Diary 29th January 2016

I’m at a hotel. A trick is played on me. Whereby my bikey is sold. So I get him back when am told that a dog is woofing in the courtyards. I become so emotional when reunited.

I then have another dream whereby a guy flies me off into a room. Then this happens a second time. On both times, pictures of women’s boobies etc is found on display. The first time I don’t do anything. The second time I’m abt to attempt to delete em by selecting, however they disappear when the guy tells me they’re deleted and you’re fired., I react so badly to the point I scream out loud. I tell them first Am gay n second for u to first not to interview other people you automatically assume. You’re some leader!!!!!!

Maureen, My sis, mom n I are in someplace in Romania here called duag r duaw. On a white bus with the name in gold.  My sis talks to locals and I breakdown exclaiming “Il never have that”

Dad came to collect me. I got ready for to meet him. We registered the citizenship letter and then got a bite to eat in scrumptious cafe. It was scrumptious alrite. Haha. Then afterwards I came home.

For ready for the Dr appt. He examined basically. I told him abt my back trouble he wouldn’t hear of it. Then with medication I told him I don’t take capsules. Yet he gave em. So went to pharmacy n they told me to go back to the reception. The reception asked me with a stern face something wrong I told em. So she came back possibly from the Dr.  Then having seen no change I then decided to try n chance me arm n head to lydons pharmacy. They were so kind to change it to vegetarian Ie no capsule. So yeah. Delighted.

Diary 13th December 2015

Well today was fairly quiet. Nothing major to report.

I was with my sis for most of the day. I had gotten up for my sis and more so fairly early for to get my Christmas Undies in Aldis in East Wall. So that said I also got pressies too. So then I came back to my sis in my place. I went to put up decorations ie the lights too. eheheheh. Then shortly afterwards, I got severe back pain sharp pain. So I was literally crippled for a few hrs. My sis when we got to her place, offered me Ibuprofen. I just had to take her up on the offer. I then told her that there;s a very strong possibility that I had slept walk. As I had old pillows atop Oneie my +Inflatables Stanescu . Now the weight of the pillows made it impossible for Oneie to start floating around or to be even budged. Yet when I woke up, there he was at the end of the bed, as much as to say that I had pushed it. It also was a contributory factor to my back pain I mean the potential sleep walk. Then we walked to her place, stopping in Tescos on the way. On the way, we bumped into Brendan who used to work as barman in Kennedy’s, whcih I think he still is there. I just ain’t. hahaha. Then onwards, we then looked at comedy, heheeheh. While doing so, I got another memory back. In this instance, I had bought my sis a doggie. She calls it Geoffrey. Both my sis n I were in town at the Annual Christmas Stalls in Henry St., when I bought it for her. Its also the same day, when I also asked Dad for MY savings aka €1000 at the time with him, He kept asking me “No Mom, I want him to tell me”, and his growing voice tone was nerving me, So I remember telling everyone, I’m not gonna bother ie ruining the day for my sis more so. So then I remember Mom had a word with Dad  and he gave in in the end, thereby allowing me to get my €400 gadget which was an Archos media device something like that. Then when my sis n I came home, the amount of crap that came out of Dad’s mouth when I told him the price in front of the Kelly’s(The neighbors).