Diary 21st October 2015

Well what a day I had. The most anticipated day, came. In that I was to collect my new Lumia ie Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE. Oh boi. Now I haven’t opened it, am so eager. hahaha. I intend creating a new Video series known as Unpacking. What happens is I record myself opening up the packaging and setting up the device at hand. It will be uploaded to Youtube in due course. I have now changed over to Windows Phone Mobile Operating Systems. As explained in the blog entry of recently I was getting fed up waiting for a big fat Operating System Upgrade ie Update. I questioned the guy this. ANd he was very happy to accommodate me by stating as this is a Original Microsoft Device. He went even to explain that he enjoys Windows 10 on his Laptop.

So as you can see I can’t wait. So to get started, I then got ready. Did my last selfies of the old Sammy 2. Awwwwwww. Then afterwards, headed on off to Meteor. I was greeted by a lovely very cute guy. mmmm. Then we got down to business. By that I mean He handed me over the phone. WHen he asked for ID, I got slightly nervous, in that I didn’t think he’d accept my Cineworld card. Which was unreal. He just wanted to ensure I was the same name guy. So I told him there’s a photo at the back. heheeh. Then as I said above, that he was telling me that he really enjoys Windows 10.

Now I was due to see The Queen of Ireland for half 7. So as such, I said I’d put in time and go to Lidls to see any Vegan frozen food. I did see cereal products for Vegans. So that’s a plus. hahaha

So then I headed onto Outhouse, whereby I was greeted., with lovely bunch of people. Bernard and his “middle leg” ahahaha,, Patrick saying that “when I saw his phone, that I had said to him, that I had that when I was a kid”. He saw that I was very uncomfortable, and just joked. Whether I actually did say, remains to be seen. He recalled this at the Gloria Christmas Concert a few years ago.

So then I headed on over to the screening of The Queen of Ireland over at Cineworld. There was a guy with his Boyfriend or these days known as Partner. He was very cute. He looked very familiar thou. So I quickly looked up Jamie Bolger(Dara’s friend), who is supposedly have moved over to the UK. That said thou, it don’t stop anyone from travelling. haahah. So I quickly looked him up, however with his settings, I couldn’t really gauge. hehehe. It took the format of the movie in question and then Q&A. I thought the Q&A would be held in the Auditorium. Cause shortly before the movie started, a member of staff told us to wait around for the Q&A, and I understood he meant that maybe Panti herself would appear, I ain’t sure. However it wasn’t to be. The film thou in question, I was impressed. It brought along his HIV status which I was most appreciated and most agreeable. By that with my Hep B status, no guy wants to go near me. So with that I was delighted. Like aht goes through his mind when with a guy or hook up or whatever, I have the exact same thing. Then the referendum, The Marriage Referendum. One aspect of the film, featured Rory aka Panti Bliss being interviewed by a British Chat show host. For the TV Viewers, they feature a beautiful image of the Samuel Beckett Bridge. However we the viewers of the film at hand, saw what the interviewee ie the guy being interviewed in this case Panti, he was in a  Pokie of a place. I was shocked and appalled. It was unreal like. Do they do this with anyone like. Like “The boy who lived under the stairs” ie Harry Potter. Like I’m watching an interview with Gerry Adams on Six One, by Brian Dobson. Behind Gerry Adams, the viewers see a nice enough image of Leinster House BUT is Gerry Adams himself in a pokey of place. With a cup of wathever on a WOODEN might I add table or something.

Diary 16th September 2015

Today was very mixed in terms of feelings of my innerself. It all started when I rang my folks before going to bed to find out if they are seeing Darragh off before he returns to Australia. I rang Mom it went straight to Voicemail. Then I rang Dad, I felt so unwanted. There was someone in the background. I understood it to Mom. However I have since learned it was Dad’s sister Bridie. However I still felt so used and abused on the phone. Now obviously he didn’t say anything but that’s just it. He didn’t say anything.

So then moving on, I went to sleep. Then I got up. After the treatment, perhaps I may be reading too much into Dad, I ain’t sure. Only time will tell. If it continues, then its looking increasingly likely that I have lost the Dad of when I first met him in 1993, when I came over from Romania. So if that were to be the case, I’d have to Rename one of my +Puppys Stanescu or something, or maybe buy another Puppy and name him after my Dad(for reasons of privacy, I shan’t be divulging his name).

So then I headed up to Darragh to say my goodbyes. I was very tearful seeing him off. After we hugged. I have always looked up to him. I enjoyed my time with him. haahahha. Was great seeing him. After All, I hadn’t seen him years, even before he emigrated back in ’11 I think. Well before I came out, I still don’t recall seeing him.

So then afterwards, I went back down to Mom and Dads. When I arrived, Dad was looking at the news, while Mom was getting grub ready. Dad and I went into the kitchen for the grub. We were discussing Irish Water. His attitude was wow, mindblowing. So then, when he left the room to do an errand for a neighbor, I questioned Mom, what up with his tude. She explained his brother down in Meath, has a higher pitched voice just like Dad himself. So then I headed back home. While getting my bike, we bumped into Ailish and Noel. I was ecstatic seeing em. hahahah. I repeated to myself on numerous occasions, “you’d to wonder why a family, has a relatives in the family tree”. hhaaha. Mom asked me if I knew what Gender Fluid means. I said yes of course. hahaah.

On the way home, I remembered I was suppose to be going to a meetup for the Animal RIghts Group Meetup group. I was shocked that I completely forgot about it. I was to meet em in Accents where I used to meet for Gay Church of which it now has been disbanded. It was run by Brendan O’ F and Scott.

So then I headed back home for a few minutes then shortly I headed to tescos to get butter. ONwards to the Outhouse was my next place of socialising. It was a great atmosphere. It was a Transgender Night. Like it is every Wednesday. I was chatting with David, George and Stan. You may remember George, the guy whom I said to him last Halloween when I came into Men’s Night dressed up as Pumpkin Man, “Don’t have a heart attack man, I don’t want it on my conscious.”. hahaah. We were talking about 007 and James Bond, and of course Mrs. Browns Boys.

I then went to Cineworld for to see Hitman: Agent 47(Review here)


Eircom has been rebranded to Eir. Eircom has had a history of PR related disasters. In 1993 Eircom took over Telecom Eireann when it was privatised.

The Bill will be debated in the Dáil. After the delayed Legal Loopholes and the Appeals of two citizens, the bill has been finally approved. So now it has to go through the Dáil. etc., etc.,

The Water Conservation Grant, has been paid to over 160,000 customers who registered with the Utility.

Diary 1st June 2015 – Bank Holiday

A rainy Monday bank holiday. I went to Aldi to see if I got get sports briefs. They didn’t have any, so I went to Lidls. Then Home to watch the referendum 2015 and Vincent Browne Live from The George as Vincent puts it “The iconic gay” bar. I was still in between and undeciseive which event should I have gone to. There was an event ie the Results show in Panti, The George with Vincent BRowne and of course Dublin Castle. To this day, I still can’t choose. ahahah.

Diary 27th May 2015

Well what a day hahah. I was heading to the Outhouse. It was first day after the historic referendum when the country voted in their droves to be precise over 1m voted Yes to Marriage Equaility.

When I arrived, I said “Welcome to New Ireland”. Happy referendum was a quote by O’ Farrell. The men’s group were chatting as per usual. ahahah. One topic came up, what about the divorce, someone in the group asks who gets the child re: divorces etc., I said the man. Paul one of the members, got a fit. hahahah. At one stage, Paul could have thought “the man” which one, hahaah as both are of same sex. Then at another: “Could be who is the man in the relationship etc.,”. Good one alrite.

Con who is part of the group. He was staring the hell out of the transgender people.

Patrick also a member, don’t like me without glasses. I showed him a pic without the glasses of me at my Dad’s 80th(well getting ready). He accepted that  I don’t like being a nerd but more importantly intelligent ie if I’m in a situation that I’m having a debate by lack of intelligence would be shown.

Afterwards I headed to see Mad Max: Fury Road(Review here). On the way home, my bike broke down. . Not sure exactly whats going on. I had to stop to take a few pics of the largest cruise in Dublin Bay, which I had to get on the East Wall Bridge. I was constantly thinking will the bridge go up etc., etc.,

Diary 13th May 2015

Was up the whole night. With my sis. Got a brekkie in Mace with her. Trying to work out a finance plan. O’ Farrell rang me while looking at TV to apologise for asking me for money on a constant basis and to bring me out for drinks. How it started, the previous Friday, I was in the Outhouse, getting a green tea for the cinema, and O’ Farrell asked me if I could get him a Coke Zero. Now normally, I don’t mind €1.50(price of coke), however he knew that I had issues with my finance for the past two week, as I had paid for my laundry(€30) AND haircut(€18), meaning I had jack shit for myself, let alone my willy. I had told upmpteen times in the two weeks, yet he asks me, so I just exploded not they way you’re all thinking – hahaah, but actually in a nice calmly fashion. By that I mean, when O’ Farrell asked me, I said to David who works behind the counter, and said “I suppose i’ll have to pay for everyone”. Poor David didn’t know what to say let alone do. I never looked at O’ Farrell’s reaction.

So after the phonecall, I immediately for a split second got thoughts of self harm, ie blades.

So on a lighter note, I was taking pics with the Yes Equality App with my +Puppys Stanescu  , +Georgian Stanescu and of course my beloved +Inflatables Stanescu . Awwwww


Diary 4th May 2015

Mom collected me. Maureen joined us. We were celebrating her birthday. We went to the Markers. The roof was closed due to bad weather. We had a soft drink. I got my dinner salad. We did a bit of shopping. A bit of Vegan. So I was happy. Was amazed at Yes Equality shop window. I wanted to in there to support and buy cupcakes. Got meself a Yes Cupcake and Red Velvet Cake. mmmmm. While my sis and I were having a dessert, There was a couple beside us. Her view  on the referendum was in our side, but she compared gays to pedos and murderes. Which I was quite taken aback So afterwards, My sis and I met up with our Mom n Maureen. We were taking pics of ourselves. Mom wanted a pic of myself. And she exclaims “Why is my face on the screen”. Well the laugh I got. haahah.

My mom dropped me to my sis’ place, So afterwards, I headed back home. Bumped into James, whom I met from the Outhouse. He was very interested in photography, when I told him of the photo walk, I did recently.

I wanted to get shorts in Lidls and to get side of the bull I got a pic of earlier. However Sammy had a plans of his own. Low memory caused Maps to crashed, which I needed to get to the Docks again. I was getting pissed off. So I left it.

So I just started to head to bed after uploading NSFW pics and videos of myself. I get a call for Georgian. I said in an annoyance tone, wrong number. Every single human being  Irish guy and and gal knows Georgian as in Georgian Dublin. My name technically is Georg-ANN. However some people have issues pronouncing which I don’t mind as is the case with any foreign name. So I just suggest to the person pronounce it as George, or Georgian(As in Georgian Dublin) like I said above.