Diary 30th November 2015

Well as per my normal schedule of me staying up for the day, I was looking at TV. heheheh. I was looking at Ros na Run. I had 5 1hr episodes making that 5hrs to go through. However when I went to go and calculate the length of time to record on the PVT, I miscalculated the required time. So as such, I was slightly late in going to bed. hahaha. I had hoped around 8 or 9. But it was 1 int he morning by the time, I reached my beddie. heehehe.


Diary 23rd November 2015

As per my weekly schedule I was taping Fair City of which I haven’t seen since the beginning of October. I was fixing up the TV so that it faces me, it kept disconnecting the cable and more so the stand that my Dad fixed for me a few weeks ago. However while looking at the show, there was a breakup on the show ie a same sex breakup. Such harrowing words went right through me, “I Cant even see her, It’s like looking at nothin’. ”

I also was suppose to be in the new job for midday today, but following advice from Mom and Dad AND SW, I decided against it. So I emailed the company, and rejected the offer.

Diary 16th November 2015

Well today was a quiet day.

I was looking at the news, as per norm and the current affairs. Then onto my 13/14 hrs of Knots Landing. Twas quiet emotional thou at the end, when the series ended. Obviously its being repeated. I’m a sucker for endings thou. hahaah.

Then while doing that, I was doing a new idea of selfies/photo shoot, whereby I use Lappy’s own Cyberlink YouCam, the software that I use to go and record Videos for my VLog. heehheeh.

THen while sharing my PUppys, to my Facebook gstanescu84 account, everything was grand. THen it came the time to post my Photos of myself up ย and the button for to select the album never showed up. ???? I restarted the phone, reset the app, Still nothing. So hopefully its just a bug and Facebook will fix it in no time.

Diary 18th September 2015

Again today not busy one bit. hahaha. As I had slept the whole day, yesterday, technically speaking, I decided to get up early. However as Thomas Kent’s State Funeral was being broadcast today on RTE Television, of which I wanted, It was a good thing I got up early, so I watched yesterday’s news. Thomas Kent was involved in the 1916 Easter Rising of which 2016 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising. And I then watched Ros na Run, the Irish language Soap Opera. I then watched a few hours of Fraiser. hhahaah.

So then I made my merry way to Outhouse of which was bouncing. hahaha. As it was Culture Night, it was quite busy. I also learned of a new employee there, more so Volunteer. I wish him every success in the role. I have known him(not personally) but seen him around the town quite a few times. I wished him every success. I asked him if he were Jamie, and he replied, so I congratulated him. I also bumped into Searson. hehehe. He was wondering why I didn’t turn up for him a few weeksย ago we were to see a film. I just made up some bull of an excuse or as one would say a cock n bull story. hahaah.

So then I headed to cineworld to see The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials(Review here)

So then afterwards I watched the News Bulletins as part of my religiously watch. Then also afterwards I was catching up on my TWO weeks worth of Ros na Run and Fair CIty. One theme was throughout in ONE day. ahhaha. Namely Medicine. ie That required Medicine services, or whatever. Ros na Run had killed off a beloved character, while the Fair City had a harrowing scream of a 9yr old Ben in the soap. They both were in car accidents, in the soaps. Now the reason I mention the soaps is that I have been getting diarrhea since I came home from the cinema. I watched ROs na RUn BEFORE the cinema and then Fraiser as I said to “cheer me up”, then after the film, I watched Fiar City. Of which contained more heartache. My body went cold, when I realised who was in the car that Fair City had been advertising throughout the week.

THen again, my diarrhea could have come from the cheese, I had in the cinema. Who knows. Afterall, I am allergic to Cows milk. But it still gets me thinking as to could the cheese in the cinema have caused it, as in the past, its never reacted with my body this badly. To date as I write this blog, now, ie putting the finishing touches, I still have it.