Diary 29th February 2016

I was thereโ€™s for a few hrs trying to work out why I was having three runtsstic ACC. It only dawned on me that I was using runkeeper for comparison. Haha. Whats happening here, is that I was trying to figure out why all my latest updates on the Fitness was not regarded. I had been using my Nexy. I then found out that I had created a new account on the Nexy, which is an awful shame. hahaha. So I was there trying to figure out on my Lappy, why I was having THREE accounts??? Couldn’t put my head together. haahah. So that said I only realised that I was actually looking at RunKeeper instead of Runtastic. hahahah.

I was looking at the election coverage for the whole day after finishing Knots Landing. What a momentous occasion, to see Fine Gael being reduced in numbers but more so Labour being wiped out. ONe’s thing for sure. That Fine Gael/Labour is no more. As John Bowman (Former RTE Broadcaster) puts it, we have “more question than answers”

And then there infamous pedophiolia guy. Hmmmmmmmm. This triggered me big time in relation to my dreams. As per will be told. What happened was that I was chatting to this Filipino guy. We were getting on great til he brought about sex with a minor. He told me he loves it and THEY love it. I kept repeating to myself that its not possible as they ain’t mature. etc., etc., So the short of it all, I reported the convo and reported the convo to Facebook and of course Unfriended him and Blocked him and when Facebook told me “We’re sorry this has happened to you, it may AFFECT you” that went through me. This caused my 37hrs sleep.

So as I said to Sarah last week that only for POlitics or Current AFfairs, my life would be empty. hahaaha.

Diary 24th February 2016

First it was yesterday whereby someone screams my name in English GEORGE with a bit of an echoie voice and now This. The latest behind I’m at home in my apartment. I look out the window. There is a young lad outside looking constantly inside. He rings the doorbell. He says drink this and the smell immediately throw it left, towards left and it explodes. I mean like wtf.

So then after failing to sleep a proper min 8hr sleep, which I only slept 4hrs, I had to get up to go and get my Medical Cert from Fairview Medical Cert. When I arrived it was just on the dot of half 5. heheeh. So I was lucky in that respects. haha. But that said I asked when the Receptionist gave me tude, what time does the Surgery closed. She said half 5. She also noted to me that I she was the one who left the voicemail to collect my Cert. She said that I’m suppose to collect my Medical Cert on a TUesday. However thou me ignoring her tude, I noted a patient came in for an appointment for 6pm, So if they close at half 5??????

So moving on, I went to my sis to hand her groceries. I revealed to my sis that without the General Election that I have nothing. I love Elections. Its a “buzz” as one would say. Like my next “buzz” will be the Brexit aka British InOut Refernedum. We had a chat. It was brief as I had to head onto to hand in my Cert. hahaha.

So I came back and headed to bed to catch up on much needed sleep.

Diary 21st February 2016

Well what a day after so little sleep of about 4hrs if even that. hahaah. Although I did get a bit of sleep heheeh. I was due to visit my Mom in hospital between 3-4pm as I understood it was the Visiting hours. However it wasnt too be. hehehe. Lemme explain in detail. heehe.

So I got up eventually after so little sleep due to me going to bed late. hahaha. Then I got up and ready. So I cycled up to my Mom with me leaving around 3.34 when I should have been up at 3.15. hahhaah. I arrived at 3.55pm, so I was very tight. I dropped in, however she was asleep. So I was about to head off when I got a call from Mom to say if I was dropping up to her. So I popped up to her. Was great seeing her. hheeheh. I spent a good hour with her. Then I headed on off home.

I headed on home to get a few things for my sis. heheeheh like my Sleeves, my Green Tea. I then got a few things in Groceries namely milk. I was ecstatic to learn that they sell VEGAN wraps. mmmmm

Diary 19th February 2016

Well what a day, it turned out to be. hahaahah. I had gone to bed around 5ish in the morning. I didn’t sleep a wink. Could it be becuase of Finance, or that I was meeting MAureen. I guess nobody will know, NOT even me. heheeh

I first started off with by going to the bank to sort out my Rent issues. So my first errand was to withdraw from the Credit Union. Then I headed to An Post to get my normal cash. On the way to the bank I only realised that I left my cash witch was to form part of the Rent. However as I said to myself “ya fuckin ass”. I was mad at myself that I had left the cash behind which is in my safe.

So with that I rang Ailish to see if I could call up tomorrow night Sat, as per my norm once a month. Then I decided that on the way to Ailish, that I can go and lodge money then I’ll head to her place.

So then it was time to get up for to meet Maureen my aunt. I had only learnt that my Mom had gone into the Hospital. She was brought up by Dad on Wednesday Night. She thought she’d be out the next day hence why she never said anything. So that said, Maureen told me as she’s still there and will be for over the weekend. She had diarrhea and vomiting. This was caused by Blood Infection and something with the liver. So I expect to go and see her on Sunday with my Aunt and Sister.

ANyways Maureen and I trodded along to Govinda’s.hehehe. I warned her thou that these are against gay people, that they are highly Christian crowd. Then we were chatting away. I had a lovely scrumptious Broccoli Soup, Bread, then the main dish being Rice, with Lentil Sauce on it and of course some pastry yolk. Oh and one last thing, it’s VEGAN. mmmmmmmm

Diary 28th November 2015

Today was a quiet day. I was due to go and see Good Dinosaur. HOwever it wasn’t to be as I had gone to bed late. heheeh I had every intention thou to get up for 10ish or the wee hours of the morning. HOwever as I was charging my sex phone, it had been turned off, so I was charging Paddy(iPad), Lumy, Sammy 2. So as such I woke up at 6am the next day. hahaah. So I took a leak, and then I went to clear up a bit of space on my box. ehehehe. Then I headed back to bed. awwww. I had my sleeves, and my blankies to keep me company. Then I reaslied thou now, that if my folks are helping me ย or lending a hand on my finance, that I’ll actually be a looser financially I mean. By that as reported in the Budget 2016, those on Social Welfare will be getting 75% of the Christmas Bonus ATOP their Social Welfare benefit. So what this means is that those on the basic rate like Disability, Job Seekers etc., will get 141 atop their payment. But with me, I won’t. I’m storming heaven with tears that I will be able to get the Christmas Bonus. Like PRessies, Cards, Stamps have to be bought you know, and not only that my OWN pocket Money. While obviously Bills are highly important, so is the life etc., just as important. Like my Food intake is also affected too.

Diary 25th November 2015

Well after yesterday’s not my finest hour, I decided to sleep my life as per always, hahahah. Before I headed on off to sleep, I rang the Rents Unit, and never got through. By that I mean I rang and it dialled toned out. So I just gave up and I went to sleep from 1pmish til about midday the next day. Was the best sleep ever, hahaha