Diary 19th September 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. Well night time for me. hhahahah. I was to see American Ultra. I expect to see it during the week. heeheh. So I just slept it out. My sleep was interrupted around 5 by Mom for food. So I woke up and collected and ate some of it as I hate the food hard as a rock. Then I went back to bed.

Then at around 11ish my sis called down to me, citing moral support. So I in my good wisdom provided such. I was astonished thou what she told me relating to Mom. She told me that Mom had shouted the name “Faggot” term to her. She being Biesuxual, Mom asked her to choose EITHER gay or straight. Which is ridiculous. My sis was BORN Bixesual, end of. Funny she should mention this however, a mate of my mine on the sex facebook whom my mate tagged me in, FORCED a guy to choose which is it gonna be, GUYS or GIRLS. No one can force another person who to choose. I was quite taken aback by his level of language. Normally I just leave things as be. BUt I had to put my head in.

Diary 20th January 2015

Course. Interview part 2. Yesterday concentrated on strengths and weaknesses. Advised on not using time management as my weakness. Today was S.T.A.R. Tell us abt a time when u were under pressure etc. During a break a course student was telling me about time management. He mentioned cock. I couldn’t keep serious. Hahah.

Headed to outhouse. Waiting for O’ Farrell. While doing so I was reading an article on two lesbians marrying and her son not accepting his mother. Was very moved by.

got my dole.

Then home. On the way I wanted to check if Drumcondra Credit Union to change DD method to credit card. Not allowed. Looking for Boxty. Mom collected me. Brought me home.

Rang sky. Was delighted  in one call to change my payment method My name and my username.

Went to My sis.

Diary 9th January 2015

Dad and I continued. Packaged completely. Dad got a call from Gerry his Bro. He wanted a lend of a jack saw. I met Siobhan my cuz’s bf. I hadn’t seen Gerry since Reggies funeral. We then went to Beaumont House(Review here). I took down the lights outside. Packed them up. I then headed to outhouse. First to Lidl as I left my hat behind. Manners of a pig. Racism. Cineworld for Taken 3. Homophobic.

Following is the Facebook Status I posted in relation to the manners of a pig in Lidls in Parnell, Racist remark in the Outhouse and sadly the homophobic treatment, both my friend and I recieved.

I regret to inform you all that yesterday was not the best. Although I helped my folks with decorations, that was grand. By all means.

I popped along to Lidl, on Moore St., to see if my Hat was handed in. I went to a security guard who btw was actually looking at his cell phone, I asked if my hat was handed in, immediately he said no, Not even a budge to see if it were handed in. So after I paid for my kettle, I in a fit of rage, went to a Staff member, who gladly helped and asked around. I wanna thank him. But the security in LIdls’ Moore St., clearly NEED retraining.

I then went to the Outhouse for my nightly entertainment. At one stage in the Men’s Night, I was racially attacked indirectly. By this I mean, the lads were referring to some guy in the French Attacks or something, and the person(of whom shall remain nameless) said he “should go to the Romanian Orphange”. I attempted to intervene by telling “errr hello, I was there”, however he failed to listen. My friend who was with me throughout the night, told me that he has been told in the past that I am from Romania, and that he told me that he is actually racist. Despite the person knowing this, he made the remark. I was deeply gutted that I was lost for words. I shall be taking this matter with the Management of Outhouse and the Gardaí. RACISM MUST STOP. It won’t stop if I sit back and do nothing.

My mate also came with me to the Cineworld Dublin to see Taken 3. I was most not prepared for what was to happen next. We were BOTH treated to Homophobic abuse throughout the film. It was quite scarey. My mate got the bate thou. We were treated to heckling. Although security was called a few times, that did not stop them. We were both called faggots and my mate was called OTHER names too. I was literally sick to the stomach with the treatment. To the point I actually wanted to vomit in my nachos which I had finished btw. The security guard came with us for protection. We were afraid that they were gonna follow us. So we joined up with two females(whom we would like to thank PROFUSELY), for company. We then left them when we found that the lads disappeared. This continued throughout the night. We both wanted the Cops involved. We were told they were on the way. However we later learned, THAT was not the case. Although Cineworld Cinemas is a VERY LGBT Friendly cinemas, I know many staff who are LGBT Friendly at the very least, some are gay even BOTH male and Female, I was MOST distraught to learn that the Gardai had NOT been called. Again I shall be taking the matter up with the Gardaí. HOMOPHOBIA MUST STOP. People in Republic of Ireland say Homophobia and living as a gay man is grand these days, it’s NOT. If you people knew what actually happened. Like we were thrown at. Recorded and more than likely will be published on Facebook. If any of my Irish mates(of those that are left) or indeed international, comes across a video or photo or whatever of BOTH My mate and I, PLS REPORT to Facebook for Homophobic. On the way when I was leaving my friend to his Luas stop, the friend noticed that I was being homophobically looked at. I told him what my mother says to me all the time. HATERS hate SILENCE. I ignore all comments and looks etc.,

Diary 9th September 2014

Well today was quite interesting. It all started when I was suppose to get up for 3pm, as I wanted to get my dole etc., on me own. I was due to meet my mom for 4 to get the laundry to the cleaners. However, as I only had less than 3hrs sleep, I was unable to get up for 3 and so I got up at 4. Mom bagging at the door etc., Eventually I got up.

So Mom took me to the launders. I had to bring two bags of clothing. hahaah. So Ill be collecting them next week, as with cash I’ll be low on it. hahaha. So then I went ahead to get my dosh. And then into the bank. Then mom invited me up to her place for bit of grub. I said I’d go ahead and pay a visit, as I hadn’t seen Dad to welcome him back. He then invited me on a holier like to DOnegal where his sister in law Maura is and of course her hubbie ie Dad’s brother. So I was kinda intrigued. He was thinking as the weather would be nice to pay a visit. The last time, I went away with my Dad on our own, all I remember is his large cock, the image. hahaha. But then again, I wanted to see it. So then I began to put another idea into my and his head. In that if my landlord wants to renovate my place while I’m away, he may do so. This has been on my mind for the whole day now.

I then headed to me sis where Mom, dropped me down to her. So then Mom was chatting to her when I was getting a few items for my sis. Mom had mentioned to her that she should quit being “Impotent”. Well my golly. My sis was completely insulted. I then told Mom that the likes of her(Mom) would be the cause of Depression and the stigma towards it. I gave an example of the guy in Cork, who killed the twins and then killed himself ie Murder Suicide. Bottomline, Education is the key here. Talk to a person your trust. So my sis was telling us that the hospital has taken Mom off the Next of Kin. And rightly so, cause if Mom’s attititude is to stop misbehainv etc., yeah she clearly can’t handle it at her age anyways.

So then both my sis and I went in. I had expressed Dad’s attitude towards me and my Mom in Romania, in that every time, I mention her that Dad’s anger would show. So then I just thought that I try and connect the dots as to what could he be hiding or whatever. I told her, the night of the Mulligans coming down to the folks, that Dad looked down me top etc ensure, I wasn’t wearing an offensive tshirt. The thsirt that I’m referring to is the Miss Panti one in which it reads: Feck Off out of my life: I’m On Team Panti. Now obviously I ain’t against it or whatever, but my folks are. So the way he looked down me top, I began to arsways connect the dots.  To date, I’ve failed so.

Told sis to ensure I Wasn’t wearing any offensive TSHirt well according to them hahaha.



Ringing Directory Enquires according to The Consumer Association of Ireland has found that it is doubly expensive. E.g €5 per sec. 1min €3.42 11811; 1min €3.40 11890; 1min €5.58 11850; 1sec €2.12 €11811; 1sec €3.40 11890; 1sec €5.58 11850; If you ask to be connected, you will be expected to pay a substantial amount: 10min €15.31 11811; 10min €30.96; 10min €12.31 11890;

Apple has launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They also launched the Apple Watch. Innovation is key, however its also a problem at the moment since Job’s death. The iCloud is also in controversial since the Jennifer Lawrence naked photos were found to have been in breach and the iCloud has been in the blame game. Apple even launched Apple Pay. This allows a user to use their mobile to pay for goods and services.

Diary 5th September 2014

Well after just a few hours sleep, I got up with a view of seeing Sex Tape(Review here) with the Best Buddies Meetup group aka Arwin’s group. On my way, I bumped into Dave(who works behind the counter in Outhouse) and his friend. He too works their, Just can’t think of his name. He was saying that there prob is a bunch of em, outside the Outhouse as they were closed. So I rerouted to pass the Outhouse to see if there was anyone. They all had gone.

I then went onto the cinema. Great to see it lively and bustling. Got my food and headed onto the screen. Was looking for Arwin. So I sent him a quick message just to let him know I was here. ie Checking myself in the Meetup. So he saw me. Then after the film, it was revealed that he had fallen asleep in the middle of the film. He had been at a previous meetup of a someone’s birthday. So we all met outside. Had a bit of a chat. Then we all dispersed. Arwin and I headed on home. He lives close by me. So then shortly before I left him as he was quite tired, I had previously asked him, if I could add him on FB, I just couldn’t remember if I actually did ask him. But eitehrway, I did ask him if he has any issues with gay people or gay rights etc., etc., Now considering his home country religion is Muslim a good chance. Am only guessing here, anyways, I was quite taken aback with his answer. His reply is he stands for Equailtiy. “If I help a poor person, don’t mean I’m rich, likewise gay, If he sees a gay person in trouble and helps, don’t mean he’s gay.”. So I said, cool, I think we’ll be alrite. Ahem that his until he has to head off home due to his Visa restrictions of the Republic of Ireland.

I was chatting to a guy on Grindr. Imagine my first hook up in years. We were very close to closing the deal. heeheh. I obviously told him of my hepatitis status. BUT what stopped the meetup was his hairy chess. I ain’t into a guy who has hair on his chests.

While surfing on Grindr too, I encountered a profile with an Aids symbol(In his case HIV), and I looked at his profile. I was very intrigued in what I saw. His quote NOT mine: “Seriously fellas, If you ARE going to message to ask questions: HOW I got it doesn’t matter! But I’ll give you a heads up lads: I didn’t catch it  licking stamps. AND Yes I’m OK.”. I just had to chat to him. I have taken a shine to him. He has helped me in ways no guy can understand. By that I mean, that I’m slowly accepting my  hepatitis B. Now this came from a guy who has HIV. He goes through the same stigma I go through, possibly worse. He is what I would call an Inspiration. I wrote back to him, and he said “Thanks fella”. He reminded me that MOST guys are vaccinated against it or at least they should have been. I asked him, should I tell guys who I wanna have sex with or to just wait til I find that special guy. Bottomline must I tell of my status with causal sex OR wait til I have the relationship. His answer: “Grey area”. He continued on by saying that “I think everybody responsible for their sexual health”.


2 twin children have been found dead last night. It was then found that another person body has been found not too far from the twins bodies. It has been thought that it was a murder suicide. Now from my perspective, it is of my opinion that the older guy was suffering from depression, something like that. Now it is a possibility that the reason, that he couldn’t talk about whatever was troubling him was one word STIGMA. Like my folks even would say it to me and to my sis, when I was battling depression. Oh get over it, or get out and about etc.,e tc., Its the likes of these that make people go physcotic or whatever. Bottomline, GET OUT THEIR AND TALK TO A PERSON YOU TRUST

Largest Dinosaur to ever walk the earth has been found in Argentina. It is thought to have been known as DreadNoughtis(aka Fearing Nothing) Shraanee as a plant eater. It would have weighed 65tonne. 11meter neck and a powerful 9meter tail. Measure 26meters in length

Dr. Martin Drennan , Bishop Of Galway is under fire for his comments on radio. He was referring to allocating money for Amach LGBT in Galway City. that was decided by the St. Vincent De Paul. Dr. Martin didn’t want a Catholic Charity organsiation allocating money to an LGBT Group as it goes against the ethos of the Church of which he’s a member of. No surprises there considering their past history of the Church.

Diary 11th July 2014

Well after a hibernation period, I got up with a great view of a wonderful day ahead of me. I then got ready for my evening’s socialising.

I first popped into the Outhouse. Met up with O’ Farrell. There we attempted to converse with 2 women. 1 being a person who is learning English and the other whom O’ Farrell told me is Irish teaching the other one. O’ Farrell was trying to tell the one who is learning English, that you can say “Je besoin de” which is French for “I need”. They compeltly ignored him. I told him, that’s ignorant on their part. Compelteply ignorant. Then shortly afterwards, another guy came round. He apparently was a German representing PinkNews a German LGBT Radio, something like that. He was wanting to know how many trucks were on the Parade etc., etc., O’ Farrell found that quite strange. So he questioned his authenticity.

So onwards the two of us went to the Cinema to go and see Transformer 4: Age of Extinction. On the way, I initially asked him, what is his definition of the term “Bisexuality”. As Sven was behind me at the time of the question, I told him when we were on our way when Sven wasn’t with us, why I asked the question. I explained that Sven had told my sis last Tues that Bisexuality was searching for Personality instead of Gender. Something like that.


So after I came home, I have been looking at TV and my sis called round after her appointment for a cuppa. Twas nice having her hear. hehehe.


Leo Varadkar(FG) – Minister for Health


Alan Kelly(Labour, Deputy Leader) – Minister for Environment and Local Government


Jan O’ Suillivan(Labour) – Minister for Education and Skills


Paschal Donoghue(FG) – Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport


Charlie Flanagan(FG) – Minister for Foreign Affairs


Alex White(Labour) – Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources


Simon Coveney(FG) – Minister for Agriculture & Defense


Jimmy Deenihan(FG) – Minister of State


Heather Humphreys(FG) – Minister for Arts Heritage & The Gaeltacht


James Reilly(FG) – Minister for Children & Youth Affairs


Jed Nash – SUper Minister at the Department of Jobs




Richard Bruton(FG) – Minister for Jobs, …….


Francis Fitzgerald(FG) – Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform


Brendan Howlin(Labour) – Minister for Public Expenditure


Michael Noonan(FG) – Minister for Finance


Joan Burton(Labour, Leader) – Minister for Social Protection

Diary 8th July 2014

My latest dream was centered entirely around my mother in Romania

My thoughts were i keep her as friend n adopted mom as my Mother. When my adopted mom passes on I’ll have a second chance of “mom”.

I’m with my ex Keith Christmas shopping. We encounter a worker of whom Keith knows. Keith was promised a water gadget a way back. There the worker initially refused. However we were topped on and homophobically attacked. One big guy had him down in a fucking position  hence why I shouted fuck off. I knew the guy Keith was in trouble with. The guy who refused to help him with the water the guy asks him were u looking for it a pipe. Now how my mother was brought into this is Keith had told me a thing or two. Ie he found her and found new information as to her whereabouts.

Then my sis comes round n says if comedy can wait. She was wanting help with something. But then saw that I was busy with Keith.


Then when I eventually got up and woke up. I showered. And suddenly further thoughts came rushing though my mind. I obviously come to my folks place up in Griffith Ave., and scream “GET ME THE HELLA OUTTA HERE” ie Richmond Rd., where I live. I have been having recent troubling dreams relating to my Mom in Romania. Dunno why??? But Mom(the one I call REAL mom as shes da one who fed me etc., etc., yeda yeda yeda., So Mom(Ro) and my REAL Mom get together and discuss matters. I then says, my Mom(RO) that you dumped me when you made a mistake or you were married at the time of having me. Thats what I was told. ie had an affair. She says, NO Thats not true. This also makes Searsons point make a bit more sense. When I told him that I given up when my Mom(RO) had an affair, he says that don’t make sense at all.


While looking at the News from yesterdays, I got a call from my sis to collect her from Crannog. I was met with a frosty reception from Senior Staff. Knowing they ain’t blind, they closed the door in my face. My sis then came out and broguht her home(my gaf). I got her a cuppa tea. heheeh. Then she headed on home to get a few errands to do.


I then got ready to get my dosh – hahaha. As I always do. Literally, I was within a stone’s through from the Post Office, when I realsied I had everything BUT my Social Welfare Card, which is required to get my Payment. So that was a big blow, as I was to see Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’ Movie(Review here) with my sis. So I rang my sis to let her know of a disappointment. So we made arrangements to just go to the Outhouse. I then went to home and cycled in. I introduced her to a few people: Sven(I’m told that ain’t his name: Just still can’t get it, heheeh), Bernard, David and Joe. WE were a bit disappointed after learning of Sven’s views on Bisexuality of which my sis is. He states that Bisexuality is to do with Personality and that they don’t care of the gender. Possibility a case of Biphobia(Fear of Bisexuals). As I understand it, Bisexuality is the attraction to BOTH genders, hence BI(meaning BOTH male AND female), a FURTHER divide in the LGBT Community. I went on to explain to my sis, that I might perhaps bring my homophobes over the coming months to the Outhouse in a bid HOPEFULLY change their minds for the Marriage EQuailtiy Referendum. I further went to explain to her, that as a member of the LGBT Community, that we have to do our own part as a member. So then we enjoyed a nice cuppa tea and for myself a cuppa green tea. I left her to the bus stop. I headed on home by bike and then walked to her place.


WE enjoyed a few episodes of Golden Girls and we looked at Muppets Most Wanted. Review here. While looking at it, I started to get my troublesome dreams of my mother in Romania coming back to me again. And of course the crappy Sweetenters that my sis had(as she hadn’t any sugar) hahaha, I was gonna go Sweetners route, HOWEVER, I don’t think so now. hahaha. I was very quite alrite while looking at the movie a bit distress or whatever. I asked her what were the signs did she go through when a few years ago, she was gonna go see her mother in Romania. She said quite surprisingly the same as me: The feeling of being followed and Dreams. I’ve been looking behind me an odd time, wondering if my mom is following me to see what are my interests etc., Then wondering what would become of me if I were to have found out that she had died by the time I would have found her. etc., etc.,




A Company in Ashers Baking in Northern Ireland has been found to have discriminated to the customer who ordered a gay themed cake. The company which describes as a Christian Company.


ALL Gareth Brooks Concerts CANCELLED. All €32m have to be refunded. 400k fans will be affected. The Refund process will commence tomorrow(Wed). €50m will have been a blow to the local economy. Over 70k fans who were travelling from abroad have also been affected. Such a big blow to the country and local economy.