Diary 13th October 2015

Diary 13th October 2015

Well today was quite a day. haha

I did my usual errands I do on a Tuesday. hahaahah. hehehe.

My first port of call was to get my dosh before it closed. I was there struggling with my bike and the laundry AND my trousers(which kept falling due to my rapid weight loss – hahaah). I’ve noticed recently that I can’t do anything with my right hand anymore. With a JO(jerkoff), nope won’t do the work. Basically I have to use the left for everything, for JO’s for walking my bike even carry bags etc.,

So moving on I then dropped the Laundry into Clean Freaks, which was quite unusual. By that I mean that the price is lower, and I got a text off them stating that there are “two items” and then the woman told me that it would be available on Friday, which is interesting. hahaah.

I then headed onto the bank did my business. Unusually I didn’t have enough for to go and do my normal weekly bill payments. So I looked up what “robbed” my money. hahaah. It was actually Electric Ireland and Sky.

So then I moved onto my grocery weekly of SmallChanges. hahaah. I asked Peadar, why the taste of one of the TOmato Sauce was so “boring” or Bland. I knew about NO Added sugar or salt, but seriously? So he told me that its JUST tomatoes. Well the laugh I got. I paid about €2 or €3 for jst “friggin tomatoes” as I said on the way home. hahaha. It was priceless.

So while transferring files for my sis’ visit, I took a shower. Then headed to my sis. On the way, I was looking for a Grater where I can grate cheese. hahaah. However the manners of a pig in Centra didn’t have any. hahaha. So I arrived and we looked at TV. I brought up how come Maureen remembers that MEMORABLE day of when I had Mom, Dad and Maureen and of course my sis for a Cuppa and a Apple PIe or something. We sat around my table. Then my depression hit. And hence my place is NOT suitable for visitors anymore. Then the other day I was onto Maureen by means of a phonecall, and she told me of the dream. I can’t for the life understand why she’s so obsessed with that particular day. ahhaah. Then my sis asked when would I be going up to the folks. And I said I can’t go up freely to Mom n Dad’s as I’m no longer welcome to visit, but to FOOD, thats’ all I get.

I was interested in finding out what party the current Dublin Lord’s Mayor(ess) is ie Críona Ní Dhálaigh, I kinda knew she was a member of Sinn Féinn, however One thing I never expected thou that Sinn Féin’s FOUNDER is Arthur Griffith. Where I know that name is that the avenue I was reared on ie the street is known as Griffith Ave., I was told that the avenue is named after Arthur Griffith. Now one asks, WHY??? like did he live there, or fight etc., etc.,


It has been announced that Paul O’Connell, has been ruled out of teh Rugby World Cup. This is his last Rugby International. Ie he’s retiring forcefully due to a string injury

A report of The MH17 flight from Kualampur that was shot down by a Buk missile, has concluded that it was indeed the Buk that shot down the plane when it was  flying over a no – fly zone in Dunesk, Ukraine.

Universal Social Charge – 13K Entry Threshold

The new rates are now 1% 3% 5.5%

Pension Payment €3pw

Christmas Bonus – 75%

Fuel Allowance 2.50 to 22.50

Free GP to Children Under 12yrs

Free PreSchool aged 3-5.5

Child Benefit increase €5 per child pm to €140…

Respite Grant fully restored to 1700

Stampy Duty Abolish replaced by a 12c charge per ATM Transaction

50c Cigs

Minimum to 9.15

Limit on the contactless Card going up to €30 from €15

9% VAT retained

600 Garda

2260 Teachers

Extr AMbulance Staff

A Cut to CGT Capital Gains Tax

Corp Tax reduced to 6.25%

The Man from UNCLE

Well what an interesting film, this turned out to be. I was completely lost with the plot. Although the Music was unreal, I totally enjoyed the music. Henry’s character was fab. Totally enjoyed his soothing voice and his strong American accent. Bottomline, guys YOU need to have seen the TV Series that was released in the ’60s/’70s. I was completely lost as I said, like one minute Solo and Kuryakin are fighting EACH other, next Gaby is actually betrays Solo and Kuraykin. Like whats going on. And now we learn at the end that Gaby, Solo and Kurayakin have a “code name” for the thrio, as stated by Waverly(Grant). They are now known as UNCLE(United Network Command for Law and Enforcement). So overall great movie, Music WOW, so ENJOYABLE. I was there like the conductor.

The plot being from what I can get, is that Solo(Cavill) is teamed up with Kuryakin(Hamemr). Initially Solo teams up with Gaby(Vikander). They are pursued by Kuryakin. They each learn that Kuraykin is actually now Solo’s partner. So with the niceys niceys done, Gaby is to play Fiancé with KUryakin.


National Treasure: Book of Secrets

The film opens up with 5 Days after Civil War ends, or suppose to have. Something goes down and the blame is put on Ben’s (Cage) father or grandfather. So we assume our places whereby to free the father, they have to find the book and to find that we have to get the clues. Ben has to “Kidnap the President of the United States(Greenwood)”. I found this sequel much better ACTION, however, the title of the sequel could be revisited as in the first one, they had a set goal of looking for a map, they found it, then the clues. Whereas this one they were looking for a Book of Secrets, BUT the clues were ELSEWHERE, meaning where was the need for the book? Music was wonderful a pleasure to listen to in the background. The President of the United States gives the crew a Presidential Pardon for Ben’s grandfather . They were “accredited for this discovery”.



National Treasure

One word, Historical education. Outstanding on that part. A bit too long for a movie. But overall excellent. Great quotes as follows: “You don’t need anyone crazy, you’re one short step of crazy, what you get”, my Riley(Bartha) replies with “obsessed” and Ben(Cage) replies with “PASSIONATE”

Riley replies with “That’s where we lost FBI”, when Abigail(Kruger) thinks that Ben and Riley are looking at a “Treasure map”

When Ben says “It’s invisible” to convince Abigail that the map is real, my baby Riley says That’s where we lost Department of Homeland Security”

The film entails Ben(Cage) along with Riley(Bartha)  and Abigail who is looking for a Treasure which has been revealed that the treasure found by finding The Declaration of Independence. Initially Ben’s Father was leading the search.  Ian(Bean) is trying to steal it. It contains a map, an invisible map which leads to a treasure hunt so to speak. So they break into the Museum to steal the Declaration of Independence. In the meantime with no help with the FBI, Ben, Riley and Abigail, get caught in the lurch with Ian and his gang. However Ben turns FBI to his side, so when Ian they are caught breaking into a place, the FBI  intercepts and arrests them.

Benjamin Franklin according to film invented the Day Light Savings. Also it indicated the end of World War 2. Something like that.


Woman In Gold

Very heartwarming. Great comical. Dame Helen Mirren’s character Maria Altmann very impressive and outstanding performance. Maria only wants whats rightfully hers. The plot is very simple. She wants her Aunts Adele(Traue) painting by Klimt, back in her house. As she said at the very end, she had to “cross the Atlantic”, “so my Aunt shall do the same”. Austria won’t let go of it that easily. Herbertus Czernin(Bruhl) helped them along. He was “proud to be an Austrian”. I love these type of movies, based on a true story. Music by far was fantastic. When I was who it was ie Hans Zimmer, I was ecstatic. The film goes back and forward between Past life and Present Life. When Maria had to flee her country her father(Corduner) reminds “We shall speak in the language of your new home”. That was really touching especially when ALL three hugged.