Diary 16th September 2015

Today was very mixed in terms of feelings of my innerself. It all started when I rang my folks before going to bed to find out if they are seeing Darragh off before he returns to Australia. I rang Mom it went straight to Voicemail. Then I rang Dad, I felt so unwanted. There was someone in the background. I understood it to Mom. However I have since learned it was Dad’s sister Bridie. However I still felt so used and abused on the phone. Now obviously he didn’t say anything but that’s just it. He didn’t say anything.

So then moving on, I went to sleep. Then I got up. After the treatment, perhaps I may be reading too much into Dad, I ain’t sure. Only time will tell. If it continues, then its looking increasingly likely that I have lost the Dad of when I first met him in 1993, when I came over from Romania. So if that were to be the case, I’d have to Rename one of my +Puppys Stanescu or something, or maybe buy another Puppy and name him after my Dad(for reasons of privacy, I shan’t be divulging his name).

So then I headed up to Darragh to say my goodbyes. I was very tearful seeing him off. After we hugged. I have always looked up to him. I enjoyed my time with him. haahahha. Was great seeing him. After All, I hadn’t seen him years, even before he emigrated back in ’11 I think. Well before I came out, I still don’t recall seeing him.

So then afterwards, I went back down to Mom and Dads. When I arrived, Dad was looking at the news, while Mom was getting grub ready. Dad and I went into the kitchen for the grub. We were discussing Irish Water. His attitude was wow, mindblowing. So then, when he left the room to do an errand for a neighbor, I questioned Mom, what up with his tude. She explained his brother down in Meath, has a higher pitched voice just like Dad himself. So then I headed back home. While getting my bike, we bumped into Ailish and Noel. I was ecstatic seeing em. hahahah. I repeated to myself on numerous occasions, “you’d to wonder why a family, has a relatives in the family tree”. hhaaha. Mom asked me if I knew what Gender Fluid means. I said yes of course. hahaah.

On the way home, I remembered I was suppose to be going to a meetup for the Animal RIghts Group Meetup group. I was shocked that I completely forgot about it. I was to meet em in Accents where I used to meet for Gay Church of which it now has been disbanded. It was run by Brendan O’ F and Scott.

So then I headed back home for a few minutes then shortly I headed to tescos to get butter. ONwards to the Outhouse was my next place of socialising. It was a great atmosphere. It was a Transgender Night. Like it is every Wednesday. I was chatting with David, George and Stan. You may remember George, the guy whom I said to him last Halloween when I came into Men’s Night dressed up as Pumpkin Man, “Don’t have a heart attack man, I don’t want it on my conscious.”. hahaah. We were talking about 007 and James Bond, and of course Mrs. Browns Boys.

I then went to Cineworld for to see Hitman: Agent 47(Review here)


Eircom has been rebranded to Eir. Eircom has had a history of PR related disasters. In 1993 Eircom took over Telecom Eireann when it was privatised.

The Bill will be debated in the Dáil. After the delayed Legal Loopholes and the Appeals of two citizens, the bill has been finally approved. So now it has to go through the Dáil. etc., etc.,

The Water Conservation Grant, has been paid to over 160,000 customers who registered with the Utility.

Diary 3rd June 2015

Spot to have gone to Dundrum to meet O’ Farrell for a film. However he had no cash. So I suggested that he keep some aside for when we do. So instead of going to cinema today I’ll go tomoz and Friday. I’ll treat myself to iMAX. Got up in the middle of the night to take a leak. Took me 4hrs to get back to sleep. So I just took pics of Puppys and reogransiisng gallery to make room. I took a pic of Puppys and I rubbing him down saying everything will be alrite. He was crying with the pain of the family with particualr my sis. awwww. The gallery organisation didn’t work. hahaah. Just wondering now that we have Marriage Equailtiy now do we still get to keep The George and Gay bars etc.,

Diary 1st June 2015 – Bank Holiday

A rainy Monday bank holiday. I went to Aldi to see if I got get sports briefs. They didn’t have any, so I went to Lidls. Then Home to watch the referendum 2015 and Vincent Browne Live from The George as Vincent puts it “The iconic gay” bar. I was still in between and undeciseive which event should I have gone to. There was an event ie the Results show in Panti, The George with Vincent BRowne and of course Dublin Castle. To this day, I still can’t choose. ahahah.

Diary 27th May 2015

Well what a day hahah. I was heading to the Outhouse. It was first day after the historic referendum when the country voted in their droves to be precise over 1m voted Yes to Marriage Equaility.

When I arrived, I said “Welcome to New Ireland”. Happy referendum was a quote by O’ Farrell. The men’s group were chatting as per usual. ahahah. One topic came up, what about the divorce, someone in the group asks who gets the child re: divorces etc., I said the man. Paul one of the members, got a fit. hahahah. At one stage, Paul could have thought “the man” which one, hahaah as both are of same sex. Then at another: “Could be who is the man in the relationship etc.,”. Good one alrite.

Con who is part of the group. He was staring the hell out of the transgender people.

Patrick also a member, don’t like me without glasses. I showed him a pic without the glasses of me at my Dad’s 80th(well getting ready). He accepted that  I don’t like being a nerd but more importantly intelligent ie if I’m in a situation that I’m having a debate by lack of intelligence would be shown.

Afterwards I headed to see Mad Max: Fury Road(Review here). On the way home, my bike broke down. . Not sure exactly whats going on. I had to stop to take a few pics of the largest cruise in Dublin Bay, which I had to get on the East Wall Bridge. I was constantly thinking will the bridge go up etc., etc.,

Diary 25th May 2015

Well today was the day that my Dad was celebrating his 80th with his side of the family ie his Brothers etc., the Coffeys down in Meath. etc., So Mom, Dad and I, headed on off to Kinnegad. I asked Dad is there a hotel in Mullingar as I quite remember a hotel where he took me for a meal when Keith and I broke up. But as it happens, I then realsied at the end of the day, that it was the same hotel we went into in Kinnegad. The same hotel for the Dad’s celebration but that didn’t stop me from enjoying meself. hahaha.

So both Mom n Dad n I, headed on in, to make sure everything was alrite. So then all the relatives started to pour in. I bumped into Maura and Gerry. I had sent Maura a message askign if I could add her on Facebook. I saw that she had read and seen the message, but nothing. So I assumed she didn’t want any contact. So she explained what her reasons were, which she thought the “person” who sent her the message was someone else. She only knew me as George Coffey, and NOT Georgian Stanescu which is my birth name. She would have been told many moons ago when I came over. So it was cool that she wanted to add me. So then I was introduced to Marie and her hubbie Paddy. Now these are the parents of Steve and Roy. Those are names I hadn’t heard about in about 15 yrs or so. It was amazing. Like Steve and Roy were with me celebrating my 12th Birthday down in Co. Meath. Mom Dad my sis and I were down in Sean and Mary whom was also at the party, were staying with Sean and Mary. Steve and Roy live up the road(well did  – they have since moved out to Mullingar and the parents too). We also bumped into Mairead – Dad’s sister. She was in bits with her back. His other sister Bridie, couldn’t come due to chemo being down to her – I can only wish her well. So we all sat down to dinner. Then afterwards. I asked Mom why wasn’t Nancy no where to be seen as Mary(Paddy’s) was there. I was explained to that Nancy was too emotional for poor Reggie my uncle who went two years ago. Yet Mary who’s hubby Paddy also my Dad’s brother went too. I spent many happy times with Paddy and Mary. They owned a pub in Birr, Co. Offaly. We being Dad and I watched Brendan Grace one night while staying overnight with them. When I met Mary at the party she was very dismissive. It hardly was my sexuality. So I couldn’t understand. Its not like the Coffey’s are on Facebook let alone a computer. hahaah. The Same Sex Marriage Referendum was brought up by others NOT me, as warned by Dad before we went in. I overheard at table disgusting comments. Like from what I could hear, that they wondered what happens if a gay man has a wife and children does he leave them etc., They’s all just need to be educated and grow the fuck up. So after the meal, we all started to disperse. Before we all went, Maura wanted my number and commented about gay marriage in that she was delighted that Same Sex marriage was passed. I was over delighted to hear of this. Then Críona wanted to add me on Facebook too. Says I to them “all the women”. ahahahah. So Josie – Dad’s cousin, I think, came home with us.

So when we arrived home, Mom n I dropped up to my sis.

Diary 23rd May 2015


As I was passing Barneys pub, on the way to meet O’ Farrell in Ballsbridge Hotel, I remember I met Séamus in there with the group 20Somethings meeting a religious pilgrimage, whereby we met there to discuss a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Mom understandably forbade me to go there with the conflict that was ongoing at the time.

Well what a day it turned out to be. After a historic vote, Ireland voted in favor of Marriage Equality. Citizens came home in their droves from all over the world to cast their vote that they are elegible. It was history in the making. I mean like IReland is the only country who voted by Popular Vote whcih means that Citizens of the country vote for a change to the Constitution ie Bunreacht na hÉireann. Over 1m citizens voted in favor of Marriage Equality. It was passed by a landslide. Vincent Brown himself had a special results show Live in the George. Or as he puts “iconic” gay bar. As such it was my intention to go their. Then onto Dublin Castle. However I had gone to bed too late, So I wasn’t able to get out. So I instead planned on going to Mom and Dad’s to celebrate with the Eurovision. However they themselves were in from Calum’s First Holy Communion in Wexford. I headed on afterwards to the George for the Eurovision. Never expected such crowds. Like it was described as “Four Paddy’s Day”. So I then headed to O’ Farrell where I was to meet Daniel whom I hadn’t seen since the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat(Review here). So all in all, we couldn’t do anything. We were basically me anyways walking around for 3hrs. I was paying for it with my feet, and still am. I had thought about the Boilerhouse, but I’d need the cash for Dad’s Father’s Day gift or clothes in Penny’s. I then headed home and did the Eurovision Night on my TV. hahaah

Diary 21st May 2015

Spoz to have gone to the equality campaign leaflet at the Dart Station and then to Fairview bridge in the evening. However I went bed too late. Met Maureen. She found me very mature. I was very chuffed. ahhah. I introduced her to Veganism. However before I went to Maureen’s, my sis called down. She wasn’t herself. Mom and Dad called me. They wanted me to bring m sis home. Mom insisted I look after my sis. My cousin Siobhan was there. So Mom couldn’t come down to take over. So I decided to chat to Siobhan. However with Facebook Messenger’s new symbols, I misinterpreted that she didn’t want to talk to me when the symbol as actually meant sent. Then afterwards, Siobhan and I got talking again, like old time. So while my sis was sleeping, I was actually TRYING to get my internet working. It wasn’t working because of the steel in my sis’ building. So I just moved the phone around. IT came and went, the internet I mean. hahah