Diary 7th December 2015

While looking at Sunday AM, they did a peace on ChristmasFM. The Christmas Radio whereby they only play Christmas tunes. I remember there was one Christmas, whereby I was playing the Christmas tunes, WHILE putting up my decorations in my old bedroom at home, at the same time from Christmas FM, possibly also the song Winter’s Tale as well while I went down to dinner or something.

Well what a wholeheartedly emotional today turned out to be.

First off was a user on my Facebook account, got me blocked for so called profanity. ie,, So my sis or my self posted a pic of an puppy or something like that. This user posted in HER native tongue, which is a pet peave of mine, that I HATE. So after awhile, I replied to her, firstly DEFENDING my sis’ honour and secondly that I hate when someone speak THEIR native tongue, expecting us to Google Translate. The fact thou she has PLENNY of English, yet she had the gaulls to speak in her tongue”!!!!, So when I confronted her, I logged back onto Facebook and I was told that my comment had been reported for Profanity or whatever and that I would be blocked for 3 Days from posting. THEN I tried Poking. Same to no avail. !!!!!.

Then it was time to start my day, just before I headed to my appointment of Employment’s Support Officer Christine, I received a letter from Social Welfare stating that my rate for Illness Benefit is  €84.50. Now thats a hella lot lower than my original rate.  So then I continued onto the appointment. Christine asked me how’s tricks. So I just had to let rip what was going on. She just didn’t know what to say. She recommended that I go to Citizenship Information Center in O’ Connell St., for advice etc., and to investigate about the Supplement Welfare Allowance.

So armed with this information, I then rang my sis and my Mom. Mom invited me up to there place for to settle this once and for all. Its been going on far too long. So then I got started by heading up to Mom and Dads BUT with doing my errands first.

Firstly was to go to An Post to check if their was any cash AND to get stamps. No surprise there was NO cash. So I got my stamps. Then I rushed back home, and then got and posted my cards. Then afterwards, I headed up to Mom n Dad’s. Mom was going to collect my sis when I had arrived. I had told Dad, that the sleeves were getting the worse of the treatment and the towellys. To the point they ain’t being worn anymore in public let alone his house. The whole time I was up there, I was being treated as if I returned back tot eh family tree. ie when I had blocked Mom n Dad previously and I’d come back, that I would be welcomed back and treated as such. So the whole day we were balancing between Decorations AND sorting my issue out as well. So Mom drove my sis and I to Social Welfare in Kings Inn St., My sis and I were for once treated to a lovely guy. He explained everything. Few questions still hanging. But still its something. So we headed back. Filled out the Supplemental Welfare Allowance form. So hopefully that’ll come through. Now my sis and I calculated a few things. It was confirmed that yes indeed I will be getting €84.50 + my Rent Allowance has now been added back. I collect him at the post office and the €84 will be sent to the bank automatic. So adding €84 + €77 will get my €161. Still missing out on €101. So hopefully I’ll be able to get it. So the Supplemental Welfare Allowance will balance it for me. Then afterwards, Dad and I got MY decorations down. hhaahaha. So Mom left them down to myselace. heheeheh.

Diary 23rd November 2015

As per my weekly schedule I was taping Fair City of which I haven’t seen since the beginning of October. I was fixing up the TV so that it faces me, it kept disconnecting the cable and more so the stand that my Dad fixed for me a few weeks ago. However while looking at the show, there was a breakup on the show ie a same sex breakup. Such harrowing words went right through me, “I Cant even see her, It’s like looking at nothin’. ”

I also was suppose to be in the new job for midday today, but following advice from Mom and Dad AND SW, I decided against it. So I emailed the company, and rejected the offer.

Diary 20th November 2015

Not bad a day today. hahahaah. Yesterday on my way out of Social Welfare, I was apparently by a lady to sign up to a job open day. hahahah. So I then headed into Phoenix Marketing aka Marketing Hub. I realised last minute that I had to go in PRofessional Dress Code. So I quickly put things on and headed on out. I then arrived at the Business on Talbot St., when I arrived there was music VERY informal, I was very peed off. hahaahah. Then after about a half hour of waiting around. We were treated to a presentation, then afterwards we were required fill out an Assessment Sheet ie just simply a feedback in my opinion. We were to get a feedback by the Close of Business. I then got talking to one of the contestants. During the whole Open Day, I got the automatic impression of a Quick Money Making scheme, ie like just for a few days, there was an employee who made over 2grand hahaah. So then I came back home on a cold NOW rainy afternoon. So then afterwards, I was getting things ready when I came back like getting into my casual wear or whatever, when I got a call from them. How quick they were to reply. As it happens, I actually got GREAT news, in that I got the job. However the reason I ain’t dancing for joy is that although I get paid commission type etc., etc., BUT Social Welfare, which I can easily tell them to stuff it, but the problem the biggest being is the lack of knowledge on Sales. Like there was a guy who had a BSc in Environmental Studies etc., and then a woman in Psychology.

While during the presentation, I was thinking of my Olives I bought in tescos, and how to use em instead of pitch forking them. So I decided I could pour out the Salad my Aunt gave me onto a plate and mix the olives with the salad. mmmmm

Then when I was settled down, my sis called down to me for to download. hehehe. She helped me find Cry Cry. I was on the bed, the other day, throwing my Cry Cry like a frisbee, and literally couldn’t find him, whatsoever. I was getting a bit sad.

So that said and done, I headed on to the Outhouse for a bit craic or as I said to Ollie “Ceol agus Craic ach seachan an Ceoil ár ndeogh”. (Music and craic but minus Music of course), hahaha. It was a bit bouncy bouncy. I went there thou, to thank  Bernard profusely for just a wee chat ie talk, aka Mental Health. I had told him of my distressing dreams of Romania etc., Although my sis knows a hella lot more, but whatever I must have said to him, I haven’t had any distressing dreams of late, not even weird ones. I was even getting worried, that I may have “passed” on my dreams or any distressing form to him. But what’s also possibly and I think the truth, is that Bernard never came from an Orphange whereas my sis and I did. Then again who knows. Only the man upstairs knows. So what am trying to say, I was able to relate to a person who was NOT in my situation, hmmmmmmm

So that said, I then headed on up to Mom and Dad’s for clarification purposes. As you can gather, I was offered a job, from Phoenix Marketing.  I was torn between telling “Social Welfare to stuff it”, with their Disability Payments etc., etc., or more so their treatment of my Mom. And of course my knowledge. However ONCE again my Back and my now my Knees were brought in. AS part of the job would be to go and sell and make a commission ie WALKING, which over exerting doesn’t help my knees at all.

While looking at TV, the Travel series Great Journey Railways, I was admiring the Trams etc., and the Cable Cars. Awww yeahhhh. I recognised the seating made for Dublin BUs, heheeheh. I’m almost sure Dublin BUs’ are made by Germany. Then seeing the Trams, so adorable in Freidburg and Hanover.