Diary 14th January 2016

Today finally came the day of my Psychiatric App. My main objective was to get the required help on how to deal with my recent trauma of Social Welfare or as Dr. Christina puts it as Financial Stability. But moving on thou, my trauma from Romania too. So I met my sis for moral support.

So then afterwards, I then headed on back home. eheheheh. I was looking at the news. Then I started to look for my Driver’s License and my glass lens. hehehe.

So after awhile, I got ready to head onto Cineworld to see Star Wars. heheheh. It’s the only movie that’s out there that am interested. Like there’s Oscar 2016 Nominated movies out at the moment, but I’ve no interest in em. hahaha. So just as I had my arm exposed as I was changing into my Star Wars tshirt, I just ate my arm as if it were my sleeve. Its my new baby now. awwwww. So then I headed on out.

I wanted to get Google Chromecast which allows to “Cast”, videos, pictures etc., to a TV. hheeheh. Also DVD Recordables for to create a Windows 8.1 Installation Recoverable Media. heheeheh.

So then I headed to Pennys to looksie around, Initially, I wasn’t gonna bother, but one of the mannequins attracted me to him. mmmm as he was wearing a Black Short Shorts, and Bright Red/Orange Tshirt Workout or Performance. So then I picked out few items, however I then went to check out the cash in my bag, and surprise surprise I had nothing but the “clothes on my back” as they say. I just had enough for food in the cinema. I had miscounted. So I just left the clothes back.

When I got back, I was looking for the rope cable that I usually tie my bike along with the lock, and I noticed it was missing. So I checked inside. Me thinkgs it was stolen.

Diary 5th January 2016

Today was fairly cool, cept the self harm, but hey, nothing’s new there. hahah.

So then my sis arrived down for her traditional downloading, and more important to see Santi, Snowy and their pappy Father Christmas +Inflatables Stanescu.

Then I was to do my traditional Social Welfare financing etc., So my first port of call was to collect my Medical Cert, then onto An Post to collect my Rent Allowance which would help bring down my DR ie debt with the bank. Then I continued onto Store St., to drop in my Medical Cert. Then I decided to pop into Peadar who works in SmallChanges to hand in his card. heheeh. I never knew he had Irish. Was wonderful.  heheheeh.

So after my errands, I then headed back drenched head to toe to my sis in my place. We then headed off to her place. On the way, I got a few crisps AND my lovely Pinenuts Salad. mmmm.

Diary 2nd January 2016

Well after a nightmare of 24 hrs give or take of thoughts, or dreams, was always something, I awoken to my next door neighbour, cleaning up. Says I to meself, is he just cleaning up to PREVENT floods or actually has a flood occurred. So I got out of my comfort naked self to “feel” or touch the carpet to ensure NO water was there. heehhe. Thankfully it wasn’t.

I was due to getup around midnight to do some recordings, then failing that was to get up for 1ish, however that didn’t materialise. I then was to get up for around 5ish to hand in my Medical Certificate for payment on Monday(NOT that’ll happen now) hahahah. But just try it. However that didn’t work out eitherway. So I met up with Barry for to see Star Wars. While waiting for Barry, I got my sis TWO new Polos as she calls him, replacing the hole that I got for her Christmas pressie. hehehe. Then we met up afterwards again for a drinkie. heheheh. I then told him of the recent goings on. He suggested that the back of the brain theirs a part of the brain called Immediol, something like that whereby if that part is missing, that the person would have NO fear hence the recent outbursts. Even to this day, Martin Mulligan who was beside Dad and myself n sis, can’t for the life think why would he says such. Like just cause a person likes slasher films, don’t mean she should join ISIS. I saw a face that I would never wanna see again. I’m referring to Martin btw. So after all that UNPLEASANTNESS, Barry then asks how are all the “Furry Babys”, well the bubbliness that I got out of that. Considering, Ducky and Baby AIN’T puppys whatsoever, so I’m gonna start renaming my accounts to Furry Babys Stanescu. Awww the thought of it. heeheh, so adorable. So while Barry and I were drinking, Eoin came round to us. At first I didn’t even recogniser him, perhaps without his shorts, heheeh then again there was another guy wearing shorts too. So I don’t know. heheheeh.

Diary 15th December 2015

Today was not bad a day. Nothing outta the blue occurred. hahahaah.

It all started when Maudy rang my doorbell heavily. So I went back to bed. Then I got up eventually. I had a doctor’s appointment for the doctor to fill out a form that is one of the requirements of the Supplemental Welfare Allowance.

So then onwards and upwards to collect my rent allowance of which was Double Pay and then I headed onto to the bank to lodge money for the bills. I then continued onwards to hand in my Certificate to Store St., I then headed onto home to get ready for my sis tonight.

I was looking for various items. heeheh. Then on the way to my sis, I went to get pressies for Colette, and my Dad for his birthday AND for Christmas too. Then I headed onto her place to wrap up the pressies AND at the time had hoped to Address the envelopes. However it wasn’t too be as last night, I had created a Report in my Access contacts database and exported that into a PDF and saved it on OneDrive. However even that didn’t work, as it would not show up on my phone. So that was a bummer.

I was watching IrelandAM on my TV. They are currently have a competition of whereby the viewers have to guess “What’s In The Box”, in the lead up to Christmas. The presenters give out clues on the hour of the show. Today’s clue’s so far is as follows: Sir Walter Ralaeigh introduced this, into Ireland. The second clue was that They are categorised as Queens, Records and the Rooster are all varieties of what Vegetables. and the final clue of the competition:  This veg is more fondly known as The “Spud” in Ireland. Now I thought Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the Tobacco in Cigarettes. Well who knew about the spud, hahaahha. of course the answer is Potato.

While going through my blogs I subscribe to, one Blog post was of interest that brought great memories of my Cell Phones usage. heehhe. It was based on what PRE-Android phones ie NON-smartphones. My very first phone was a Panasonic GD35. I remember I didn’t want a mobile phone at all. heheeheh. However Mom n Dad insisted if they wanted me for anything. I got it for my State Examinations aka Leaving Cert year. I remember that I was actually wanting the phone so that I could text. I would only get the numbers of guys I found cute. ehehhe. Now obviously I wasn’t out or anything. But hey. I even went as far if they know how to text instead of calling. Then I also remember that I had only gotten Nokia 3510i, which was a color screen. I remember walking home from some place late at night, I had the phone on display. I held it so tight. I had only finished a class of the ECDL. I really adored this one very much, til it got stolen. So I bought another one. Even that went down a manhole. I was working for a company Noel Hughe’s company – my relative I see on a monthly basis. heheeh. , ahahah. Another one got stolen. I then got myself a Nokia 7310, something like that. This one was not bad. It was a very highend one. My former friend Noel Kenny, recommended it. I remember that when I was looking up specs, that a USB is was a vital thing where I wanted to connect to the computer.