Wow, Just wow. What a film. I was most impressed by the performances by all involved especially Saoirse Ronan’s who played Eilis. She has been tipped for Oscar 2016. Such powerful performances. Great well done. My number one pet peeve other than Music, which am delighted was wonderful and fantastic, BUT the plot, which I will outline in a mo. I was most impressed with the way they portrayed the 1950s. Highly recommended. When in particular the way they used to use the Boat from Cobh, Co. Cork. The film is set in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. So Eilis prob got the train over to Cobh or something. But the number one thing that got to me was the emotions. She showed true character as per Colm Tobin’s novel.

THe plot as I said above was most appreciative very simple. Eilis is currently living with her Mother and Rose(Glascott). She gets a hankering to move to Brooklyn, New York City whom she was helped by Fr. Flood(Broadbent) in terms of a Visa AND a Job. She got a job as a sales person in Balloci a jewellery or something. Says I to meself, my god you could just literally sale into a job, but these days, totally different. So she meets a sexy young Italian buck Tony(Cohen). It is with great sadness, of which I won’t bother getting into it, forces Eilis to return back to Ireland. So while back, her friend or neighbor Nancy(O’ Higgins) sets her up with a guy, with a very cute mmmmm guy Jim Farrell(Gleeson). Before Eilish returns to IReland, TOny marries Eilis so that EIlis “promises” to return back to him. Whilst in Ireland, she gets feelings for Ireland again AND my precious Jim. So M Kelly(Brennan) being the villain I take it, makes up her mind for EVERYTHING by revealing “how small this world is”, when she reveals that a “young girl from Enniscorthy”, married TOny an “Italian”. So on that note, I will leave you all to guess the rest. ahahah.

Mamma Mia

Well what a performance. I travelled along with my mate to the concert. It was fab. The choreography was mind blowing. The theatre productions is based on the Abba songs. The play is abotu a girl Sophie(Niamh Perry) who is marrying Sky(Justin Thomas). However her longing to “be known” ie doesn’t know who she is, is bothering her. So she invites 3 possible Fathers, Sam Carmicheal(Richard Standing), Bill Austin(Michael Beckley) and Harry Bright(Mark Jardine). Sophie’s  Mom Donna Sheridan(Sara Poyzer) is a bit hot and bothered, in that she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up like the way she did. I was moved thou when Donna’s Mom “disowned” her for having a child OUTSIDE marriage. So Donna’s lifetime friends from Donna and the Dynamite: Tanya(Shubna Gulati – from Coronation Streeets’s Sunita) and Rosie(Sue Devaney). So after all the great craic, and laughter, they did a rounding rendition of Mamma Mia and an assortment of other Abba songs. So overall, fantastic performance, brilliantly well done.

Sex Tape

I popped along with a group to see Sex Tape. It was outrageously hilarious. I was breaking my sies laughing. To the point, I thought my back would give out. hahaha. It centered around a couple who was sex mad in earlier years. Annie(Diaz) introduces the film by at the same time Blogging. eheehh. She tells us all how sex mad they were and still are. Then when the children came along it took slightly more effort to get sex. Then Jay(Segal – Who might I add has either changed or aged so much, that I hardly recognsied him). In fact I took to him in the film. The last I would have seen him was in How I Met Your Mother. As we later learn that the reason t hey made the Sex Tape was to fill a void in their lives. We learned this from non other than staff(Black). They first learn of the Sex Tape being “leaked” onto the web, at a Childrens’ party of some form, when Jay gets a text, saying that he loves the video etc., So the couple go on a frantic search. During the search, it is explained  that Jay’s job has something to do with iPads, and hence he used the iPad to record the sex acts. Then it is explained to us, that anything that’s on the iPad is synced to the Cloud using an “awesome” app Frankensync. So it got out onto the web. They turned to their neighbors, Tess(Kemper) and Robby(Corddry) thinking they are the ones who sent the text initially. When they learned it wasn’t, they just went around wanting ALL the iPads back to delete the video. Jay gave it to his Mom(Waldman), from Annie’s boss Hank(Lowe), from Tess and Robby. It is then revealed that it is Tess’ and Robby’s kid Howard(Holzer), was the one who actually sent the text. He blackmailed Jay to get $25,000. When he refused, he uploaded to YouPorn site etc., etc.,.So with all the shenanigans, I can’t really fault the film. You are warned by means of the Censorship(Irish Film Board), with the language and content. Bottomline, Very good. Great plot. Most enjoyable. Great to see Segals(almost) little friend. heeheh

The Fault in Our Stars

Well the movie was quite interesting but hugely emotional. The plot was quite simple, but complex at the same time. From what I could gather it was initially suggested that one of the lovers, which I will outline in due course, was dying of cancer. However as I rightly pointed out, it was actually both of em. Hazel(Woodley) is dieiing of cancer. Not sure the exact medicinal name. She has an Oxygen Tank to help her around. When she was a kid, she had an episode whereby her lungs were fluidly. She is being put on tablets as an experiment to absorb the fluid in her lungs. So afterwards, we see that she is highly depressed and her Mom suggests a Cancer Support group in an Episcopal church. Here she meets Gus(Augustus Waters – what a lovely name)(Elgort). He’s some babe alrite. So precious. He too is dying of cancer. We are introduced with him as in he comes in with a mate of his Isaac(Wolfff). He too has a medical condition, in his case the Eyes. He eventually goes blind. Gus however is dying. His cancer has affected his leg and hence has a Prosthetic leg. Isaac’s girlfriend Monica dumps him when he goes fully blind, sighting she can’t deal with a person being blind. Gus and Hazel go out with each other and develop romantic feelings for each other. He uses a lovely metaphor with cigarettes. He is about to light the cigarette. He continues that if he DOESN’T light the cigarette that the cancer cannot be made worse “You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing. A metaphor.“. So it is revealed that Hazel is book reader ie a book worm. She has this particular book that’s of interest to her. She wants to head on over to Amsterdam, where the Author  is living. The scene of where Gus was on the plane and was told that was “his first time”. I said to my friend, I can totally sympathize with him. As the plane was taking off, I felt I was actually on the plane. It went right through me. I just have a fear of flying especially with the taking off. Even the thought of it, makes me wanna vomit. I just can’t handle it. Ill prob need Valium to control my anxiety. As Gus was taking off, on the plane, I felt his pain and excitement, I was the same. When the plane was moving, he was smiling and excited and likewise myself. When the plane reveed up to take off, He started to get anxious like me. Gus was so me(ahem the plane scene that is). Then he said about the scenery looking out the window. Yep you guessed it. Same with me. Shame I couldn’t take pics on the plane. I think these days, you can. Then shortly afterwards they arrived safe and sounds in Amsterdam. They came across Peter Van Houten(Dafoe) who is the book author that Hazel is madly in love with. She wanted to know the ending of the book. He insulted her to the hills with particular reference to her illness. I was so crushed to hear such words. That she is “ failed experiment in mutation.” HE was such an ass. Gus reveals to Hazel that his cancer has come back with a vengeance. And hence he set up a “Pre-Funeral”. He wants her to read a eulogy. Sadly Gus passed away. The cancer ate up his heart, previously his legs went. The scene where she was crying her eyes, lots of emotions came to mind. Namely my mom’s death(which obv hasn’t occurred) and my exs breakup as my heart was giving out to me  with  the  stress  of  the breakup.