Victor Frankenstein

I travelled along tot eh film with a friend of mine. His synopsis of the film: “Interesting”, which no doubt so true. The Visual Effects, class. Oh and the baby, mmmm MUSIC. It was fantastic. BUT not what I had quiet expected. Like Frankenstein being the MONSTER turned out to be the story of its CREATOR aka Victor Frankenstein(McEvoy). As I said and I’ll say it again, I don’t care for body parts being tested or even being shown on TV, as I said to my mate, thank god I had finished my nachos.

We meet Igor(Radcliffe) and his new boss Victor Frankenstein. Victor found Igor in a circus. They together try to create a monster ie LIFE from a dead body. Something to that effect.



Well what a movie it turned out to be. Kevin James who plays the President, provided a fantastic score. He brought along his King of Queens humor and laughter. I was literally breaking my sides laughing on a constant basis. It was activating my soar throat. Thats how funny it was.

It basically tells a story of the classic video games that the Aliens mistaken to be destroying their planet. Adam Sandler who played Brenner, wasn’t too bad. I’m not a fan of the actor. But in this case I found him to be at home. The film starts off with a group of young kids playing video games in the arcade. It is then announced at a convention that NASA is to send a Time capsule sorting a thing to Space. However the Aliens misinterpret and start attacking Earth with all they’ve got. They come in the shape Donkey Kong, Pac – Man etc., All the oldies. All the crew get together to save the world.



The Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Well, what can I say about this movie. Plot very misleading, more so confusing. The effects for a 1977’s movie quite good actually. From what I could gather Alien’s are fooling Earth, well more so an area in USA. One father is loosing ย his mind, literally. Likewise another Mother too. The Mother looses her son to the Aliens and the Father well the Alien’s took his mind, hahaha. Then the Father tries to get to the bottom of this, The Mother also tags along with him, while both eventually finds the the truth. Which is quite amazing actually. Its to do with a government Conspiracy. Then again, the aliens to pop out of the Space Ship afterwards. Firstly thou the humans that were abducted including the Mother’s son Barry.


Terminator: Genisys

Oh my god, like, just wow. What a movie. It was fantastic. Plot was kinda simple. Kyle Reese(Courtney) being the FATHER to John Connor(Clarke) and Sarah Connor’s(Clarke) love interest was sent back to help out Sarah. heheeh. Kyle what a babe the actor was. awwwww. Again great music when I saw Hans Zimmer, awwww my gawd. I think he shud give up his wife or partner and marry me. hahaha. I just So love his music. eheheh.



What a wonderful but heartfelt film ย Tells a story of a robot known as Chappie, help’s save the world. He’s known as a Black Sheep. Ie “different”. The plot is quite simple but at the same time VERY difficult to understand coding. Chappie became to being when he was fighting with the the human police, he was shot with a rifle by Hippo(Auret). So as such Chappie is put aside. Deon(Patel) is working on a piece of code that will upload human consicnece to a robot. So Deon steals a Guard Key. Vincent(Jackman) is hot on his tale thou. Making up stories etc., Vincent even goes as far as to DISABLE the whole lot of the Robot Police. While on the other hand, another storyline exists. That Chappie was “Stolen” by Ninja and Yolandi to help them with a heist to get money for to give back to Hippo. Etc. So very well loved by all, very heartwarming film.ย