Diary 21st December 2015

When I came home last night, I reorganised my Decorations from putting the snowman behind my tv to the Bathroom window instead. However I went to get a cuppa tea for myself, ahem that’s Green Tea to you and me, hahahaa, however the kettle wouldn’t work. So I quickly looked into the fridge n freezer, and to my surprise and shock, I quickly said to myself, “No no no, this can’t happen”, cause I’ve got buckets of vegan food frozen that I need when I get out of my starvation mode whenever that’ll happen, anyways my point being, I only reasied that I had disconnected the WRONG plug as BOTH my freezer AND my kettle. Which esp my Kettle would be VIP, oh boi.

Well after several days of how to download a Tumblr video, NOT GIFs, but Videos, I finally found a solution thanks to YouTube user:

Following is the method. (For Chrome). The above video works for Firefox,

Open up tubmr. PLAY the video. Mute if necessary.

Then press CTRL + SHIFT + I(NOT L)

Click on Network

Click on Media

Double Click on Video link that appears.

The right click and save as per norm.

Now how simple is all that. hahaah. Thanks budddy(As Screeh powers puts it: Buuuuuuuudy). heheh

Then afterwards, I then went to meet Seamus. I last saw him last year for Interstellar(Review here), however as I later learned I actually met him since. heheheh. While we had a lovely chat, I had told him of my recent events. I could tell him he was shuck up about it. Then again he was having his own personal issues too. The fact that he don’t wanna go near the SYstem, kinda worries me. I’ll ask my sister about it. He belives that they stuff meds down ur throat. I said jst insist on THERAPY ie talking. He wasn’t having’t none of it.

So then my next plan was to go to the Outhouse as I was hoping to give Joyce her card. I again got the card mixed up completely. So then when I arrived Bernard was there. He gave me a gift as well. I do things traditionally ie Christmas wise. heheeheh. So we chatted about Star Wars. Again, I will be publishing a review very soon due to high demand in seeing the film.

So then I headed on up to Mom n Dad’s primarily to fill out the Disablilty Allowance form. HOwever it wasn’t to be as Gerry Brady my Godfather and my Uncle called by and then Siobhan Coffey and her fiancé called by too. I hadn’t see Siobhán in years. I saw James few months ago when he was helping Gerry with fencing or something. So instead, as I hadn’t gotten sleep yet as per my norm, I then headed on off to home and more or less went to sleep completely.

Diary 14th December 2015

Well so far not bad a day, heheheeh. As per my weekly schedule, I didn’t go to bed. heheh. But as well as that, I was doing my catchup on TV shows. So I did my recordings. I was to go to the bike shop to go and have it repaired specifically the brakes.

So Mom collected me at the bike shop and brought me up to there place to get documents printed off and finished off the documentation for the Supplemental Welfare Allowance form. SO that said, on the way up to Mom n Dad’s, Mom wanted a few of HER errands done. One of the errands was to post letters that Dad had written to his relatives and friends for Christmas. Well one I was most NOT prepared for. I was sifting through the cards and all had stamps on the envelope. Now what I find most surpirsing is that he was POSTING to a neighbor of his ie Ailish n Noel. Now he’s wasting money of .70c on a stamp when they live next door. So my point being is that he is harping on about me wasting money on Westwood, yet he’s doing the EXACT same thing. Kinda ironic if u ask me.

So moving on, then I started the printing on at home in their place. I in the meantime rang Sky to move over to Sky Broadband. However as I had forgotten the number one possibility of the cause of delay: aka Christmas. So what I mean thou is that when I was signing up, They would have to come out to install Fibre. If I were to go Standard, there would be no Engineer required, However as I wanted the Fibre, I was required an Engineer. And even with that, I would have to wait few more days to gain access to the Internet with Sky Broadband. So then  afterwards, I headed back to the kitchen table to get soup etc., I then rang Franky, again, and he this time answered the phone, yippppppeeeeeeeeeeee as Zelda Spellman from Sabrina says it – hahahaa. So before I headed on off home, Dad asked if I had cash for the bike repair. And I said I unfortunately didn’t. so what a lecture that came outta of him. He said that me buying presents is silly or something to that affect. I was looking at Mom getting a bit anxious and I told Dad, look just quit it, for Mom’s sake. I told him, I would NOT have gone near him had Social Welfare not gone near me. Even if it were during the year, I still would not have gone near him cash wise I mean. So I then headed on back home to be in time for Frnaky. Then when he came, he brought teh form back home. I had hoped that he fill the, form out there and then, however it wasn’t to be as it was to do with the Accountant.

Diary 29th November 2015

Well today was quite an unusual day. By that the weather played its part. Then the fact that I did banking on a Sunday, which I don’t normally. However it had to be done. hahahah. By that I mean that as I need the cash BEFORE Westwood comes in on Tuesday, I wouldn’t be able to pay Franky. So I moved swiftly. Initially I was gonna leave it til next Tuesday, however my cash wouldn’t allow it ie DOUBLE payment for him. So I said I’d go and do it.

So my day started off with me getting up around Midday, and then heading off after a few tv shows. So then I headed on off to AIB Bank, however I needed change from Kennedy’s. Brian asked me if all I was doing was getting change everyday. I then said to him NO, that that’s not true. hahaha. to go and get a definition. ahahah. Brian although loved my beard. haahahah. The other Brian(Paula’s dad – whom Paula herself was an employee) likes it but sarcastically ie he says when you start growing it, I said the beginning of the month, and he says you mean in the 4years, hahaaha. So then I moved onto the last minute decision, to the Sunday Market in SmallChanges building. heeheh. I found a few gift ideas. heheeheh. When I came out of the Sunday Market, it poured out of the heavens via Winds. oh boiiiii.

Then my sis came to my place for the downloading. We were chatting, and supporting each other. heehheh. Then we went for a bit of shopping. In the meantime, I had gotten a takeout too. I headed to her place then for the night. We had great laughs too.

Diary 26th November 2015

Well after a wonderful sleep, although with a few dreams of weird, nothing major to report, hehehe, I had ongoing disappointment and worries with Social Welfare.

Now the day started when I woke up around 12ish and got up. I looked at a few Documentaries. Then I headed on off to Social Welfare to hand in my MR1 Certification form. I went up to Desk 29(by the looks my new home -hahaha). I told the guy of my case. He noted or more so I let him know of why the form was half empty. I said to him I can’t complete the form as I don’t have a job, he said I shouldn’t have filled it out. He asked me for my PPS Number, and he told me that my payment has been suspended. Whether he meant the Rent Allowance, which I already knew or if the Job Seekers itself was suspended. So I asked if I could speak to a member of the A-Team, he was most ignorant, NOT in the right job me thinks. Like He kept moving and moving away, everytime, I attempted to ask him anything.

So I rang my sis and asked her to put me on speaker, so I wont have to repeat myself. It was kinda cool thou putting myself “on conference call”, haahah.

So I came back did more recording on TV. Then shortly afterwards, my sis called down with Mom and I had a brief chat with Mom. My sis told me that I’d be getting a bit of help with cash as I’ve yet to pay for my Rent, ya knowwww. So as part of my anxiety or whatever, I had a wonderful bite of the sleeve, awwwwwwww. I wanted to cry, but just couldn’t. So I had a go at my sleeve. He most definitely NOT be worn outside. hahahaa.

I then left my sis back to her place. Mom in the meantime had told my sis while in my place and while getting my sis a cuppa tea, that my Pops would be dropping down the cash to me tomoz while get this my sis at HER home AND my Mom at her weekly Gallery, ie NO WOMEN, to help me or whatever, I said to her under NO circumstances, will I accept Money from Dad on his own, let alone anything. I continued to repeat throughout the night how coincidental was the whole thing. hmmmm. Like he’d talk about Westwood etc.,etc., he’d make me promise that I cancel it, of which I recently learned that’s not possible til a year has elapsed, well who knew. heheehe. And not only that I don’t need the cash now, as I have his €80 he gave me as part of €150 that me Pops gave me last week. If I don’t get paid at all next week ie Tuesday 1st, THEN and only then will I accept extra cash from my folks, BUT ONLY IN WOMEN’s PRESENCE.

I was there wanting to post to my Facebook a status relating to a TV SHow I am watching IrelandAM. When I did so, I used the hashtag, of which I have been using all the time.and as such I went about posting it. However when posting hashtags, usually it’d change colors, however this time NADA. I posted a sample status of jst #vegan, and that worked and I only realsied it that I had actually written out the hashtag.

Take a look at the following convo guys. Does she really think I’m stupid……

Hello, how’s your day? My name is Jill Mary Johnson an Agent from Facebook Inc. Nice meeting you.

I am authorized to send you the friend request by Mr Mark Zuckerberg the Founder and CEO of facebook and me myself is a member of the facebook team.


`Right so you’ve nothing to do with the grouop The WIld Ones?

Jill Mary

what’s that Sir?


you tell me

You work for Mark Zuckerberg

Jill Mary

yes Sir

I am sent to contact you today to pass you a vital information concerning your Facebook account.



Jill Mary

Have any of our Facebook staff inform you about the ongoing international Facebook lottery, And have you been inform about your winnings.?


Yes and that I won €5bn

Thank you so much

Jill Mary

that’s not from us Sir


ahhh now

come on

of course it is. hahaha

Jill Mary

not Sir



Jill Mary