Diary 24th June 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. The most NEGATIVE or BAD LUCK I’ve ever had in ONE day. Quite extraordinary actually.

It all started when I failed to show up for my sis. So thats Bad Luck 1. Then when I eventually got up, I stayed up for a few hours. Was looking at yesterday’s and Monday’s news for the 4hrs PER day. Quite enjoyable alrite. hehehe. I looked also at the documentarys etc., One being the  Coming Out to the Curve that documents LGBT life in Ireland in 2015. One of the members of the Outhouse, Eddie was featured on the documentary. I was most impressed with his Rainbow colored Dinner set. heheeh and cups.

Then Mom arrived down to drop shopping. I then got ready to head out to the dole. I was initially suppose to head to my sis then the college. However I completely forgot about my dole, when I was making arrangements with my sis. heehhe. I was gonna leave the dole til next day ie Thurs. However Meteor and my Credit Union Loan esp him since Friday. As I said yesterday, I was afraid that I would be charged €10 by the bank and UNPAID. Thats the most horrific thing to occur to a customer. So I said I’d do my banking, hahaha. So I went to get the dole, then onto the bank. I wanted to set up my Meteor account on my Online Banking in the bank itself using the self service. However surprisingly, AIB wouldn’t accept it. So am at a loss as to how to pay em. Bad Luck 2.

So onwards to the college. I was to attend an Information Session for the course, Post Graduate in Mobile Applications Development I’ll be doing in Sept. I popped into Mace, beside the college, where I used to go in a lot, ahahah and to my surprise Fresh Good Food Market was their in its place. heeheh. I last was their when I was with my Mom, my sis and my Aunt back at the Markers. So I kinda indulged and overspent. I was met with great reception. heheheheh. So then onwards to Lidls, and Tescos to get OJ, Bread and Butter respectively Butter being from Tescos. So then after Tescos, I headed to my sis. heeheheh where I spent the rest of my day, into night, attempting to sort out my finances, my depression etc., I then realsied something that I was to purchase an Inflatable that I had clicked on Buy Now. And only remembered it tonight. heheeh. I had received a message on EBay reminding me that I had started a purchase on EBay for an Inflatable. And I had completely forgotten all about it. heehehe. So I first attempted to log into Paypal to add my Bank to the account. Well I went through hell trying to get my password. So I had to reset it. Then I attempted to pay as per normal, however I realsied that I had to transfer the funds over to Paypal from my bank account, then I realsied that I would have to wait a few days for security reasons. So then I said I’d attempt it considering I’d need it to go and pay for the Inflatable. So my sis offered to pay for it, of which she offered several times. So in the end, my sis paid for it, and I gave the cash I miraculously had to her. So as you can see not the best day in my life. haahah.

AS regards the depression aspect, I still have the fear that my mate Todd will tell me that he has to work for Saturday 4th July, which would devastate me. It would be another “Keith” saga all over again. Now obviously Todd and I are not a couple or anything. But I hardly see him, so its just a fear. And onto my mates of the two Brendan’s of which I have not seen NOR heard since June 12th. Now I don’t know whats going on. I ain’t their daddys or whatever, but if they are mates of mine, I should have heard from them as in like say “Where’s George”, I haven’t seen him, or whatever.

My sis and I were also discussing while attempting to look at movies. However connection all over the place were not working. Her WiFi and MY 4G Data Network wasn’t. So while hanging around, waiting for episodes and films etc., I explained to my sis exactly what happened when I was blocked from uploading Photos. It happened as follows. I uploaded 164 Flowers, NADA. I uploaded 141 Gay Love theme photos. TROUBLE. I was in the middle of uploading, and I was asked to RELOGIN, of which I did. I was immediately given the below screenshot.

Then I came to the conclusion that, I was a victim of an individual in Facebook who has coded a computer program, whereby if the program encounters Same – Sex or LGBT themed photo to BLOCK the User.


It has been announced as expected that Dry Rot, has been the cause to the terrible Berkely Tragedy that killed 6 Irish citizens.

JOsave Thsanaiv has been formally sentenced to Death. He along with his older brother Tamerlan, set off two Home made bombs at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon Bombings on 15th April 2013. 3 people lost their lives. Tamerlan, Tsaniaaiv was killed in a shootout with the Police

2 more victims from the Berkeley Tragedy are laid to rest. Niccolai Schuster and Olivia Burke.

Diary 9th January 2015

Dad and I continued. Packaged completely. Dad got a call from Gerry his Bro. He wanted a lend of a jack saw. I met Siobhan my cuz’s bf. I hadn’t seen Gerry since Reggies funeral. We then went to Beaumont House(Review here). I took down the lights outside. Packed them up. I then headed to outhouse. First to Lidl as I left my hat behind. Manners of a pig. Racism. Cineworld for Taken 3. Homophobic.

Following is the Facebook Status I posted in relation to the manners of a pig in Lidls in Parnell, Racist remark in the Outhouse and sadly the homophobic treatment, both my friend and I recieved.

I regret to inform you all that yesterday was not the best. Although I helped my folks with decorations, that was grand. By all means.

I popped along to Lidl, on Moore St., to see if my Hat was handed in. I went to a security guard who btw was actually looking at his cell phone, I asked if my hat was handed in, immediately he said no, Not even a budge to see if it were handed in. So after I paid for my kettle, I in a fit of rage, went to a Staff member, who gladly helped and asked around. I wanna thank him. But the security in LIdls’ Moore St., clearly NEED retraining.

I then went to the Outhouse for my nightly entertainment. At one stage in the Men’s Night, I was racially attacked indirectly. By this I mean, the lads were referring to some guy in the French Attacks or something, and the person(of whom shall remain nameless) said he “should go to the Romanian Orphange”. I attempted to intervene by telling “errr hello, I was there”, however he failed to listen. My friend who was with me throughout the night, told me that he has been told in the past that I am from Romania, and that he told me that he is actually racist. Despite the person knowing this, he made the remark. I was deeply gutted that I was lost for words. I shall be taking this matter with the Management of Outhouse and the Gardaí. RACISM MUST STOP. It won’t stop if I sit back and do nothing.

My mate also came with me to the Cineworld Dublin to see Taken 3. I was most not prepared for what was to happen next. We were BOTH treated to Homophobic abuse throughout the film. It was quite scarey. My mate got the bate thou. We were treated to heckling. Although security was called a few times, that did not stop them. We were both called faggots and my mate was called OTHER names too. I was literally sick to the stomach with the treatment. To the point I actually wanted to vomit in my nachos which I had finished btw. The security guard came with us for protection. We were afraid that they were gonna follow us. So we joined up with two females(whom we would like to thank PROFUSELY), for company. We then left them when we found that the lads disappeared. This continued throughout the night. We both wanted the Cops involved. We were told they were on the way. However we later learned, THAT was not the case. Although Cineworld Cinemas is a VERY LGBT Friendly cinemas, I know many staff who are LGBT Friendly at the very least, some are gay even BOTH male and Female, I was MOST distraught to learn that the Gardai had NOT been called. Again I shall be taking the matter up with the Gardaí. HOMOPHOBIA MUST STOP. People in Republic of Ireland say Homophobia and living as a gay man is grand these days, it’s NOT. If you people knew what actually happened. Like we were thrown at. Recorded and more than likely will be published on Facebook. If any of my Irish mates(of those that are left) or indeed international, comes across a video or photo or whatever of BOTH My mate and I, PLS REPORT to Facebook for Homophobic. On the way when I was leaving my friend to his Luas stop, the friend noticed that I was being homophobically looked at. I told him what my mother says to me all the time. HATERS hate SILENCE. I ignore all comments and looks etc.,

Foam Café, Strand House, Dublin

I popped around to the Foam with my Mom, I was SO overwhelmed with all the CAMPNESS obviously in the positive. We were greeted with such lovely warm welcome. We were offered the Couch or the Table. As we were eating, we chose the table. My mother ordered the Soup of the Day likewise myself, which was Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Red Lentil Soup. She had a salmon Omelette for the main, and I had the Spanish Tortilla. They both were exquisite. The whole place was such an experience. I was first introduced back at the Day after Pride Day: The Ceremony of Love and Remembrance. A friend of mine brought me to the cafe of which at the time was closed, so we couldn’t go in. However I said I’d bring my mother along. Well I never. It was MOST nondenominational. Like there was Buddhism, Catholicisms. There was a feeling of relaxation ambiance. Cute guys. haahhaha.

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Red Lentil Soup

Spanish Tortilla



Diary 6th July 2014

Well I got up nice and early. I had a few errands to do before going to my sis. My first errand was to go to Cineworld to see if my card was there, after(No surprise – I left it behind.(Yet again – no end to this. hahahaha). While on my way in, I had various thoughts on various issues, namely one area – LGBT. I simply don’t fit in. I shan’t be moving to New York on homophobic grounds but on the grounds of not fitting in. Last Saturday this was proven.

Another thought that came to me was having a heart attack and me in a ambulance. I sadly pass away. Nurse is found to have left me die cause of my sexuality. The family get compo. HSE is accepting of LGBT just one nurses catholic views like the Savita case. It was found that catholic views prevented Savita from living. If she had the abortion she prob b still with us.

So eventually I arrive at the cinema. After a quick search, I was told that my card was NOT handed in. Which I found a bit odd, afterall no one can use it to get in as there’s a Photo of me. He suggested that I wait for about 30mins, however as I had to head to see me sis, I couldn’t. So I then headed onto my next errand, which was to return Mom’s charger, that I had taken home by accident. I was shitten meself, in case Dad would come out wit all accusations. But as it happens, he didn’t even know it was missing let alone Mom herself. He invited me for a cuppa, however I was on me way to my sis. He said that Mom would be coming back from the shopping and to wait for her. As it happens I didn’t have too long. So I helped to put the groceries away. Then we had a bite to eat. While there, Mom had mentioned a quote from Oliver Callin in which he states “It’s none of my business if a person is experiencing homophobic treatment”. Something to that affect. I will have to contact her relating to the EXACT quote. I will update you all ASAP. But if I have it right it sounds as though, he would wash his hands away from people who are having homophobic treatment. To which I totally condone against such. It even further dividing the LGBT Community. As my sis puts it when I saw her later on, is that sounds like he ain’t as supportive as he should be. Mom dropped me home. I then headed onto my sis to get a few grub for her. we chatted and took a few pics of her cuties from her Teddy Bear collection. What a laugh we had. So I headed on home. I intended on staying up to get Clogs from Lidls. I was figuring out how to get my card, considering I’ll be seeing Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ D’Movie with my sis tomorrow. I only thought of it tonight.


Just because Patrick Feekery(Once a member of the Artane Boys Band) a person was member of the Artane Industrial School. He won a medal for his French Horn Solo performance. . He finally won the medal after 80 years.

Diary 23rd June 2014

Well what can I say about today. As I said to Searson, it was interesting  BUT productive. . The day started off with me, struggling to get out of bed, as I was as sick as a dog(well technically exhaustive from last nights events). For a split second, I was gonna leave the whole thing and just stay on in bed. However as you will gather, It was a good thing that I didn’t. As I had an amazing time. So for the 1st time in several days possibly a week now, I wasn’t able to shower, as I was gonna be late. You see, today I was to go to another Dublin Pride Event, whereby I bring along Family and friends(who aren’t LGBT) ie Mom, Dad et.c, to the Outhouse as an Information Session. Well last Friday when I was with the folks, I invited them to the Information session today. With regret, Dad couldn’t make it(due to a Dr’s Apt), however Mom was able to make it. It was my plan whereby, I be there in the Outhouse and Mom just bump into me or whatever. Or as I said to her on the phone, to be “Just herself”. However, as I explained already, things didn’t go to plan, however that didn’t dampen my spirits of the day. Mom in the meantime, was inside in the Outhouse. I gave her a buzz, just to let her know I’m on my way. So eventually I arrived and she was sitting there having her cuppa tea. heheeh. When I arrived, I asked about the Information Session as to where is it etc., Tiffany was there. She said she’d send someone down. So we chatted and chatted. Áine, the person that Tiffany sent down, came down and then it was then I realised what the term “Information Session” meant. I was slightly disappointed, as I had understood it was like a stall type thing. So Áine brought both Mom and I around the place. We saw the Basement, where Golden Girls was held, and Halloween nights is done every year. The Red Room where Pride Events are held such as the one on Saturday etc., and then onto the Library where Men’s Night is held every Friday night. So then Mom and I and Áine came back down. We thanked her for her kindness. Mom and I continued to chat further. I introduced Mom to Brendan Searson. She was delighted to have met him. Searson could tell how nervous she was. Considering her first time in Outhouse let alone LGBT facility. Mom after about an hour or so, headed on off home.

So Brendan and I then continued to chat further. Brendan had told me that there was an Launch of the BelongTo Photo Exhibition starting at 6. So the two of us headed on towards the venue at the National Photographic Archive. Brendan had never been on the Rosie Hackett Bridge where O’ Farrell and I went on last month. So we sat, took a few pics and reflected.. O’ Farrell had rang me when I was with Mom earlier on. He wanted to meet up. When I said I was still with my Mom he says: “Oh”. As much to say he was surprised considering what I had been telling him in the past about her. Searson and I trekked our way towards the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar.

We arrived and lo and behold who was at he Exhibition but O’ Farrell. heheeh. I met several VIP Figures. Colm O’ Gorman – Amnesty International. He recognnsied me from 7 years ago when I canvassed for him when he was running as Progressive Democrats. I was overwhelmed that he actually remembered me. Then I met Dominic Hannigan from the Labour Party. He’s a TD. David O’ Caroll, Director of BelongTo. He thought I had met him in person. I also met Fintan(whom, Searson was talking about him for a few days) from Sinn Féin, as it happens I had met him back in either the Political Debate or the Pride to Remember. Can’t remember which. Such a small world indeed. heehhe. So then we had a few speeches and the Guest of Honor being Colm, spoke a few words. Then afterwards Both Brendans and I headed for a nice cuppa tea. Nice and serene indeed.

So O’ Farrell headed on home. And Searson and I headed back towards Outhouse. Searson was going to go to a movie, however Searson treated me to a cuppa tea(Green Tea). How nice of him. SO we chatted and chatted. We bumped into a few people. Bernard, then Declan, then Mark. SO as you can gather a busy and very productive day. So shortly before we were all kicked out of the Outhouse as it closes at  10 Mark gave us all a great laugh. Me in particular. As a joke Mark had said that Brendan has a secret side to him, in that he does drag known as “BReda, The Bitch”. What a laugh I had. Great hearty laugh. Mark was showing us pictures of his out door activities. I was most impressed by that Mark goes out cycling to Howth every single day at 6 in the morning. The last time I attempted it, I was with the DublinFreeWheelers in which my muscles were gone out the door with the pain like almost 40km to cycle. hmmmm




Derval Ó Rourke has hung up her running boots and has announced her retirement. Former World Champion announced her retirement today. She represented her country for over a decade. She won 5 Championship medals including Gold in the 60 metre at the World Indoor Championships 2006. She took silver int he European 100m in Gothenburg, Barcelona, Spain. The Bronze medal at the European Indoor Championship was her last one. 3x Olympian she has left a great legacy upon her retirement


Ireland South MEP Fianna Fáil’s Brian Crowley has left The Aldi(The Liberals Group) in the European Parliament and joined European Conservative and Reformist Group – The ECR,


A Sudanese woman sentenced to death for abandoning her faith has been released from prison. Mariam Ebreham. The sentence was sparked by International Outrage. She was considered Mulsim even thou she was brought up by Orthodox Christian and marrying a Christian man. She gave birth while in prison

Diary 17th June 2014

Today’s event, was A Pride to Remember.  I got up and showered. Got ready. Had a bite to eat. Then I headed on towards the event. My first stop was An Post. Got my dosh. She had a bit of a tude I found, perhaps she never knew I was gay. haha. She being the proprietor Sandra from the time, she mentally abused me over being too late. So with that in mind, as I have lost my bank card, I manually put the money in the account in AIB in question. Then I was due to pop into Scribbles to top up my O2 Money from the cash my folks gave me, however I left my O2 Money card behind. So then I headed onto my event in Dublin City Archive. When I arrived, I was greeted by a wine reception by our good friends BareFoot wines. Beautiful. I had a Rosé. Twas lovely. I recognsie a guy who used to live across the road from me. He mustn’t be into me in anyway or form, as I had messaged him on FB and on Grindr, and no reply. We were introduced to the event by Chairperson of Dublin Pride, in turn introduced Toni Walshe(Curator of the Irish Queer Archive) treated to a slide show of the History of Pride Movement.


Main points


1974: 41 yrs ago Pride movement begins


Gay News later changed to Gay Times, Oldest longest running newspaper


Publication of 7 essays

Creating  safe spaces, and be themselves. Just like the Outhouse. Its the only safe haven for me. Again WHY THE HELL, DID I NEVER HEAR OF IT WHEN I WAS COMING OUT. It opened in 2005, I came out in 09.


Gay in inverted commas prejudiced.


June 28th protest from justice dept to British embassy on merrion rd


1978 – 1988

David Norris takes his case


Eventually winning to European courts of human Rights


Irish gay rights movement set up in world cup

Belfast n trinity


Gay switch bord

Tell a friend was used instead of Dublin gay switchboard because in those days the word “Gay” was not accepted and hence was forced to rename to Tell A Friend


Homo social club



Hirschfeld center Ireland’s gay n lesbian center, located in the now Temple Bar was a “safe space” for gay people.


Gay rights now

Ar aidgh leis an agóid


Park warden asks group of ppl to move on. No gay rainbow at all.


Murder of Declan Flynn in 83

Clear  of queer defendant



March of Declan murder

1st annual gay pride


foundation of GLEN




Cllr Brendan Lynch



Embrace trans ppl. First year that Transgender people were included in Dublin Pride. Up until then it was just LGB(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual)


Renamed to LGBT minus “ed” so from lesbian gay bisexual transgendered to lesbian gay bisexual transgender.


So after the event, I got talking to a few people. I was introduced to Jamie and his partner Jeff. Jeff just before the event ended, made a good point in that his home country Australia, has the Mardi Gras. Which is actually would you believe it, Gay Pride Downunder. I had heard of it alrite. But never knew it was spoz to be Gay. Then again, I kinda knew it was to do with gays, because of the way they dressed up etc., It has something to do with Businesses and Financial gain out of the whole thing. His point was that Gay Pride is for US, not the companies or whatever. Then we were rudely kicked out of the Library. Just before we got out, I saw Laurence, I hadn’t seen him in ages. He has since quit Outhouse,(he used to be a volunteer there). He claims he goes to the cinema quite alot namely the Cineworld. I hadn’t seen him there. Yet I go there quite alot.


So then Brendan O’ F, Jamie and I headed uptwards the city. Jamie and Jeff(who got married in New Zealand) and Brendan all dispersed. We were with Mark. (I remarked his Nokia XL phone – he obviously didn’t know what I was talking about). Brendan, Jamie and I were together and Jeff(Jamies hubbie) and Mark were ahead of us. So we all met at Trinity College eventually from all the talking and walking up and we all dispersed eventually. Brendan headed on home, I headed towards me sis. Jamie and Jeff headed to Smithfield where they r currently living. Mark, I don’t know what became of him. hahaah


So I eventually got to my sis. I got her a tea in spar, realising that both C + T (7pm) and Centra(9pm) close earlier. As I had arrived at my sis at half 9, 10. I was surprised thou to see that Centra was still opening at 9pm. We chatted for a bit. Looked at tv shows. Twas a great visit. heeheh. My sis had pointed out thou that because of my outburst with the lassies yesterday. She got a bit concerned of the aggressiveness. Although the girls were int he wrong, I overreacted. I apparently had been storing quite alot of anger, and took it out on the girls.




Two Tornadoes devastates the State of Nebraska. Livelihood hugely affected. Governor of Nebraska State of Emergency

Diary 15th June 2014

I got up with great excitement to the highlight of the calendar year. The Big Gay Sing in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. It was truly an amazing event. It was announced towards the end of the night, that it raised over €35k towards Marriage Equality. We will need every cent of it, to win the Referendum next year. I first met O’ Farrell at the NCI and we headed on over to Bord Gáis Energy. This was gonna be a Birthday to never forget for him. I treated him to a Birthday night he’d never forget. So then we were asked to wait outside the auditorium. We had popcorn. The popcorn was not the best quality I’ve ever had. Very salty and NOT fresh sense of taste, I was getting. We bumped into two guys, one of which we recognised from the Outhouse. Although it took a bit of time for me to recognise him. hehehe. So afterwards we all went into the Auditorium. We waited a few minutes for the Concert to start. The view was a bit disturbing, in that the roof of the above seating was in the way of the view of the concert. So shortly before the concert started, we were informed by the staff, that a row was nearer the view of the view of the stage was available. So we could sit anywhere. We were so lucky, in that the view was much better.


So after a while, the curtain was raised and after awhile we were treated by Ms Panti(aka Rory O’ Neill). I’ve always adored him and inspired by him. The concert got off to a lively start via an onscreen whereby the lyrics were onscreen and we could sing to our hearts content. WE belted out the tunes of The Sound of Music Medley, It was spectacular then a few other tunes. Then Dancing Queen came, more tunes were belted out. Then it came time for an interval. So Brendan went out first to get a coke, and then I followed him, I got Roberts Green Tea. Beautiful it was. Then after went back in with him. The two guys we met(One from being in the Outhouse and his mate)  joined us.  Ms Panti then paid tribute to Senator David Norris who started the Gay Rights Movement in Ireland. Then after a bit of music, we were treated to a first time LIVE Marriage Proposal. I got so emotional over it (well in the heart). first time a live Marriage Proposal between John(if I can recall his name) and Brad. May I wish them the very best of luck to them both.


Sound of Music – Medley

Cher – Believe – When this was being sung, I was thinking of Jack from Will & Grace and his love of Cher. It was a fantastic rendition.

Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory

Abba – Dancing Queen – All I can think of is my Pops, as he loves ABba.

WE Are Family – Medley





Casey Casem has died. He died of Louie Body Disease(a form of Dementia). He was a DJ and hosted America’s Top 40. He died at the age of 82. I would have known him, when he guest starred in Saved By The Bell in the earlier episodes. May he RIP.