Diary 14th October 2015

Diary 14th October 2015

Not bad a day,. Twas a nice and quiet and relaxing day.

My old phone that I have charging for photography reasons, had the alarm going off. And as such I then heard my Sammy 2 phone going off ie vibrating. I then says, crap, I won’t have a phone. So in quick thinking, as I need it to check in, I said while dressing and checking the FB where exactly the event is, I can be charging the phone which Patch +Puppys Stanescu kindly helped me, heeheheh.

As I said, I wasn’t sure exactly sure where the event for the Candlelit Vigil was being held. heheeh. So I was a tad bit late arriving. When I arrived, there was a priest there praying for the those who have died of homelessness. Then there were a few speeches. Then while the candle was burning my hand off – hahaha, I was chatting to a woman who made an interesting point relating to Media. I had seen somewehre on the TV License TV Ad, taht we as a public don’t get to ask the POliticians etc., questiosn we’d like to thats teh job for the media, where as whieo she did accept it, thou that she feels its to do with teh laws that changes thigns. hheheh. So then I decided to head to the Outhouse.

So when I arrived, there was David. We chatted about his Rail tour. I spoke about this not too long ago actually. haahah. We were chatting about a mate of mine, which for this post, I shall remain him nameless. He’s gay and disabled. I heard shocking news about him. It was unreal. We have been hearing stories about him, like sex bfs etc., etc., So then I said that its probably something he’s hiding. Of which then David had told me beforehand. David had said that someone else told him, that its a possibility that his Mother is beating him up. or something like that. She don’t like him being gay, and something about his disability.

So onto a more lighter topic, there was a lad there with Severne and Ollie, who bought great laughs to us. hahah. He’s a tradesman, don’t know his name. How well he knew I was foreign. hahaah. David was saying he hates the Brazilians etc., for money, green card reasons etc., And Tradesman says now now , don’t be xenophobic. Varnical. haahah. So then Tradesman asked us if gay scene is still in existence with all the APps like Grindr in its existence. I thought he meant with Gay Referendum. But as it happens, its actually is THe George busy etc., et.c, I said of course. Sure its poundinge tc., etc., and he took a sexul inuendo from it. What a laugh. This went on when he said stick a fire stick up my arse. haahah. Oh what a laugh.

So when I came home, I then looked up the beautiful Eir(rebranded from Eircom) website. However very expensive. So for BB and Phone I currently pay €45 and for Eir they would charge €62. QUite expensive alrite.

Diary 5th September 2015

Woah what a day it turned out to be. hahahah. When I rang Ailish for to confirm for tonight’s monthly visit, I hadn’t received a text, So I rang them, I was to meet them for half 8. So then JUST before I headed to sleep, I got a panic attack as to whether to shower BEFORE Ailish or AFTER Ailsih. So I decided to shower before Ailish. However, thou that said when I got up at 7.15, I was unable to. So I got eventually at 8.35, (I know I know – hahhaah).

So afterwards, I headed to Ailish. We had a great chat. Twas wonderful. I was very happy to hear of Brendan’s NON-Demise meaning he’s on the mend. He ain’t going anywhere hahaah. I then told her of the brawl that was ongoing. She was so feeling sorry for me, “But there you’re family, George”. ANd I said I just can’t on my concious. KNOWING I am in the RIGHT. As I said to my sister in the past, it would be different, If I were int he wrong, yeah I’d probably would “would be licking”, some boots etc., But I ain’t. If my Pops hadn’t gone on about Westwood at the time, I wouldn’t be so hurt or whatever. I even told AIlish of the “so called Restraining Order”. She has advised that I stay the hell away from my Mom. Because chances are from my brain, I will be beatened up by the Stepfather. I am very happy over hear in IReland. I would love to meet my Mom someday, however I think I value my life more so than some maniac running after me. My Mom in Romania signed a Legal Document in Ireland known as Restraining Order kinda thing. So I connected with Ailish on an emotional basis with her. Noel was asking about Windows 10. And how to go about Upgrading etc., I explained how to go about it. heheheh.

So then I came back home, and after a wonderful night both Ailish and Noel, I headed for my next event. However this time I went for showering this time. hahaha. Then afterwards, I was about to get ready. Well I for one was NOT ready what I experienced. Now I’m unaware whether my sis saw me or not. She claims she didn’t cause she assumed I was sleeping, however its obvious I wasn’t. Cause first on my FB I had checked into AIlish and Noel and not only that AT LEAST my lights were on. My sis was chatting to someone, perhaps her Aunt. For reasons of unknown I cannot divulge exactly what my sis was talking about, I assumed it was myself. But as I said for reasons that I cannot divulge what I don’t know, I shan’t be publishing such content. Like this is about MIDNIGHT. Someone opened the gate, I went to look out. ANd was quite shocked to see it was my sis. Considering what’s been going on recently what was she doing there? Then not only that my MOM came down. Now what the bloody hell was that about. My sis asked how did Mom know my sis was at my place. I was shocked by the whole thing. I can assume my Dad was around, as I had heard Mom saying something to my sis. So to some up, why was my Sis there???? at midnight, why was my Mom there at midnight????

So afterall that, it lasted only a few minutes, I then kept sketch to ensure no one wasn’t around. So then I set about my next event. ehehhe. I was to go to the Boilerhouse’s Event known as Steam. I’ve never been to the event. I then on my way, was looking at a flag, couldn’t figure out what country its from. I’ll try and describe it to you. The flag is Rectangular, Its literally a Red Cross so meaning there are 4 White boxes. Thats it. Thats the best I can do. ehehehe. So when I arrived, at the Boilerhouse, I was advised strongly to mention that I’m on the guestlist. So instead of getting in for €22, I got in €15. I was ecstatic. Then afterwards, I did my usual. I searched for the actual Steam event, It was actually in the bar area. So overall my night at the Boilerhouse wasn’t the best however at least thou there were these three hot guys who are about late teens early 20s. heheheh. ONe of them kept falling thou, possibly drunken or whatever. hahaah. He had such a boner. mmmm. That was hot. But the falling completely turned me off. It was very busy tonight. heeheh.

Then afterwards, on the way home, seens as Boilerhouse let me keep some more cash, hahahaah, I decided I’d try the Butty from Midnight Express(Review here). It was totally delicious. I got myself a cup of CUrry sauce for the Butty. mmmm. It was heaven.

So overall I totally enjoyed my night with Ailish and Noel, with the Boilerhouse, I wasn’t pushed. So my fear of sex is still occurring. Which I ain’t not sure why.

While looking at Everybody Loves Raymond, there was an interesting episode of which featured a very interesting point. It featured the character Robert as a Cop. One of his duties was to conduct an IQ to a person as a test subject whereby dthat Ray and Debra were given scores and then there were arguments etc., etc., However then Robert comes back towards the end of the episode stating that the IQ test was carried out Psychologically speaking to see what would happen to the suspect as a test object. I found it quite educational actually. Quote from Robert – the character literally sums up this point. “The real test was about HUman Behavior, like how a suspect would act if you mess with his self image”

Diary 3rd September 2015

Again I didn’t bother  going to cinema. Would rather sleep. hehehehe. I was however to meet Searson for a movie. However that didn’t materialise due to me at least not showing up. hahhaa. So I slept it out. Maureen came to my door, again obviously didn’t answer the door. So she left the food at the step. I went to get it. Ate the wedges, however I went to try the soup which is creamy, I immediately suspected Milk or Cream from a cow. I took one spoon. I was getting sleepy, so was not prepared to be sitting on toilet doing the “business”. So then afterwards, I headed back to bed.

Then remarkably another Wet Dream occurred, wonder what up with these. hahaah.

NSFW Sexual content Commences

AS part of my weird dreams, I am fleeing Syria or some country, for me possibly Romania. My sis and I are in a compartment. I go to shower in my white briefs. And then start to get the sensation. And I cum. I then realsie crap, I exclaim “Not again”.

NSFW Sexual content Finishes

So for the above reason, I wake up and let the bed dry out. hahaha. Then because I blocked the Bodily fluid, I go to take piss. And Immediately its as if someone is cutting my muscley off ie what am trying to say, its a bitch to piss. So like if someone has an STD while pissing and your muscley is soar, then that’s a symptom.

Then I get a voicemail, actually two. One from Mom and another from Maureen. While listening to Maureen’s I couldn’t understand what was she apoliogising for. It only came to mind thou that could it be that she was meeting “Fiona”, which my sis thinks its a play, then again my niavity does play its part, so I ain’t sure whats the truth and whats not.

Then I listened to Mom’s voicemail. Suddenly I got a huge sigh of relief. As in Mom actually apologisied for all that was said as one would say. However something’s stopping me from going up to them and that is the fact that DAD never apologised. Thats what this whole thing about is. All he cares is about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Like a few years ago he accused me of being a parasite. That deeply hurt me. However he was right in that case, cause any money I was getting, I was spending it. So I accepted him for that. But this time, he accused me of using HIS money on Westwood. Its MY Money, whom I get from the State. One things for sure, I ain’t sure why she actually said about being happy to stay in Ireland. The only thing I could think of is that my sis may have mentioned to Mom about my Mom in Romania and the ILLEGALITY. But more so, I fail to understand why Mom would mention it in the first place, when it was MAUREEN who brought up Romania and the “unhappiness” of me. Like I am very HAPPY in Ireland, no question. Its Dad’s stubbornness I am NOT HAPPY about. I respect my Mom’s in ROmania’s wishes of NEVER to meet her. Its sad, but there’s nothing I can do about that. Its the law. I am a “Law Abiding Citizen” as the film title is told.


Images of a 3 yr old toddler Ailan Kurdi washed up ashore, has brought hearts broken. He was washed up on a TUrkish Beach. TV3 News I found was most heart breaking when they Warned viewers for a few mins, to the point the reporter even had a black screen while at the same time speaking. “TV3 news took the decision to show the pictures etc., etc.,” When we saw the pictures, My body went completely cold, as if it weren’t cold enough. My heart as a blogger, goes out to the Father … Kurdi. The child, along with his brother and the Mother all perished coming from Bogdan on the way to Kos, Greece. THey all drowned on a Dingy.

Diary 28th August 2015

PS This post contains NSFW content by means of Sexual content.

Well what a night it turned out to be. hahaha. I was suppose to see the film Man from UNCLE tonight. However plans are made to change. hahaah. While sleeping, I got several loud bangs to the door. It was Mom. heheheh. So I just continued sleeping for the night. However during the night, I had a dream of whereby Maureen wakes up during the night(She’s a very light sleeper) both my sis and I are trying to tell her to hush up, but she continues to rattle a few cages. Dream ends there.

NSFW CONTENT commences

While sleeping, I apparently for the very first time had my first “Wet Dream”. It was very confusing at first as to where my “swimmers” or cum came from. I thought it was part of my cold or illness with all my lumps etc., on the body. But as Google’s definition describes it as an “erotic dream”. I’m in my speedos sun bathing as per any guy on the beach. And afterwards, I see some guys going naked into a special area of the beach something like that. When I see their Muscley – what I call my little fella”, I get the need for a jerk off or JO. So instead of my hands, I use my mind as I described this to Bernard last week. And I explode as one would say. But me obviously seeing the result in the speedos and I see the stuff coming through, makes me cum even further. As I was cumming, I was dragging myself to the sea so that I could see the cum in the sea. heheheh. However subconsciously this was happening, this was obviously happening while I was “dead”, hahaah. OMG like it was unreal. When I woke up ie consciously, I says where’d all this come from. So I then put 2 and 2 together and got 4 instead of 5. I was amazeballs at this. eheheh. PS I was naked when I went to bed, I usually sleep commando. As I finds that if I were to were any underwear, I feel the need to jerk. So I just go commando.



Diary 15th August 2015

Well again, I woke up with a stuffy nose for quite a past few days now. Its slightly improving. heheheh. I was heading to my sis to give her food from my Mom. It was a Chinese. We had a brief chat.

Then onto my next errand which was to go to Odeon in the Point Village. Now I wasn’t going there to see a film, I had seen on their Facebook Page, that they had a exhibit, of the Pixels Movie with the four cars etc., as part of the movie. It was my hope that I could take a few pics or something. However it wasn’t to be.

Now as time was on my hand, I headed off to Cineworld for to see Pixels 3D(Review here). So on my way a guy approaches me, in saying very cute I am, etc., He noticed “lipstick” on me. And said he’s gay. Mind you he was very cute. However I found a few faults with the SCENARIO. Which is as follows. Asking a guy out on the street – NO. Sure why don’t you pull me up an ally way and rape me. Then another the minute he said “Cocaine”, I said nah its cool. I don’t have cash. So I said I’d leave it. He invited me to his gaf firstly swapping numbers I said I was going to the cinema. Then he said party later on????. At first I felt flattered, but then frightened of me life when he suggested if I was looking for fun etc., then cocaine. I said its a big NO NO. So I set around my merry way. When I arrived at the cinema, I asked a Supervisor if there was any Sorbets NOT Sherbet. He said there ain’t. Which I was dissastifed. As their hasn’t been one for a few months now. So then I set off to the movie.

After the movie, I headed off home. ON the way I stopped by the Midnight Express. She got my order wrong, when she said it’d be €4. Which I kinda thought how could it be, if I was charged nearly €7 for Pizza and Curry Chips. She thought I had said Chips with Curry sauce. So when everything was corrected., she apologiesed profusely. I said no need to worry. hehehe. I ain’t disappearing.

Ted 2

Well what a film. If you were looking comedy, you were in the right place. Plot was quite simple. Was lovely and fantastic. The film opens with Ted(McFalarne) marrying his girlfriend Tami – Lynn(BArth). A year later they are having marital problems with arguments etc., SO a girl at the checkout where Ted works, suggests a child. As Ted don’t have a d**k, they will have to adopt or IV. So they attempt to jerk off Tom Brady(as himself) in order to get a sample. However that’s not a success. So they attempt a different solution, which doesn’t come with its own problems. When they apply for adoption, it brings up an equality issue in that Ted is a “property” according to the Commonwealth State of Massachusetts Government. So John(Walhberg) and Ted go to a hot shot lawyer who then refers them onto a Junior Lawayer Sam(Seyfried). The three go against Shep(Slattery) who is representing the State. Sadly as Sam says all they want is “one word: Justice”, they don’t get it. So then they travel from Boston to Patrick(Freeman) in New York City. While all this is going on, Ted’s nemesis from the first film Donny, Donny has a proposition, whereby they purposely loose the court case and pull a few strings. When they get Ted, they then want to find out “what makes him tick” and produce this for every kid on the planet. So getting back to Ted himself, they are in Patrick’s Office and Patrick abruptly says he can’t represent them as Ted has not shown any “emotion” or “inspired people”. That’s what humans do. All Ted’s done is broke laws etc., So with this in mind, Ted is in Comic-Con in New York City where he comes across his nemisis. So in a bid to knock him out for once and for all, Donny releases a string or something and a part of the Star Wars costume space ship falls on John. Donny was meant to have killed Ted. So John takes a bullet. Now all of this going on, Patrick sees this on TV and represents them. So Ted is now on the eyes of the law a “personhood”. So in reply to a TV Anchor’s question: “Is there anything you want to say, Ted”, Ted asks for Tami’s hand in marriage: “Tami, will you marry me”.

So to sum up, I was glad that they cut down on the use of drugs. I was totally disgusted with this in Ted, the first one. I was a bit apprehensive in seeing this, film, Ted 2. However was recommended in going so. GLad now I took aboard the recommmendation. Plenny of sexual references alrite, and very glad its LGBT friendly, hahaah.