Diary 28th February 2016

After some weird dreams, I got up and started my spell or marathon of looking at Election 2016 the Coverage of it.

My sis popped down to do her downloading. After a while, we headed to Centra so that she could get stuff, and we headed back home to my place. Then afterwards we both headed off again, again this time to her place. On the way I saw Liam Mulready. It was unreal. hahaah. LIke the last time I saw him was in Junior Certificate in Rosmini. hahaha. He walked the exact same way as I last saw him except this time with earphones, so perhaps he mightened have seen me let alone heard me. I don’t know. A memory came back thou to me. ONe time I was advised by Mom n Dad to get over my shyness to get in with Liam. As I was a shy kid growing up. They had somehow met LIam or perhaps met his folks of which they know now. However there plan was thwarted as I was following him around, and hence he reported me to my folks. AFter that I don’t remember. eheheh. Then another time as I write this particular paragraph another memory pops in. In order for me to get up in time for Mass or something, or Easter Sunday, I remember my Mom “answering” a doorbell, of which it was “Liam”, and Mom had said to me that LIam gave me an Easter egg, or something and I replied with “Ahh isn’t that nice of him”. hahaahah.

So then we headed onto Tescos, to get milk, and then headed to her place. We looked at Cameron Dallas’ Expelled movie. It wasn’t too bad a movie. However Cameron himself awwww, so precious.

The way MOm n Dad LIE to me, don’t help me. AS I said to my sis, I get anxious because of I can’t handle the truth. Which is truth. HOWEVER I will have to be told anyways.

Diary 26th October 2015

While looking at Reeling In The Years, which is a Current Affairs program that goes back over the years. Today’s episode went back to 2003. A memory came flooding back. In that as Sophia Petrillo says, picture it, Leeson St., 2003. I’m doing my Leaving Certificate Examination. Well the mocks if I recall quite rightly. I am looking at magazines of a pornogpahic nature. I at the time wasn’t out. No one is with me. I’m on a break from school. I see naked women in the magazine etc., etc., I exclaim to myself: “I’m a pornagpraher”. Then while looking at news magazines etc., I see images of Saddam Hussein being Felled. And the Spire, Awwwww yeahhhhhhhhhh

Diary 21st July 2014

I just remembered, that I can now recall why Johann Strauss’ Radetzsk Marszch means so much to me. AS well as its fantastic score, I remember that I got a Johann Strauss CD from my Mom when she was in Prague with her long time friend Joann(who sadly is with us no longer – RIP). I remember I was studying my Leaving Certificate(State Exams) in my bedroom and had the CD playing in the backroom.
I then headed to bed for my more frequent hibernations of late. I had thoughts throughout the sleep and hibernation. In that one of the thoughts were, that I would ask my Mom(Romania) what advice would she give when I underwent homophobic treatment at the time. My Mom over ere(KC), she says simply says to ignore of which I value it and completely ignore the naysayers. I would be however interested in what my Mom in Romania would have said. If of course she is supportive that is of the LGBT.
Then later on throughout the night, (of course, I’m still having thoguhts), I’m being told by letter and I get it translated that she’s gone. I naturally am devastated and attempt to take the “ultimate step and take me own life”(Mrs. Doyle – Father Ted(Going to America)) on a number of occasions and types of attempts: By bridge into water or injecting or the bus on O’ Connell or the more than likely bang my head til I conk out. and somebody finds me.
My folks ere attempt to tell me.  And I reply “So much pain”(Professor Charles Xavier(younger self of 50 yrs previous) –  Xmen: Days of Future Past)
I would like to remind you all or to recall how all this Mother story started for me. Lemme tell u a little story. It all started when my fathers best mate went. Father I mean the one here in Ireland. I started getting the feeling of being followed etc. constantly thinking of her ie my mom In Romania. Ie she perhaps wants to “get to know me” – Chris Salvatore(Eating Out 3 : funnily having a cam to cam session with Daniel Skelton). Then on Thurs during the Dawn of The Planet of the Apes movie I suddenly got this vision of a ghost-like human. I kept looking at it. Then I asked my friend later on if he saw something of the same. He said no. So ever since I have been fearing the worse, that perhaps my Mom(Romania) has passed on.


The Bodies of the Plane Disaster have left by a refrigerated train to Karchev,North East Ukraine. There was a delay in realising the bodies of the 274 who perished in last weeks Air Disaster. Two Newcastle United Football Fan have been found to be on the plane in which it perished.