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ANyone hear of Zorin OS? Looks very nice. heheeh

Diary 20th September 2015

Not bad a day huh. More so not that busy. hahaahah. I got up with a view of seeing my sis as per our usual schedule. heheheh. I then transferred a few Golden Girls episodes for my sis to watch together.

I then headed to see her. We had a few cups of tea of which mine consists of Tea, Black Tea, Coffee and then Green Tea and whilest having the teas the chats and plenny of Golden Girls. hahaah. Was most enjoyable.

I brought along my old cell phone aka Sammy. I had charged it overnight. I have decided that I use it for GPS reasons, ie when I want to use it for Fitness Apps etc., or for finding my way around the city. As my current Sammy 2, doesn’t seam to last battery wise. So I was looking at it, bringing plenny of memories of it. hahaah. I will be Rooting it for the first time. Before that thou, I wanna record the apps that I have on it thou. heheeh

I then was uploading my babes: Inflatables to the following Social Media Accounts. hahaha.

As part of my email ritual, one of them was an article on MakeTechEasier. There was a poll which asked: Should Microsoft kill Windows XP and Be Put out of its Misery. Surprisingly 70% wanted it kept. hahhha. It goes to show you, OLDies like myself love old OSs. I remember the days of Windows 95, more so my fave was Windows 98. Then along came Windows XP. I didn’t really like WIndows Vista. Windows 7 was lovely. Then Windows 8, which appeared on my Dell Lappy, until Dell ripped me off last year, when they refused to help me out on Support. Following are the results of the poll

Last week Facebook announced that its to enable an “emptathy” style button as qouoted from Zuckerburg. As Zuckerburg describes if anyone psots an upsetting post, such as a death etc., etc., or a Natural Disaster, Facebook is to introduce a button wherey Users will be able to agree with the post in question. So e.g if someone dies, you wouldn’t acutally “Like” the post. So Facebook will be sorting this out. Following is a poll carried out on the Facebook button.

Q. What do you think of Facebook’s planned “Dislike” button?

  • A “Dislike” button is something I’ve been wanting for awhile. (40%, 40 Votes)(I voted for this option)
  • I don’t use Facebook, so it doesn’t affect me.(33%)
  • This change will only bring confusion to something that works well. (13%)
  • It will turn out like Reddit no matter what they say. (10%)
  • It won’t change the way Facebook works. (3%)

    Total Voters: 99

Diary 6th July 2015

Well after a fabulous afternoon out in Terenure yesterday for the Vintage Roadshow, I decided to take a break. ahhaah. I only did the trousers as part of my weekly tidy up of the flat. Then I started the long haul of my Android Apps Updating. Things were quite unusually slow today in terms of the Backup on the Lappy and Sammy being slow, which is quite normal, now that I think about it. ahhaah. So now I started the Android Updating procedure around 4am, its now almost 12hrs and still updating apps. So yeah quite slow. hahah. I guess its to do with many factors including the amount of apps installed etc., etc., So now it’ll be time for me to do the final upgrade. hahaha. The most update I’ve been looking forward for several months, in particular since Christmas. Lollipop has arrived on my Android device of Sammy 2. When I changed Carriers ie Networks Operators from Three to Meteor, I thought that delayed things. After several hours of downloading updates of Android Apps, I started the Android Lollipop Update. It failed, so I put it down to the space, so I made space on it the memory and then it still failed, so I let the battery get higher charge. So still failing I continued to search Google and saw that some are saying, to Wipe the Cache Partition via Recovery AND/OR to try the Upgrade again.


Yesterday Greece voted No yesterday in a historic Referendum. The Greeks were fed up with the Austerity. Also whats so WEIRD is that the guy who PUSHED a No (Oxi) vote, Minister of Finance Yanus Varoufakis, resigned. Euclid Tsakalotos was later announced as Varoufakis’ replacement.

Clery’s Gordon Brothers are being investigated by the Liquidators over their conduct.

Former Labour Leader and Minister Pat Rabbitte has announced, he will NOT run in the next General Election. He was 26 years in NATIONAL Politics. First elected in ’89 for the Worker’s Party, went onto form Democratic Left which later was merged with the Labour Party. He was elected the Leader of the Labour Party in 2002. He was a Junior in the Rainbow(Fine Gael/Labour), Coalitiion. He was most recently Minister of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources until he was sacked by his NEW Leader of the Labour Party: Joan Burton. He was active in Local Politics and an active Trade Unionists hence the Labour Party ie the Workers Party. Its fair to mention is was active in Student Politics. Former President of the USI.

Diary 17th June 2015

Well as with my soar aching leg, I couldn’t bear the thought of going to bed. And plus I’d have to be early for the meal. So then I quickly showered. Then got ready for the meal. They collected me and my sis. WE set off for Avoca, Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin(Review here). We had a great laugh. Like Mom had said “She was watching a program on TV”. Well the fit I got. ahahha. So after a great laugh, we all headed to the Garden Center. I hadn’t been at Malahide Castle since I was a kid. I remember the swings, but couldn’t remember the restaurant. Dad told me however the Railway Museum used to be where the cafe is now. Oh I know the Garden Center too well. haahha. Then we headed back to the folks place for dessert.

So we all dispersed. I of course left my cable for the cell behind, so cycled up to the folks to get it. When I got back, I did a bit of recording and while doing so, I sorted my shorts out so that I could find out what would be acceptable for Gear on Saturday night.

Just about before I headed to bed, remembering I hadn’t slept yet, I actually found that not only is my McAfee working again, fingers crossed, but actually my cell I think has now gotten the Lollipop update. Oh boy, am so delighted. After so many forums etc. etc., of giving out with the length of time it was taking to deliver the Update of the Android Operating System. I shall be installing it, as part my Monthly Update schedule I normally do. I also got my McAfee installing. I don’t know what happened, however since i updated the McAfee as per normal, the Real-Time Scanner failed to turn on, even though I asked for it to turn it, it failed to scan which got me worried.


Relatives and friends have started to travel to the Berkeley, CA, USA.

The names of the victims of the tragedy has been announced.

Lorcán Miller 21, from Shankhill, studying MEdicne UCD. Former student of St. Andrews Booterstwon

Olivia BUrke cousins 21 studying DADT, staff East Coast FM

Eimear Walsh 21 studying Medicaine UCD

Niccolai Schuster 21 Terneure studying UCD forner ckassnaet if Eion Culligan.

Eoin Culligan strydugbat at DIT, loved GAA. Played at Ballyboden St Enda GAA Club

AShley DOnohoe I/Ads Cousin of  Olivia Burke. Irish American who lived there.

The New York Tiems paper int eh States, has come under fire in awake to this tragedy. Reason being one fo the editors has branded Ireland as being a “source of embarassment for IReland”. Full quote is as follows:

But the work-visa program that allowed for the exchanges has in recent years become not just a source of aspiration, but also a source of embarrassment for Ireland, marked by a series of high-profile episodes involving drunken partying and the wrecking of apartments in places like San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

With the above text, Eileen Murphy, the Vice President of Corporate Communications at the New York Times: issued the following statement:

We understand and agree that some of the language in the piece could be interpreted as insensitive, particularly in such close proximity to this tragedy. It was never our intention to blame the victims and we apologize if the piece left that impression

The Public Affairs Editor of the New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, posted on her blog the following: “My take on this: The thrust of the story was insensitive, and the reaction to it understandable. An examination of the building’s structure, rather than the behavior of young people in the J-1 program, would have been a more appropriate focus for a second-day story.

30% in the number of callers to the Dublin Rape Crisis Center’s Helpline. The Dublin Rape Crisis Center launched their annual report.

The findings is as follows

  • Just over 12,000 reached out for help in 2014 either by phone, email or SMS(text messaging)
  • 55% of those were first time contacters, rising up 30% from 2013
  • A rise of 14% in the number of callers reporting Adult Rape
  • An increase of 71% in the number of crisis appointments with therapists for recent rapes and sexual assault