Diary 2nd November 2015

My normal TV special day whereby I stay up. Checking my coupla hundred notifications on FB, that I had stored on the computer. However as November was the month I was starting the UPDATING of Computer programs, Apps on Cell Phones etc., and December being the Operating System Upgrade to WIndows 10 on Lappy, Android Lollipop on Sammy 2, and Lumy will get Windows Phone 10 eventually towards the end of November.

So I started the Sammy 2’s Apps Updates, of which went quite well. hahhaah. Then while checking one of the notifications, I got a comment from a friend of a friend on FB, saying he feels sorry for the guy who was asking what is a Zip Tie which was me of course. The friend of the friend said he felt for me. Perhaps cause of my stupidity or whatever, or the fact that I ain’t from the US. hahah.

Diary 9th October 2015

Today I got up with a view of doing a few errands. hehehe.

Following is what my intention to do today.

An Post



I then set about doing the above errands. Firstly was to withdraw €30 for tomorrow to buy the Vegan TShirt. I need €20 for the TShirt and the €10 for the food etc.,

So then onwards to Lidl for to get Oil mainly, however the 5L isn’t available anymore. So I got the next best thing the 2L. hehehe. I also discovered that the Bolognese ie Tomato Sauce is actually Vegan. So I was so happy. The tomato Sauce I bought in SmallChange is very bland. Just adding water wouldn’t even help. hahaha. So I said why not.

Then I headed to Meteor, that I ask if I’m able to get an Upgrade. Imagine only after a few months. hahaah. When I arrived, there was a quiet, not too bad. So I joined. While waiting there was a foreign possibly Pakistan or somewhere in the Oriental Continent, THere was a lad being served, I over heard him saying yeah I “can register online”, something like that. Now the sales assistant did not hear him or not understand him, I not sure. There were several thoughts, going through me mind. I was getting frustrated to the point that I would exit out in frustration fearing that he wouldn’t understand me. BUt as it happens, it wasn’t too bad to a certain respects. He kept asking the lad beside him, for assistant. So perhaps it could have been his first day. You’d never know. When I was next, he asked for my Name and number and other ID specs such as my Address n DOB. He was very soft spoken. So when the other sales person saw I was getting impatient, he told me I’d have to wait til next 19th Oct ie 10 days. So I quickly asked if they sell Windows Phones. So they told me where to go. So I then looked at one of the phones and thought, it might be time for me to change over to Windows OS. I’ll have to make up my mind in the meantime cause I am fed up waiting for Android Updates ie Software Updates. Like Google announces a beautiful OS everytime, I look forward but instead I am tearing my hair out waiting and waiting. Like I think we get it about a year or so after the announcement. Apple get their updates almost immediately. Now I can obviously understand with the different Manufacturers, and their crapware aka known as etc., but a YEAR???. I’m not sure exactly thou how long Windows Phone users’ Updates takes to get to their phones. I’m sure it ain’t as long as a year thou. We can only leave in hope. hahha

So anyways after that, I then headed to the folks to mainly to hand over the letter from the Citizenship I received the other day and the shopping bag, I got from the groceries that my folks got me. heeheh.

WHile looking at the news there was an advert for a documentary of Rugbys guys in a wheelchair, whereby they try and put their shoes in the shoes of a Wheelchair user. Donnacha O’ Callaghan, was one such user and while trying to get up a kerb or something, his wheelchair went back ALMOST hitting his head off the concrete. Well the shock I got, my heart says I.


AAA and People Before Profit have done a merger.

Facebook have introduced on a trial basis a REactor button whereby Users’ instead of jst clicking LIke, users’ will now be able to React with Like, Love, Yahhh, etc.,etc., Ireland and Spain are the first countrys to get such a feature. Facebook CEO introduced this feature last month or previsou month.

Diary 14th July 2014

I got up eventually with a view of going up to the folks. heheheeh I was spoz to be up there for 4pm, instead I was up there for nearing 6. hahahah. I was also suppose to going to the Dr’s for to see whats going on with my legs, however I just don’t see the point, if they don’t believe ya. hahah.

So I went to Mom n Dad’s. First welcomed them home. Dad wanted his pics off his camera printed off well some of em, anyways. hehehe. Mom wanted a pic of her phone printed off.

So then I headed back to my place, and my sis was down there downloading. We had a great laughter at comedy. So then afterwards, I headed back to her place. Chatted further. We spent a few mins to an hour reconfiguring my finance for the week and more so for the coming weeks. There has been an increase in my Bank income, and more or elss the same income for myself.



Google is celebrating 10 years since they purchased Android. Following are the ANdroid from Cupcake to M(Yet to be released to Public.. Its at Preview stage). 

  • Android 1.5 – Cupcake
  • Android 1.6 – Donut
  • Android 2.0 – Eclair
  • Android 2.2 – Froyo
  • Android 2.3 – Gingerbread – My very first Android Operating System of which it was on a Samsung phone
  • Android 3.0 – Honeycomb
  • Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. with Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Android 4.1 – JellyBean – Upgrade to this, however it caused problems, I wanted to DOWNGRADE, however it was not possible. Again on the S3
  • Android 4,4 – KitKat – Upgraded to new phone or Phablet Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3.
  • Android 5.0 – Lollipop – Was wanting to upgrade to this OS Version, however after waiting several months, I attempted to upgrade, however there is NOW errors. Will let you know when I get a chance to upgrade
  • Android M – The newest Version of the popular OS by Google.

So as you can see I have been a loyal fan of Google AND Android. Long may it continue.

Diary 30th June 2015

My cell ain’t working battery wise. So the alarm never went off.  And as such, I wasn’t able to get my dole. So I continued sleeping. My sis came down to me.


Roaming Charges are to decrease within in the EU. Since 2007, Roaming Charges have dropped 91%.. From April 2016,

  • Phonecalls are to drop from 19c to 5c
  • SMS or Text messages from 6c to 2c
  • While a MB of Data will drop from 20c to 5c

Presidential hopeful for the Republican Party Donald Trump is in hot water over remarks made tot he MExican Community. Accusing them of bringing crime, rapists etc., etc.,NBC has axed one of his shows Ms USA and the Ms Universe Pageants. He’s refusing to back down.

Diary 26th April 2015

My sis came down for her downloading. Showering  when I came back form a wonderful an eventful day. haahah. Which was quite busy as you can see.

I was on my way to an a cycling event for Marriage Equality cycle. I saw this in my emails(thankfully I was checking em – haahah). We were to meet in Fade St., Rothar the shop where a group gets together. On the way, I encountered Mark who was telling me that he cycles out to Howth every week at half 6. I vaguely remember him telling me this. heehehe. The cycling group were disappointed in the distance, so I just said try cycling out to Howth. ahahah. There was a guy there who was the splitting image of David Gillick(a GYM guy) who is now into healthy eating. He didn’t know who I was talking about. ahahah. Then there was another guy beside him who was the splitting image of a PD guy I used to know. We then ended up at a restaurant in Dawson St., I was about to pay, when I was told not to worry. I was amazed. ahahah. I came across a woman Miren from the Vegetarian meetup. Also a guy I knew several years when I used to be involved heavily in cycling with the Dublin Cycling Campaign. So overall a great event.

So it was time for my next event, being of which I was late however it didn’t matter. ahahah. I was late about a half hour. The event was detailing how to cope with NEGATIVE comments while canvassing for the Referendum. I signed myself up. heehhe.

I then met O’ Farrell in McDonald’s. I was in between whether or not to meet him. I said I would so that I could tell him of the above. However it wasn’t to be. WE hardly spoke. He did mention of his personal troubles thou. So while I was on the way to meet him, I encountered the woman(Rachel) whom I saw was around, from the above cycling group CANVASSING a YES vote. She asked that I take pic of her handing a leaflet to a person. I asked if I could add her as a friend on FB. She was very unnervy. So I asked O’ Farrell. He said not to bother adding her if she felt uncomfortable. I looked at her profile. So I left it at that. Clearly she was very nervous when I asked her. So I left it. But I then later on found out where I knew her. She’s in the GCN contributor of relationship or something.

I then after O’ Farrell went to Three to get a phone number from a SIM card I had already. I showed my ID. The number was for my sex account.

I then headed home, afterwards after a long tiring day. Showered. Then afterwards, I was trying to remember the whole time the route I took. I eventually got it. heheeh