Diary 9th September 2014

Well today was quite interesting. It all started when I was suppose to get up for 3pm, as I wanted to get my dole etc., on me own. I was due to meet my mom for 4 to get the laundry to the cleaners. However, as I only had less than 3hrs sleep, I was unable to get up for 3 and so I got up at 4. Mom bagging at the door etc., Eventually I got up.

So Mom took me to the launders. I had to bring two bags of clothing. hahaah. So Ill be collecting them next week, as with cash I’ll be low on it. hahaha. So then I went ahead to get my dosh. And then into the bank. Then mom invited me up to her place for bit of grub. I said I’d go ahead and pay a visit, as I hadn’t seen Dad to welcome him back. He then invited me on a holier like to DOnegal where his sister in law Maura is and of course her hubbie ie Dad’s brother. So I was kinda intrigued. He was thinking as the weather would be nice to pay a visit. The last time, I went away with my Dad on our own, all I remember is his large cock, the image. hahaha. But then again, I wanted to see it. So then I began to put another idea into my and his head. In that if my landlord wants to renovate my place while I’m away, he may do so. This has been on my mind for the whole day now.

I then headed to me sis where Mom, dropped me down to her. So then Mom was chatting to her when I was getting a few items for my sis. Mom had mentioned to her that she should quit being “Impotent”. Well my golly. My sis was completely insulted. I then told Mom that the likes of her(Mom) would be the cause of Depression and the stigma towards it. I gave an example of the guy in Cork, who killed the twins and then killed himself ie Murder Suicide. Bottomline, Education is the key here. Talk to a person your trust. So my sis was telling us that the hospital has taken Mom off the Next of Kin. And rightly so, cause if Mom’s attititude is to stop misbehainv etc., yeah she clearly can’t handle it at her age anyways.

So then both my sis and I went in. I had expressed Dad’s attitude towards me and my Mom in Romania, in that every time, I mention her that Dad’s anger would show. So then I just thought that I try and connect the dots as to what could he be hiding or whatever. I told her, the night of the Mulligans coming down to the folks, that Dad looked down me top etc ensure, I wasn’t wearing an offensive tshirt. The thsirt that I’m referring to is the Miss Panti one in which it reads: Feck Off out of my life: I’m On Team Panti. Now obviously I ain’t against it or whatever, but my folks are. So the way he looked down me top, I began to arsways connect the dots.  To date, I’ve failed so.

Told sis to ensure I Wasn’t wearing any offensive TSHirt well according to them hahaha.



Ringing Directory Enquires according to The Consumer Association of Ireland has found that it is doubly expensive. E.g €5 per sec. 1min €3.42 11811; 1min €3.40 11890; 1min €5.58 11850; 1sec €2.12 €11811; 1sec €3.40 11890; 1sec €5.58 11850; If you ask to be connected, you will be expected to pay a substantial amount: 10min €15.31 11811; 10min €30.96; 10min €12.31 11890;

Apple has launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They also launched the Apple Watch. Innovation is key, however its also a problem at the moment since Job’s death. The iCloud is also in controversial since the Jennifer Lawrence naked photos were found to have been in breach and the iCloud has been in the blame game. Apple even launched Apple Pay. This allows a user to use their mobile to pay for goods and services.

Diary 29th July 2014

Just as I had published my blog I got. I was looking down at my WordPress Menu on the left hand side of the screeen. It was telling me I had 1 comment. Even though my Notifications on my right handside, saying there was none. ie grey. So I searched got it and it said I had to mark as NOT spam. And then approve. I was really moved when I saw the comment. Here’s what the person wrote:

Hi there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site

with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely

enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting

this to my followers! Fantastic blog and wonderful design and style.


Awww thank you so much Novoline. I can’t say how happy I am to receive such lovely comment. I appreciate it so much.

So then onwards, for today. I got up around 2ish. With a few missed calls from Mom. She wanted me to ring O2 in Artane, to find out what gives relating to Sammy 2(Samsung Galaxy Note 3). I attempted to ring them, couldn’t get through to them at all.

So then I headed on to meet my sis, BUT on the way, I first got my dole. I went to the Post Office. Then went across the road to AIB to lodge my money. Armed with the cash MINUS the Bank details, I couldn’t lodge my cash as I didn’t have my Bank Account details to hand at all. I was gonna try, but didn’t want to start guessing games. So then, I decided to leave it, and head on up towards Scribbles to top up my O2 Money card with Ailish(Birthday money) and my Pap’s(Payment for gardening last Saturday). On my way, to Scribbles, who should I see but a member of the Vegetarian Society of Ireland – Sarah. Twas wonderful to see her. Would you believe it, I haven’t been at a Vegetarian Meetup let alone since February. So I explained that I had been going through some Mental Health difficulties. She was sorry to hear of this. So hopefully I will be able to travel along to a meetup in the near future. Just as I had finished chatting to Sarah or as she put it, “Nice to see you stranger” – hahaaha. Mom beeped at me. She was signifying with her hand gestures for me to meet her, where I thought was on Botanic Ave., So I quickly checked, But as it happens, couldn’t find her. So then I headed on towards Scribbles to top up my O2 Money. I had given the clerk €70(for the actual topup) + €50(for the top up fee of €2.50). She obviously took the €70, BUT gave me back the €50 and change of the €2.50. I figured something was not right. And me being the honest guy, attempted to go back to her. She was under the illusion of that because she added the two together 70 + 50 = 120. She was giving me change of 120. Which I find interesting. Reasons being, is €70 she keeps. – Granted. €50 – she should give me change of that. ie €47.50. Ill ask me Paps about this. She what he says. So I went into Tescos to get milk, for my sis’ place, as I was low on it.

So then, I got a voicemail from Mom. And noted that she was still waiting for me BUT at Holybank and some road off it, Berkely Rd., something like that. I was half way near home, now and on my way to meet my sis for a meal. So I rang her back, and she told me that she was at the Berkley Rd., just off Holybank Rd., I then said to her that I was half way home now. So she headed on home. I then met my sis eventually. We had a lovely meal. Very filling indeed. heeheh. She enjoyed it immensely herself. So then we both headed to Tescos. I wanted to see if they have the Almond milk. Couldn’t see nor sight of it. So then onwards to her gaf. We had a nice chilling time. She wasn’t the best of the news she had to tell me about my dear Mom Marianna in Romania. As expected, it has been told that she is suffering from Domestic Abuse. Romania is so backwards. Mom (here in Ireland) told my sis that my mother don’t want to know me. She even has a restraining order. And get this, she didn’t even want me in the country. I would like your opinion on this guys. A Bit OTT don’t ya think. So I have come to the conclusion that its all to do with the Step Dad. Like, if my mother didn’t want me at all, she’d have aborted me, don’t ya all think. That’s just my attitude towards the whole thing. As I said to my sis, that’s where the “Bondage” between mother and son. Like she went through hell carrying a child and giving birth. She was probably threatened or something. So then we were looking at Two and A Half Men. It was getting a bit annoying with all the censoring. So I asked her what time does her episodes come in. I saw that it came in the early afternoon. I kinda gathered that was the case. Cuase in the afternoon, kids could be at home or something.

So then, I headed on home. And have been relaxing since.


Filming of Star Wars 7 movie, has been continuing on in Skellig Michael. 2 mile Exclusion has been.

Former VIce President Candididate for John McCain and Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has unveiled her TV Channel. For $9.95 per month, you will get all the round News and some personal insights to her life.

Diary 26th July 2014


Well what a day, I had today. My first of hopefully POSITIVELY and HAPPYness. I woke up groggy after just less than 2hrs sleep. Mom was to collect me for gardening with Dad at 11am. I was only going to bed at around 9ish.

So I got up eventually, I had my morningful of diarrhoea. Then Mom brought me to her place. WE had a bit to eat, with a cuppa tea. Then we got down to business. Dad had first started about 2 hrs ago the Pond Cleaning, which was one of many tasks. I just cleaned up the pond of what was left to cleanup. Then he just refilled the pond. Then the two of us got to shaving the top of the Laurels. He did the snipping, while I did the saving of the ladder from toppling. It rained after a bit. So we both headed inside. While waiting for the rain to clear up, Dad asked me if there was a way, he could look at his matches online. He was told by his hardware guy who looks at the matches online. So I looked up. But was found that ya have to be outta the country and obviously Pay Up. So we both headed back out and attempted take 2. We this time, mulched the toppings of the Laurels that Dad had cut off, We continued and as our last task for the day, I weeded the patio. We had dinner afterwards. Somehow Mom came out of nowhere, discussing my recently troublesings of my Birth Mom(Romania). In this instance is the orphanage. Mom mentioned that the name Negru Voda still actually exists as an orphanage name. I initially was totally against the idea of having a horrific name still connected to present. My point I was making was, its as if one of the Mother & Baby Homes were still around, but just different function. But THEY actually closed BOTH the name and the building. So when Mom mentioned that Negru Voda still exists, EVEN THOU it has a different functionality. I am totally against that. But as it happens, I just did a Google Search, Negru Voda is actually a town name in Constnata County which is a County. I was actually born in Constanta Town, (Country Town of Constanta). Mom then mentioned  the trenches underneath the capital city Bucharest, Cheasusacu in his hey day Dictator had a communal Heating system for the city. But as its now extinct, its now used by Homeless in which they perish. They’d be the forgotten. I  had mentioned about the Four In The Morning, I had experienced to Mom. She mentioned that the only possibility why they were following me or whatever was  that they thought my phone was food. So then Mom dropped me home after the dinner.

When I got home, I was extremely anxious throughout the day, in particular when I was working with Dad, would I be late for my plan or more important TIRED. But luck was on my side for once. hahaha.. So then I headed to bed for a few winks. Considering my back wasn’t too bad, I thought he’d be a bitch or as I said my tiredness as in the legs in this case. So I just went to sleep for a further 2 hours. I was to get up for 7ish. However, I was tired as expected, so I snoozed. As the film was for 9, I wasn’t gonna miss the start of my plan.

So I put the plan in motion for my BELATED(no thanks to my depression) 30th Birthday plans. I insitnally was  gonna have it on the WEdnesyda, leaving asside the depression and mental health of my state of mind, I decided to leave it for the Fri. As they’d probbably be more aaround over the weekend. But then it was found that I’d have to be up early for the Saturday(which is today) work. Then again, no difference was made anyways, as I went to bed quite late Friday Night going into Saturday morning. hahaha. So all in all, no difference. But eitehrway, I would have needed the energy anayws. So bottomline is as I wouldn’t bee sseeing my sis til late eveing on the Sunday, taht I just go and do my belated Birthday celelbs for the Saturday night. So the following was my plan of action as I said to my friends. Panti, Front Lounge and then The Boilerhouse.

So my first port of call was to see My precious Jack Reynor in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Review here. I made a note of what happened last night with Brenden O’ F in which there was severe disruption. But my main point was that I told the sales person regarding yesterday’s events. He asked if there were adults with them. And I said yeah. He said well if there were adults, there’s nothing they can do with admittance. I was actually surprised. Considering, Transformers as someone described recently to me a bit more “darker” than previous sequels. Like the language is for one(The word fuck is used once). For me personally I don’t mind the language. I go for the action and the humour and comedy in it. BUT for the kids who are still growing up. If kids today are growing up with such parents. Then there future is bleak. The salesperson did note however, that if they continue being disruptive, to keep pressuring the staff member or just go to the security guy as “they love” throwing ppl out. hahah. I had to laugh at that. I sure will though will be keeping that in mind. I encountered a gay couple(female). The one beside me was playing with her phone, of which was quite annoying. But was kinda used to as Brendan S does the same, so no different. Her partner looked quite like Anne from LGBT Noise. She was clapping continuously and the one beside me stopping her. So its a possibility maybe she has  a disability. I don’t know. Then just before the film started, an older gentlemen, obviously knowing them, was saying something about seating. The girl beside asked me, something, of which I didn’t hear clearly. I asked she repeat. She said it don’t matter. Well it kinda does, as she was in my seat. But thankfully no one ran after me. heeheh.

So onward towards to my next venue which is none other than Panti. I was there yesterday. Twas quite enjoyable. I got my Mjoito. Twas no better than a Vodka’s Dash a coke. Twas nice and pleasant. Nice n relaxing too. A woman first danced in front of me, then introduced her self. Couldn’t here her with the loud music. She was actually wanting to introduce her friend Carlos. He was quite alrite. However, as I had later plans, I aint was gonna go home with him. He was literally bursting my eardrum, the way he was talking. Sure u couldn’t blame it. hahaha. We chatted for a bit. I just stood and sipped my drink. There was a guy beside me, which was quite amusing literally, alone and using his from what I gather my new baby Sammy 2(Samsung Galaxy Note 3). That’s what I could make it out to be. heheeh. Tonight’s theme in Panti was “Cruise, Chat, Music, Dance”. I thought that was nice. Easy going. So like last night, Music stopped at 1am sharp and obviously orders.

So onwards to my next venue: Front Lounge. Boy jasus, it was booming with energy. No question. The noise was deafening. I could hear MORE talking more so than music. That was a let down. Yet Panti was the opposite. ahahah. However, I totally enjoyed the drink. I again had my Vodka and Dash of coke. Vodka in this case was provided by none other than Absolut. They completely support the Gay Rights movements. I was Absolut delighted. heeheh. When I checked into Foursquare into Front Lounge, I noted that my foursquare friend Vincent McCool had also checked in an hour previous to me. I was as the American’s put it: “Amaze Balls”. I was actually who I thought was beside the actual guy Vincent. I stayed around. My shyness got int he way. I finished the drink, then headed to the Men’s Gents. When I came back, I couldn’t see site of any of em. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. More than likely he has a Boyfriend. Eitherway, don’t care. Would have been ideal to meet my VERY FIRST Foursquare Friend. hahaah. After about my 5th drink, I was stoned off me head. heehhe. Got a great buzz. Or what some would say Tipsy. The last time I was at Front Lounge was with Brendan O’ F in New Years Eve 2012. Cause the New Years Eve 2013 I had slept for 48hrs. I had a bit too much. Sure why not, Its not everyday your 30. heheeh.

So then I stumbled tipsy and drunk towards my next and last venue. Of which I was asking people, bouncers, etc., etc., where is Crane Lane. Still couldn’t find it. Going around in circles. Eventually about 15 or so minutes, I found it. As it happens its just off Dame St., its parallel to Parliament St. Stupid drunk Stanescu couldn’t even tell what was written on the signpost being the street names let alone common sense. hahaha. Eitherway I arrived at the cruising highlight of the night.


The Boilerhouse was my next and last venue for the night. The Boilerhouse is a secret place(so to speak) where you can have a sauna, Zacusi and Steam Room. AND an extra ingredient SEX. Its a place where Men go and “cruise” and have sex with men. etc., etc., Men of all ages go to this place. The Boilerhouse is divided into 4 Floors. Of each have different “functions”. One floor has CRUISE, Another Zacusi Sauna Gloryholes etc., et.c, etc., I described the whole experience in the Boilershouse as a means of forgetting your problems, then the reality HITS you in the ass. hahaah. I found whether you cruise on the Internet or in Gay bars etc., the same in the Boilerhouse, that guys YOU’RE into they ain’t interested in you, BUT guys interested in you THAT I’M not into them. Kinda annoying really. I went into town in night time and came out in the DAY time. It was so cool and awesome. I hadn’t been t here since Todd treated me for my birthday a few years ago, in which there I met an Aidan. Can’t recall his surname. But he sucked me dry and was sleeping the next day the whole day. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Oh god yeah, I remember this particular aspect of tonight’s visit. Prob one I’ll never forget. I was going to get my credit card I think to pay for coffee or something. Then this ass of a guy let his cell phone drop on me head. At least he had the decency to apologise for that. So for that, I’m thankful. But the soreness n pain on my head went away after a few minutes to a half hour. The cell phone, from what I saw was Samsung Galaxy S3, possibly the baby I have now, that I’m currently replacing. So I went to the coffee to relax and try and get my head sorted again. It hurt like a bitch. The Server who is a hottie in his pink shorts, stroking his cock. My I wouldn’t mind a job like that, imagine guys, seeing all these hotties in front of ya with the towel on thou(Regulation of the Boilerhouse). One aspect thou, I will have to recommend the next time I go back there, would have to be the infuriating  of trying to open my locker. Everytime, I wanted to get something, I would have a hard time opening the locker. Someone actually thought, I was trying to break in or something. Its’a security feature. But a bitch of a feature. While relaxing in the Sauna, I was conversing with the lads. The lads were all surprised of my NEW age and of how Irish I am with the phrases that I have. hahaah. Overall a wonderful experience. A memory now to store. hahaha. Anonymity very high. Which is understandable. Sometimes you have to experience life on your own, even thou it may be a lonesome one. it didn’t take me too long for me to unshy myself. E.g da Sauna some lads would be naked obviously with the towel on their shoulders or whatever, So I eventually went into the amenities naked. As I couldn’t get anyone in the Gloryhole let alone the cruising, I did the job myself. I fucked meself via 2 fingerings(well attempted – too tight da ass is) and wanked til the cows come home – hahahah. Then I stayed in the zacusssi to wash the “juice” off etc., Visited the amenities several times. haahha. Couldn’t get enough of the building. One of the times, I was in the Sauna, I banged me head shortly after the Cell Phone fell on me. Not the best idea for a drunk guy to be getting his head banged. hahaa. Oh and another thing, I was continuously getting lost. Eventually I got it. Jaz for €22 it’d wanna be. hahaha. I even got myself Andrew Christian Undies. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. Then when I was looking at the porn, there were older gentlemen assing me, of which I turned em down. They took it nicely. Some not so. But I aint gonna go down the route of having sex let alone a BJ with a guy I don’t find attractive. NOT ANYMORE.


Many fans of Garth Brooks  came to Ireland despite the actual concerts being cancelled. Some were upset but others were still content with what was provided to them.

Diary 25th July 2014

Well after a great sleep yesterday, I got up with a slightly happier mood,(I have Patch to thank – heheeh). I got up, with a view of doing the News Bulletins from July 24th and free up space. However it wasn’t to be. I showered. Getting rid of all the hair, that I had let overgrown over several days to a possibly week. So then I headed on with my first errand of getting my haircut. There was an auld lad in front of me. I vaugley recognised him. When it was confirmed he’s an accountant for Jim Markeys across the road, I remember seeing him there alrite. The accountant customer was asked what he does for a Friday ngiht. His idea, is very simpley and elegant. Pub then onto another pub, for music and the he simply hops into a taxi. Twas great to see a bubbly guy(barber). We remembered dear old Kevin, Who was my manager in Spar in Drumcondra where I used to work, when I was a kid for pocket money. heheeh. He even remembers Don – my nemesis. Wow, talk of bringing up my past. It was amazing. My birthday of this year has brought up some happy BUT painful memories. Ain’t that abnormal. So with such a happy face(for once – at least)

So then I headed back thinking I had a bit of time, but as it happens, I didn’t have that much time. It was my plan to see How to Train Your Dragon 2(Review here), as the last time,So then I popped my head into the Outhouse, literally. As the film was starting at 6pm. I saw Brendan S. Great to see him. Then I headed onto the Cinema, for my peaceful time. heheehe.  I was late for the beginning. But as it happens, I wasn’t as late as I thought I was. It was really effective alrite as I said in my review.

I then headed back to the Outhouse where I was greeted by Dave. I had hoped to get a sandwich. However, Dave explained  that there aint no Lettuce and JUST Tomato. So I jsut left it and got my Green Tea of Raspberry. Ohmmmmm So scrumptiouslioucious. as I don’t take their Tea anymore(cause I first keep forgetting to bring my soya and they don’t have it and secondly my wish of weight loss and not only that the discovery that Soya brings upon Man Boobs as mentioned by one of my FB Mates). I had asked Dave, that can it be done, whereby I bring my OWN green tea, and they just give me the hot water. He was a bit apprehensive about it. So he just recommended that I ask Joe. So we just left it at that. Now, as I don’t take their tea for Men’s Night, which they get for free(some arrangement in advance is made), I had to bring my Green Tea in a Paper cup. Which I didn’t mind. So ownards I headed on up. Great to see a lively bunch. heeheheh. Patrick, Brendan S, Brendan O’ F, Eddie, Ken(who left shortly after I arrived), Peadar, Bernard, Ollie and a few others I couldn’t recall their names, BUT obviously recognsied. Patrick brought up a story he heard on Liveline(Joe Duffy on RTE Radio 1). Whereby he heard a woman from Donegal. A guy went into a bar in none other than a Budgie Smuggler, from what I gather is a swimwear or underwear that only covers ONE side of your cock. Something like that. But it ain’t what I thought. Eitherway it was featured on the Liveline. Shame I didn’t see the guy. hahahah. mmmmm. So then Brendan O’ F later on told me that his mother was asking for me. I can’t tell you how happy that made me feel. The feel that ANOTHER mother was asking for me. heheeh. Its kinda weird come to think of it that my mother asked me to send her love to all when I was at the Andre Rieu Satellite Concert last Saturday. Brendan S, then told me that he put O’F and myself and whoever else on a Restricted List. Its a feature on FB. I never got the jist of it. He put it in lamens terms. This means that if he posts anything public, then we’ll get the post. He was under the da illusion that he posts too much. He was told something of this. I told him that that’s wrong. and they’s nothing but a lier. I told him, that my sis posts BUCKETS(which I don’t mind – obbbbbbv), but that he hardly posts at all. I have him on the Notifications.

So then onwards to my next film. I headed this time with O’ Farrell to see Transformers: Age of Extinction(Review here). Before we went in, O’ Farrell asked me which Hepatitis, I had, whether it was B or C. I explained that I contracted it along time ago in Romania. BUT, that it got “activated”, when I “drank myself to death” a few years ago while I was enduring  Homophobia. I used drink as a coping mechanism. NOT that it didn’t work. However that’s another story for another day. So then we headed in. We unfortunately had some unpleasant experience. There was a family of god only knows how many. They were all UNDER 12(considering the film was 12A Certification provided by IFCO). The Mom n Dad were there. The Dad sat beside me and the Mom down with the kids. They were making noises. As if it wasn’t bad enough the screen in question hadn’t turned on the 3D aspect of the film. IT was all blurry. But getting back to the kids, CLEARLY the film was not suitable for 7 or 8 year old kids. How they got through is beyond me.  I will bring it up with the staff next time I go to the cinema. Brendan had to go out to seek a staff member. The staff member had a talk with the parents and the kids themselves. This didn’t stop one of em throwing somethings at Brendan. He got really mad. Saying “Obey your parents”. I “will have you thrown out of the theatre”. So then we headed on WITHOUT confronting the ill fated family. They should have had a babysitter or if they couldn’t afford or they couldn’t find a babysitter, just do without it. Oh I ain’t letting Cineworld away with it. I will notify the staff and/or Management.

So after some unpleasantness, I left O’ Farrell to Luas and then as I got a bit lost myself I just went towards Capel St., of which I couldn’t find Panti Bar. Kinda weird, as I haven’t been there since last year for Géilí – last year’s Pride Events(2013). I happened to bump into Joe from the Outhouse. Was great to see him. I vaguely recongised Noel Gannon. Which is kinda weird, didn’t think he was that small. But eiterhway,  he didn’t recognise me at all. Joe says to me, Not norm to see me in these parts hahaha. I felt like spilling my guys about my dear Mother(Romania), but ietherway, was great to see him. He made a suggestive move to suggest I was looking for a bit of actions, not Panti I’ll be looking for action. hahahaah. I had one Vodka & DASH of Coke. Twas lovely. Slightly stronger than what you’d get in the George. Another gay bar.

So then I headed on towards home. I was looking for Barber that Frank my barber had mentioned. On the way, I happened to come across an Internet Cafe or at least what used to be. I recall the days, on a Sunday, whereby I’d sneak out via lies to my folks to go to the Internet Cafe on a Sunday when me Pops would be looking at the match. It was a ritual with me. I used to go their to print stuff off from Ros na Run and of course to surf as well. Now in those days we had the 56K modem(ahhhh memories), there was no such things as Facebook, NOT even Bebo had existed when I was growing up.


It has been announced that all 116 passengers Algeria Airlines all have perished.

US President Barack OBama, has hit back at Ireland’s Tax Inversion. Ireland’s Corporate Tax is 12.5%. From my understanding, Obama is stating that US Companies who come over here, are actually paying at Irish Rate NOT the home company’s country. It first started when it was found that Apple(Being an American company) was actually paying IRISH Tax Rate NOT their own country’s rate.

Diary 23rd July 2014

After watching the news bulletins of the two nights, I continued watching the Current Affairs aspects of the TV showing. While watching TV, Maureen rang me. She started to sing Happy Birthday. Of which I detest to the core. Like I hate family singing to me. So in a fit, I just hung up completely.

Then I saw Mom coming down the steps. She wanted me to go up to em yesterday, even though I said no. I prob wouldn’t be up. But as it happens, I was still up. So Mom brought me up to their place. So while up there, I got a bit to eat. Dad was wanting to find out who was the guy who has a birth mark. He was thinking of Gorbachev a former Russian President under the ruling of breaking up of USSR. How we got onto this topic was I asked if Putin is gonna face the sanctions and get us affected or what. He doesn’t think so. So then I asked what was his deal. Putin wants of USSR back together. I then asked if Romania was a member of USSR. And he said yeah. In my mind, all I was thinking of was if Romanian were to be forced like Ukraine is currently, that I’d be thinking of my Mom(Romania), hoping nothing bad happened to her or anything. But as it happens, according to my Da, it won’t get that far, as some of Putin’s are actually pulling out or at least giving clues of unhappiness with his leadership. Mom was gonna and obviously with Dad, was gonna bring me out. However, I wasn’t in the mood. So Mom wanted to bring food down to my sis, so we we both headed there. I wanted to give her my food that I couldn’t finish. So I stayed with her for a bit.

So then I walked home. On a bright sunny summer’s day. I was wanting to go topless, however with the beer belly and such a hairy ie a BIG TURN OFF, I didn’t have the confidence. Perhaps tomoz when I hope to go out to Howth by bike. You’d never know. Little by little.


Costa Concordio is on its final voyage from the Island of Gilio to Genoa. Its gonna take 5 Days. The 320KM Journey is its length. 12 Boats are towing it at walking pace, where its to be scraped in Genoa

Louis Lentin(Former Head of Drama, RTE)has died. Among the programs he Produced was Dear Daughter(The story of Christine Buckley’s childhood in Industrial Care & exposed abuse suffered by children at the hands of Institutional Care). He was 80

Flights from Ukraine have arrived and touched down, 3pm(Irish Time) in Amsterdam. 2 Military Aircraft touchdown at Eindhoven, Netherlands Airbase(Airodrone). Royal Australia Airforce. The bodies were returned to where they began their journey. The aircraft were provided by both The Netherlands and Australia; the countries with the most lost in the disaster. 40 Herses were provided and headed on off to a military hospital in Hiliversum They traveled in convoy. Its there is where the Identification process will take place, which is expected to take time. At least 160 Bodies are still in Kercheeve in Ukraine. Although some are still at the crash sight.

Diary 22nd July 2014

Well after horrific, dreams and thoughts, I woke up to a missed call from my sis. As it happens it was Mom who wanted me up in their place. I had understood from a previous voicemail, that it was in the evening when they would want me to go up to em. But Mom explained that The Yacht only do meals during the early afternoon.

So I went up to Mom and Dads. Mom collected me and I was greeted with such a great greeting by my sis. Twas lovely. heheeh We sat down to a lovely dinner. Of which mines was Veggie Lasagne. Then we had a nice laugh altogether. I was given my pressies. hehehe. Not one bit of difference was felt. Mom gave me a very moving card. I couldn’t bring my self to finish it in front of her.

And I quote:

“Make time to take care of yourself, You are precious & important. Brighter days are going to shine in your window. No one deserves more success, friendship or love – than a special, person like you”. Even writing it as we speak, My heart flutters.

Then Mom n I went up to O2 Artane, with a view of getting my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I also went with a view of going back to credit. As I couldn’t afford continuing bill pay. So there were a few glitches at first. To this time its still a problematic. So I was offered a few Plans. I was first asked what do I use most, and I said Data. So he offered me Freedom Internet. Which offer’s me, 7.5GB of Data per month and the rest are charged. So as I wasn’t able to think straight, all I was thinking and still partially, what happens if I wanted to get emergency, ie ring Voicemail or whatever. So then I eventually went with Freedom O2 to O2. Which gives me Free O2 to O2 Calls and Texts and 1GB Internet(Data). So lets try and review the options given.

Freedom Internet                  Freedom O2 to O2

Internet:                    7.5 GB                                      1GB

Texts:                               350                                      250

65Mins for an extra     €10                                     O2 to O2: Free


Bottlomline guys, its still confusing as anything. So then, I asked about the phone in question, as expected its not available as of yet. Mom asked why ain’t it popular in Ireland as it should be. The sales guy said its a fantastic phone, just Ireland ain’t popular with it. hehehe. So I went ahead and set about to order it. So hopefully within the next few days, itll be ordered for me.

So after a somewhat O2 Experience, (NOT the best in my opinion), I will trial them after a month. If all else fails. Its a possibility I may have to move to 3 Network, Considering, I have been with O2, for 20 odd years. I have found that the Prepay service has decreased well at least what they offer anways. For €20 on 3 Network I get FREE Call and Texts and DATA Unlimited. U never know. hahaha. Eitherway, Mom brought me to the Credit Union to lodge my money from Mom’s €300 to Credit Union. Then to Scribbles to put Maureen’s €100 to the O2 Money. hahaha. Then of course to my normally  Finance of Dole and then to AIB. When I got into AIB, I noticed a new machine actually two new machines. I’ve never seen.So then that put a dampner on my spirits. As my phone’s Internet was disabled to change over from Bill to PrePay. As I was wanting to transfer funds as per normal. So I tried with the Clerk. as its an Online Savings account, I’m trying to transfer to. So then I left it at that. And Then I headed back home.

I then headed towards me sis, we chated. Had a few laughs. Then it was time for seriousness. WE were chatting for a few hours. Well after hours as one would say. Then a startling revelation was revealed. In that Eileen(My Mom’s (obv the one ere)Sister) was appalled that we moved out. Me sis n I. It would appear, that back in the early days or as we’d say Olden Days, that siblings or parents sons/daughters etc., that they DON’T move out at all, until the demise. I was shocked and still am. hahaha.

So then I continued heading on home. heheheeh. Looked at TV for the night. Through to the morning as per normal.

As I was setting up a Facebook account in Honor of my Mom(Romania), I then checked my Hotmail account for the Facebook email as required. And low and behold, I got an email from Microsoft stating, that I must renew my Office 365 Subscription of €99.  However, with my limited budget, and the lack of using ALL of the features as provided by subscription, I am re thinking my options as to whether to continue my subscription. So I looked up Google Office(Google Docs) and Office Online(Microsoft).


Remains of Yubuing Yung was found out in a field. He is wanted for questioning for the South Korean Ferry Disaster that occurred back in April of this year. The ship owner had been missing since the vessel sank. The 73 year old Billionaire Yubuing Yung was found in Sun Chung

Clare Daly TD and Mick Wallace TD were arrested today for trespassing the Shannon Airport.  They were making their way to an American Military Aircraft that was parked at the time. They wanted to inspect em to see what they were carrying in relation to Military Hercules C130 Cargo Plane and a modified Boeing 737 aircraft. There claims of the govt having NO proof of having weapons DO NOT carry out inspections by the Authorities is what was being inspected by the TDs. They also claim that the US Aircraft is in breach of our NEUTRALITY.

There were protests in Malayisia at the Russian and Ukrainian Embassies. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD signed the Book of Condolences in Dutch Embassy, Dublin quoting the following:

“Comhbrón mhuintir na hÉireann do mhuintir na hÍsiltíre as ucht an tragóid ufásach seo

Enda Kenny

An Taoiseach”


“The Irish People wish to send their deepest sympathies to the Citizens of Netherlands for this terrible tragedy.

Enda Kenny

Prime Minister”


If Russia were to be given sanctions by the EU and by the International Community.

UK: 100+ Russian Firms on the London Stock Exchange

The Russians are amongst the largest buyers of the Luxury Properties there. On average they’d spend 4.5m on a London House

France: €1.2 Billion Mistral Warships, if the sanctions were to go ahead, this could scupper a major deal worth €1.2 Billion to France.

Germany: 36% Gas; 39% Oil. This would hurt Germany if the sanctions were to be put on Russia

Italy and Netherlands both rely on Russian Energy. The Netherlands is single largest recipient of Russian Exports

And of course our dear Emerald Isle. We stand to loose €640million, almost a Billion. We mostly trade Food.

And as a EU as a whole, would be worth €270Billion worth of damage to the EU. Making US trade with Russia standing at just €28 Billion which is a possibly why the US can afford to impose such sanctions. The EU would stand to loose quite alot.

An Inquiry by the British Government into the death of Alexander Litvinenko a former Russian Spy in 2006 has been announced. He was poisoned by a Radioactive Polonium. Causing him a slow BUT painful death. The move was called by British Home Secretary Theresa May. The British Govt, resisted the call and insisted the Inquest was enough. However the Inquiry will be able to deter if the Russians were involved in his death