Diary 31st January 2016

Today was a very quiet day. Although I can’t fathom why my PRE – cold issues came back. By that I mean my pissing still seems to be coming out without “my permission”, hahahaha. Then the sleeping which takes a few hours to actually hit the pillow and sleep??

Then I headed to my sis for a nice reminiscent movie ie the Other Guys. Awwww what great memories and laughs. We also watched the White Chicks. hahahaah. Then during the night, I then got a sudden back ache. Was I holding the rubbish bag, I doubt it. But it happened.

Diary 26th January 2016

After a near 24hr sleep it was time to get up for to be medically assessed for my injury benefit.
I first went to collect my medical cert albeit it took longer. The receptionist weren’t calling numbers at all.
Then I rushed onto oisin house. The nurse brought me into the assessment room. Then I was asked questions as per the form the assessor was required. He brought up my uncles death which started the whole thing with back pain etc.
Then went to mom and dads to figure out what to do about his lappy. So I put it down to lack of updates.  So spent several hrs installing.
Then afterwards I headed back to my place to collect my sleeves and Boi were they came in very handy tonight. I was non stop at them while I was with my sis. Reasoning being the bringing up of my uncles death then the st Stephens day massacre etc etc then whether or not Il b STARTING on disability allowance etc etc.   We looked at Alvin 4. Happy king Julien day from the film  Madagascar.

Diary 23rd January 2016

One of many weird but sad dreams whereby my mate Brendan S’ mom might be on deaths door. Then another one whereby my cousin Dara is after someone who  murders his mom.

Then eventually I woke up with a slight pain in my throat. So took ibuprofen. Then tirelessly brought the bike to the cycle shop to mend as a result of a puncture on Thurs night coming home from Cineworld. Then I headed on towards the folks, and reaslised that I left my glasses behind so I had to go back all the way to my place go get em. Then up to mom and dads. So when I arrived, I had a nice meal. Then I got down to business or as one would say got down and dirty hahaha. So my first job was back up his documents etc., and his emails. then the reinstallation. Then afterwards we had meals in between. Norton was giving me hassle in that I wasn’t able to give him the newest version. So rendered him with an old version. Then the emails wudnt work, which this it kept asking me to enter his username and password, however that didn’t wouldn’t work. The updates took their time. So in the end I left it at that.

I was also due to pop into Ailish and Noel. While there I began to feel dizzy, very cold and my fingers were getting numb. I felt faint consistently, even my body getting very cold constantly. To the point my teeth were clattering. I put it down to the fact that they didn’t have any heating on. But then I just  remembered that I shitted out every single shit previously. Could it be that I got rid of too much!!!!!  Who knows. So I went back into mom n dad’s shivering. Twas quite harrowing. Twas a bit frightening. But thou getting back to the actual topics or chats thou. We chatted about various things such my new Nexus Tablet etc., Then Ailish went to ask about the Mulligans. I found out recently in the last few days, that JP had blocked me on my old account which of course I was distraught at the time. Then afterwards, Ailish then asks me “Do you think she don’t like Gays”. She’s referring to Kathleen btw. I said there’s no doubt. Like I explained to them that she never replies to any of my emails or even Facebook Messages. So then Noel asked me how do they deal with Christmas lights. heheeheh. Like everytime they take down or even put up the lights they end up tangled. So I explained that whatever way you put them up, then you go the opposite. Then I had told them that I really enjoyed doing up my Dad’s lappy. hahhaah. Everyone knows a computer. BUt these days, jobs are in developers.

Diary 20th January 2016

Today was a semi-quiet day. hahahah. What I mean by that is simply put I was to go to the Dr.s Appt to be precise the Blood Test. So I headed down their. When I was getting one of the Blood Test I noted one of the tubes wasn’t filling up fully. So I joked perhaps all my blood has been taken, hahhaah. But axs it happens its just the structure of the Test Tube.

So onwards to my next errand. Which was to go and get my NDLS Driver’s License form filled out my the Cops ie the GArdaí. However I regret to say that as I don’t have a passport with me or PHotoID, they weren’t able to fill out at all.

So that said, or moving on as one would say, My next errand was to withdraw more money for my expenditure. hahaahah. So I went tot eh ATM only to find out that it wasn’t working. So perhaps they were maintaining it or whatever. So I went in. Withdrew. Then I said I may as well ask. When I go to log into my INterent Banking Account, they at times ask me for my Home Phone and Work Phone. Of which my House phone, my OLD phone were in use. So they updated needed information.

Then afterwards, I then headed as I only remembered on my way that I was to collect my glasses. THen on the way I decided to go and get the GoPro aswell while I was at it. hahaah. ON the way of getting my glasses  I noticed this boat like statute I took pics of it, by plenny it. hahaahah. So then I got my glasses refitted. hahaah.

Then on the way back up to PC World where GoPro was to be born, mmmm, I encountered a 1916 Memory Tour bus which by the way costs €20, but anyways I took a few pics of the bus in question and of course the old style bus they are now using for Tourist buses.

I then went to PC World, so then I went to get one and I was told it don’t come with a MicroSD card at all, not even a Built-in memory, so I asked what’s the recommended size of which I was told 32GB HC. Then I wanted to get a stand for the actual GoPro. I would have had just the bare amount, unfortunately the Insurance was what took it all away. So the salesperson was telling me that I would be able to bring it back if anything happens to it. So to be a smart ass, I asked what if I literally drop it on the ground and stamp on it. Well the laugh I got. hahaha.

So then I headed towards my bike from Specsavers, I encountered Amnesty International. I wanted to subscribe to them, however I was tied for time, So I went to Specsavers, did my business, then I went back to collect my bike, before I head on off, I approached him. I asked that I sign up. He was quite taken aback. Highly appreciative. He’s never had anyone approach him, cause normally they approach the people etc.,

However on the way to PC World, I encountered a shop known as Jean Stop, whereby they were selling clothing and of particular type. I was interested in the undies that has “explicit” sayings like “Av ya seen my nuts”, “Makin’ bacon”, etc., etc., So I went with Av ya seen my nuts.

So then I went back on home. In the meantime, I noted thou that it was 13.04 in which my time to finish the recording I had left on while I was out.

So then I decided. to get my food shopping done too. hehehehe. So I rang Mom as she has a car to help me with my soon to realise €145 in Tescos(€71), Lidls(€24) and SmallChanges(€50.55). Then I realised that I had left my Coffee and Cereal behind. So I went back out to Tescos in Drumcondra to SOCALL get my Coffee however they were too expensive as I left behind more coins. hahahah.

So then I popped into Centra to see if I could get any coffee, but as it happens, they didn’t have. I then went into Pizza Dog, to get meself some hotfood. While waiting, a woman came in to hand in her CV. The worker who served me, was talking to her. He asks for experience etc., HOWever thou, she was wanting to apply for a driver’s job. When the woman left, he told me, a woman driver abnormal, something like that. I didn’t like this tone. So I said back to him: “Times are achanging man”.

Then I came back home to get some needed rest. hahahah. I then started to undo the shopping that I got. and put them away into Freezer, Fridges and the dry food too. hehehehe

Diary 22nd December 2015

Today I was due to get up for to go to the bank to get Statements sent out to me, and then onto the Credit Union for again the bank Statements. I need these two documents for the Disabsiltiy Allowance.

Then I got up, showered for a bit, I then realised that I would not be able to go up to Mom n Dad’s as initially planned. So while showering, that said, I was there more so biting my arm and the scratching. I got rid of the puss or whatever ya having urself. hahaah

So I went to my Doctors Appt. I waited around as I was late for him. So then eventually he saw me, he asked me questions as per the form. Then he offered that I go get my wounds seen to.

Then I got ready to go and see my sis. We chatted and chatted. heheehhe. As the night wore on, so was my mental health. After last night’s events whereby Dad had said to my Uncle that I was only going up their JUST for food, that went through me. He probably was making it a joke, however I have been in reality feeling the pinch aka the vibe. So this got the better of me, so as well as my sleeves, I just bit on me arm, like I did so this morning. Then throughout the night with my sis, my arm was paining. So I just continued and continued. Then while I was getting something for my sis, going up the steps, my back began to kill me with the pain. So I bit on the arm, comepltelty to “reroute” the pain of the back to my arm. And would u believe it actually did. I remember in the past, if ever something was paining or that I would receive pain like an injection or whatever, that I would bit the arm, so that like I said above it would deter the pain or reroute.