The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Well what an amazing film, this was. Although plot wise it wasn’t as constructed as the first film. The Maze Runner(Review here). Great acting now doubt. Thomas(O’ Brien) as ever so cute and adorable that he is, is always the odd ball out. hhaahah

Where there was a scene of darkness, my heart was beating like mad. I was able to see if a character would jump out at the screen a few times. But one character of which was infected with the “Flare” virus scared the shite outta me. hahaah.


The plot as I said above wasn’t as constructed as the first one. In the first one they were mainly in one area ie the Maze. However this time, the amigos: Newt(Brodie-Sangster); Winston(Flores); Teresa(Scodelario); Minho(Lee); Frypan(Darden) and newly joined to the amigos Aris(Lofland) all escape the WICKED(World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department). In the opening scenes, we see a Young Thomas(Gallegos) being given up by his mother(Martinez-Cunningham) to WICKED. Fast forward to the present times, Thomas as ever continues to cause havoc by wondering whats going on etc., Janson(Gillen) is head of Operations at this facility. So the gang with Aris’ help escape the facility. Of which I was quite surprise considering if you’re NOT in the Facility that you will not survive out in the open with all the zombies or the “Flare” affected beings. However I was wrong, as Thomas proved otherwise. They encounter Brenda(Salazar) and Jorge(Esposito) in their travels. They then continue their journey. However sadly one of my precious; Winston is affected by an affected being ie the “Flare” virus. They want to get to beyond the Mountain. They arrive some how survivingly. Teresa while at the Mountain calls upon the WICKED by stating “I’m sorry, I had no choice”, something like that. An epic battle ensues. The Powerful Ava Paige(Clarkson) appears and what a statement that really went through me when she stated: “Whatever it takes” ,while she goes to test for immunisation etc., etc., So Thomas takes his power when Minho is taken back to WICKED, “I am going to kill Ava Paige”. Says I to meself, that’s going to be the Defining Chapter aka, great conclusion to the series etc.,



Hitman: Agent 47

It was quite an interesting Movie. I wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was kept on the edge of my seat. But more so, I was left questioning who should Katia (Price) believing. Either Agent 47(Friend) OR John Smith(Quinto). The film did eventually say who is who. For the purposes of the review, I won’t divulge the information. ahahaha. But you will be pleasantly surprised. Great ACTION no doubt. A bit too bloody for my liking, however I understand this is part of the Franchise series and the movie is actually based on a VIDEO game. hahaahah.


The film starts off with explanation of the Agent and how its made. We then are treated to great action of Agent 47. Agent 47 is hunting down Katia who herself is hunting down Litvenenko(Hinds) who we find out that he’s her Pappie. However soemonesels is hot on their tale John hisemfl.

PS Please wait til END of the film, BEFORE Credits start rolling up. A clue is given. That’s all I’m giving you. haahha


The Theory Of Everything

A very heartwarming film. Tells the story of Dr. Stephen Hawkins. Learned a few items. Never knew he had Motor Neuron Disease. It was sickening thou while he was undergoing treatment that his wife was hanky pankying around. I’m wondering did Stephen know that one of his kids was NOT his etc etc. Very comical. Not emotional as I thought. Just some scenes were. Eddie who played the part of the infamous Dr. was very impressive to the point, I actually thought it was actually him. hahaha. One thing thou because of the nature of the film, ie Dr. Hawkin’s work, it was very complex for me to understand, ie Space Time Continuum etc., etc., Good chance my dad would understand the majority



Well words cannot express my enjoyment of the film. It lived through to its name. I was at the edge of my seat. Like constantly eating the popcorn. Like its never happened to me before. I actually found it scary cause when the film was finished, the popcorn was all over me instead of my mouth. My heart was pumping. It was sad though that they killed off the Cranston actor early in the film. Waiting for the actual Godzilla monster took an hr, I timed it just in case it might be like Pompeii. Review here. Like we were waiting for almost 2 hrs, before the volcano erupted. So for the first hour, the film explained the plot of the whole film, which basically is as follows. The monster Godzilla came to be as a baby eating Radioactive. Something like that. He fed on that for the whole of his life. Now there’s a bit of confusion on my part. In that I know about Godzilla, but 2 monsters also appeared apparently a Hubbie and Wifie. Godzilla towards the end of the movie, was actually a hero in that he was SAVING the citizens in that Godzilla kills the two other Monsters. I will have to clarify this as the times I go to see it, increases haha. The effects of the film excellent. The roars of the Monsters. oh boii. HOT DAWG. Highly recommended the film.