Diary 1st August 2015

Today after a nice sleep, I woke up with a horrible stomach pains. So I dashed to the toilet and let it all out as one would say. I spent about 20mins on the toilet doing diarrhea. So I was trying to figure what exactly is the cause this time. Am I allergic to apples now all of a sudden, like. hahah.

So then I set about walking to the Gresham where we I was to meet the Photowalk group for to get the bus to Powerscourt & Gardens. So then we met up there. While waiting for the bus, I got myself a few apples etc., as we were recommended to get a picnic instead of Avoca where its highly expensive. Vinny was advising that I leave my camera on instead of shutting down the camera after every pic to save battery. hehhe. The last time, just to save battery, when the camera shut down, I would switch it off after EVERY photo being taken to save battery. Before I hoped on the bus, I got myself a SALAD sandwich. The woman thought I wanted a Meat salad sandwich. I got mad, when I didn’t even mention any meat. I asked her is that for me. On the bus, the signage on the bus was calling out Stops in BOTH Irish and English. One of them was Court Ophally(Cúirt Úibh Fháilí). That’s the same Irish for the County of Offaly. haahah. So we arrived. We were a bit let down that we had to walk a half hour to get to the actual destination. So when we arrived there, we made plans whereby we separate and take our own pics. As described in the pamphlet, its much better enjoying on your own. hahaah. Well how true is that. So I set about following a trail highlighted on the map. It was amazing to see the amount of Selfie Sticks and MORE International Visitors more so than Irish. Now it was a shame that all my apples were falling out of my bag, so I had to eat them there and then. It was getting a bit too warm, so I had put my jacket and the rain jacket INTO the bag and hence why my apples were falling. So after eating allot of apples, I continued my walk of enjoyment. Then I headed back to meet the gang for a picnic for 1pm, We were initially suppose to go and see the Waterfall too. However with the price and MORE so, the location we would have to walk an hour or so, 5km. I wasn’t in the mood to be walking. So then just about as I was finishing up after the picnic, I wanted to take more pics. So unlike the last time at the Vintage Car Show whereby the battery went, as I failed to charge it up completely as it was at 2 bars out of 3 which I thought was acceptable but heyyy. But getting back to today, however, the camera reported Memory Full. So I had to make do with my phone, which I had hoped to avoid and just leave it for my GPS app Strava. However it wasn’t to be. I wanted pics of my babes the trees etc., So then afterwards, Cath, Jackie and I headed towards the bus. We went to the toilets, I unfortunately had my own diarrhea again. I was advised thou to cut down on the amt of apples as its alot of roughage or fibre of which I never knew. So then I got the bus back with Cath. While waiting for the bus, I popped into Poppies Country Kitchen to get a salad and Broccoli and Carrot Soup, of which Cath again advised of my roughage intake.

So then after a lovely bus journey home, I decided to pop into Gerry in Kennedy’s to see about Terminator to let him know of my enjoyment of the film series. ahahaha. However as today was a match day, I wasn’t sure of how busy the pub would be. But low and behold Gerry was there and not a soul around, just a few lieing around. And also I bumped into Brian, Gerry’s brother in law. I haven’t seen him years. hehehe.

I then after a few hours headed to Cineworld to see Ant-Man(Review here). Before that thou, I had my diarrhea. So I decided to get popcorn as well, just to soak up the stuff. When I arrived, I was asked as per the norm, if I wanted dips, I declined as there’s dairy in them, so I said I’d give my bowel a break,

Diary 3rd May 2015

Today, was my first day doing the PhotoWalk. I have been with them for about a year. But never went on the photowalk. I was suppose to do St. Patrick’s Day 2014 and a Christmas PhotoWalk. Today’s PhotoWalk was to cover Glasnevin Cemetery and National Botanic Gardens. So we first met a restaurant. Then headed to the National Botanic Gardens. We were walking around taking pics. I was hanging around with a Romanian guy.

While taking photos, there was a scene of which I just wanted to pause and listen. Where the river was flowing, the trees  bristling their leaves. Yeah that was a lovely way to listen. So calm and soothing.


Then we went back to another restaurant for to let the rain off. We then headed to the Glasnevin Cemetery. It was quite eery arlite. hahaa.

While taking further pictures, there was a section in the cemetary whereby another fabulous scene. Whereby the trees are meeting atop ie an Arch. Bothsides of me, was just stunning.




While at the cemetary, I wanted to look for Uncle Joe’s grave and my Mom’s dear friend whom she lost her to lymphona cancer. However, the cemetery is far too big. So we popped into Daniel O’ Connell’s crpyt where he is buried. To your left handside as you go in you see a bucket of coffins ontop each other. Those are his family. While passing the crypt, I wasn’t looking at step, I was  more so expecting no steps. So I tripped over that. With the echo of the tower where the Round Tower is located, I was wanting to get pics of the Inside of the tower. So then afterwards, we all dispersed. Before heading off, we popped into a pub, that am told is the oldest pub in Ireland. It was lovely to look in. Well layed out. Funnily its called the Gravediggers Inn. Something like that.

So I headed on home. Where I had planned on taking a photoshoot etc., adn shower of course. My sis contacted me saying that my sis and my Mom are on their way down with a Chinese. hahah. So I left the photoshoot. And welcomed them with open arms. hahaah. My sis and I watched Beauty and the BEast.