Diary 22nd June 2015

Today is my weekly cleanup of the Apt. ahahah. I continued with the bathroom, as well as putting up with the shit. Nothing I can do. As I said yesterday, Gonna try and see if I can get the flat next door to me to ring Franky, the landlord. So then I continued to tidy up my shoes, you’d swear I was a lady, haahhah with the amt of shoes, runners etc., I have. ahahaha. At the same time beeing looking Knots Landing. So far 21hrs. I have. ahahah

I went to see what all the hollabaluu was. So to make an excuse I brought my rubbish bags out with me. I was gonna go round the back instead of going sideways, cause of the shit. So I went up my steps then when I turned round there was a large truck doing dredging or something. Says I to meself, so American the front of the truck at aleast. haahaha. The workers were so kind, that they had to stop the operation of dredging and he pulled the truck back slightly. Well the surprise and shock I was in. Someone had locked the gate completely. I was literally gobsmacked. I have since learned actually that the landlord had locked the gate so that no one from the outside could get access to the bins. I went out with my rubbish bin to ensure that the company outside dredging didn’t lock the gate. But it was the landlord. My fears were confirmed by a tenant.

Throughout the night, I was uploading pics of Gay Love, non porno onto my sex Facebook, yet I was shown the block of 7days of uploading photos for uploading an inappropriate pic which is totally false. So then I only learned then its a computer that is actually doing all this blocking business etc., I’m not even able to Appeal my block. And now I also learned its the same for my gstanescu84 FB account too. Following is the excerpt from my Status Update.

ATTENTION all LGBT people, sexual or not, Facebook has enabled an option that BULLY you into thinking you have uploaded Pornography, when all I have uploaded was Gay Love two men kissing embracing etc., NOTHING sexual at all.

Take this. I uploaded 164 FLOWERS, NOT A BOTHER,

I uploaded 141 Gay Love, I have been blocked for 7 Days on THIS ACCOUNT and my sex account from uploading photos. I just bypass it, but they keep adding an extra 7 days etc., etc.,

So we now have a homophobic computer at Facebook Headquarters in the US, that deals with LGBT people. Somebody has written code in Facebook Headquarters to BLOCK all LGBT PHOTOS of kissing or whatever


The last body of the repatriation process, has arrived home in Dublin. Olivia Burke’s body touched down in Dublin Airport shortly after 12am this morning.

A suicide bomber has gone off in Kabul, Afghanistan. This was outside a Parliament Building. The Afghan Parliament were electing a new Defence Minister.

A sex shop due to open in Drumcondra (my town I was reared in, hahaha) has reversed his decision to open. However after several petitions including members of the public AND politicians Cllr Noel Rock(FG)The reason for such a petition in the first place is because there is a Primary School(Elementary School) across the road. His argument is that there are porn available to kids at a young age on their cell phones.

Diary 30th March 2015

A guy on my sex Facebook page, added me, then immidelty messaged me, oh you ur gay, freak. Something like that. So instead of giving him my mouth, I instead decided to annoy him on great advice by Barry from the Outhouse, to turn it into a compliment. haahah. Fabulous advice. haahah. I then immediately blocked him, just in case he starts to report my pics etc.,

Shortly before I went to bed, I recorded a video of myself singign Let It Go. I was quite nervous alrite. hahaha

Diary 9th January 2015

Dad and I continued. Packaged completely. Dad got a call from Gerry his Bro. He wanted a lend of a jack saw. I met Siobhan my cuz’s bf. I hadn’t seen Gerry since Reggies funeral. We then went to Beaumont House(Review here). I took down the lights outside. Packed them up. I then headed to outhouse. First to Lidl as I left my hat behind. Manners of a pig. Racism. Cineworld for Taken 3. Homophobic.

Following is the Facebook Status I posted in relation to the manners of a pig in Lidls in Parnell, Racist remark in the Outhouse and sadly the homophobic treatment, both my friend and I recieved.

I regret to inform you all that yesterday was not the best. Although I helped my folks with decorations, that was grand. By all means.

I popped along to Lidl, on Moore St., to see if my Hat was handed in. I went to a security guard who btw was actually looking at his cell phone, I asked if my hat was handed in, immediately he said no, Not even a budge to see if it were handed in. So after I paid for my kettle, I in a fit of rage, went to a Staff member, who gladly helped and asked around. I wanna thank him. But the security in LIdls’ Moore St., clearly NEED retraining.

I then went to the Outhouse for my nightly entertainment. At one stage in the Men’s Night, I was racially attacked indirectly. By this I mean, the lads were referring to some guy in the French Attacks or something, and the person(of whom shall remain nameless) said he “should go to the Romanian Orphange”. I attempted to intervene by telling “errr hello, I was there”, however he failed to listen. My friend who was with me throughout the night, told me that he has been told in the past that I am from Romania, and that he told me that he is actually racist. Despite the person knowing this, he made the remark. I was deeply gutted that I was lost for words. I shall be taking this matter with the Management of Outhouse and the Gardaí. RACISM MUST STOP. It won’t stop if I sit back and do nothing.

My mate also came with me to the Cineworld Dublin to see Taken 3. I was most not prepared for what was to happen next. We were BOTH treated to Homophobic abuse throughout the film. It was quite scarey. My mate got the bate thou. We were treated to heckling. Although security was called a few times, that did not stop them. We were both called faggots and my mate was called OTHER names too. I was literally sick to the stomach with the treatment. To the point I actually wanted to vomit in my nachos which I had finished btw. The security guard came with us for protection. We were afraid that they were gonna follow us. So we joined up with two females(whom we would like to thank PROFUSELY), for company. We then left them when we found that the lads disappeared. This continued throughout the night. We both wanted the Cops involved. We were told they were on the way. However we later learned, THAT was not the case. Although Cineworld Cinemas is a VERY LGBT Friendly cinemas, I know many staff who are LGBT Friendly at the very least, some are gay even BOTH male and Female, I was MOST distraught to learn that the Gardai had NOT been called. Again I shall be taking the matter up with the Gardaí. HOMOPHOBIA MUST STOP. People in Republic of Ireland say Homophobia and living as a gay man is grand these days, it’s NOT. If you people knew what actually happened. Like we were thrown at. Recorded and more than likely will be published on Facebook. If any of my Irish mates(of those that are left) or indeed international, comes across a video or photo or whatever of BOTH My mate and I, PLS REPORT to Facebook for Homophobic. On the way when I was leaving my friend to his Luas stop, the friend noticed that I was being homophobically looked at. I told him what my mother says to me all the time. HATERS hate SILENCE. I ignore all comments and looks etc.,

Diary 30th November 2014

Well after quite a nice sleep, I got up slightly later than scheduled. I was initially to do a bit of recording on my TV. However it wasn’t to be. So I headed off to my sis. We chatted mainly. I told her of my mate’s homophobic behavior. The sad thing is , he prob don’t know what he’s saying, THEN again he may do. Who knows. So that got me ripping my jumper to shreds, and then there’s the added version of the Relatives not wanting me in there lives????, I’m referring to my friend Seamus’ comment the other day I met him for Interstellar(Review here).

Diary 29th September 2014

I had forgotten to mention that when I came home yesterday, I went to charge up my cell phone and suddenly I couldn’t find my charger. As my phone came from the States as in the packaging at the very least, I couldn’t find the two prongs. To date, I still can’t.

So then I got up eventually. I got ready for the PDC Course. I then headed onto the Outhouse or the course. WE discussed two main topics Relationships and Boundaries.  When they were discussing the Relationships, all I could think of were the relatives who never accepted me. When I arrived, there were only 6 ppl including myself. I arrived late. Nothing knew. hahhaah

The topic was What makes a GOOD relationship










Aged Realistic

One of the class colleagues’ point was of interest, we all listened with interest, in that his point was Age. That guys dress and act NOT their age. ie a 40 yr old guy acting and dressing like a 20 yr etc., He then mentioned that its actually a medical condition known as Biomorphism.

The definition of a Relationship is as follows: “Emotional connection or an involvement”

Then they drew a diagram.

Embryo/womb – Micro

Then you meet the family – Mezzo

Education/Community etc., – Exo

Bad World/Work/Internet/ etc., – Macro

Fear of a Relationship

Fear of begin hurt

WE all take advice etc., You are you. True to yourself. You’re the only person who knows you.

If someone asks how are you or whatever, or how are you feeling. IT all depends on context etc., So if eg. if you mad busy, you would have to turn him down until your free, or if you know the person in question, you would have a more calmer attitude towards him.

Bottomline Everyone’s different, acknowledge it. Unconditional love essential in conflict.

What are the good things in a relationship.

Mutual Respect

Good balance




Clear/Good Communication


Confusing thoughts

Then it came to break time, on my way in I was very not as such suicidal but more so wanting to do a slice n dice on myself. Considering will be covering ourselves now for the Winter. hahaha. So wise words during the break was said to me. In the form of that I’m only punishing myself. Wise words was actually coming from Bernard himself. Here I was trottling along the street, crying me heart out, well not distressing, but any idiot on the street, would know what’s up. So after such wise words, I headed in with a positive tude as in I saw Declan and David and the Brazilian guy, whom I was a bit surprised. He wasn’t one bit shy but was very quick to say to us, that he doesn’t introduce himself with his name. Ah well, to each is their own.

Then it was time for the Boundary part of the lesson. Which was short, considering we had less time after the break. heeeh.

So then shortly before the class finished, we were treated to Rau Puaul’s(A US famous Drag Queen) track. His infamous quote being: “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell can you expect to be loved”. Twas most inspirational.