Diary 1st August 2015

Today after a nice sleep, I woke up with a horrible stomach pains. So I dashed to the toilet and let it all out as one would say. I spent about 20mins on the toilet doing diarrhea. So I was trying to figure what exactly is the cause this time. Am I allergic to apples now all of a sudden, like. hahah.

So then I set about walking to the Gresham where we I was to meet the Photowalk group for to get the bus to Powerscourt & Gardens. So then we met up there. While waiting for the bus, I got myself a few apples etc., as we were recommended to get a picnic instead of Avoca where its highly expensive. Vinny was advising that I leave my camera on instead of shutting down the camera after every pic to save battery. hehhe. The last time, just to save battery, when the camera shut down, I would switch it off after EVERY photo being taken to save battery. Before I hoped on the bus, I got myself a SALAD sandwich. The woman thought I wanted a Meat salad sandwich. I got mad, when I didn’t even mention any meat. I asked her is that for me. On the bus, the signage on the bus was calling out Stops in BOTH Irish and English. One of them was Court Ophally(Cúirt Úibh Fháilí). That’s the same Irish for the County of Offaly. haahah. So we arrived. We were a bit let down that we had to walk a half hour to get to the actual destination. So when we arrived there, we made plans whereby we separate and take our own pics. As described in the pamphlet, its much better enjoying on your own. hahaah. Well how true is that. So I set about following a trail highlighted on the map. It was amazing to see the amount of Selfie Sticks and MORE International Visitors more so than Irish. Now it was a shame that all my apples were falling out of my bag, so I had to eat them there and then. It was getting a bit too warm, so I had put my jacket and the rain jacket INTO the bag and hence why my apples were falling. So after eating allot of apples, I continued my walk of enjoyment. Then I headed back to meet the gang for a picnic for 1pm, We were initially suppose to go and see the Waterfall too. However with the price and MORE so, the location we would have to walk an hour or so, 5km. I wasn’t in the mood to be walking. So then just about as I was finishing up after the picnic, I wanted to take more pics. So unlike the last time at the Vintage Car Show whereby the battery went, as I failed to charge it up completely as it was at 2 bars out of 3 which I thought was acceptable but heyyy. But getting back to today, however, the camera reported Memory Full. So I had to make do with my phone, which I had hoped to avoid and just leave it for my GPS app Strava. However it wasn’t to be. I wanted pics of my babes the trees etc., So then afterwards, Cath, Jackie and I headed towards the bus. We went to the toilets, I unfortunately had my own diarrhea again. I was advised thou to cut down on the amt of apples as its alot of roughage or fibre of which I never knew. So then I got the bus back with Cath. While waiting for the bus, I popped into Poppies Country Kitchen to get a salad and Broccoli and Carrot Soup, of which Cath again advised of my roughage intake.

So then after a lovely bus journey home, I decided to pop into Gerry in Kennedy’s to see about Terminator to let him know of my enjoyment of the film series. ahahaha. However as today was a match day, I wasn’t sure of how busy the pub would be. But low and behold Gerry was there and not a soul around, just a few lieing around. And also I bumped into Brian, Gerry’s brother in law. I haven’t seen him years. hehehe.

I then after a few hours headed to Cineworld to see Ant-Man(Review here). Before that thou, I had my diarrhea. So I decided to get popcorn as well, just to soak up the stuff. When I arrived, I was asked as per the norm, if I wanted dips, I declined as there’s dairy in them, so I said I’d give my bowel a break,

Diary 14th July 2014

I got up eventually with a view of going up to the folks. heheheeh I was spoz to be up there for 4pm, instead I was up there for nearing 6. hahahah. I was also suppose to going to the Dr’s for to see whats going on with my legs, however I just don’t see the point, if they don’t believe ya. hahah.

So I went to Mom n Dad’s. First welcomed them home. Dad wanted his pics off his camera printed off well some of em, anyways. hehehe. Mom wanted a pic of her phone printed off.

So then I headed back to my place, and my sis was down there downloading. We had a great laughter at comedy. So then afterwards, I headed back to her place. Chatted further. We spent a few mins to an hour reconfiguring my finance for the week and more so for the coming weeks. There has been an increase in my Bank income, and more or elss the same income for myself.



Google is celebrating 10 years since they purchased Android. Following are the ANdroid from Cupcake to M(Yet to be released to Public.. Its at Preview stage). 

  • Android 1.5 – Cupcake
  • Android 1.6 – Donut
  • Android 2.0 – Eclair
  • Android 2.2 – Froyo
  • Android 2.3 – Gingerbread – My very first Android Operating System of which it was on a Samsung phone
  • Android 3.0 – Honeycomb
  • Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. with Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Android 4.1 – JellyBean – Upgrade to this, however it caused problems, I wanted to DOWNGRADE, however it was not possible. Again on the S3
  • Android 4,4 – KitKat – Upgraded to new phone or Phablet Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3.
  • Android 5.0 – Lollipop – Was wanting to upgrade to this OS Version, however after waiting several months, I attempted to upgrade, however there is NOW errors. Will let you know when I get a chance to upgrade
  • Android M – The newest Version of the popular OS by Google.

So as you can see I have been a loyal fan of Google AND Android. Long may it continue.

Diary 13th July 2015

I tidied up my shirts and sleeveless shirts as part of my cleaning weekly ritual.

Then after that I was uploading pics of myself onto Instagram, and a user by the name of Red Bull gives you wings, says and I quote: “Tbh don’t like any of my pictures every again. I don’t know u and I don’t want to. Get off Instagram faggot”. My reply to him was: “Thank you for your input@redbull_givesyou_wings . I’ll be sure to pass it along to my supervisor. Have a nice day.”. hehehe. Felt good about it. Bit shaken, but good. Knowing I turned a negative into a positive more so a BUSINESS experience. haahah.

A deal has been reached by the Eurogroup for Greece. Greece has been given until Wednesday to implement the Austerity with fears of a collapse in Govt meaning ending Tsipras’ term .
Eircode has been officially unveiled. Ireland is the only country in Europe that does not have a Postal Code system.
German President Joachim Gauck is on a State Visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Legislation for the Same Sex Marriage Referendum, has now been delayed due to two legal challenges held in May/June of this year. The Marriage Referendum was passed by 1m votes. The first country every in the world to pass a Same Sex Marriage by POPLAR vote. It could be in the Statute Books ie the Bunreacht na hÉireann(The Irish Constitution) within months or a year. The Government had hoped to have started the process of Legalising Same Sex Marriage by August and the first Same Sex Weddings would take place in Sept.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55. He died July 11th of a Bile duct growth. He oversaw the launch of the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. He worked across a widerange of flagship titles including but not least The Legend of Zelda, MarioKart etc.,e tc.,He faced stiff competition with Microsoft’s XBox and Sony’s PlayStation game consoles.


Diary 8th July 2015

Well today was a quite day. It first started off with me NOT sleeping. ahahah. I was watching TV then after awhile, I was getting ready after a call from Mom, to pop up to Mom n Dad to show the pics from Sunday’s meetup. Just as I was heading up, I encountered my landlord Franky. We just chatted in general. He mentioned a very interesting thing thou. One of the tenants friend, is As he puts it “eccentric” ie a bit abnormal. I was intrigued in what way. He says that she’s very “hippish” style ie like exactly the time I was with Todd in Govindas(Review here) on Abbey Street. I went to explain to Franky that its possibly she’s a Vegan or perhaps a Raw Vegan. Like I insisted I told him that I’m a Veggie. He says no even weirder, So I went backwards and forwards to staying Vegan. So then he told me a time, when she screamed that he was about to kill a snail. So she put the snail put it elsewhere. Likewise he was explaining she its ONLY plants NOTHING else. Ain’t that what Vegan’s eat. ONLY plants. hahaha

So then afterwards, Franky headed off, Then my key got stuck in terms of turning in the door. I had forgotten my cell as I needed it to show my folks the cars. However the key wouldn’t turn as it was bent. The reason it was bent was my sis and I went to Tesco in Fairview for grub and it was that I left the keys behind, my sis retrieved them, however the customer who hadn’t seen the keys but their groceries on top of my keys and bending my keys. So since then it hasn’t been working right. So MORE money I’ve to pay to get it cut. But at €3.50 I think i’ll b grand. I’ll just try and keep the one I have NOW.

So then I headed onto Mom n Dad’s. Showed Mom and Dad the pics. Dad attempted to flatten my key and likewise I did. I put the key under the HEAVY armchair. And my body weight(which ain’t much these days) contributed tot he weight onto the key, so the key so far so good is flattening now.


The Parish Records have now been made available on the Internet.

The World’s most advanced Plane touched down at Dublin AIrport

The closure of Clery’s is being put onto the Irish Tax payers. Minister Burton has called this a “predator capitalism”. The former owners just shut up shop and left. They sold it to Narium, however the Liquidators is not willing to foot the bill.

Amnesty International, has released a survey whereby 67% of Irish people are in favor of DECRIMINIALISING Abortion. Currently under Irish law, it is illegal to have an abortion, NO matter the circumstance. The Pro-Life movement has accused Amnesty International as being “selective”

Diary 22nd June 2015

Today is my weekly cleanup of the Apt. ahahah. I continued with the bathroom, as well as putting up with the shit. Nothing I can do. As I said yesterday, Gonna try and see if I can get the flat next door to me to ring Franky, the landlord. So then I continued to tidy up my shoes, you’d swear I was a lady, haahhah with the amt of shoes, runners etc., I have. ahahaha. At the same time beeing looking Knots Landing. So far 21hrs. I have. ahahah

I went to see what all the hollabaluu was. So to make an excuse I brought my rubbish bags out with me. I was gonna go round the back instead of going sideways, cause of the shit. So I went up my steps then when I turned round there was a large truck doing dredging or something. Says I to meself, so American the front of the truck at aleast. haahaha. The workers were so kind, that they had to stop the operation of dredging and he pulled the truck back slightly. Well the surprise and shock I was in. Someone had locked the gate completely. I was literally gobsmacked. I have since learned actually that the landlord had locked the gate so that no one from the outside could get access to the bins. I went out with my rubbish bin to ensure that the company outside dredging didn’t lock the gate. But it was the landlord. My fears were confirmed by a tenant.

Throughout the night, I was uploading pics of Gay Love, non porno onto my sex Facebook, yet I was shown the block of 7days of uploading photos for uploading an inappropriate pic which is totally false. So then I only learned then its a computer that is actually doing all this blocking business etc., I’m not even able to Appeal my block. And now I also learned its the same for my gstanescu84 FB account too. Following is the excerpt from my Status Update.

ATTENTION all LGBT people, sexual or not, Facebook has enabled an option that BULLY you into thinking you have uploaded Pornography, when all I have uploaded was Gay Love two men kissing embracing etc., NOTHING sexual at all.

Take this. I uploaded 164 FLOWERS, NOT A BOTHER,

I uploaded 141 Gay Love, I have been blocked for 7 Days on THIS ACCOUNT and my sex account from uploading photos. I just bypass it, but they keep adding an extra 7 days etc., etc.,

So we now have a homophobic computer at Facebook Headquarters in the US, that deals with LGBT people. Somebody has written code in Facebook Headquarters to BLOCK all LGBT PHOTOS of kissing or whatever


The last body of the repatriation process, has arrived home in Dublin. Olivia Burke’s body touched down in Dublin Airport shortly after 12am this morning.

A suicide bomber has gone off in Kabul, Afghanistan. This was outside a Parliament Building. The Afghan Parliament were electing a new Defence Minister.

A sex shop due to open in Drumcondra (my town I was reared in, hahaha) has reversed his decision to open. However after several petitions including members of the public AND politicians Cllr Noel Rock(FG)The reason for such a petition in the first place is because there is a Primary School(Elementary School) across the road. His argument is that there are porn available to kids at a young age on their cell phones.

Diary 3rd June 2015

Spot to have gone to Dundrum to meet O’ Farrell for a film. However he had no cash. So I suggested that he keep some aside for when we do. So instead of going to cinema today I’ll go tomoz and Friday. I’ll treat myself to iMAX. Got up in the middle of the night to take a leak. Took me 4hrs to get back to sleep. So I just took pics of Puppys and reogransiisng gallery to make room. I took a pic of Puppys and I rubbing him down saying everything will be alrite. He was crying with the pain of the family with particualr my sis. awwww. The gallery organisation didn’t work. hahaah. Just wondering now that we have Marriage Equailtiy now do we still get to keep The George and Gay bars etc.,

Diary 27th May 2015

Well what a day hahah. I was heading to the Outhouse. It was first day after the historic referendum when the country voted in their droves to be precise over 1m voted Yes to Marriage Equaility.

When I arrived, I said “Welcome to New Ireland”. Happy referendum was a quote by O’ Farrell. The men’s group were chatting as per usual. ahahah. One topic came up, what about the divorce, someone in the group asks who gets the child re: divorces etc., I said the man. Paul one of the members, got a fit. hahahah. At one stage, Paul could have thought “the man” which one, hahaah as both are of same sex. Then at another: “Could be who is the man in the relationship etc.,”. Good one alrite.

Con who is part of the group. He was staring the hell out of the transgender people.

Patrick also a member, don’t like me without glasses. I showed him a pic without the glasses of me at my Dad’s 80th(well getting ready). He accepted that  I don’t like being a nerd but more importantly intelligent ie if I’m in a situation that I’m having a debate by lack of intelligence would be shown.

Afterwards I headed to see Mad Max: Fury Road(Review here). On the way home, my bike broke down. . Not sure exactly whats going on. I had to stop to take a few pics of the largest cruise in Dublin Bay, which I had to get on the East Wall Bridge. I was constantly thinking will the bridge go up etc., etc.,