Diary 23rd February 2016

WEll today was quite interesting. heheeheh

It all started when I didn’t bother getting my Medical Cert required for my Injury Benefit payment. I got a text off my sis telling me that Dad wants me to go up to him to sort out the printer. I went up their, Following is what I troubleshooted the steps.

  • I went through the Maintenance tools as provided by the Drivers.
  • Secondly, Checked the cables by means of blowing into the ports on BOTH the printer AND the computer.
  • And lastly I reinstalled the printer.

And unfortunately the above methods didn’t work for me. Dad and my sis who was printing stuff for our Aunt, wasn’t printing properly. It would print partially etc.,

So my next plan was to head to my sis where we chatted mainly. She got a Chinese. I didn’t bother. I wanted to keep the cash for the clothes. mmmm. hehhe. While I was surfing Facebook, I saw that a friend of mine had posted on his profile that Mary Lou McDonald a candidate for Dublin Central in the General Election 2016, I was so overwhelmed to the point I actually got emotional with excitement. And not only that the guy who was beside Mary Lou(could be her Party colleague – I ain’t sure), sang I wish I was in Carrickfergus, I even got more emotional with this. And I’ve saved the best for last, that this particular evetn as part of her campaign was held in the OUthouse. hahahaha.

Diary 11th February 2016

Shortly before I went to bed, I was charging my new Nexy(Google Nexus 9). I had the charging atop Ducky. Then I got a sudden image of whereby my place would be burnt alive, as the case it was seen in the last few weeks, whereby a charger went alight as it was ontop of MATERIAL. So with this I decided against it and put Ducky elsewhere. awwwww

Then I went to sleep. And when I got up to take a leak, I realised that I actually forgot to get my Social Welfare. Considering I’m in debt of over €141, how I acutally forgot to be up in time for it? hmmmm. Just can’t get my head around it.

So then it was time in actual time to get up. However I had gotten so cozy, that I just decided to sleep it out. hahahaha. LIke I was far too late for my Social Welfare. Goosebumps was only realsied in Cinemas. I was due to go and see Goosebumps aswell.

So when I got up then eventually which is 1am, I noticed that one of my programs I wanted to record Prime Time dedicated to General Election 2016, only to realise that it ran out of space. ANd added to that the 12.30 News Bulletin clashed. Oh boi!!!!!.

Diary 8th February 2016

Well today was a quiet day. hahhaha. Well as per my norm TV shows etc.,

I also was getting my dinner too. hehehe. Did a bit of tidying up as the rubbish was in my way of the Oven. So I got the cooking going. hahaha. However thou, I soon realise that the soup I wanted to cook up was frozen obviously BUT, that I wanted there and then. However I have to defrost it first. 😦

While I was doing a tidy up in the living area, I noted a brand new heater that wasn’t even opened. hahahhah.

Also It was my intention to start on the Reinstallation of Windows 8.1 but firstly Windows 10. However when I got there, I came across my Norton product I purchased in PC World recently. I was wondering the price of €39 instead of €109 etc,. So I looked it up Apparently I got €55 off as part of the January sales.

Then I was also gonna open up my new GoPro which will be used for recording videos of my whereabouts on the bike and then the Opening of packages like I did with my Lumia phone. hahaha.

I was going through some music videos and James Corden who has videos of Music artists with Carpools. When I go to Thumbs up a Video ie a Like in Youtube, I have it setup so that Twitter receives a tweet saying I have Liked a video. However on Facebook recently, it posts several times, and I just can’t for the life of me understand!!!!

Diary 4th February 2016

Well I got up in the afternoon, to look at the most anticipated aspect and that is the General Election 2016 Campaign. eheheeh

So afterwards, I then got ready to head out. My first port of call was to get my Rent Allowance and the Basic Supplemental Welfare Allowance. I then put the money into the Bank. However it wasn’t adding it. So I just put a basic amount in, as I do like a bit of pocket money. So then I looked closely at the receipt, and it noted that I was being deducted cash for to pay back the moneys I owe them. I was told in January to go back to them, with a LETTER, and then that they would come to an agreement with me. However that wasn’t to be.

So then I popped into Gerry. I had a fit of laughing when I asked Gerry how his mother is and his reply being “Vampires don’t get colds or flues”. Well what a laugh. hahaahah. He made a good point thou relating to General Elections Campaign. He was saying that the shorter the campaign the less “boring” it becomes. or less “daunting”.

Then I headed on to my sis to see how she is. I told her of the above SW issue.

Then it was time to head on off to the city to do a bit of shopping. I headed to PC World in Jervis to get my gadget for the GoPro which is a stand kinda thing. However it wasn’t to be. So I got replacement gadgets for the GoPro and a Norton Security. heheheh.

So then I headed to Tescos in Jervis to look for Vegan Pancakes. Couldn’t find em. So I got Butter instead. So my next place was to head to LIdls. On the way I encountered  Dealz and thought to ask if there was Vegan Pancakes. However that wasn’t to be. So I headed into Lidls. Got a few grub.  I then headed into Tescos on Parnell to see if they had any Vegan Pancakes. There they didn’t. But got stuff for myself. hehhe. Then onto Aldis, where my foot saved my fall. hahaha. There they didn’t know Vegan Pancakes. I then was to go to EuroGiant, where I was reliably informed that they closed at 9, however they were closed around half 8. So I don’t know what happened. hahaha. So I popped into Pennys to get more clothes. However I couldn’t find any Small trousers anywhere, not even shorts. hmmm I was surprised. I’ll try again tomorrow. hehehe.

I then headed onto the Outhouse, where I got myself a Raspberry tea, and a chat. Then it was time for to see Ride Along 2. heheeh

Diary 28th January 2016

Sad thought but happyish towards the end. I’ve been diagnosed cancer ♋ as a result of the lump on me back. I tell my folks. They recommend I don’t tell me sis. However I would tell her in person. I then proceed to tell her. I’ll be going into hospital n chances are of me coming out of it are slim. So on my dying bed I’m there saying my goodbyes n then just abt me going that I see Mariana n her two daughters aka my two step sisters. Its what they call a miracle. I then proceed to say Mama. But then when I see Him I say oh. So I scream Mariana instead. I threaten the cop with the European court of human rights cause I know Romanian courts are as corrupt as themselves if u ever touches her with anything. I then lastly exclaim that my life was over when I came out. Enjoying family unity. Kathleen’s Doncaster trip etc. Janices house Asda  with my sis meal out with the Mulligans in campo……

Maureen called by to give me grub. Then went back for further sleep. Then got up for mom. We were to collect my social welfare and then head to ndls. However with the rain, and of course traffic to add onto of all that not a chance. So we left it. The guy in post office me thinking he is Italian is actually Romanian. He told me “I’m Romanian. I see yuo are too”.  Says I back to him “God You took your time. Hahaha”.  So wet left it at multmesc, his reply cu placere which means you’re welcome. I thought it was funny thou. Hahaha

So went to moms house for a grub too. Waited for dad to return from his lunch which he has every month with his retires teachers. Dad returns. He told me a memory which I got a fit of laughing. wherreby when my sis n i came over from Romania we went to this house in fox rock to have a meal. Then on the way home my sis says to mom or dad can we go to McDonalds. Aweee. This woman was teaching with dad. Her daughter worked out in NV orphanage. I checked up on dads computer one last time. I defaulted his email program to the original. Hehehe.

Headed to my sis. Then a cuppa. So while I was with my sis Maureen rang to congratulate me on my citizenship I told her off this memory and hence it came back to her.

So came home.

Diary 27th January 2016

Supposed to have gone to NDLS. However my cold in the way, I couldn’t be bothered. So I continued onto my folks.

I started by installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 that was on my drive. I then removed Norton as the Norton uninstall tool had been corrupt. So I removed.  I continued on for a few hrs. So while waiting around I had heard that the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) is to dissolve the 32nd Dáil). So I said to Dad I had best free up space on my Box. Hahaha. Shortly before I gave up I decided to try the emails once more and low and beholds it actually out worked. So Norton was working, updates were still downloading and emails yeah. I had re-imported the settings for dads Account settings is the Emails pop n smtp etc etc. Even though I had done this previousl, it still didn’t work.

Then I came home only to realise that the letter I had received  hadn’t been opened. It was to tell that my citizenship had come through.

Diary 26th January 2016

After a near 24hr sleep it was time to get up for to be medically assessed for my injury benefit.
I first went to collect my medical cert albeit it took longer. The receptionist weren’t calling numbers at all.
Then I rushed onto oisin house. The nurse brought me into the assessment room. Then I was asked questions as per the form the assessor was required. He brought up my uncles death which started the whole thing with back pain etc.
Then went to mom and dads to figure out what to do about his lappy. So I put it down to lack of updates.  So spent several hrs installing.
Then afterwards I headed back to my place to collect my sleeves and Boi were they came in very handy tonight. I was non stop at them while I was with my sis. Reasoning being the bringing up of my uncles death then the st Stephens day massacre etc etc then whether or not Il b STARTING on disability allowance etc etc.   We looked at Alvin 4. Happy king Julien day from the film  Madagascar.