Diary 16th September 2015

Today was very mixed in terms of feelings of my innerself. It all started when I rang my folks before going to bed to find out if they are seeing Darragh off before he returns to Australia. I rang Mom it went straight to Voicemail. Then I rang Dad, I felt so unwanted. There was someone in the background. I understood it to Mom. However I have since learned it was Dad’s sister Bridie. However I still felt so used and abused on the phone. Now obviously he didn’t say anything but that’s just it. He didn’t say anything.

So then moving on, I went to sleep. Then I got up. After the treatment, perhaps I may be reading too much into Dad, I ain’t sure. Only time will tell. If it continues, then its looking increasingly likely that I have lost the Dad of when I first met him in 1993, when I came over from Romania. So if that were to be the case, I’d have to Rename one of my +Puppys Stanescu or something, or maybe buy another Puppy and name him after my Dad(for reasons of privacy, I shan’t be divulging his name).

So then I headed up to Darragh to say my goodbyes. I was very tearful seeing him off. After we hugged. I have always looked up to him. I enjoyed my time with him. haahahha. Was great seeing him. After All, I hadn’t seen him years, even before he emigrated back in ’11 I think. Well before I came out, I still don’t recall seeing him.

So then afterwards, I went back down to Mom and Dads. When I arrived, Dad was looking at the news, while Mom was getting grub ready. Dad and I went into the kitchen for the grub. We were discussing Irish Water. His attitude was wow, mindblowing. So then, when he left the room to do an errand for a neighbor, I questioned Mom, what up with his tude. She explained his brother down in Meath, has a higher pitched voice just like Dad himself. So then I headed back home. While getting my bike, we bumped into Ailish and Noel. I was ecstatic seeing em. hahahah. I repeated to myself on numerous occasions, “you’d to wonder why a family, has a relatives in the family tree”. hhaaha. Mom asked me if I knew what Gender Fluid means. I said yes of course. hahaah.

On the way home, I remembered I was suppose to be going to a meetup for the Animal RIghts Group Meetup group. I was shocked that I completely forgot about it. I was to meet em in Accents where I used to meet for Gay Church of which it now has been disbanded. It was run by Brendan O’ F and Scott.

So then I headed back home for a few minutes then shortly I headed to tescos to get butter. ONwards to the Outhouse was my next place of socialising. It was a great atmosphere. It was a Transgender Night. Like it is every Wednesday. I was chatting with David, George and Stan. You may remember George, the guy whom I said to him last Halloween when I came into Men’s Night dressed up as Pumpkin Man, “Don’t have a heart attack man, I don’t want it on my conscious.”. hahaah. We were talking about 007 and James Bond, and of course Mrs. Browns Boys.

I then went to Cineworld for to see Hitman: Agent 47(Review here)


Eircom has been rebranded to Eir. Eircom has had a history of PR related disasters. In 1993 Eircom took over Telecom Eireann when it was privatised.

The Bill will be debated in the Dáil. After the delayed Legal Loopholes and the Appeals of two citizens, the bill has been finally approved. So now it has to go through the Dáil. etc., etc.,

The Water Conservation Grant, has been paid to over 160,000 customers who registered with the Utility.

Diary 13th July 2015

I tidied up my shirts and sleeveless shirts as part of my cleaning weekly ritual.

Then after that I was uploading pics of myself onto Instagram, and a user by the name of Red Bull gives you wings, says and I quote: “Tbh don’t like any of my pictures every again. I don’t know u and I don’t want to. Get off Instagram faggot”. My reply to him was: “Thank you for your input@redbull_givesyou_wings . I’ll be sure to pass it along to my supervisor. Have a nice day.”. hehehe. Felt good about it. Bit shaken, but good. Knowing I turned a negative into a positive more so a BUSINESS experience. haahah.

A deal has been reached by the Eurogroup for Greece. Greece has been given until Wednesday to implement the Austerity with fears of a collapse in Govt meaning ending Tsipras’ term .
Eircode has been officially unveiled. Ireland is the only country in Europe that does not have a Postal Code system.
German President Joachim Gauck is on a State Visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Legislation for the Same Sex Marriage Referendum, has now been delayed due to two legal challenges held in May/June of this year. The Marriage Referendum was passed by 1m votes. The first country every in the world to pass a Same Sex Marriage by POPLAR vote. It could be in the Statute Books ie the Bunreacht na hÉireann(The Irish Constitution) within months or a year. The Government had hoped to have started the process of Legalising Same Sex Marriage by August and the first Same Sex Weddings would take place in Sept.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55. He died July 11th of a Bile duct growth. He oversaw the launch of the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. He worked across a widerange of flagship titles including but not least The Legend of Zelda, MarioKart etc.,e tc.,He faced stiff competition with Microsoft’s XBox and Sony’s PlayStation game consoles.