Diary 29th January 2016

I’m at a hotel. A trick is played on me. Whereby my bikey is sold. So I get him back when am told that a dog is woofing in the courtyards. I become so emotional when reunited.

I then have another dream whereby a guy flies me off into a room. Then this happens a second time. On both times, pictures of women’s boobies etc is found on display. The first time I don’t do anything. The second time I’m abt to attempt to delete em by selecting, however they disappear when the guy tells me they’re deleted and you’re fired., I react so badly to the point I scream out loud. I tell them first Am gay n second for u to first not to interview other people you automatically assume. You’re some leader!!!!!!

Maureen, My sis, mom n I are in someplace in Romania here called duag r duaw. On a white bus with the name in gold.  My sis talks to locals and I breakdown exclaiming “Il never have that”

Dad came to collect me. I got ready for to meet him. We registered the citizenship letter and then got a bite to eat in scrumptious cafe. It was scrumptious alrite. Haha. Then afterwards I came home.

For ready for the Dr appt. He examined basically. I told him abt my back trouble he wouldn’t hear of it. Then with medication I told him I don’t take capsules. Yet he gave em. So went to pharmacy n they told me to go back to the reception. The reception asked me with a stern face something wrong I told em. So she came back possibly from the Dr.  Then having seen no change I then decided to try n chance me arm n head to lydons pharmacy. They were so kind to change it to vegetarian Ie no capsule. So yeah. Delighted.

Diary 4th December 2015

Twas an alrite day. Nothing major to report.

My day started off with meeting Mom to get new glasses. I got my eyes tested. My first port of call was to get my eyes tested at a machine. Then for further scrutiny. I then advised them of my eyes balls paining me when they go to do the air pressure. However because of the tears in the way and of course the cataracts, that I had to go and do the air pressure again.

ISIS enters my head once more when while being examined the eye obviously, we hear sounds and then the thought being she tells me to get undercover and not a eep outta me.

Then Mom treated me to a meal in Cornucopia. While there Mom and I were chatting hehehe, and I said I’d like to invite Mom into my life. heheheh and she replied by her saying inviting me into her life. I then said “oh you have been for 20 years” . hahha

Then I was trying to get water working, and I said to mom in front of waiter that he’s taking the micky of me when he said to rub your hand in front of the machine. hahahah. I had hoped that Mom would get to see the LOVELY desserts they have. I have come to realise that I love Cornucopia’s DESSERT NOT the main dishes. This is the SECOND time, I’ve left it behind. While there, I was due to get my Social Welfare back payments etc., however its with great regret(NOTHING new), that I didn’t get it, still waiting. However my mental health ain’t waiting. So my sleeves are their to hand. awwwww.

So then I came home and my sis was downloading. Then I headed on off to the cinema to go and see The Good Dinosaur(Review here). I decided to use the €80 I had left supposedly for Rent, but Dad’s €400 will work for that for BOTH weeks. I then started my Christmas Shopping OFFICIALLY. hahaha. I got my sis her pressie. Then onwards to Pennys to get my Christmas Undies of which I couldn’t get them MAINLY because of the wet weather.

So then I headed onto Outhouse. ehehehe. I learned that if Dinosaurs were NOT made extinct that Humans would not have been created. Thats such fascination. There were women screaming with laughter or whatever. I said to Jaimie, you can see why we don’t like women, haahaha. David who works behind the counter was telling me, that his Crhstims is not as enjoyabel as it was a few years ago. As people die or waphtever or move on. Like his ideal chrisrtmas was when he’d invite pepoepl to his place or rwahtever and have a lash. However as people move on or wahtever, yeah you can see why.

Diary 11th November 2015

Just before I was heading to bed, Dad pops down to take a look at the alarm. I’m their sitting on toilet doing my business when he rings the doorbell. And says I to myself, “crap” the +Inflatables Stanescu. Well I can tell you this much, I never got off the toilet as quick as I did for the Inflatables. Cause the last time he had an issue by means of slashing em. So I hid the majority in the BAthroom and the rest under the covers. There was one thou however that he still can’t get around it haha with his face. hehehe.

So after Dad left, I checked my mail of which one was Specsavers and Sky. I knew what Sky was which is a bill increase. Nothing’s new in that department. ahhaah. However when I read further, I was delighted to learn that the RTE Player is to come to Sky’s Catch Up TV Service which I get free as part of my subscription. I was more than delighted. LIke I won’t be recording RTE News or RTE Shows anymore. I just download and Record. Yeahhhhhhhhh happy dayssss.

Well after a restless night, but I must say I did get a few hours wink alrite. hahhaa with the alarm still going off. haahha, I got up for today’s meetup ie Cornucopia(Review here) with the Vegetarian Society of Ireland. I used maps to see where it would take me. So I followed it, well I never, I was taken to places which is actually illegals ie illegal turns. It was a great meetup. hehehe. I met up with a few ladies who were there when I arrived. heehheh. On the way, I came across a child and his mother. There was a flace linen curtain and a Vase in front. The Vase being glass by the looks of it. The child was there pulling at the curtain, and I got the fright of me like thinking he’d knock down the vase. As I was going down to get my food I came across Ursula Halligan from TV3. She came out gay a few months ago before this years Historic Same Sex Referendum. She is TV3’s Political Correspondent in TV3 News. So I got talking to a few of the women, She was telling me that she lives in MAnchester and is home for the week or something. So I asked if she was going to Manchester Pride or if she’s ever been or something. She said “I ain’t gay”. I said ya don’t’ have to be gay. Just like ya don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian. So long as you’re NOT against Gay people etc., Then I was about to head off, when I got talking to Vinny, of which I realsie he was actually Albanian, well who knew. hahaah. I then was asked by Gerard where I Was from, ie he was keen on my accent, So I dubbed him Accentology the study of accents. haahah. Then we all agree that the prices are exorbitant. So I was explained thou which obviously one factor is the location ie Grafton St, where Rent prices are quite high and another of which I learned was that the food is cooked at 40C, so to keep the ntirietnwts instead of loosing them. Gerard whom I was chatting too BEFORE going home was talkign abotu PUppy Famrs.I referred hims to NARA and ARAN. ARAN has been around for several years. He was saying there;’s hundreds of them. I said ARAN can help. His arguement was that its far too much. Mine was ya have to inject a virus. To do so ARAN being the virus, it will evnetually pull em all down. Other topics discucessed were Remembering our school days. I did Plough and hte Stars for LEaveing Cert and Home ALone for Junior Cert

Diary 5th October 2015

Today was an abnormal day. Normally I stay up as part of my ritual. hahaah. However Dad was a bit anxious in getting the letter sent down to TIpperary. So as reported, I headed to bed instead and got up for 10am. I got ready and headed to diarrhea. Then we both set sail. heheheh. We headed on down to Rosanna Road, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary. We were looking for the place and good old Android came to our aid. So we dropped in the letter.

So then on the way back, we went to Brian Boru Bar & Restaurant(Review here). When we reached Tipperary Town, I was so shocked to see the derelictisim of the town ie Rural Ireland. It was as if we were in Northern Ireland where I passed when I was young going to Burtonport, Co. Donegal to go to Arranmore Island and the state of it aka the British Govt are not funding it.So then on the way back I was chattign with him while he was driving. From Politics as in why FG etc., keep repeating “Brought this country to its knees”, Dad makes out that its an Election thing in that hoping that the Fianna Fáil followers will leave and vote for Fine Gael etc., etc., I then asked him what are his thoughts on the Northern Ireland Troubles relating to Northern Ireland and the British Govt etc., He said if Cameron wanted to get rid of it, he would do it in a shot, however the Loyalists and the Unionists are beholding to their King William etc., On the way home, I was seeing the following signs:



22.5 etc.,

Now Dad was telling me that it stands for the following:

M7 – Motorway name

N – Direction heading ie North

22.5 etc., this number kept decreasing, he wasn’t sure what it meant. It could be the amt left of the current road name, I ain’t sure. Then on the way home in the car, the radio was on. There was a segment that caught my eye, in that it was erotic stories. There was a woman voicing it. And when she said the following: “I ripped the tracksuit bottoms off”, I began to get aroused. hahaaha.

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