Diary 29th August 2015

Well today wasn’t too bad. Actually turned out more positive than recent events. ahhaahah. It all started when after my long hibernation, I got up around half 1 to look at Knots Landing. I then afterwards, headed back to bed, hoping to sleep. However I didn’t sleep a wink. Perhaps a 40 winks as one would say. So I got up eventually around half 5. I was starting to feel sleepy around quarter past 3, the time I was suppose to get up. So I just delayed everything. So when I got up, I did a brief NSFW photoshoot. Then headed onwards to my sis for support for her. On my way to her, I wanted to get Green Tea in particular and of course sugar. I then saw a sprinkler food thing known as Chia something like that. I was curious about the price. Considering the size, I immediately assumed €5 or less. When the lady told me €10 I was ashtonished. haahah. So she assumed I would not be buying it. hahaah. I then headed onto Cineworld for to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation(Review here). I then got myself a take out in Midnight Express(Review here)

When I came back, I was searching high and low for a cable that I need for to connect my Sky Box to the Router. hehehe. Still looking for it.


10s of thousands have joined in a march from BOTH Heuston St and Connolly St. and they all converged outside the GPO on Dublin’s thorough fare O’ Connell St. There were speeches etc.,

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Today mark’s the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Catríona. In 2005 New Orleans was devastated by the hurricane, killing several, making several people homeless.

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Marriage Equality has officially been signed into law by the President of Ireland. It was due to be signed into law earlier, however 2 Appeals of the Referendum results was delaying the whole Signing and hence was upheld, making it rendering useless. So today marks the day Marriage Equality has been signed into law making it legal for Same-Sex couples to marry in the Republic of Ireland.

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Diary 10th August 2015

Today was a quiet day. With the goings on with Dad, I was pining for Mom, its a shame that she’s caught in the middle along with my sis. But hey its family. What ya gonna do. hahahahaha.

So to distract me, I have been looking at the day’s news, the last episode in the series of Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way, fantastic documentary by the way. It featured the late Larry Cunningham who sang the infamous country song “Lovely Leitrim”. Then it was onto my soap of Dallas – always entertaining. ahahah. Its been my 3rd time seeing the series. hahaha. Then onto the comedy of Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens. Fantastic comedy. Always enjoyed it. In fact I was thinking the Leah Remini who plays Carrie in the series of King of Queens, I find her much better than when she was in Saved By The Bell. So then afterwards, it was onto my films. National Treasure(Review here) and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (Review here).


Diary 3rd August 2015 – Bank Holiday

Well today, as I had the majority of Dallas Episodes, I was only doing one episode Awwwwwwww, haahaha. So after that, I watched Taken and Taken 2. I then went onto watch Comedy of King of QUeens and Everybody Loves Raymond and finally Golden Girls. What a heartiest enjoyable day. ahhaaha.

As today is a Bank Holiday(where public ie Government Buildings, Post Offices and Obviously Banks, are closed for the day) ie its an extended Weekend for the Irish. ), I decided to tag along, which simply means normally I don’t do the stuff I would normally do had it NOT being a Bank Holiday. Normally on a Monday, I would do the clothing, and the Updates of the Devices. So I said I’d leave it. haahah..



Diary 27th July 2015

I mysteriously forgotten to mention in yesterday’s blog entry that I was done with my sis yesterday. hahhaha. As Dane DeHann who played Harry in the latest Amazing Spiderman reboot(Review here), says I don’t know how, and I don’t know why”, but it happened. We variously discussed issues.

I’m delighted to report that my USB is working, But as a result of the other guy NOT working, My Box was complaining not enough space or in its own words “Insufficient space” for Everybody Loves Raymond, Ireland AM etc., etc., so I just had to deleted the scheduled recordings for today. Nothing much I can do. hahahaa.


The families of those that are still in treatment in the Berkeley Tragedy have come out in thanking for support Aoife Beary, Clodagh Cogley, Niall Murray, Hannah Waters.

Bobbi CHristina Browne, daughter of the late Whitney Hueston has died. SHe was foudn dead in a bath tub, jst like her mom.

Diary 26th July 2015

Again I wasn’t able to get a good quality of sleep. So I got up slightly earlier than scheduled. Was recording King of Queens. When I realised after this that the recordings were NOT as expected, I was mad. So I said I’D drop everything and got up and set off to PC World to get my new USB Drive and the USA Clothing from Penney’s. I had planned on getting em at 5pm ie leaving at 5pm, hwoever it wasn’t to be. So I set off at 3ish.

Next as I hopped on my bike, I realsied there was a puncture. I was so sure and still could be that somebody punctured, I ain’t sure. I will have to ask em Pops.

So I set off walking instead. I was gonna cycle on a puncture, however I then remembered that the last time I did so, I would have to get a NEW Wheel altogether costing me over €20. So I said I’d just walk.

So I brought my Rainbow Umbi ie Umbrella, hahaah. Just as I was nearing PC World, Umbi, wouldn’t stay up, I was quite baffled and still am. I then wanted a pic of a display in Arnotts of a large Magnum. Sammy 2(phone) wouldn’t work. I restarted, didn’t restated. I was surprised. the battery couldn’t have gone. It was at 39%. So was baffled. IT eventually worked and got to get a pic of the Silver Magnum ice cream display. awwww.

So then onwards to PC World, got the USB Stick. Then onto Penneys’ in O’ Connell St. More than delighted with it. Was looking for USA clothing, not one was to be seen. heheheh. So I got other stuff.

So I came back and recorded two episodes of Knots Landing. And lo and behold it WORKED. I was so overwhelmed and delighted. The USB stick was the MAIN reason, for not getting any news since last Wed. Now anyone who knows me, should know I easily  get ticked off or pissed off if I don’t get my daily dose of News – hahahaha.


The Special Olympics of 2015 has been officially been launched. It is in Las Vegas. Over 100 delegates are representing Ireland. 165 Countries are partaking in the Games. Over 25 sports will be played over 9 days

Diary 10th August 2014

Just as about I was to head to bed, there was loud music. Lasted for about an hour or so. While the music was on, I was taking NSFW pics of meself. hahaha. Then I got to sleep

Then I woke up from a nice sleep, I then got myself ready for the Vegetarian Meetup. I was about 10mins into my walk to the National Botanic Gardens, when I got a notification from Meetup and saw that there were a few. Someone asked where to meetup, however Sarah(the person who organised this meetup and also the person I bumped into in Drumcondra a few weeks ago) replied to the person and said that she had cancelled the meetup due to heavy rain and weather. She had rescheduled to Aug 24th, which is when the Marriage Equality March is on. So I won’t be able to make that.

So as the meetup didn’t work out, I have been looking at the News from yesterday and Ros na Run Órga(The Golden oldies as one would say.) Boy it was lovely seeing Donnacha. Awwww was lovely to see him after all these years. They had changed the Donnacha character to be that of a different actor. This one to be so cute. mmm. Then I another thing I noted in these episodes I have been looking at, was Tom was already out to the public as a gay man. He came out a few years ago. However, Tom was seeing Conor who only came out to his sister who is the Dr. of the village. More so the way he came out was he was about to kiss the Tom when his sister walked in on em. He then says to the reaction of the Dr. the following quote.

“I didn’t choose my “sexual orientation” as you put it, just to shock you. And if you don’t accept it, then I’m sorry for embarrassing you! – Conor O Baoill(Ros na Run actor – who played Dr. Sinead Ní Bhaoill’s Brother on the series)

As my sis wasn’t available to meet, I was looking at the Golden Girls and an interesting Documentary on Irish Weather. Suitabley called the Four Seasons. As the Irish get all 4 seaons sometimes in one day. One point in the documentary was John Creedon the presenter asked the pilot, why is the pilot in the back and John the passenger is in the front. If your flying solo, for weight battle purposes and for other controls. They’s all in the back. John was wanting to experience a cloud spotting as he puts it, he wanted to experience. The pilot recommended that he touch it ie hop on a plane and bob’s your uncle. hahah. When the plane was taking off, ie off the tarmac, I actually felt it. Cause it did happen to me several times. Going to and from Doncaster and Italy. I was in bits. My sis gave me a valium on one occasion. But I still was aggitattied. The stewardess asked my sis if I was alrite.