Diary 28th February 2016

After some weird dreams, I got up and started my spell or marathon of looking at Election 2016 the Coverage of it.

My sis popped down to do her downloading. After a while, we headed to Centra so that she could get stuff, and we headed back home to my place. Then afterwards we both headed off again, again this time to her place. On the way I saw Liam Mulready. It was unreal. hahaah. LIke the last time I saw him was in Junior Certificate in Rosmini. hahaha. He walked the exact same way as I last saw him except this time with earphones, so perhaps he mightened have seen me let alone heard me. I don’t know. A memory came back thou to me. ONe time I was advised by Mom n Dad to get over my shyness to get in with Liam. As I was a shy kid growing up. They had somehow met LIam or perhaps met his folks of which they know now. However there plan was thwarted as I was following him around, and hence he reported me to my folks. AFter that I don’t remember. eheheh. Then another time as I write this particular paragraph another memory pops in. In order for me to get up in time for Mass or something, or Easter Sunday, I remember my Mom “answering” a doorbell, of which it was “Liam”, and Mom had said to me that LIam gave me an Easter egg, or something and I replied with “Ahh isn’t that nice of him”. hahaahah.

So then we headed onto Tescos, to get milk, and then headed to her place. We looked at Cameron Dallas’ Expelled movie. It wasn’t too bad a movie. However Cameron himself awwww, so precious.

The way MOm n Dad LIE to me, don’t help me. AS I said to my sis, I get anxious because of I can’t handle the truth. Which is truth. HOWEVER I will have to be told anyways.

Diary 18th February 2016

Today didn’t go to plan. Awwwww, HOWEVER thou, hahaah I got up eventually.

I was suppose to go to first get my dosh then put it into the bank. I then was supposed to go and investigate why I haven’t received any letters or packages. hehheeh. So I decided that I go and do that BEFORE I meet my Aunt(Nun) which is tomoz.

So then I got ready to go and get ready for to see Goosebumps with Andrea. hahaha. Twas great to see him. I again had ideas of me being in yellow shorts and white tank tops as reported yesterday. hehehe.

Diary 17th February 2016

Today was a quiet day. heeheheh.

After some dreams, of which I cannot recall, I then headed onto Cineworld. heheeh to go and see Star Wars for the LAST time, oh!!!! noooooooooo. hahahaah. Throughout the film, I was of course mouthing the quotes, hahhaah, and then of course myself dressed in the WHite tank top that has a pic of Minions on it. heheheh and of course my Yellow shorts. Now this has been going on for several years, whereby I think I’m in the future in terms of SEXINESS. hhehehe.

Diary 13th February 2016

Well my latest dream is of me being asked to choose who I will be voting for in the General Election 2016. I’m given a list of Political Party. I still don’t know who to vote for. hahahah. Its being held by the Irish Times AND the Red C Poll, who are the Polling company that does Political Polls.

I then got up for to see Star Wars. hahaahh. I unfortunately lost my hat. Awwww. During the film, Maura rang me. So I rang her back afterwards. I was delighted to hear that she had won money on the scratch cards I got her. heheheh.


Diary 12th February 2016

I am there walking to a village in Co, Tipperary. I spend the whole dream with my sis trying to figure out the exact name. hahaha. We are with two old fogies or bachelors who try to help me remember. hahaha. I pop into a Centra look around. This is now on my own. Then I walk back from this village back to Dublin to my sis. heheheh. I remember thou, that I continue walking on my own down passed the village. I encounter a main road.

So then I got ready quick as lightening. heheheeh as I couldn’t’ afford to miss this payment. As I was in debt of over €200. So that said I got hot on me tails. heheehe. I was quite surprised thou when Niall who is the other proprietor, actually said “Good Evening”, hmmmmm. So then afterwards, I headed onto the bank to lodge money in.

Then I came back to watch a movie and then quickly I headed back out as I wanted to look for Tracksuits ie Matching stuff in Pennys. hahahaah.

Then I headed onto the Outhouse where I encountered Gerry. I was telling Gerry of the above dream. He thinks it may have something to do with my recent trip to Leixlip. David and I talking about Batman V Superman. I had taken issue with two Superheroes FIGHTING each other while David had taken issue with an Alien(Superman) and Batman(human) would be fighting. Superman would win in a split second. Then I went upstairs to see the guys above in Men’s Night. Ronan and the gang were talking about Star Wars and Rey etc.,

Then I headed onto the Cineworld to see Dad’s Army. When I went into the screen, there was nothing on screen when at least ads or trailers/previews should have been shown. Then when the film came on it had subtitles some had no issues, I personally meh!!!, don’t mind the subtitles, but reading every single line…. but there was a few against it. I felt a war would break out. hahaaha. Was given a free ticket. haahaah even FREE iMAX, mmmm

Diary 6th February 2016

Well I endured quite harrowing severe thoughts last night. Not the best of the lot as they say. This all was sparked when I went to see Spotlight yesterday. Then more of a thought occurred when I got it through my thick skull that I may have been abused as a child over here in Ireland. How this came about was that a memory came back to me when I remember I went to the CHildren’s Hospital complaining of my willy being very soar. There was white stuff coming out of it, ie cum. Now normally cum only comes out IF and only IF it is jerked off. Now I don’t recall myself ever doing it at a very young age. Cause the cum that it’s not cleaned out would result it in being very soar. I will have to get this double checked thou.

So then I eventually got up. And headed to the cinema for to see Star WArs. Then I headed on up to Mom n Dad’s to see how Mom is and of course to give back bags and lunch boxes. heeheh

Diary 4th February 2016

Well I got up in the afternoon, to look at the most anticipated aspect and that is the General Election 2016 Campaign. eheheeh

So afterwards, I then got ready to head out. My first port of call was to get my Rent Allowance and the Basic Supplemental Welfare Allowance. I then put the money into the Bank. However it wasn’t adding it. So I just put a basic amount in, as I do like a bit of pocket money. So then I looked closely at the receipt, and it noted that I was being deducted cash for to pay back the moneys I owe them. I was told in January to go back to them, with a LETTER, and then that they would come to an agreement with me. However that wasn’t to be.

So then I popped into Gerry. I had a fit of laughing when I asked Gerry how his mother is and his reply being “Vampires don’t get colds or flues”. Well what a laugh. hahaahah. He made a good point thou relating to General Elections Campaign. He was saying that the shorter the campaign the less “boring” it becomes. or less “daunting”.

Then I headed on to my sis to see how she is. I told her of the above SW issue.

Then it was time to head on off to the city to do a bit of shopping. I headed to PC World in Jervis to get my gadget for the GoPro which is a stand kinda thing. However it wasn’t to be. So I got replacement gadgets for the GoPro and a Norton Security. heheheh.

So then I headed to Tescos in Jervis to look for Vegan Pancakes. Couldn’t find em. So I got Butter instead. So my next place was to head to LIdls. On the way I encountered  Dealz and thought to ask if there was Vegan Pancakes. However that wasn’t to be. So I headed into Lidls. Got a few grub.  I then headed into Tescos on Parnell to see if they had any Vegan Pancakes. There they didn’t. But got stuff for myself. hehhe. Then onto Aldis, where my foot saved my fall. hahaha. There they didn’t know Vegan Pancakes. I then was to go to EuroGiant, where I was reliably informed that they closed at 9, however they were closed around half 8. So I don’t know what happened. hahaha. So I popped into Pennys to get more clothes. However I couldn’t find any Small trousers anywhere, not even shorts. hmmm I was surprised. I’ll try again tomorrow. hehehe.

I then headed onto the Outhouse, where I got myself a Raspberry tea, and a chat. Then it was time for to see Ride Along 2. heheeh