Well what a film it turned out to be. NOT what I had expected. You would do well to be VERY Mentally STABLE. or as the States put Emotionally Stable. There were plenny of mature themes, in IReland, they have it as 15+, I feel they should have it slightly higher, say about 16. They had all the usual of crime, shooting. etc., They actually showed a scene of self inflicting wounds. ie slicing wrists and the death occurring. Then you must certainly WOULD not want to have just eaten. THankfully I had finished my nachos when this scene appeared, whereby an Autopsy of a kid was occurring. They had taken the brain out of the skull and literally as I type this, I get a bit queasy sliced it in half like a cake or whatever. I felt there was no need for that for me personally. The plot was on the ball alrite. The main character clearly suffered from some form of Mental Health trauma. He was even asked what does he have. He himself couldn’t bring himself to reveal.


The plot was self explanatory. We are treated to a crime scene. Joe(Dean Morgan) hires out John(Hopkins). Joe along with his partner Katherine(Cornish) help with John to solve very similar crimes who has physic visions. IN that the victim is of a dying nature, where they have an underlying issue. For e.g a kid ie the boy I referred to above, died of wounds to the neck, but then is later revealed that he actually had BRain Cancer. Likewise Joe the Detective. He was actually shot and later revealed that he was Stage 4 Cancer. So the killer Charles Abmorsie(Farrell). The film deals with whether someone should kill  out of “compassion” or “mercy”. However John RIGHTLY points out we “can’t play God”.