Diary 22nd January 2016

Well the most anticipated day finally arrived where I was finally gonna get “Mariana” Teddy bear or whatever shape or form. hahaha.

I had asked my mate Barry to come out with me to Leixlip whereby he told me that there is a toyshop that I would like. He made it out to be a huge shop with plenty of teddy bears etc., etc.,

So then I made my way. As reported yesterday I had a puncture in my back wheel and as such I would have to walk in. Now I had aspirations and ambitions as to how to get “Marianna” home, would I need to get it delivered home or what.

On the way thou, I brought my two “gloves” which techncially are my Neck Scarfs. HOwever one of them had gone missing. As I could not in good fatih leave him behind, I had to trawl all theway back to get him. hehehe. He’s my everything. With this thou it rendered me being late for Barry. We were to meet at the BUs Stop.

When we arrived at Leixlip, We had a subway, sub. Twas delicious. They have a new Veggie platter yoke. Twas scrunmptious and of course my precious Olives. mmmm. Then came the time to bring “Marianna” home, hwoever when I arrived, it was unreal.It was a pokey of place. I was deeply disappointed. I didn’t even buy one, not one. Then I went across the road to go and have a lookise. However the disapsobiulityes of the children in the shop of which is a shop that sells to Children with INtellecutal Disabsiltyes, brought too much harsh memroeis of the Orpahange. So I just left. We then went on a lovely walk but very deep walk by means of convo. I revealed that I was a result of a rape. He’s under the illusion that women are aborting everyday regardless of the law. If the referendum is passed that it’ll just be easier. So between me saying Yes or No, I still am conflicted.

So then we got a drink of cafe. We were sitting beside a beautiful firelit fireplace. OH it was homeley. heheeheh. We were sitting relaxing and calmly. I did my usual biting while in the restauartnt bathrooms. I couldn’t hack that I thoguht I could get a clearer picture of wherther to get Yes or No.

Then we got the bus back. He got off at his stop. Got myself a teddy as a rep of my birth sis’ of wich IΒ don’t know her name. Awwwww

Then afterwards, I relaxed for a few minutes, before I was to go out again. hahaah. So I got ready and then headed on my merry way. I chatted to Gerry for a few minutes. and litereally said hello and goodbye and then headed onto my film. heheeheh.