Diary 13th December 2015

Well today was fairly quiet. Nothing major to report.

I was with my sis for most of the day. I had gotten up for my sis and more so fairly early for to get my Christmas Undies in Aldis in East Wall. So that said I also got pressies too. So then I came back to my sis in my place. I went to put up decorations ie the lights too. eheheheh. Then shortly afterwards, I got severe back pain sharp pain. So I was literally crippled for a few hrs. My sis when we got to her place, offered me Ibuprofen. I just had to take her up on the offer. I then told her that there;s a very strong possibility that I had slept walk. As I had old pillows atop Oneie my +Inflatables Stanescu . Now the weight of the pillows made it impossible for Oneie to start floating around or to be even budged. Yet when I woke up, there he was at the end of the bed, as much as to say that I had pushed it. It also was a contributory factor to my back pain I mean the potential sleep walk. Then we walked to her place, stopping in Tescos on the way. On the way, we bumped into Brendan who used to work as barman in Kennedy’s, whcih I think he still is there. I just ain’t. hahaha. Then onwards, we then looked at comedy, heheeheh. While doing so, I got another memory back. In this instance, I had bought my sis a doggie. She calls it Geoffrey. Both my sis n I were in town at the Annual Christmas Stalls in Henry St., when I bought it for her. Its also the same day, when I also asked Dad for MY savings aka €1000 at the time with him, He kept asking me “No Mom, I want him to tell me”, and his growing voice tone was nerving me, So I remember telling everyone, I’m not gonna bother ie ruining the day for my sis more so. So then I remember Mom had a word with Dad  and he gave in in the end, thereby allowing me to get my €400 gadget which was an Archos media device something like that. Then when my sis n I came home, the amount of crap that came out of Dad’s mouth when I told him the price in front of the Kelly’s(The neighbors).

Diary 24th October – Noel Hughes’ Birthday

Twas a very pleasant day today. heheheh.

It all started when I got up ready in time for to see the film Hotel Transylvania 2(Review here). Just after the film, a guy comes up to me and tells me that I dropped my Cineworld card. I was most grateful to him. hehehe. He told me handed it to the staff. Of which I retrieved it. He saved me €16 of which I would have to pay for to get a replacement.

So then I headed onto Tescos Take 2 to get a scratch card for Noel as its his birthday. He’s 58 today of which I later learned. heheeh.

After that I came back home, I wrote Noel’s card and stuck the scratch card in. heheeh.

Then I headed up onto my folks. It was my intention initially to pop into Ailish and Noel to drop the card in and then to my folks to drop up the boxes etc., However I had received a voicemail saying that Ailish and Noel would be celebrating inside with my folks. So I said I’d join em. We had a great time. Chatting and laughter. heeheh. Homeless people came up as AIlish asked how I got on. hahaah. Which I didn’t mind, as Mom was against me, so I told lies to her, so Ailish was told the truth, I told em all how some Irish was against my American flag blankie. hehehe. I showed them my new Lumy phone. Then I learned of Danny LaRue who passed away in ’09 of Prostate Cancer in his partner’s hands Jack. Danny LaRue was the Panti aka Rory O’ Neill in those days. heheeh. I was try8ing to explain to all a feature on my phone. And when they didn’t understand, I got a fit of laughing. LIkewise just before i headed off, this is at like 1am, hahaah, I had asked Dad if his Hardware guy sells Watch Style batteries. And he asked for a number. Of which eventually I gave it. Then when I was getting ready, Dad got confused which light we had taken appart.

Diary 16th June – Bloomsday

Well after a horrible night with my legs, I got up struggling. for 12.15, which I was suppose to get up for, so I got up forcingly for 3.15. My plan was to go to NCI, then the Dole then the folks. After a big tidy up yesterday, and my NSFW photo shoot, I headed to bed around 1pm. Which I went out like a light. However i woke up around 2ish in the morning. I spent around 5hrs, trying to sleep however my legs were aching me.

So eventually, I got up. I had gotten my brekkie ready for eating, however Mom after several missed calls, called down to me. Her plan was to get my dole, NCI then a brekkie out with her. However time was not on our side, more so traffic. So we just left it at the dole. I told her it was my plan to go and visit them. Mom told me they had planned to go up to Kathleen Mulligan as her father Brendan is coming out of hospital(from a mini stroke in November ’14) on Thursday.

I then headed onto NCI on my bike. Obviously I was too late. So I left my details with the receptionist. This was the form I got the other day, for to get my Transcript as required for the Springboard Postgraduate course I hope to do in September.

So onto my next was Lidls to get a pressie for Dad, for Father’s Day. Technically I was gonna go to EuroGiant, as I had seen something for him. But I thought of the slippers that he might like. However I mixed it up with Aldi. So I got my Vegan OJ and Vegan Bread.

So I was about to get a pressie in Aldis for the slippers, however knowingly they’d be gone, I said I’d pop into Centra beside Lidl which was great, as I got scratch cards and a card. I asked if they sell brandy and the guy said Hennessy. I asked how much is it. He said €13. I said that’s good value til he told me its for a nagan. So I said I’d leave it. ahhah.

So then Mom rang me to invite me up to their place. I asked what about Kathleen. She said that Dad and herself are too tired. So I then rang my sis jstu to let her know of my plans. One thing I found infuriating that Maureen whom my sis was with kept asking my sis questions. So I said to my sis to go and pass on my MANNERS onto my Aunt.

I then headed onto my folks. For a dinner. Then helping Dad with Photos ie printing em off then he was curious about his UPC household bill. For a 3mins talk on 11811 it cost him €9 which is abominal.

I then headed onto my sis. We chatted had a great laugh. We watched two movies. 22 Jump Street(Review here) and White Chicks. I expressed my nightmare of the sleep I had last night. Of Todd repeating my ex’s actions of NOT being able to go to the Mamma Mia concert being held in July. Also my desire of self harm via boiling water on me via the clothing. but most upsetting was my deflating of my inflatables I did yesterday, as there was no point in keeping em up if they keep going down ie deflating.


Google has launched Google Web Light. What this means is that if you’re on a slow connection or wherever, you will be shown web pages with very little to minimal content such as just text and very LOW qualities images

Facebook have released an app called Moments for Android. I ain’t sure if its available for the iOS platform. It allows you share your photos to your friends on FB, Messenger etc. Apparently it ain’t available in the Republic of Ireland. Hopefully soon.


6 students have died after an apartment balcony collapsed killing 6 injuring 7.

Donald Trump – businessman worth over $8bn has announced his candidature nomination for the Republican Party for the Presidential race in the US.


Diary 26th March 2015

I was to meet O’ Farrell primarily to give his birthday pressie. I met him in the Outhouse. I heard a doorbell ring. I ignored it. I knew it was Maureen. I then headed off to meet him. On the way, I wanted to get a present bag as I like to call em. hahaah, however Maureen had rang me. I wanted to tell her a few things relating to what happened to my sis. Control your words etc,  I then headed  off to the Outhouse, as I was too late to buy the present bag. Both Brendan and I headed on off to McDonalds for a bite to eat. I had checked in via Facebook with O’ Farrell as per normal. Both of us, had said I wonder when Todd will say something hahah. AS O’ Farrell puts it, we were “guessing” when we’d hear something. heeheh. He don’t like McDonald’s. Todd, I mean. We both were at the Brendan’s bus stop and bumped into Barry(Walsh), who sensibly recommended we turn comments negative to positive etc.,

Diary 18th March 2015

Dad collected me for to get rid of his electrics that are left overs.

We then headed out to Airside. We went to PC World, Homestore + More, and Woodies DIY. We first went to TGI Fridays. In PC World, the woman didn’t know what I was talking about when asking about my sis’ pressie. It really irked me. Then Dad asked about his cartridges. She was gonna sell him a different cartridge that MIGHTENED work went. I joked that eveyrones in a pissy mood cause of the glorious weather. hahaha. We then headed back for a cuppa.

Then I headed on to meet Dublin Movie Maniacs. However couldn’t see any one. I looked for a member of whom I didn’t recognsie. He had no profile pic. So that didn’t help. So I headed onto see the X+Y(Review here). I later learned that the admin Adam, you all may remember hahahah. But anyways, I got a notification stating that the Meetup had been cancelled. He clearly needs to get his priorities straight. The film was starting at 6.10, and he cancelled at 6.40. Now I was at the film. It had just started. Its no wonder he’s changing names etc., etc.,

I then headed to the the outhouse. Where I encountered it being lively and buzz with the Transgender meetups. I bumped into Jimmy and Declan. Jimmy explained to me about the Alan Turing. etc., It was quite fascinating. He explained other than he was gay, that he had bit into an apple with Strichnie(Cyonide – the tablet that kills you in 30s). This is the Apple logo. I was overwhelmed.