Diary 13th July 2015

I tidied up my shirts and sleeveless shirts as part of my cleaning weekly ritual.

Then after that I was uploading pics of myself onto Instagram, and a user by the name of Red Bull gives you wings, says and I quote: “Tbh don’t like any of my pictures every again. I don’t know u and I don’t want to. Get off Instagram faggot”. My reply to him was: “Thank you for your input@redbull_givesyou_wings . I’ll be sure to pass it along to my supervisor. Have a nice day.”. hehehe. Felt good about it. Bit shaken, but good. Knowing I turned a negative into a positive more so a BUSINESS experience. haahah.

A deal has been reached by the Eurogroup for Greece. Greece has been given until Wednesday to implement the Austerity with fears of a collapse in Govt meaning ending Tsipras’ term .
Eircode has been officially unveiled. Ireland is the only country in Europe that does not have a Postal Code system.
German President Joachim Gauck is on a State Visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Legislation for the Same Sex Marriage Referendum, has now been delayed due to two legal challenges held in May/June of this year. The Marriage Referendum was passed by 1m votes. The first country every in the world to pass a Same Sex Marriage by POPLAR vote. It could be in the Statute Books ie the Bunreacht na hÉireann(The Irish Constitution) within months or a year. The Government had hoped to have started the process of Legalising Same Sex Marriage by August and the first Same Sex Weddings would take place in Sept.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55. He died July 11th of a Bile duct growth. He oversaw the launch of the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. He worked across a widerange of flagship titles including but not least The Legend of Zelda, MarioKart etc.,e tc.,He faced stiff competition with Microsoft’s XBox and Sony’s PlayStation game consoles.


Diary 1st June 2015 – Bank Holiday

A rainy Monday bank holiday. I went to Aldi to see if I got get sports briefs. They didn’t have any, so I went to Lidls. Then Home to watch the referendum 2015 and Vincent Browne Live from The George as Vincent puts it “The iconic gay” bar. I was still in between and undeciseive which event should I have gone to. There was an event ie the Results show in Panti, The George with Vincent BRowne and of course Dublin Castle. To this day, I still can’t choose. ahahah.

Diary 27th May 2015

Well what a day hahah. I was heading to the Outhouse. It was first day after the historic referendum when the country voted in their droves to be precise over 1m voted Yes to Marriage Equaility.

When I arrived, I said “Welcome to New Ireland”. Happy referendum was a quote by O’ Farrell. The men’s group were chatting as per usual. ahahah. One topic came up, what about the divorce, someone in the group asks who gets the child re: divorces etc., I said the man. Paul one of the members, got a fit. hahahah. At one stage, Paul could have thought “the man” which one, hahaah as both are of same sex. Then at another: “Could be who is the man in the relationship etc.,”. Good one alrite.

Con who is part of the group. He was staring the hell out of the transgender people.

Patrick also a member, don’t like me without glasses. I showed him a pic without the glasses of me at my Dad’s 80th(well getting ready). He accepted that  I don’t like being a nerd but more importantly intelligent ie if I’m in a situation that I’m having a debate by lack of intelligence would be shown.

Afterwards I headed to see Mad Max: Fury Road(Review here). On the way home, my bike broke down. . Not sure exactly whats going on. I had to stop to take a few pics of the largest cruise in Dublin Bay, which I had to get on the East Wall Bridge. I was constantly thinking will the bridge go up etc., etc.,

Diary 9th May 2015

I was planning on visiting Ailish and Noel to welcome em back and to give Ailish’ pressie, however it wasn’t to be. SO I headed to Mom and Dad’s instead. I email Liz Plasier(Liz’s wife) via MY Facebook for Dad. I was afraid he’d see a hot guy or whatever on my FB. hahaha. Me nervessss.

I then afterwards watched TV. My sis needed support. So she popped down to me.

While I was with my folks, I saw a piece on Aodhán Ó Riordáin(Ireland’s Equality Minister) on the Saturday Night Show. I didn’t know what was going on. So I took it with a grain of salt. I then watched it for myself, and saw that the host had asked Aodhán to take off the badge. I understood it had something that was bothering the host in terms of light or whatever. But as it happens, Aodhán had been adverting a Yes vote. He was asked to take off a flag that was bearing a Rainbow. Aodhán was talking about Drugs, a portfolio he was responsible as well.

Diary 4th May 2015

Mom collected me. Maureen joined us. We were celebrating her birthday. We went to the Markers. The roof was closed due to bad weather. We had a soft drink. I got my dinner salad. We did a bit of shopping. A bit of Vegan. So I was happy. Was amazed at Yes Equality shop window. I wanted to in there to support and buy cupcakes. Got meself a Yes Cupcake and Red Velvet Cake. mmmmm. While my sis and I were having a dessert, There was a couple beside us. Her view  on the referendum was in our side, but she compared gays to pedos and murderes. Which I was quite taken aback So afterwards, My sis and I met up with our Mom n Maureen. We were taking pics of ourselves. Mom wanted a pic of myself. And she exclaims “Why is my face on the screen”. Well the laugh I got. haahah.

My mom dropped me to my sis’ place, So afterwards, I headed back home. Bumped into James, whom I met from the Outhouse. He was very interested in photography, when I told him of the photo walk, I did recently.

I wanted to get shorts in Lidls and to get side of the bull I got a pic of earlier. However Sammy had a plans of his own. Low memory caused Maps to crashed, which I needed to get to the Docks again. I was getting pissed off. So I left it.

So I just started to head to bed after uploading NSFW pics and videos of myself. I get a call for Georgian. I said in an annoyance tone, wrong number. Every single human being  Irish guy and and gal knows Georgian as in Georgian Dublin. My name technically is Georg-ANN. However some people have issues pronouncing which I don’t mind as is the case with any foreign name. So I just suggest to the person pronounce it as George, or Georgian(As in Georgian Dublin) like I said above.

Diary 16th April 2015

My intentions was to head to the Outhouse then onto cinema. But my first job was to pay my Sky Bill’s increment. That was grand. But just almost half way to the cinema, I realise I left my card behind.

So I made do with just the Outhouse in where I learned of Bernard’s soar back ie nervous system inflammation. Billy made a good point relating to the death penalty int eh US. He said with a death sentence, the family and friends have to go through the evidence again and again via appeals when the defendant goes to appeal, whereas with life in prison, you’d have the prison with NO appeal etc., I then saw Andrea and soon afterwards Ronan.  I asked him who is playing the Blondie in Avengers: Age of Ultron(Review here). I was surprised to hear it was Aaron Taylor-Johnson and still am. On the way home to leaving Ronan, He says why am I vegetarian. Somehow we got talking about plants having feelings. hahhaaaha.

Then I was to meet O’ Farrell for to meet at McDonald’s. He treated me to a coke and tea. I asked him about the Irish voting abroad for General Elections and Local and European Elections and not forgetting Referendas(Referendums). His idea is if they don’t pay taxes etc., then they are not entitled to vote. Mine is if your proud of your country and the history too.