Diary 23rd December 2015

Well today started off with a disappointment. Again I couldn’t get out of bed. Me thinks its because I’m surviving on Green Tea. and of course Chrisps, which is shortly on their way out too.

So that said I got up slightly later than anticipated. I then headed to meet Edmund for some bizarre reason I kept calling him Edward. I even put it on the card. Like wtf, like, or as the American’s puts it “ikr(I know right)”, hahaahah. So that said I then headed on off to meet him. It was slightly later than anticipated. I first went to AIB to withdraw cash. However the machine said “Unavailable”, so I checked to ensure its not the wrong card. I went inside to try and figure out what up. Then afterwards, I was assured its the right card. So I went to the teller to withdraw. Then I went to meet Edmund eventually. hahaaha. When I arrived another guy Ruairí was there. I never met him. So Edmund then said that he had to go for an event of “Anti-Christmas”, of which I took serious. Like I would imagine there are people against it. Like Atheists, for Meat reasons and animals etc., etc.,

So then I headed on back home. On the way, I wanted to get vegan dinner for myself for Christmas Day, however it wasn’t to be. I wanted to get stamps of trying to post two cards I left behind, in Ireland. Then I realised that I had the stamps with me all the time. But not the cards. I then came back home.

I was watching a few TV shows, then I headed on back out to first the Outhouse. I had planned on going to the Down to the Earth to see if I could get more Vegan Dinner food. As time was NOT on my side, I then headed to the Outhouse to deliver MORE cards. ahahha. I left them with Jamie. I chatted for a bit. heheheh. I then headed onto meet Todd for to see Star Wars. heheheh. Twas a pleasure seeing him again after all this time. I was disheartened to learn thou that he has been suffering depression as a result of his mother a few years ago, when he was back in Irl and she was over there, ie the US, that he couldn’t be with her. Something to that effect. So then I told him of my diagnosis. etc., I ain’t sure if its official thou. He brought up a soar spot of which was by no means his intention. How was he know. So I did a bit of self harm in the cinema toilets, the biting of rubber type and I saw something unusual so then I continuing having at it. Then after the film, I headed with him to his place.

I was lookinh aty my emails, sure whats’ new. hahahaah. I then came across a very interesitng article whereby it was desceribing an art Technostaglia whereby it’d releave our wonderous Dial-Up days, theren there was the ENcarta. God be the day, I’d go every week over the Dial-Up update Encarta on a Friday ngiht while looking at the Late Late or whatever with Mom n Dad. My Dad or Mom would wanna get the phone however it’d take it up the Internet. hahaha. Ahhh mememories.


Diary 22nd December 2015

Today I was due to get up for to go to the bank to get Statements sent out to me, and then onto the Credit Union for again the bank Statements. I need these two documents for the Disabsiltiy Allowance.

Then I got up, showered for a bit, I then realised that I would not be able to go up to Mom n Dad’s as initially planned. So while showering, that said, I was there more so biting my arm and the scratching. I got rid of the puss or whatever ya having urself. hahaah

So I went to my Doctors Appt. I waited around as I was late for him. So then eventually he saw me, he asked me questions as per the form. Then he offered that I go get my wounds seen to.

Then I got ready to go and see my sis. We chatted and chatted. heheehhe. As the night wore on, so was my mental health. After last night’s events whereby Dad had said to my Uncle that I was only going up their JUST for food, that went through me. He probably was making it a joke, however I have been in reality feeling the pinch aka the vibe. So this got the better of me, so as well as my sleeves, I just bit on me arm, like I did so this morning. Then throughout the night with my sis, my arm was paining. So I just continued and continued. Then while I was getting something for my sis, going up the steps, my back began to kill me with the pain. So I bit on the arm, comepltelty to “reroute” the pain of the back to my arm. And would u believe it actually did. I remember in the past, if ever something was paining or that I would receive pain like an injection or whatever, that I would bit the arm, so that like I said above it would deter the pain or reroute.

Diary 2nd December 2015

Well what a day so far that has happened all within 3-4 hrs. So mind blowing as I’m about to explain.

It all started when I went to my sis’ aid. As reported she had done up her hip or slipped or whatever. And she needed my aid. So I went to meet her in An Post. And then afterwards, she on the way wanted a break. So I suggested to sit down somewhere to rest. However she and I went into Green Land Café for a cuppa. Then we continued our journey on wards to her place. While there, I got a sudden realisation that we would be visited by Mom. As it happens, that exactly happened today. This is about the third time this has happened. I was gobsmacked. Like the first was when I knew Social Welfare were gonna take something off me, which happened, then YESTERDAY when they took EVERYTHING off me, and now this!!!!!!

So Mom dropped down for to drop shopping down to my sis which she didn’t know I was there. So that said, we went to the car. We had a brief chat. She was on her way to see Colette her sister who as I also reported suffered a MiniStroke. She is currently residing in a Home place kinda thing. Mom wanted to find the facts relating to my NEW benefit known as Injury Benefit which as I understand is NOT permanent. So both Mom and my sis encouraged me to go onto Psychiatric services to get onto Disabsilty Allowance. However while I again STRESS Mom meant well and STILL does, that she mentioned a soar spot. Even my sis said that I went pale as yellow. My sis reassured me that I don’t have to divulge EVERYTHING. So that would mean I leave out +Inflatables Stanescu , +Puppys Stanescu  and my Sleeves. mmmm to ALL btw. What I’m saying here as long as I’m getting Dsiabslity Allowance, that I have to engage with the State ie get a Diagnosis of Depression or whatever.

Well after a harrowign day but more so a REWARDING day by helpign my sis. Twas a great Rewarding experience. heheeheh. AFterwards, I was checking my Sex email account which I avehnt’y for awhile. One email was troubling thou from Google. It stated and I quote “New sign-in from Internet Explorer on Android”. Now firast things first AUTOMATICALLY this don’t make sense. Android and Microsofot(deveopers or makers of Internet Expleorer) do not fit in the same sentence wella t the very least Internet Explorere. FOr Legal reason this cannot be done. YET I got an email as such. So I clicked on the link. It then went onto say WINDOWS PHONE. AGain FURTEHR confused. Now obfiously Internet Expleore is the defualt browser on WIndwos Phone. So Google advisedthat I checkq ue out my Public IP Addres(Whcih obvious I will NTO provide). If you’re the Governemtnet you have your own Tools etc., But anyways, my poitn being I attmepted to find out “What is my IP”. Google provides a wodnerful tool to find my IP ADdress from the Carreir or ISP. Now on the 27th I was with Barry then before then, I was going to ligterealry repor my account being HACKED. LIek to reset password or wahtever.