Diary 16th November 2015

Well today was a quiet day.

I was looking at the news, as per norm and the current affairs. Then onto my 13/14 hrs of Knots Landing. Twas quiet emotional thou at the end, when the series ended. Obviously its being repeated. I’m a sucker for endings thou. hahaah.

Then while doing that, I was doing a new idea of selfies/photo shoot, whereby I use Lappy’s own Cyberlink YouCam, the software that I use to go and record Videos for my VLog. heehheeh.

THen while sharing my PUppys, to my Facebook gstanescu84 account, everything was grand. THen it came the time to post my Photos of myself up  and the button for to select the album never showed up. ???? I restarted the phone, reset the app, Still nothing. So hopefully its just a bug and Facebook will fix it in no time.

Diary 29th August 2015

Well today wasn’t too bad. Actually turned out more positive than recent events. ahhaahah. It all started when after my long hibernation, I got up around half 1 to look at Knots Landing. I then afterwards, headed back to bed, hoping to sleep. However I didn’t sleep a wink. Perhaps a 40 winks as one would say. So I got up eventually around half 5. I was starting to feel sleepy around quarter past 3, the time I was suppose to get up. So I just delayed everything. So when I got up, I did a brief NSFW photoshoot. Then headed onwards to my sis for support for her. On my way to her, I wanted to get Green Tea in particular and of course sugar. I then saw a sprinkler food thing known as Chia something like that. I was curious about the price. Considering the size, I immediately assumed €5 or less. When the lady told me €10 I was ashtonished. haahah. So she assumed I would not be buying it. hahaah. I then headed onto Cineworld for to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation(Review here). I then got myself a take out in Midnight Express(Review here)

When I came back, I was searching high and low for a cable that I need for to connect my Sky Box to the Router. hehehe. Still looking for it.


10s of thousands have joined in a march from BOTH Heuston St and Connolly St. and they all converged outside the GPO on Dublin’s thorough fare O’ Connell St. There were speeches etc.,

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RTE News

UTV Ireland

Today mark’s the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Catríona. In 2005 New Orleans was devastated by the hurricane, killing several, making several people homeless.

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Marriage Equality has officially been signed into law by the President of Ireland. It was due to be signed into law earlier, however 2 Appeals of the Referendum results was delaying the whole Signing and hence was upheld, making it rendering useless. So today marks the day Marriage Equality has been signed into law making it legal for Same-Sex couples to marry in the Republic of Ireland.

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Diary 14th August 2015

So I again got up with my runny nose and throat. Day 4 I think it is. hahah. So I showered and did my NSFW shoot. hehehe.

I was going through all my mates Pages that interact with my account on Facebook. One of them being Barry who got me Barry(Stuffed animal) for my birthday. He had an interesting post up of which it states:

“Don’t let people change the Loving and Caring person you are. Don’t let anyone get you donw. Use the love and goodness inside you to Stay Strong”.

I was half thinking of whether or not should I post it etc., So I got the courage to post it along with my wording which is as follows:

“As some of you may know, I applied for the Republic of Ireland(IRISH) Citizenship last week. While doing so it brought up alot of painful memories in particular alot of arguments between my folks and I. And as such I have not spoken to my parents since, the last time I spoke was last Thurs(6th Aug). Now I can obviously understand when you’re applying for a VERY SERIOUS application, things get said in a heat of the moment, but things were said too far. Like one for e.g I’ll never forget. I was reading my home country Romania to my Mom, its Official title is: Socialist Republic of Romania. My Mom gave such a disgust look and commented “… Communist”. Now obviously she ain’t racist, I ain’t saying that, its one of the most hurtful thing she has ever said to me since I came over 23 years ago to this country. Then my pops was going on about Money. I had joined Westwood a local gym of which I’ve never went to. Now I use MY money, NOT my folks money. So while I was collating the citizenship application etc., My Dad was saying in the background “Its not fair to us, wasting OUR money”, now I can’t for the life of me, understand why he would say that. The money that the State gives me, ALL goes towards Bills etc., including Westwood. Then I brought out the Passport(part of my application process), and I was sorting things out, ensuring it all goes to plan and my Dad continued saying “Are you not listening to me, ” I said “NO. I have far more important things to resolve. Westwood is the least on my mind”. So I got very teary, course he didn’t give a shit. So I just continued getting abuse atop my Citizenship Application. So he had the nerve to say to me that If i fail the citizenship, in getting it, that I’ve not to go near him for more money. I was like, well how about you shut up(IN a nice way), and you won’t loose anything. And he immediately got very pessimistic and said “You WON’T get the citizenship”, and I said YES. It continued for the past week. So as such I’ll be cancelling my Aunt’s meetup. I’m due to meet her next week. But with this argument(the largest I’ve ever had with my folks), everyone is affected. In particular my sis. So while this is on my mind, I have my Puppys, and the Outhouse and of course the Cineworld Cinema

I then had a sudden urge of self harm, of which I obviously I didn’t do it, but had the urge. So I looked around and what did I see my +Puppys Stanescu looking at me. Well actually they were looking at my +Inflatables Stanescu . awwwwww. And that stopped me from going ahead with self harm. I find that whenever I post anything personal like above or homophobia etc., that I get increasingly self harm wanting(if that makes sense). Then when its published, a huge sigh of relief but with the help of +Puppys Stanescu and +Inflatables Stanescu

Then I got ready to head off for to go to the outhouse and then onto +Cineworld Cinemas to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation(Review to be published in due course(will explain below)). In the outhouse one of the Patrons came down to the cafe from Men’s Night in an angry tone. He mentioned that one of the members above was pissing him off. He told us that when Banking was brought up, the person reacted verbally in a higher tone. So when I came in another member Con, was signing something. I put this to the lads, and David being the patron, said to me that it could be a complaint form. So I told the lads to just refrain from talking Politics etc., So after an “interesting” night at the Outhouse, I then headed onto Cineworld to get a bit of grub, afterall, I wouldn’t want CERTAIN people thinking I go up to the house for just FOOD. Just total bull it is. Do bare in mind, there are hundreds of sons let alone daughters who LIVE with their parents. Rent prices are soaring hence why they can’t afford. I just simply overstayed my welcome. It was like the Outhouse. I was getting a vibe that I was no longer wanted. So I just didn’t go into the Outhouse for two weeks. Then afterwards, I was welcomed with open arms. Anyways as usual I go off topic, what am saying is I got my grub but as such I was late for the film. So it was defo will be going back to the film anyways. Besides Cruise is a babe. mmmm. Then we were about less than an hour when everything went just blank. Literally. Cineworld have been having technical glitches for the past week now or more. So we were given a voucher for get this; a free admittance to 2D OR 3D OR iMAX. I was so astounded. Cause the last time, this happened whereby a film would be interrupted, and upon exiting the theater/screen, we would be given free vouchers as above HOWEVER, strictly just 2D so I just kept giving it to someone who don’t have an Unlimited Card, as I get em free anyways ahahah. So today’s voucher was for free 2D OR 3D(with FREE Glasses) OR iMAX. SO yeah am a happy camper. So I’ll be saving a fiver or so. That’s how much I would have to pay to get into iMAX films, I intend to see Pixels in iMAX 3D tomorrow night. Can’t wait. So Ill now be able to get my popcorn too. Oh Boiiii, gonna end  a week of misery(well cold wise) with FOOOD. Food glorious, fooddddd


As reported last month, the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba is due to reopen after 54 years the two countries severed  diplomatic ties. 

Diary 12th August 2015

Well today was quite “grand” as one would say. haahha. I woke up with a stuffy nose and throat not bad but at the same time, not the best. So when I got up, I did my usual NSFW photoshoot minus my precious muscley, and got myself Lemsip, it helped significantly. heeheh. I then got myself ready for to go to the Vegetarian meetup in The Hungry Mexican(Review here). WE chatted. I chatted with a vegan person beside me. heeheh. Twas pleasant.

I then headed to the Outhouse, only a stone’s throw away. heeheh. Again more chatting with my throat starting to ache again, I continued. I then started to head to Cineworld to go and see Fantastic Four(Review here).

So I came back and looked at the news that I hadn’t seen since last Monday, just gone. heeheh


Diary 16th June – Bloomsday

Well after a horrible night with my legs, I got up struggling. for 12.15, which I was suppose to get up for, so I got up forcingly for 3.15. My plan was to go to NCI, then the Dole then the folks. After a big tidy up yesterday, and my NSFW photo shoot, I headed to bed around 1pm. Which I went out like a light. However i woke up around 2ish in the morning. I spent around 5hrs, trying to sleep however my legs were aching me.

So eventually, I got up. I had gotten my brekkie ready for eating, however Mom after several missed calls, called down to me. Her plan was to get my dole, NCI then a brekkie out with her. However time was not on our side, more so traffic. So we just left it at the dole. I told her it was my plan to go and visit them. Mom told me they had planned to go up to Kathleen Mulligan as her father Brendan is coming out of hospital(from a mini stroke in November ’14) on Thursday.

I then headed onto NCI on my bike. Obviously I was too late. So I left my details with the receptionist. This was the form I got the other day, for to get my Transcript as required for the Springboard Postgraduate course I hope to do in September.

So onto my next was Lidls to get a pressie for Dad, for Father’s Day. Technically I was gonna go to EuroGiant, as I had seen something for him. But I thought of the slippers that he might like. However I mixed it up with Aldi. So I got my Vegan OJ and Vegan Bread.

So I was about to get a pressie in Aldis for the slippers, however knowingly they’d be gone, I said I’d pop into Centra beside Lidl which was great, as I got scratch cards and a card. I asked if they sell brandy and the guy said Hennessy. I asked how much is it. He said €13. I said that’s good value til he told me its for a nagan. So I said I’d leave it. ahhah.

So then Mom rang me to invite me up to their place. I asked what about Kathleen. She said that Dad and herself are too tired. So I then rang my sis jstu to let her know of my plans. One thing I found infuriating that Maureen whom my sis was with kept asking my sis questions. So I said to my sis to go and pass on my MANNERS onto my Aunt.

I then headed onto my folks. For a dinner. Then helping Dad with Photos ie printing em off then he was curious about his UPC household bill. For a 3mins talk on 11811 it cost him €9 which is abominal.

I then headed onto my sis. We chatted had a great laugh. We watched two movies. 22 Jump Street(Review here) and White Chicks. I expressed my nightmare of the sleep I had last night. Of Todd repeating my ex’s actions of NOT being able to go to the Mamma Mia concert being held in July. Also my desire of self harm via boiling water on me via the clothing. but most upsetting was my deflating of my inflatables I did yesterday, as there was no point in keeping em up if they keep going down ie deflating.


Google has launched Google Web Light. What this means is that if you’re on a slow connection or wherever, you will be shown web pages with very little to minimal content such as just text and very LOW qualities images

Facebook have released an app called Moments for Android. I ain’t sure if its available for the iOS platform. It allows you share your photos to your friends on FB, Messenger etc. Apparently it ain’t available in the Republic of Ireland. Hopefully soon.


6 students have died after an apartment balcony collapsed killing 6 injuring 7.

Donald Trump – businessman worth over $8bn has announced his candidature nomination for the Republican Party for the Presidential race in the US.


Diary 4th May 2015

Mom collected me. Maureen joined us. We were celebrating her birthday. We went to the Markers. The roof was closed due to bad weather. We had a soft drink. I got my dinner salad. We did a bit of shopping. A bit of Vegan. So I was happy. Was amazed at Yes Equality shop window. I wanted to in there to support and buy cupcakes. Got meself a Yes Cupcake and Red Velvet Cake. mmmmm. While my sis and I were having a dessert, There was a couple beside us. Her view  on the referendum was in our side, but she compared gays to pedos and murderes. Which I was quite taken aback So afterwards, My sis and I met up with our Mom n Maureen. We were taking pics of ourselves. Mom wanted a pic of myself. And she exclaims “Why is my face on the screen”. Well the laugh I got. haahah.

My mom dropped me to my sis’ place, So afterwards, I headed back home. Bumped into James, whom I met from the Outhouse. He was very interested in photography, when I told him of the photo walk, I did recently.

I wanted to get shorts in Lidls and to get side of the bull I got a pic of earlier. However Sammy had a plans of his own. Low memory caused Maps to crashed, which I needed to get to the Docks again. I was getting pissed off. So I left it.

So I just started to head to bed after uploading NSFW pics and videos of myself. I get a call for Georgian. I said in an annoyance tone, wrong number. Every single human being  Irish guy and and gal knows Georgian as in Georgian Dublin. My name technically is Georg-ANN. However some people have issues pronouncing which I don’t mind as is the case with any foreign name. So I just suggest to the person pronounce it as George, or Georgian(As in Georgian Dublin) like I said above.