Diary 23rd January 2016

One of many weird but sad dreams whereby my mate Brendan S’ mom might be on deaths door. Then another one whereby my cousin Dara is after someone who  murders his mom.

Then eventually I woke up with a slight pain in my throat. So took ibuprofen. Then tirelessly brought the bike to the cycle shop to mend as a result of a puncture on Thurs night coming home from Cineworld. Then I headed on towards the folks, and reaslised that I left my glasses behind so I had to go back all the way to my place go get em. Then up to mom and dads. So when I arrived, I had a nice meal. Then I got down to business or as one would say got down and dirty hahaha. So my first job was back up his documents etc., and his emails. then the reinstallation. Then afterwards we had meals in between. Norton was giving me hassle in that I wasn’t able to give him the newest version. So rendered him with an old version. Then the emails wudnt work, which this it kept asking me to enter his username and password, however that didn’t wouldn’t work. The updates took their time. So in the end I left it at that.

I was also due to pop into Ailish and Noel. While there I began to feel dizzy, very cold and my fingers were getting numb. I felt faint consistently, even my body getting very cold constantly. To the point my teeth were clattering. I put it down to the fact that they didn’t have any heating on. But then I just  remembered that I shitted out every single shit previously. Could it be that I got rid of too much!!!!!  Who knows. So I went back into mom n dad’s shivering. Twas quite harrowing. Twas a bit frightening. But thou getting back to the actual topics or chats thou. We chatted about various things such my new Nexus Tablet etc., Then Ailish went to ask about the Mulligans. I found out recently in the last few days, that JP had blocked me on my old account which of course I was distraught at the time. Then afterwards, Ailish then asks me “Do you think she don’t like Gays”. She’s referring to Kathleen btw. I said there’s no doubt. Like I explained to them that she never replies to any of my emails or even Facebook Messages. So then Noel asked me how do they deal with Christmas lights. heheeheh. Like everytime they take down or even put up the lights they end up tangled. So I explained that whatever way you put them up, then you go the opposite. Then I had told them that I really enjoyed doing up my Dad’s lappy. hahhaah. Everyone knows a computer. BUt these days, jobs are in developers.

Diary 11th January 2016

Well today was quite an emotional day. So I coped with it my self-harm which as I said to my sis, that I use my sleeve BEHIND the scenes and the skin ie biting the arm when I got a chance. It all started off when my Pops collected me to objectively to go and get my printer. I was using it to go and reconnect with my pops and obviously of course to print in my place instead of my folks.

So like I said my Dad collected me, we headed on up to Airside to go and get the printer. We headed to PC World. I saw the printer I was interested in. ehehhee. Then afterwards, I wanted to get a network cable aka RJ45 for my connection between the Sky Box and the Router so that I could get my Sky Box Sets and the HD channels whcih I will add onto my subscription very soon. heheeheh. I had hoped for tomorrow, however my Payment for the week that I missed my payment of the MEdical Cert aka the Injury Benefit. hehehehe. SO we’ll see. But that said thou, that I do intend, on applying for that extra subscription, hehehe.

So conetinetueing on I saw a Hard Drive for 5TB for about €200. At first I didn’t get it, I wanted to see price wise in Harvey Norman’s. So my Dad and I headed there, and compared prices. hehehe I was most suprised thou with their prices. heheeheh. However thou it was 2TB of CLOUD storage, which I’ve no interest in at this moment in time. Then I headed back to PC World to get the HDD. In Harvey’s thou, my Dad and I looked at washing machine. heeheh. I was amazed at Harvey Norman’s staff responded when I told the staff member that the HDD was more expensive than PC WOrld’s.

So then we got a bite to eat in TravelLodge what used to be the Little Chef. I had meself a Vegetarian LAsagnae. heheeh. However the fact that it was so creamy and not forgetting the cream or maynossaie on the salad. SO yeah I had the shits for the rest of the day.

So then I headed back home with Dad to his place. Put up my decorations in the attic for Christmas. hehehe. In his place of course. Then afterwards I was joined by my sis to head to my Aunt Colette. She is currently in an Orthopaedic Hospital. As I said previously she had suffered a mini-stroke back in November of 2015. So seeing her really through me off. HOWever thou’ I greeted her by “Queen Brady”, hahaahah. But seeing her so frail or with grey hair etc., etc., I just was not prepared. Like aging etc., then to hear of my Dad’s friend with Aneurysm, so yeah as u can gather why it was an emotional day.

So I continued self-harming on my arm in Mom’s car etc., etc., even when pissing etc., So then we went back to Mom’s place to go and get a cuppa. hehehehehe. I then headed back to my place with my new printer, my new hDD etc., etc., heheheheheheh.

I also got a chance to question about my Driver’s license. As Mom wants’ me to drive again, I need my license. However I have lost it. So with that in mind, I was going to find out the procedure on Los/Stolen License. So what I’ve to do is Medical Report/Eye Sight Report and obviously firstly get my glasses fixed. hehehehe. So then I fill out an Application form with €35. hehehehe

Diary 21st November 2015

Today was a fairly quiet day. I was going to go to the cinema, however as they’re ain’t that much films out at the moment, I wasn’t gonna go and bother. hahah. As I said to Ailish n Noel that Cineworld is gonna be packed to the gills with all the Geeks and Nerd etc., etc., for Star Wars film. hahaha. So that said, I decided to head instead to Ailish n Noel’s instead. However that said thou. When the alarm went off at 8.15pm, I turned it off so that I could get up at 8.35pm, however for some strange reason, I couldn’t find the phone, so I looked at my other phone the Lumy reported the time at 9.07pm, so what the hell happened, like wtf. hahaha. SO I got up at 9.15 instead and apologised to both of em, like I still fail to understand what exactly happened. haahha.

So with this in mind, I headed on off to Ailish n Noel’s as part of my monthly schedule. We chatted had a lovely Lemon sponge Cake. ohhh it was heaven. mmmm. Then part of the chatting we were yaking about Dad’s brother and my sexuality. I had said that they literally are Anti-Gay and possibly would never change. Although as Alish puts it, if I were to be around them like I was with Mom’s side of the family, then perhaps, but no I’ve no plans on coming out to them. Although only a handful knows like Maura(Dad’s sister in law) and Criona(Dad’s Sister’s daughter aka Niece). I was trying to recall what his relatives were saying about Gay people, of which I couldn’t remember. I then got talking about Christmas and she brought a wonderful memory of whereby on the 8th Dec every year, Dad and I would do the Trimming of the tree and Mom n my Sis would go to into town for pressie shopping. Everytime Dad would be righting cards, I would be very board. There was no such thing as Facebook let alone Internet. So when Dad would be doing the cards, I would be thinking to meself, awww wanna do more decorations etc.., etc., I told them of my “two new jobs”, they understood like Mom n Dad yesterday that if there’s NO basic wage, then it ain’t secure. She even thought if it were legit. hahaah. Ailish told me that Michael Gill called up to her father Brendan. And what a reaction I got. I hadn’t heard his name in years. hahaahah. He had called up to Brendan on his way to the airpor. I asked how is he related to Brendan. He his Brendan’s First Cousin aka Michael’s Mother and Brendan’s Father are brother n sister.

Diary 29th October 2015

Well today was quite an interesting day. hahahah.

I first while in bed was wondering, how to figure out the video on Budget 2016. Like I recorded it on TV and deleted it on the TV. So now I would be left with Trying to run the Recording i I have on the Drive ie on the Lappy, while at the SAME TIME trying to record. So I said something has to be done. hahaha. So while sleeping and thinking, I decided to look up or Google The Budget 2016 Speech. And read bits of it WHILE recording my video. Oh BOI. This is the cause of the delay in terms of publishing my diary entries.

Another item, I was thinking of was Appearing on eh Late Late show – The World’s Longest running chat show discussing my Coming out but more importantly my BOOK. Yeah you’s heard me. hahaah.

So afterall the thinking and doing yadedadadad I got up. Following was my plan for the day







However as you’ll soon gather. It wasn’t too be, well at least the last bit. hahaah. So I set about getting rid of my mop of hair. Awwwwww :(. hahaha. Well the welcome I got. IT was unreal. hahah. I told him of my whereabouts. He was most not impressed. Which I was a bit frightened, but anyways, we left on a very good note. He greeted me “and the prodigal son returns”. He even went as far as saying “when you go to your folks, tell them this your Darling son”. hahaha. What a laugh. WHen I checked in via Swarm(formerly Foursquare), I was last there December ’14. I since got my haircut back in February of this year, with Grafton Barber when I was charged €18.

So then quickly onto Cineworld, to see Hotel Transylvania 2(Review here). Then shortly afterwards, I was wanting to get my Pumpkin +Inflatables Stanescu however it wasn’t to be. hheheeh.

Then onto Lidl to get my groceries, and Tescos for the butter. Again asking both of em if they sold Swiss Army Knife. I was looking everywhere for em. As I had lost mine. hehehe. While looking for it, I was wondering why the weird faces I was getting. It must be illegal or something. So onwards to my folks. I had hoped to visiting em on Saturday ie Halloween Night. But that said, I was wanting the knife badly as I had planned for a shower, shaving etc.,etc., Dad had told me that Mary, Laura O’ Shea and Mary’s mother Eileen were up visiting them. So I arrived when they left. Had a nice cuppa tea. Dad was cutting my nails, however extremely soar, so I decided against him cutting my toenails. heheeh.

Diary 14th September 2015

While I never go to sleep on a Monday, hahaahah etc., I was to go to my cuz Dara for to do his last bit of tidy up in the house. So I then headed up to Dara’s. As it was raining, we didn’t do much if anything. But more so the fact that the skip wasn’t there and wouldn’t be there til later. So he told me to head on home. Mom had rang me in the meantime, that she wanted to call down to me, however as I wasn’t there, Mom suggested that I head to their place. So Dad dropped the grocerys back to me via his car and I cycled down. hahaahah. So for the rest of the evening, I watched Fraiser. I headed to bed early as I was to get up early for Darragh. He asked that I come back tomorrow morning.