sis. I wanted to get Coffee and Cereal ie the Vegan Cereal. So I headed to Centra in Fairview. Then I headed on to my sis, again struggling with my bags. I then headed onto her. We chatted invariably. I told her of my episode of what happened to me when I was with Ailish and NOel last ngiht. She put it down to a Virus, that I may have picked up. Then I made a point of why I name my teddys after my birth family ie Mariana and my two birth sisters. Like with me I don’t even know what my Mother looks like let alone my two sisters. My sis ova here  was saying that it might be an idea to wait until am ready. However with my age, I think it’d be better if I were told EARLIER in life than if I were to wait.

Diary 23rd January 2016

One of many weird but sad dreams whereby my mate Brendan S’ mom might be on deaths door. Then another one whereby my cousin Dara is after someone who  murders his mom.

Then eventually I woke up with a slight pain in my throat. So took ibuprofen. Then tirelessly brought the bike to the cycle shop to mend as a result of a puncture on Thurs night coming home from Cineworld. Then I headed on towards the folks, and reaslised that I left my glasses behind so I had to go back all the way to my place go get em. Then up to mom and dads. So when I arrived, I had a nice meal. Then I got down to business or as one would say got down and dirty hahaha. So my first job was back up his documents etc., and his emails. then the reinstallation. Then afterwards we had meals in between. Norton was giving me hassle in that I wasn’t able to give him the newest version. So rendered him with an old version. Then the emails wudnt work, which this it kept asking me to enter his username and password, however that didn’t wouldn’t work. The updates took their time. So in the end I left it at that.

I was also due to pop into Ailish and Noel. While there I began to feel dizzy, very cold and my fingers were getting numb. I felt faint consistently, even my body getting very cold constantly. To the point my teeth were clattering. I put it down to the fact that they didn’t have any heating on. But then I just  remembered that I shitted out every single shit previously. Could it be that I got rid of too much!!!!!  Who knows. So I went back into mom n dad’s shivering. Twas quite harrowing. Twas a bit frightening. But thou getting back to the actual topics or chats thou. We chatted about various things such my new Nexus Tablet etc., Then Ailish went to ask about the Mulligans. I found out recently in the last few days, that JP had blocked me on my old account which of course I was distraught at the time. Then afterwards, Ailish then asks me “Do you think she don’t like Gays”. She’s referring to Kathleen btw. I said there’s no doubt. Like I explained to them that she never replies to any of my emails or even Facebook Messages. So then Noel asked me how do they deal with Christmas lights. heheeheh. Like everytime they take down or even put up the lights they end up tangled. So I explained that whatever way you put them up, then you go the opposite. Then I had told them that I really enjoyed doing up my Dad’s lappy. hahhaah. Everyone knows a computer. BUt these days, jobs are in developers.