Diary 20th July 2015

So after I got from my sis, I was blowing up some of my +Inflatables Stanescu. I want to do a wee “survey” as to which stays up and which doesn’t. Those that don’t will be thrown out UNLESS I have another copy of it. hahaha. Then I was uploading pictures of my babes +Puppys Stanescu. So then I started continuing on doing the last of my clothes which is the jumpers. So next week will more than likely be my last of the tidyup, hahaah. And of course catching up and my soaps and then Comedy. hahahah


Paul Dunne is about to make history if he wins the Open to gain the Claric Cup. A native from Greystones, Co. Wicklow, If Paul wins the Open, he will become the first Amateur to win the Open since the ’30s. UPDATE, it is now has been announced that sadly Paul didn’t win The Open.

Greek Banks have reopened since 3 weeks, when they were closed.

FIFA are to hold the next Presidential Election in February 26th next year , after current President Blatter, won the 5th Term but days afterwards, he stepped down. A comedian somehow got into the Conference and threw “fake money” onto the podeoum of where the President was giving a speech.

EBay and Paypal announced in September last year that they are to become two separate companies.

Cuba and the United States have Officially tied their countries, by opening Embassys in each others countries. They last closed the embassy 54 years ago.

Diary 25th June 2015

Looked at TV. News from Yesterday.

My ex rang me to find out why he can’t watch his porn xnxx.com. He was trying to view this page, in his web browser, Browser and Chrome. Neither worked. So he had to ring the embarrassing of ringing his carrier i.e network.

Mom rang me to invite me to go up to them. I was due to go to the ceremony which is part of Dublin Pride events, then I’d pop up to them. However I got a sudden rush of what Dad would say. The way Mom said on the voicemail. Reminded me of what Dad did to my sis a few weeks ago when she was in financial distress.


The last of Berkeley victims has been buried. Lorcán Miller was buried in his native Shankhill

Liberty Insurance is to shed 270. 135 of those are in Dublin, 115 Cavan and 20 in Enniskillen. The Motor Industry in NI(In the North, Northern Ireland) has been declining. Liberty Insurance had bought over Quinn Insurance several Years ago.

Nancy O’ Malley, District Attorney has formally announced an investigation into the Berkeley Tragedy

Measures for Water Charge include sell a house unless you pay of Charges.

25 years ago today, saw Ireland for the first time, qualifying for the very first time ever into the World Cup. Ireland were playing Romania(My home country. heheheh). They qualified via Penalty shoot outs. Romania were scoring, and Packie Bonner’s(Irish Goalkeeper) saved the goal.

Diary 31st January 2015

Spoz to have gone up to Ailish and Noel however Noel texted me “not to worry”. Even thou he told me the night before it’d be no problem. Mom then rang me and I asked what up with Ailish and Noel. Mom explained then Teds Father is going and hence Noel was being short.

So I went up to Mom and Dad’s instead. Had a ball with em. Hehhrh.

While with em, there was a piece on Doping in Sports in particular Cycling and now Rugby. I fully agree with the journalist. He’s being silenced by major corporations and companies etc.,

Diary 15th October 2014

Today, was a quiet day. I was suppose to head onto a meetup, in particular the Vegetarian Meetup in Milanos. Like the other day, I was suppose to go to Umi Falaefel, but didn’t bother. I of course cancelled the last minute well in this case.

So I just stayed on in bed. In the middle of the hibernation, I got up for a leak and making room on my box.

Then I got back to sleep and had the following dream.

Am with a group of people. We head into a restaurant. I keep looking at a waiter. He’s so brazen. I go to pay .15c and I hand over €1. He gives me no change. I then am writing a review. Clearly it’d be a terrible review I’d be writing.


The Budget 2015 “hangover” has occurred. As traditionally, both Ministers for Finance and Public Expenditure(Noonan and Howlin respectively) took to the airwaves on RTE’s Seán Ó Rourke to listen to the public on Radio. There has also been confusion in yesterday’s Budget announcement whereby Social Welfare recipients and Tax Payers receive €100 off their Water Bill per year and Tax Credits respectively. It was my understanding yesterday, that EVERY single Social Welfare recipient despite there allowance, will receive it. However it has come to my attention that this is NOT the case. Those on the Disability Allowance, Fuel Allowance and obviously if you have the Household Benefits Package will receive. Jobsekker Allowance, and Jobseekers Benefits will NOT be eligible to receive the Water Allowance. This has also come tot he Tax Credits. In order to receive Tax Credit on your Water Bill, you MUST pay the bill, then apply to your local Tax Office and then get the amount off your NEXT bill. The Government will reassure and if needs be change a few things when the Finance Bill comes into force.

U2’s Bono has apologized to iTunes for their latest single that was sent to ALL iTunes users. SOme wanted the single BUT others DID NOT.

Serbia and Albania has been charged by UEFA for a Political motivated brawl. Both countries got into a brawl when a flag bearing a “Indigenous” was lowered. A Serbian player took it down. Albania team players were against this, and got into a fist fighting. Serbia have never gotten over the Independence of Kosovo back in ’08.

Diary 28th September 2014

PS Again this post contains NSFW content in the form of self harm.

Well unfortunately I regret to inform you all, that my self harm tendencies has continued today. Well after such a long hibernation, thinking sleeping would help to alleviate the urge, I got at half 6. I was due to travel along and pop along to World Vegetarian Day. I went to the event last year. It was quite impressive. This year it was in a different venue. As my depression came back like a camel on its back, I was unable to attend. So I just stayed on, however my urges got stronger and stronger.

So with the time, considering I was due to visit me sis, I got ready and showered. Its there I did my self harming. I don’t do it in the traditional sense, whereby I cut veins or whatever. I literally just press down on the skin with the razor, when the pain comes, I relieve and continuing going down on it. And a little skin comes off, then I’ve done my deed.

So shortly before I finished up the shower, I heard Mom and sis at my door. I just ignored them. However, when I heard my Mom attempting to “breaking in” and entering(I say this LIGHTLY btw), I just had to use the towel around my little junior, and confront my Mom to prevent my door being broken into. My sis could see me getting agitated. So I told Mom to stop it. They both headed off. So as my Mom didn’t help me at all, I continued my self harm before I finished completely.

So I then headed off to my sis. We discussed with my recent outbursts on Facebook and of course my Blog here. WE of course also looked at Two and A Half Men. heehheh. Truly most enjoyable, as always. ahahah


Japans’ 2nd tallest Volcano, has erupted SURPRISINGLY. At least 31 hikers are believed to have perished. Mount Entacké is the Volcano that erupted unsurprisingly. They least expected it. It erupted unexpectedly with an almighty force. It could even be seen from space.
Europe has defeated the USA for the 6th time in 7 Ryder Cups. They won by 5 points. Europe 111/2 and USA 61/2.

Diary 19th September 2014

WEll, what to say about today’s entry. heheeh. I woke up with such a sweat and/or fright. I was dreaming about my beloved inflatables. hehehe. I am in a room with Dad sitting in the armchair and Mom beside him. I ask him and Mom, where are my inflatables. I had two. One with a Blue coloring, which in REALITY, I do and another one. They were both at Mom and Dad’s armschair. I was looking at em so lovingly. When I turned around etc., maybe at TV or whatever, I turned around to the armchairs and I asked nicely “hey guys, where’s my babes, precious or whatever ur having urself. When they refused to give them to me or hand em over, I let out such a scream and I asked for them again. They gave them to me again, eventually. But with such a scream, I woke up in a sweat. And it took alot out of me that I went back to sleep.

So after such an eventual night, I woke up and got up eventful. I then headed  to the Outhouse. Where it was Men’s Night every Friday night from 7pm to 8pm. When I arrived, there was a box like outside the Outhouse. Then I read that it’s Culture Night. So I continued up to the room, which is located at the Library, where Men’s Night is. Quite funnily, my shyness kicked in. By that I mean, I was offered a chair, as I was standing, I thought there was some one else etc., So I eventually finished up on my cell phone. And listened to what others had to say. Another lad joined with us, Cathal. We chatted for a brief period and also with Con. Con was saying he’s heading off to Brazil for a few months. I then said that I was heading off to New York to live. And the rubbish that came out of Con’s mouth. I never mentioned the word Israel to anyone. As I later said to Brendan O’ F, I never bring up a topic, If I don’t understand it or whatever. Con had said that America hates Israel or whatever. I said alrite…. except, I never said such. The amount of crap that comes out of people, is just unreal. hahaha. Then Cathal and I were chatting together. And he mention that the name of the Culture Night that was being held int eh Outhouse, was putting him off. ie Katies Party or something like that. Bernard reminded him that there were men at the event. He then said that he’s Anti-Lesbian. Now I’ve never personally heard of them. Its unreal you know. He then said that they hate men, now perhaps he meant that they ain’t attracted to men, maybe I’m wrong, WHo knows. hahaah. The two Indian lads that were there last week, one of them clearly still shy, was asking for his other mate, whom I found out the name Edward or Ed for short. He was then offered to move up closer. He was quite disgusted. Whcih I don’t get. But anyways. hahaah

So with such delightful conversation, I then headed off with my mate Brendan O’ F, to see The Giver(Review here). So after the film, I told him of the above convo with Con and I and Cathal. I told him, that I won’t be getting to know him. hahaah.


Scotland Votes NO, as in they want to stay in the United Kingdom. British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised as part of his campaign for to stay within the UK, that more powers will be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. It was a 55% to 45%. 84% was the highest turnout in 63 years. Alex Sammond has announced his resignation. He becomes the first High profile casualty of the historic vote.

Dublin City has been chosen to be the Host Nation by UEFA(U…European Football Association) in 2020. The games will be played in the Aviva Stadium. Dublin will play host to 4 games.

Diary 5th August 2014

Well as some of you may know, my place got flooded last Fri/Sat Morning. So with that, I was woken up by my Mom to see a place near where my sis lives. So the two of us headed on down. While the place was nice alirte, I was a bit bemused with the OLD style  cupboards and wardrobes etc., You’d swear I was living in the 80’s or something. And then the idea of no Sky Dish permitted, yeah that’s gone out the door. Mom went beserk over that I wouldn’t move in, because of the Dish not being allowed to be installed.

Then Mom brought me up to her place first as the viewing was for half 2, and my dole would have been too late to get it as they were closed for lunch.

So then I went to get the Dole, and just as I was going into the bank, I saw Don a former work colleague of mine in spar. Then I went to collect my laundry.

Then my sis came to my place. Having a few laughs. heheeh. She got a taxi back to her place.

While doing my nightly administration duties, I keep a record of FB accounts who Page Not Found. And compare that with my sex account. I was quite surprised that one guy I used to know back in my High School Days had actually blocked me. How I found this out was that his account was visible on the sex account but NOT on my other account – gstanescu84. So I sent him a little message, portraying my shock as to he could be a homophobe or something or worse still a racist. Eitherway, I was quite upset to learn of such.

Then when 10am, came my cell phone displays a notification saying that my Dr. Appointment ie Blood Test is at 10am. I literally said “Bollocks”. Then I realsied that today is actually Wednesday(well technically tomorrow – as I stayed up over night).


Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has delayed the most anticipated “Universal Health Insurance” and described it as being too ambitious for 2019. He would do it in steps depending on Funding. First would be Universal GP Care and the Primary Care. The Opposition parties want the entire plan scrapped citing costly

Possibility of a ceasefire and truce occurring of Israel. Withdrawal of Troops. It is expected to last 72hrs(3 Days)

BCT has officially been shut down. It is the 6th English Language School to be affected.

In the Baby Gammy debacle, it has now been announced that conflict of words and has been exchanging words.

In Sports, history was made when the WOMEN Rugby World Cup won the match against New Zealand.