National Botanical Gardens, Restaurant

I travelled along with my family to the National Botanic Gardens restaurant. We lined up and waited in line. I was looking at the menus, no hot Vegetarian options. So my Mom asked. I was told they have a Vegetarian Falafel. While the presentation was class, the falafel in question, was questionable. Very hard to chew, and very hard to masticate. I actually felt my throat getting “tired” from all that chewing. THe chips and salad were lovely.


Brian Boru Bar & Restaurant, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

My Dad and I headed down there for business purposes. The area is very well cleaned and laid out. No complaints about it. Staff was very nice and friendly, which I appreciated it. heheheh. Now while the menu was all but Vegetarianism, I asked she accommodated quite well.

I had the Tomato and BASil Soup and The Toasted Wrap.

The soup was exquisite. It was of creamy consistency served with two types of bread, brown and white bread. So lovely it was. heeheh. The bowl was a square kinda shape.

Then along came the next door of the Toasted Wrap. This came with a heap of salad, wedges in a tin can and the wraps in question. In the wraps itself, there was further salad.


Tomato and Basil Soup


The Toasted Wrap

The Hungry Mexican Restaurant

Well what can I say. I totally enjoyed my experience at this particular restaurant. I was greeted by lovely staff. The Hungry Mexican is located within the Bodkins Bar on Bolton St., I headed onwards. So then I was looking at the Menu. It was a bit hard to understand., but once I was explained to, I was sailing. So my first course was Stuffed Aubergine. It was scrumptiously. It contained the actual aubergine, that was roasted and the soya mince and salsa atop. I then got Taco as my main course. This was by far heaven. I was more than happy. hahhaha. The Soya mince of which was part of a choice and the salsa too was in the Taco, like a little sandwich kinda thing. It was all totally heaven. I was on “Cloud Nine”. hahaha. Then for me personally of which for what ever reasons, I was the only one ordered Dessert. I ordered Curro. It was lovely. Beautifully dressed. It was VERY sweet alrite. Oh and this restaurant is 100% Vegan and Vegetarian. I overheard that the Owner is a Vegan and the wife is Vegetarian. Something like that.

Now the only fault I would have of the serving is that BOTH Starters AND Mains were served., which I kinda found weird., like some people had two plates and it was getting a bit untidy and messy. And the location where we were, we were very tight.

All this for โ‚ฌ20 well technically โ‚ฌ19.85. I said he could keep the change.

Stuffed Aubergines


Taco with Soya Mince, Paco Del Gallo Salsa




Sova Vegan Butcher, Rathmines,

I popped along with a Vegetarian Group to this Restaurant. Its a pop-up restaurant meaning, that it won’t be situated at a particular address permanently, it is due to close down here in Rathmines and hopefully it’ll will have been found another home for the time being. Anyways getting back to the review at hand, It’s very poorly sign posted, I was advised that the sign post was small, well how true is that. Upon arriving inside eventually, I found the environment to be very negative, very down and out building its in. When I arrived, I was shown the menu. The price is a BIG plus. I was most appreciative for that, for a guy or even a person who has a low budget. However with this mind, I can see why the price was low. I had a three course meal for โ‚ฌ20 which is acceptable. However I’ll go into further detail.

My first course was: Chickpeas and Kale Koftas paraley sioli/fennel and apple salad. This wasn’t too bad. However as I later learned the Koftas or as the American’s call it CornDog(Not sure if that’s meat thou), I immediately began to devour it. It tasted exactly like the one I had as a kid in Romania Orphanage. The salad thou I found was very acidic, it was burning my lips etc., and even upsetting my stomach.
My next course was the main: Lentils and Aubergine Meatballs Creamy fennel and Dill sauce/garlic crostinni/pomegranate salad. The main wasn’t too bad. Again very acidic. The bread was slightly hard, however I have since explained that it was roasted.

And my third and final course: was the the dessert aka the Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake. This was absolutely stunning. Enjoyed it immensely.
And as my last part of the review, I must give credit to the chef, the presentation of each course, was outstanding. I was most impressed. So my favorite meal, was NONE, but I most enjoyed the Koftas, as part of the Starter

Chickpeas and Kale Koftas paraley sioli/fennel and apple salad
Lentils and Aubergine Meatballs Creamy fennel and Dill sauce/garlic crostinni/pomegranate salad
Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake
Orange and Kale Juice
ย Perfect Cuppa tea with Almond Milk