Diary 7th August 2015

Well today was my first day without the Citizenship application etc., So I was to head to Ailish and Noel’s as they are busy tomorrow. So I said I’d go and see Ant-Man(Review here) and then onto Ailish and Noel’s. However it wasn’t to be, as I was exhausted mentally and physically especially physically from all the getting up early bit etc., etc., So I eventually got up and then headed up. I chatted about the Bray, Powerscourts, Veggie Meetup in Milanos(Review here) and in Sova Butcher(Review here) yesterday.

Diary 12th July 2015

I got up slightly later than scheduled for my sis as my constipation was really bad today. Never have I seen the likes. It took 20 mins BEFORE going to bed which was half 11 this morning and 20 mins when I got up for my sis, hence why I was delayed. The constipation was caused by my Vegan Muesli.

So then I got ready and headed off to my sis. heehehe. My folks had come home from the wedding of my mom’s friend’s daughter to drop off a chinese. We had met the daughter a few times if even that. To the point as I said to my self and my sis, that she could be considered a “stranger”, as we haven’t even seen her, everytime her mother being my mom’s friend, came to visit us at Christmas or whatever. Even living at home, we hardly saw the daughter. When we all went down to the mother’s place in Ashborne, we’d hardly see her. We only saw her once or twice if even that. heheheh.

So then my sis and I, were looking at Pinnochio(Review here) and I noted and asked her a “stupid” question of which I was asssured welcomly ie it ain’t a stupid question. I asked why do animals have tails. Not only does it keep their asses clean ie from infections etc., but it tells of the physiciatry or the mental state. I was quite amazed. And reminded her that New Zealand passed a law or a Bill, whereby Animals have “Feelings” otherwise known as Sentient. She went on to explain if the dogs have their tails up there happy otherwise if its down there not well mentally etc.,etc.,

Diary 16th June – Bloomsday

Well after a horrible night with my legs, I got up struggling. for 12.15, which I was suppose to get up for, so I got up forcingly for 3.15. My plan was to go to NCI, then the Dole then the folks. After a big tidy up yesterday, and my NSFW photo shoot, I headed to bed around 1pm. Which I went out like a light. However i woke up around 2ish in the morning. I spent around 5hrs, trying to sleep however my legs were aching me.

So eventually, I got up. I had gotten my brekkie ready for eating, however Mom after several missed calls, called down to me. Her plan was to get my dole, NCI then a brekkie out with her. However time was not on our side, more so traffic. So we just left it at the dole. I told her it was my plan to go and visit them. Mom told me they had planned to go up to Kathleen Mulligan as her father Brendan is coming out of hospital(from a mini stroke in November ’14) on Thursday.

I then headed onto NCI on my bike. Obviously I was too late. So I left my details with the receptionist. This was the form I got the other day, for to get my Transcript as required for the Springboard Postgraduate course I hope to do in September.

So onto my next was Lidls to get a pressie for Dad, for Father’s Day. Technically I was gonna go to EuroGiant, as I had seen something for him. But I thought of the slippers that he might like. However I mixed it up with Aldi. So I got my Vegan OJ and Vegan Bread.

So I was about to get a pressie in Aldis for the slippers, however knowingly they’d be gone, I said I’d pop into Centra beside Lidl which was great, as I got scratch cards and a card. I asked if they sell brandy and the guy said Hennessy. I asked how much is it. He said €13. I said that’s good value til he told me its for a nagan. So I said I’d leave it. ahhah.

So then Mom rang me to invite me up to their place. I asked what about Kathleen. She said that Dad and herself are too tired. So I then rang my sis jstu to let her know of my plans. One thing I found infuriating that Maureen whom my sis was with kept asking my sis questions. So I said to my sis to go and pass on my MANNERS onto my Aunt.

I then headed onto my folks. For a dinner. Then helping Dad with Photos ie printing em off then he was curious about his UPC household bill. For a 3mins talk on 11811 it cost him €9 which is abominal.

I then headed onto my sis. We chatted had a great laugh. We watched two movies. 22 Jump Street(Review here) and White Chicks. I expressed my nightmare of the sleep I had last night. Of Todd repeating my ex’s actions of NOT being able to go to the Mamma Mia concert being held in July. Also my desire of self harm via boiling water on me via the clothing. but most upsetting was my deflating of my inflatables I did yesterday, as there was no point in keeping em up if they keep going down ie deflating.


Google has launched Google Web Light. What this means is that if you’re on a slow connection or wherever, you will be shown web pages with very little to minimal content such as just text and very LOW qualities images

Facebook have released an app called Moments for Android. I ain’t sure if its available for the iOS platform. It allows you share your photos to your friends on FB, Messenger etc. Apparently it ain’t available in the Republic of Ireland. Hopefully soon.


6 students have died after an apartment balcony collapsed killing 6 injuring 7.

Donald Trump – businessman worth over $8bn has announced his candidature nomination for the Republican Party for the Presidential race in the US.


Diary 14th June 2015

Well today wasn’t as busy as yesterday, as you will gather from the length of the blog entry. My Dad’s relatives Anna Mary, her hubbie Fergus, Ruth(Anna’s Sister) and her hubbie and Anna’s foster child were visiting my folks today, for to thank em for a present or something. As I wasn’t in the mood to see them, I stayed on in bed. I find that Anna connects me to Romania, which is still a bit raw. She used to adopt or work with the orphans in Romania, not sure which one thou. So for that I can’t see her. Besides I saw a woman on the RTE News relating to the possible BSE scare that’s going on at the moment in Ireland. I ain’t gonna get into details due to the nature of things and of course my vegetarianism and possibly veganism. The reason I mention this woman is she is the splittling image voice wise as Anna. All I could here is the voice hahaah.

So with the above visit, I jsut slept on hahaha. Then headed onto my sis for a grand old time. hahaah. We then headed back to my place. Where she fell asleep for the night.

Diary 31st May 2015


Reading an IRA Book by a Brian. The family would sit down every week in the sun lounge. I actually felt I was in the book. hahaah.

Then the day came that I was to meet Liz and Liz(two lesbians who married and fell in love). I hadn’t seen em since October 2004.

Dad got really ticked off when I was late. I felt like telling why my sis wasn’t chatting to you. So I instead said don’t get your knickers twisted. He corrected me in a knot. We got a taxi in and out. We met up with the two Lizs. Chatted for about an hour. We had a meal. All the time, I understood that Liz Maher was the skinny or as dad would say the “Red” as in the top she was wearing. It was the other Liz that is my Dad’s cousin.

Mom and I popped down to my sis. Then afterwards I popped first to Aldi to get briefs and PJs. Looking for PJs. So headed onwards.

Stayed with my sis for a few hours. Very proud that I was able to help  my sis. While waiting my above memory came about when I was looking at all the amount people that have stayed at the Gresham. One was the above author.

Diary 23rd May 2015


As I was passing Barneys pub, on the way to meet O’ Farrell in Ballsbridge Hotel, I remember I met Séamus in there with the group 20Somethings meeting a religious pilgrimage, whereby we met there to discuss a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Mom understandably forbade me to go there with the conflict that was ongoing at the time.

Well what a day it turned out to be. After a historic vote, Ireland voted in favor of Marriage Equality. Citizens came home in their droves from all over the world to cast their vote that they are elegible. It was history in the making. I mean like IReland is the only country who voted by Popular Vote whcih means that Citizens of the country vote for a change to the Constitution ie Bunreacht na hÉireann. Over 1m citizens voted in favor of Marriage Equality. It was passed by a landslide. Vincent Brown himself had a special results show Live in the George. Or as he puts “iconic” gay bar. As such it was my intention to go their. Then onto Dublin Castle. However I had gone to bed too late, So I wasn’t able to get out. So I instead planned on going to Mom and Dad’s to celebrate with the Eurovision. However they themselves were in from Calum’s First Holy Communion in Wexford. I headed on afterwards to the George for the Eurovision. Never expected such crowds. Like it was described as “Four Paddy’s Day”. So I then headed to O’ Farrell where I was to meet Daniel whom I hadn’t seen since the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat(Review here). So all in all, we couldn’t do anything. We were basically me anyways walking around for 3hrs. I was paying for it with my feet, and still am. I had thought about the Boilerhouse, but I’d need the cash for Dad’s Father’s Day gift or clothes in Penny’s. I then headed home and did the Eurovision Night on my TV. hahaah

Diary 21st May 2015

Spoz to have gone to the equality campaign leaflet at the Dart Station and then to Fairview bridge in the evening. However I went bed too late. Met Maureen. She found me very mature. I was very chuffed. ahhah. I introduced her to Veganism. However before I went to Maureen’s, my sis called down. She wasn’t herself. Mom and Dad called me. They wanted me to bring m sis home. Mom insisted I look after my sis. My cousin Siobhan was there. So Mom couldn’t come down to take over. So I decided to chat to Siobhan. However with Facebook Messenger’s new symbols, I misinterpreted that she didn’t want to talk to me when the symbol as actually meant sent. Then afterwards, Siobhan and I got talking again, like old time. So while my sis was sleeping, I was actually TRYING to get my internet working. It wasn’t working because of the steel in my sis’ building. So I just moved the phone around. IT came and went, the internet I mean. hahah