Diary 4th December 2015

Twas an alrite day. Nothing major to report.

My day started off with meeting Mom to get new glasses. I got my eyes tested. My first port of call was to get my eyes tested at a machine. Then for further scrutiny. I then advised them of my eyes balls paining me when they go to do the air pressure. However because of the tears in the way and of course the cataracts, that I had to go and do the air pressure again.

ISIS enters my head once more when while being examined the eye obviously, we hear sounds and then the thought being she tells me to get undercover and not a eep outta me.

Then Mom treated me to a meal in Cornucopia. While there Mom and I were chatting hehehe, and I said I’d like to invite Mom into my life. heheheh and she replied by her saying inviting me into her life. I then said “oh you have been for 20 years” . hahha

Then I was trying to get water working, and I said to mom in front of waiter that he’s taking the micky of me when he said to rub your hand in front of the machine. hahahah. I had hoped that Mom would get to see the LOVELY desserts they have. I have come to realise that I love Cornucopia’s DESSERT NOT the main dishes. This is the SECOND time, I’ve left it behind. While there, I was due to get my Social Welfare back payments etc., however its with great regret(NOTHING new), that I didn’t get it, still waiting. However my mental health ain’t waiting. So my sleeves are their to hand. awwwww.

So then I came home and my sis was downloading. Then I headed on off to the cinema to go and see The Good Dinosaur(Review here). I decided to use the €80 I had left supposedly for Rent, but Dad’s €400 will work for that for BOTH weeks. I then started my Christmas Shopping OFFICIALLY. hahaha. I got my sis her pressie. Then onwards to Pennys to get my Christmas Undies of which I couldn’t get them MAINLY because of the wet weather.

So then I headed onto Outhouse. ehehehe. I learned that if Dinosaurs were NOT made extinct that Humans would not have been created. Thats such fascination. There were women screaming with laughter or whatever. I said to Jaimie, you can see why we don’t like women, haahaha. David who works behind the counter was telling me, that his Crhstims is not as enjoyabel as it was a few years ago. As people die or waphtever or move on. Like his ideal chrisrtmas was when he’d invite pepoepl to his place or rwahtever and have a lash. However as people move on or wahtever, yeah you can see why.

Diary 2nd December 2015

Well what a day so far that has happened all within 3-4 hrs. So mind blowing as I’m about to explain.

It all started when I went to my sis’ aid. As reported she had done up her hip or slipped or whatever. And she needed my aid. So I went to meet her in An Post. And then afterwards, she on the way wanted a break. So I suggested to sit down somewhere to rest. However she and I went into Green Land Café for a cuppa. Then we continued our journey on wards to her place. While there, I got a sudden realisation that we would be visited by Mom. As it happens, that exactly happened today. This is about the third time this has happened. I was gobsmacked. Like the first was when I knew Social Welfare were gonna take something off me, which happened, then YESTERDAY when they took EVERYTHING off me, and now this!!!!!!

So Mom dropped down for to drop shopping down to my sis which she didn’t know I was there. So that said, we went to the car. We had a brief chat. She was on her way to see Colette her sister who as I also reported suffered a MiniStroke. She is currently residing in a Home place kinda thing. Mom wanted to find the facts relating to my NEW benefit known as Injury Benefit which as I understand is NOT permanent. So both Mom and my sis encouraged me to go onto Psychiatric services to get onto Disabsilty Allowance. However while I again STRESS Mom meant well and STILL does, that she mentioned a soar spot. Even my sis said that I went pale as yellow. My sis reassured me that I don’t have to divulge EVERYTHING. So that would mean I leave out +Inflatables Stanescu , +Puppys Stanescu  and my Sleeves. mmmm to ALL btw. What I’m saying here as long as I’m getting Dsiabslity Allowance, that I have to engage with the State ie get a Diagnosis of Depression or whatever.

Well after a harrowign day but more so a REWARDING day by helpign my sis. Twas a great Rewarding experience. heheeheh. AFterwards, I was checking my Sex email account which I avehnt’y for awhile. One email was troubling thou from Google. It stated and I quote “New sign-in from Internet Explorer on Android”. Now firast things first AUTOMATICALLY this don’t make sense. Android and Microsofot(deveopers or makers of Internet Expleorer) do not fit in the same sentence wella t the very least Internet Explorere. FOr Legal reason this cannot be done. YET I got an email as such. So I clicked on the link. It then went onto say WINDOWS PHONE. AGain FURTEHR confused. Now obfiously Internet Expleore is the defualt browser on WIndwos Phone. So Google advisedthat I checkq ue out my Public IP Addres(Whcih obvious I will NTO provide). If you’re the Governemtnet you have your own Tools etc., But anyways, my poitn being I attmepted to find out “What is my IP”. Google provides a wodnerful tool to find my IP ADdress from the Carreir or ISP. Now on the 27th I was with Barry then before then, I was going to ligterealry repor my account being HACKED. LIek to reset password or wahtever.

Diary 1st December 2015

Well what a day today turned out to be. hahahaah.

It all started off with when Mom banged and rang the doorbell around 10ish to ensure I get up. I ignored of course. I wasn’t gonna be bothered with Social Welfare. I had enough of a headache with em. Then I got up around eventually at 1ish instead of 12ish due to leg trouble. So while showering and getting rid of the beard, My doorbell rang yet again. Again it was Mom. I told her not to be bothered with it. I’ll go in MY time, and get in touch with her.

I then got ready, headed to An Post, I was distraught to learn that there were no funds for me. I got so teary, that I didn’t know what to do. So I rang Mom, let her know of the update, then afterwards,

I headed to Dr., to get my certificate. While there, I peeved off with the ticketing system. The ticket machine was at 36 when I got in, and the Gadget where you collect the ticket was at 34. So it didn’t make it sense when my number was NOT called. So I went up and a woman and here kid came in from the cold outside, yet HER number was called, like what gives!!!!!. So I jst queued up behjind her, to ensure I GET called. So I asked for my certificate.

I then headed onto Social Welfare in Kings Inn St., I went to Desk 29 and ask for Member of A Team. I waited for a few minutes. I submitted my certificate and he looked at it. He asked if I had sent in my Bank Details. I had hoped to continue collecting the payments in the Post Office. However it wasn’t to be. He mentioned this delayed the payment in question. So he then asked that I send my certificate from now on to Social Welfare in Store St., A member of staff asked how my back was considering the complaint, I kinda know him alrite. I told him he hasn’t been the best lately. We then joked about him making out that he’s 25. hahaah. Whether the was taking the mikky I ain’t sure. When I went to sign the signature, firstly it brought up my NAME issue YET again!!! hence why I went back to my Romanian name ie Georgian Stanescu and secondly the guy commented how fancy the pen is. I told him its Nico’s 60th Anniversary Takeaway in Ireland or whatever in Irl. He told me he knew Nico Boroso or whatever. hahaah. What  a small world. So he reassured me that all should be well now. I asked if I were to get my Rent Allowance. He explained when you change over to a new Benefit, that ALL payments are stopped and suspended. Then you will be reinstated, something like that.

I then headed onto Store St., Social Welfare. While I was not impressed with the people that were there, I handed my envelope to a guy, I ensured that he put it somewhere.

So I then headed up to my folks. ehehheh mainly to go and see how Dad is after his flu/cold. Had a nice meal with em,

I then headed back to my sis in my place. Where we had a meal etc., well my sis’ takeaway at least, We had many a laughs. ahahaha. Here’s one for ya. hahahah. Her face expression was priceless. hahaha. She was atop a table, I asked her to hold Champy +Inflatables Stanescu and she replys “Ok”, as much to say she’ wasn’t unsure. I then pulled it with her falling in tow. It was priceless. hahaha. The laugh I got. ahahah. Her expression was that she thought she was falling on concrete or carpet in my case which could be dangerous. However she was falling on inflatables, cause that’s who takes up my floor space. Awwwwwwww. Then we headed to her place stopping by Tescos to get Butter. Then moving onto hers. Again we had many a laugh there too. hahaaha. Now it was with great regret to inform yee all thou, that there was a scene at the begging of a movie K9-11 whereby a character reminded me of a vicious dream i had relating to ISIS in recently, that shook me completely. It was completely unexpected. So it was a good thing I had my Sleeves and rags etc.,with me. heehhe. So I had a good meal at em. Or as the saying “let em rip”, or “let em at it”. So then it was also with great sadness that my sis had a hip displacement, something like that. She’s getting there. God speed, sis, God Speed sis. You’re a fighter. I stayed with her longer to ensure her safety and taht she was able to get around. I told my sis during the night, that I’m PURPOSELY gonna get “fat”, not obese or anything but to go in January when I go after Christmas to work my calories off etc., in Westwood. aahah.

REmembering a night my sis and I and also my Aunt(MAudy) who was llookign after us while our folks were out. I remember that we were both looking at Causlty or as used to say “Casuty”. We were looking at a partiducalr episode. Where a character died or something. I inisntalnyl fell in love with him, ie GAY. hehehehe. Then also playoing a game called Duke Nukem BUT more so DOOM, and then ALSO playing a CD Music disc called Robson & JErome’s Unchained Melody etc., etc.,.

Trhought out the night, as I said abotuve when I saw a particualr scene I reacted qutie badly, I told her of my quitting COffee cold turkey FORCEFULLY(As I had none left), she put it down to withdrawels and teh ISIS in the dream, being playng negativilty.

Diary 22nd November 2015

Well what a night. Although I didn’t have vicious dreams or anything of that sort, the negativity was trying to crawl back. This was evident, by means of talking about Coming out etc., etc., last night with Ailish. Its unfortunate but as one would say, “Nothing lasts forever”.

I then got up when I heard my sis at the door. We chatted for a bit. I then afterwards got grub for her and myself. For the first time, in forever, (see what I did there – hahaha), they had no Paper Bags, so I to make do with a box, like the way they do in Lidls. hahahaha. I then went down to Nicos and Tasty Gardens to get myself a takeout. eheheh. We saw Mom briefly. I was very disheartened to learn that my aunt who’s not well spoken of Colette that she suffered a Mini Stroke. I was literally speechless. Never thought I’d see the day. I can only wish her a speedy recovery. So then I headed back to her place. heeheh for to see Ted 2(Review here)