Creamy avocado pesto Pasta salad and I was skeptical about avocado pesto lol…

via Creamy avocado pesto Pasta salad and I was skeptical about avocado pesto lol….

Milanos, Grand Canal Dock

My friend and I went here after a performance. The staff were a pleasure to be served by. The names on the menu were very much Italian after all its an Italian chain. heheeh. I first started off with a dish with tomatoes in a circular shape with Pesto on it and a Buffalo or Bula in Italian Cheese. Oh it was heaven. Then it was time for the main course. This by far was delicious especially the Garlic Bread. I was offered this with a Al Forne. Again I can’t quite recall the names of the dishes. Then afterwards, for dessert I had a Tiramasu and a scrumtpious Super Fruit Green Tea. Awww it was heaven.

Water in a beautiful designed Glass

Garlic Bread


Super Fruit

My mates Olives starters

My mates Fresh Mint Tea


K C Peaches, Nassau St

Well one word comes to mind, when it comes to review this visit. VALUE. Such great value for money, I got. I had gotten 1 Large meal(Hot), 1 Medium meal, Matcha Tea, Chocolate & Cinnamon Cake & Apple Mint (Japanese loose Tea). All for €25. Now if that’s not good value, then I don’t know what is. When you go in, its a self serving restaurant in that its like a buffet style. You pick what you;d like. You are charged by the size of the plate. The staff most helpful. I have been to KC Peaches on Dame St., with a Vegan group. I went to KC Peaches Nassau St., the last time and decided to go back to it today. I have enjoyed every moment of it.

My first meal was Medium Salad, and Large Hot meal. The Hot meal was exquisite. With its Spectacular potatoes, herb spices, then there was the rice and Lasagne. The rice was alrite. No taste, perhaps there isn’t meant to be. You never know. The Lasagnae was quite nice and chewy, which I love. I hate anythign you have to masticate. Then the salad I had was pasta, the chickpeas, red onions etc., As the How to Train your Dragon 2(Review here) character says: “This is Amazing”. Then it came to the Matcha Tea. my first time tasting it. Oh it was so delicious. I think I was getting an orgasm or something. Not being rude, but oh it was so heavenly delicious. My friend whom I was at the March for Marriage on Sunday recommended Tumrik and Matcha Tea. I was amazed by the sweetness and the taste. mmmmm.

Then it came to my next and final(awwwwwwww), meal, the Chocolate & Cinnamon Cake(Vegan btw) and the Apple Mint Tea(Green Tea). This tea, I was explained to, is a Japeanse Loose tea. As you will see, the presentation in my pics, lives to tell the truth. The Cake was exquisite. However I found the side(the flat side) kinda hard to cut through. Eitherway, it was exquisite and lovely. Literally melted in my mouth. Then while I was sipping my cuppa tea, in this case the Apple Mint. IT was absolutely fantastico. I said to my aunt, who joined me on this occasion, that it tasted and smells like what I had back in my home country Romania.

And to think, all this for a neat lump sum of €25.

Medium Meal

Large Meal

Matcha Tea

Apple Mint Tea

Chocolate & Cinnamon Cake(Vegan)

Matcha Tea


Large Meal(Hot), Garlic, Herbs Potatoes, Lasagne, Rice

Medium Meal(Salad) Pasta, Coleslaw, Chickpeas 


Chocolate & Cinnamon Cake


Apple Mint Tea


Crabby Joe’s, Howth, Co. Dublin

I headed to a fish restaurant known as Crabby Jo’s. I was most impressed with the waitress service. Top notch. However I didn’t care for too much to be waiting for 20mins for a table inside. So my Folks and myself, made do with Outdoor seating. Now considering we were at a Fish restaurant, it was v cold. No heating was provided. Flies, I’ve never seen the likes of it. Everywhere u turned. You had to keep an eye on your food to make sure they wouldn’t fall into the food. We were situated underneath flower hanging baskets. They should have been covered. Getting to the actual food in question, me being a vegetarian, I was impressed with what they had to offer. Now I’m sure they had other items of interest for vegetarians. I just didn’t get a chance properly to look. So I chose Hummus for Starters and Linguinei Pasta. The Hummus in question was extraordinary beautiful. Totally enjoyed every moment of it.  However as it was my first time eating hummus(I’m a newbie Veggie for almost 2 years now), My mom told me the norm with hummus. The Hummus came with Raw Veg(carrots, Celery) and Peppers. I didn’t mind Peppers. Oh and it also came with bread of some form, possibly Naan. I enjoyed the bread and Peppers. But the Raw veg, I didn’t care for them. Expectedly, they were hard. I was told to use Hummus as a dip. I just gollaped it down like a soup or something. It was lovely. Spreadable over the bread. mmmmm. Then shortly afterwards, we didn’t really have to wait too long, considering they were mad busy(hence why we couldn’t get a seat inside), our Main dishes arrived. I got the Linguine Pasta. Once again, amazed by the wonderful Pasta dish. I can’t really fault the dish. Twas beautifully presented.

Price in total for 3 was around the €60 mark. That’s about €20 per person. So not too bad a price. Considering we were treated like royalty, well as far as the waitress manners were concerned.

So overall Food Delicious, Outdoor seating CRAP.