Diary 22nd February 2016

WEll today was not that busy a day. I resumed my duties in relation to me tidying up the kitchen RUBBISH. heheeh.

I then answered the door twice, might I add in one day. Twice more than normal hahaah, ie I never get any calls to the door. I thought it’d be Candidate for Dublin BAy North, but as I said to Ailish the other night, I NEVER got one so far of a candidate asking for my Number 1 vote. So that said the two that called to the door, FIrst was An Post devliering my two babies the +Inflatables Stanescu in the shape of Guinness Red and the REgular Guinness. Awwww. I was delieverating of whether I should get em or not. I was basing my decision on Veganism aka GUiness ain’t vegan as it contains fish parts or wahtever in the making of the drink. BUt the fact that I WOULDN’T be eating em – awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I decided to get em. PS The delviering guy aka An Post was a pig. I mean Its not like I was naked or whatever, yet he just may as well through at me.

My second door bell was a guy wanting to sell electricals. Says I to meself “More than likely STOLEN”. I said no to the Electric Blanket, and he replied how about this other. I said no to all.

Diary 4th January 2016

So when I came back from my sis, I was there blowing up my Father Christmas inflatables via electricity. However he kept getting caught in the pressies. In that the Presents that are aback kept getting tangled.,

I was checking my Google+ Notifications when one of them was my YouTube videos notifications. A user had complained that the sound was not the best, I actually agreed. Recently in the last few months I have found this to be true, so I tried various settings. Then I changed the default BEAT Audio settings and changed it. So now when I record video and Audio, I should be able to hear my voice slightly higher ie my listeners will be able to hear it higher now. heeheheh.

I was there trying to put on my onesie, when I kept falling all over the place. At first I thought for a second I couldn’t remember how to put one on. hahhaah. What a laugh. heheheeh.

I was looking at an episode of The Simpsons entitled The Frying Game, whereby Homer and MArge were sentenced to Death in the electric chair. The Last RItes were being read by a Catholic Priest. MArges puts “We appreciate your coming to comfort us, but we’re don’t Catholic”, his response i’m an IRish accent, “THen I hope you enjoy your stay in hell”. Then a fight ensues between Rev Loveyjoy and the Catholic PRiest. THe Priest exclaims: “Go home and have sex with your wife”. I then got a sudden thought. ARe the Catholics actually BACKWARDS, when it comes to Priests marriage etc., cause in the UK they do actually have Vickers whereby they get married ie WOMEN priests. hmmmm.

Diary 1st October 2015

Quite an interesting day so far. I got up at half 11, after a lovely night of sleep with my Blankies. awwwww. I was collected by Mom n Dad and my sis for to go out for a meal. I can’t honestly remember when I last went out. hahhaaha. I think it was for Father’s Day we all went out. Not sure. hahahaha. We went out to TGI Fridays, which I have previously reviewed. hehehe. Dad and I went to PC World to get ink cartridges and paper. How well the salesperson remembered us from December. Twas unreal. hahahaa. He asked me how is Lappy. I said it was alrite. Although there are sounds or something’s not right. But didn’t wanna say it in front of Dad thou; considering. So both of us went onto Homestore and More.

We all then went back home and had a nice cuppa. Like the good auld days. hehehehe. Then both Dad n I finished off the Citizenship stuff ie the letter we were waiting finally arrived. So on the way leaving my sis home, we headed to the Post Office to get the Letter registered and send it off to Tipperary. Oh boi. hahahah

Then afterwards, I came back, showered and got ready to get a new member of the +Inflatables Stanescu family. Oh boi. They are going to be hopping mad. hahha when they see Franky the new +Inflatables Stanescu hehehe.

I first got rid of rubbish from the kitchen. At the same time, I was recording the Scannal episode of the HOrsemeat saga or scandal hence the name of the program in Irish. Scannal is Irish for Scandal. I have to re-record the program for a 3rd time now. I must have hit it off the PVT. NOt sure, as it came back invalid.

I then headed off to Aldi, Lidl, Tescos and Outhouse. I arrived at Aldi to go and get Franky an +Inflatables Stanescu and Halloween lights. However the lights weren’t there. So I then headed to Lidl to go and get my 5x OJs and Bread.Then onto Tescos to get Butter. There I experienced issues with my coins. Twas the same woman who helped me the last time in which the machine wouldn’t accept my notes or something. I headed to Pennys as I had seen int eh Shop window a very cute Scarfy. Awww. So while there, I also encountered another scarf thinking it was someone’s in relaisty. THere was no Label or even hanger. So I was getting a bit anxious. HOwever when Declan who was actually serving me in Pennys. heheheh. He found a code, So I was delighted that he was able to sell it to me. I then decided to see if Eurogiant was selling +Inflatables Stanescu for Halloween. As it happens they were for €50. Bit steep. So I might leave it. I’ll see. I then headed off to the Outhouse. On the way, thou I was on the phone to my mate O’ Farrell. He explained of his grogginess. I asked him what sleeping tablets is he on and the fact he didn’t know, I said he should sue St. James for such behavior. hahaha. So more than likely he didn’t want to tell me. He wanted to come over to my place for a few nights. However my +Inflatables Stanescu are my life and my roommates. heheheeh. So when O’ Farrell made a comment “But I see you’re buying an inflatable from your FB”, when I said to him about my place Inhabitant. I asked what’s the connection. He failed to answer. So I told him to go and work with St. James Hosp in looking for accommodation. Until then there’s nothing I can do. So then I headed onto Outhouse where I came across Bernard. Wonderful to see him as ever. Sad to hear thou that Searson was jeered at Homophobically with his mates. I understand his mates were attacked physically I think. Bernard mentioned the term “My librarian”, I thought he meant his boyfriend or whatever. So he went to say that I think “psychoanalytical”. heheheh.

So then I came back home to relax with the News. haahah. Shortly after getting up, I got a text from Meteor saying that I may be able to be upgrade my handset to HTC’s M8. I’d have to think abotu it, as when I was with my ex, I got a FREE HTC phone from O2, and I just literally hated it to the core and swore that I would never buy let alone get a new HTC phone ever. The offer is unlimited calls and texts and 2GB Internet. THe INterent is quite low thou. So from 15GB DOWN to 2GB.hmmmm

Following is a quote that came from a viewer on IrelandAM. I think its so perfect. heeheh
“We’ve been married 50yrs next January. I was 28. Mr. D was 21. We still love each other and is happy now as we were then. Saying I Do is the easy part. And you have the kids. We had 4 of them, Sickness,, Money worries etc., They all take its toll. My advice is to have respect for your partner. Never treat him/her in a way that you wouldn’t like to be treated yourself, Never go to sleep on a row, Make time for yourself and give each other plenty of hugs and kisses”

Diary 24th June 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. The most NEGATIVE or BAD LUCK I’ve ever had in ONE day. Quite extraordinary actually.

It all started when I failed to show up for my sis. So thats Bad Luck 1. Then when I eventually got up, I stayed up for a few hours. Was looking at yesterday’s and Monday’s news for the 4hrs PER day. Quite enjoyable alrite. hehehe. I looked also at the documentarys etc., One being the  Coming Out to the Curve that documents LGBT life in Ireland in 2015. One of the members of the Outhouse, Eddie was featured on the documentary. I was most impressed with his Rainbow colored Dinner set. heheeh and cups.

Then Mom arrived down to drop shopping. I then got ready to head out to the dole. I was initially suppose to head to my sis then the college. However I completely forgot about my dole, when I was making arrangements with my sis. heehhe. I was gonna leave the dole til next day ie Thurs. However Meteor and my Credit Union Loan esp him since Friday. As I said yesterday, I was afraid that I would be charged €10 by the bank and UNPAID. Thats the most horrific thing to occur to a customer. So I said I’d do my banking, hahaha. So I went to get the dole, then onto the bank. I wanted to set up my Meteor account on my Online Banking in the bank itself using the self service. However surprisingly, AIB wouldn’t accept it. So am at a loss as to how to pay em. Bad Luck 2.

So onwards to the college. I was to attend an Information Session for the course, Post Graduate in Mobile Applications Development I’ll be doing in Sept. I popped into Mace, beside the college, where I used to go in a lot, ahahah and to my surprise Fresh Good Food Market was their in its place. heeheh. I last was their when I was with my Mom, my sis and my Aunt back at the Markers. So I kinda indulged and overspent. I was met with great reception. heheheheh. So then onwards to Lidls, and Tescos to get OJ, Bread and Butter respectively Butter being from Tescos. So then after Tescos, I headed to my sis. heeheheh where I spent the rest of my day, into night, attempting to sort out my finances, my depression etc., I then realsied something that I was to purchase an Inflatable that I had clicked on Buy Now. And only remembered it tonight. heheeh. I had received a message on EBay reminding me that I had started a purchase on EBay for an Inflatable. And I had completely forgotten all about it. heehehe. So I first attempted to log into Paypal to add my Bank to the account. Well I went through hell trying to get my password. So I had to reset it. Then I attempted to pay as per normal, however I realsied that I had to transfer the funds over to Paypal from my bank account, then I realsied that I would have to wait a few days for security reasons. So then I said I’d attempt it considering I’d need it to go and pay for the Inflatable. So my sis offered to pay for it, of which she offered several times. So in the end, my sis paid for it, and I gave the cash I miraculously had to her. So as you can see not the best day in my life. haahah.

AS regards the depression aspect, I still have the fear that my mate Todd will tell me that he has to work for Saturday 4th July, which would devastate me. It would be another “Keith” saga all over again. Now obviously Todd and I are not a couple or anything. But I hardly see him, so its just a fear. And onto my mates of the two Brendan’s of which I have not seen NOR heard since June 12th. Now I don’t know whats going on. I ain’t their daddys or whatever, but if they are mates of mine, I should have heard from them as in like say “Where’s George”, I haven’t seen him, or whatever.

My sis and I were also discussing while attempting to look at movies. However connection all over the place were not working. Her WiFi and MY 4G Data Network wasn’t. So while hanging around, waiting for episodes and films etc., I explained to my sis exactly what happened when I was blocked from uploading Photos. It happened as follows. I uploaded 164 Flowers, NADA. I uploaded 141 Gay Love theme photos. TROUBLE. I was in the middle of uploading, and I was asked to RELOGIN, of which I did. I was immediately given the below screenshot.

Then I came to the conclusion that, I was a victim of an individual in Facebook who has coded a computer program, whereby if the program encounters Same – Sex or LGBT themed photo to BLOCK the User.


It has been announced as expected that Dry Rot, has been the cause to the terrible Berkely Tragedy that killed 6 Irish citizens.

JOsave Thsanaiv has been formally sentenced to Death. He along with his older brother Tamerlan, set off two Home made bombs at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon Bombings on 15th April 2013. 3 people lost their lives. Tamerlan, Tsaniaaiv was killed in a shootout with the Police

2 more victims from the Berkeley Tragedy are laid to rest. Niccolai Schuster and Olivia Burke.

Diary 15th June 2015

While my sis was sleeping, I was working throughout the night on tidying my place up which I have been doing for the past few Mondays. hahahah. My main objective for today was to tidy up my inflatables and find the shorts for Saturday’s Fetish Night for Pride 2015, ehehhee. Some +Inflatables Stanescu have been going ie deflating. So I decided no matter how painful it was to actually let them deflate fully and then put them away. I was a bit emotional in doing so, in particular Redzar(Red Smirnoff Football). Etc etc., I shan’t be getting rid of any of them. ahahaha. If at all possible I shall replace em, depending on Finance of course. hahaha.

As regards the clothes, I separated em all. So I cleared up the dishes. And when I was putting out the rubbish, I then realised that last weeks rubbish was NOT collected which I can’t understand. hahaha. But not my problem.

So now my final job is to clear the crap or whatever word u wanna use from my Deep Fat Fryer. I can’t use Alcohol or Abrasives. So am a bit stuck. So I’m using Dad’s brains(ONCE AGAIN – ahahah), he would use abrasives but VERY finely ie barely touching the machine sides)


Fixed Charge Penalty notice is to be introduced to cyclists who cycle recklessly. Penaltys includes

  • Cyclists Breaking lights; €50 fine
  • Cycling on footpaths, etc.,
  • Cyclists who go AGAINST One Way St

A new robot technology has been introduced in Omagh, NI. Its known as Telly Robot. Whereby a doctor would do its operating etc., etc., via remote control. It is accessed via Internet.

Jeb Bush a former Florida Governor twice has announced his to seek the Republican Nomination to run for President 2016. To date 11 others have announced their candidature for the Office of President of the US including Former Donald Trump who will be announcing his nomination for the Republican Party too, also we have Hilary Clinton former US Secretary of State under Obama Administration.

Diary 16th March 2015

Boy did I really miss my phone. I was wanting to take a pic of a Plane of where Sue Ellen and Palm in Dallas were on, then there was my babe Evan from Ros na Run. And of course my precious Inflatables. So I had to use the Lappy as the camera. The quality, I never realised was that crappy. Then I realsied its just a webcam. hahaah