Diary 23rd February 2016

WEll today was quite interesting. heheeheh

It all started when I didn’t bother getting my Medical Cert required for my Injury Benefit payment. I got a text off my sis telling me that Dad wants me to go up to him to sort out the printer. I went up their, Following is what I troubleshooted the steps.

  • I went through the Maintenance tools as provided by the Drivers.
  • Secondly, Checked the cables by means of blowing into the ports on BOTH the printer AND the computer.
  • And lastly I reinstalled the printer.

And unfortunately the above methods didn’t work for me. Dad and my sis who was printing stuff for our Aunt, wasn’t printing properly. It would print partially etc.,

So my next plan was to head to my sis where we chatted mainly. She got a Chinese. I didn’t bother. I wanted to keep the cash for the clothes. mmmm. hehhe. While I was surfing Facebook, I saw that a friend of mine had posted on his profile that Mary Lou McDonald a candidate for Dublin Central in the General Election 2016, I was so overwhelmed to the point I actually got emotional with excitement. And not only that the guy who was beside Mary Lou(could be her Party colleague – I ain’t sure), sang I wish I was in Carrickfergus, I even got more emotional with this. And I’ve saved the best for last, that this particular evetn as part of her campaign was held in the OUthouse. hahahaha.

Diary 10th January 2016

Well today was not bad a day. Fairly quiet to b honest. As I had gone to bed late, I was slightly late for my sis. When I woke up, I awoke to 2 voicemails ALL from my family home. Quiet curious I was. So I listened to my voicemails, all I could here was Dad saying Printer and to veto it or something like that. I was under the illusion he wanted something printed off or whatever or that maybe there was an error. So on the way home, I got a thought whereby, I was being put into a trap ie that they find out am buying my +Furry Babys Stanescu for my sis as well.

So when I arrived up, I got a bit of grub. Then I said to Dad where’s ur baby something like that. I was acclaiming what’s the issue or whatever. So he says to me, “Here’s ur baby”, hahahaha. So that said it was Maudy’s printer. I said to myself, wow, a junkyard. That I get second hand stuff. So I said at the time without acknowledging a lie that it ain’t compatible with my computer which at the titme would have been the truth cause I looked it up and it only stated WIndows Vista being the latest version. So then I also noticed that it does not have a Photocopier aspect. So in the end I did not take it on the basis of the lack of the photocopy function.

So then I headed back home to collect my sis’ new +Furry Babys Stanescu and my sleeves. heheheh. So we both watch Drake n Josh