Diary 23rd July 2014

After watching the news bulletins of the two nights, I continued watching the Current Affairs aspects of the TV showing. While watching TV, Maureen rang me. She started to sing Happy Birthday. Of which I detest to the core. Like I hate family singing to me. So in a fit, I just hung up completely.

Then I saw Mom coming down the steps. She wanted me to go up to em yesterday, even though I said no. I prob wouldn’t be up. But as it happens, I was still up. So Mom brought me up to their place. So while up there, I got a bit to eat. Dad was wanting to find out who was the guy who has a birth mark. He was thinking of Gorbachev a former Russian President under the ruling of breaking up of USSR. How we got onto this topic was I asked if Putin is gonna face the sanctions and get us affected or what. He doesn’t think so. So then I asked what was his deal. Putin wants of USSR back together. I then asked if Romania was a member of USSR. And he said yeah. In my mind, all I was thinking of was if Romanian were to be forced like Ukraine is currently, that I’d be thinking of my Mom(Romania), hoping nothing bad happened to her or anything. But as it happens, according to my Da, it won’t get that far, as some of Putin’s are actually pulling out or at least giving clues of unhappiness with his leadership. Mom was gonna and obviously with Dad, was gonna bring me out. However, I wasn’t in the mood. So Mom wanted to bring food down to my sis, so we we both headed there. I wanted to give her my food that I couldn’t finish. So I stayed with her for a bit.

So then I walked home. On a bright sunny summer’s day. I was wanting to go topless, however with the beer belly and such a hairy ie a BIG TURN OFF, I didn’t have the confidence. Perhaps tomoz when I hope to go out to Howth by bike. You’d never know. Little by little.


Costa Concordio is on its final voyage from the Island of Gilio to Genoa. Its gonna take 5 Days. The 320KM Journey is its length. 12 Boats are towing it at walking pace, where its to be scraped in Genoa

Louis Lentin(Former Head of Drama, RTE)has died. Among the programs he Produced was Dear Daughter(The story of Christine Buckley’s childhood in Industrial Care & exposed abuse suffered by children at the hands of Institutional Care). He was 80

Flights from Ukraine have arrived and touched down, 3pm(Irish Time) in Amsterdam. 2 Military Aircraft touchdown at Eindhoven, Netherlands Airbase(Airodrone). Royal Australia Airforce. The bodies were returned to where they began their journey. The aircraft were provided by both The Netherlands and Australia; the countries with the most lost in the disaster. 40 Herses were provided and headed on off to a military hospital in Hiliversum They traveled in convoy. Its there is where the Identification process will take place, which is expected to take time. At least 160 Bodies are still in Kercheeve in Ukraine. Although some are still at the crash sight.