Diary 23rd January 2016

One of many weird but sad dreams whereby my mate Brendan S’ mom might be on deaths door. Then another one whereby my cousin Dara is after someone who  murders his mom.

Then eventually I woke up with a slight pain in my throat. So took ibuprofen. Then tirelessly brought the bike to the cycle shop to mend as a result of a puncture on Thurs night coming home from Cineworld. Then I headed on towards the folks, and reaslised that I left my glasses behind so I had to go back all the way to my place go get em. Then up to mom and dads. So when I arrived, I had a nice meal. Then I got down to business or as one would say got down and dirty hahaha. So my first job was back up his documents etc., and his emails. then the reinstallation. Then afterwards we had meals in between. Norton was giving me hassle in that I wasn’t able to give him the newest version. So rendered him with an old version. Then the emails wudnt work, which this it kept asking me to enter his username and password, however that didn’t wouldn’t work. The updates took their time. So in the end I left it at that.

I was also due to pop into Ailish and Noel. While there I began to feel dizzy, very cold and my fingers were getting numb. I felt faint consistently, even my body getting very cold constantly. To the point my teeth were clattering. I put it down to the fact that they didn’t have any heating on. But then I just  remembered that I shitted out every single shit previously. Could it be that I got rid of too much!!!!!  Who knows. So I went back into mom n dad’s shivering. Twas quite harrowing. Twas a bit frightening. But thou getting back to the actual topics or chats thou. We chatted about various things such my new Nexus Tablet etc., Then Ailish went to ask about the Mulligans. I found out recently in the last few days, that JP had blocked me on my old account which of course I was distraught at the time. Then afterwards, Ailish then asks me “Do you think she don’t like Gays”. She’s referring to Kathleen btw. I said there’s no doubt. Like I explained to them that she never replies to any of my emails or even Facebook Messages. So then Noel asked me how do they deal with Christmas lights. heheeheh. Like everytime they take down or even put up the lights they end up tangled. So I explained that whatever way you put them up, then you go the opposite. Then I had told them that I really enjoyed doing up my Dad’s lappy. hahhaah. Everyone knows a computer. BUt these days, jobs are in developers.

Diary 12th January 2016

Today was not bad. Twas alrite. heeheheh

I woke up at midday. Couldn’t sleep any further. So I turned on my Electric blanket, to half way. It eventually helped. When it did, my sis had arrived. hahahah.

So my sis did her downloading. I told her that my baby, Windows 10 had arrived. Awww my baby. heheeh. So I told her to ensure she gets everything she needs BEFORE the upgrade which will result in loss of files. So then we headed to her place via Tescos. Got a few things there. hehe. So I headed on off early. She has an appoitnemten tomorrow. heheheh

So when I came back, I continued on to look for the Driver’s License. I’m getting this sense that I have actually seen it in my apartment.

Diary 10th January 2016

Well today was not bad a day. Fairly quiet to b honest. As I had gone to bed late, I was slightly late for my sis. When I woke up, I awoke to 2 voicemails ALL from my family home. Quiet curious I was. So I listened to my voicemails, all I could here was Dad saying Printer and to veto it or something like that. I was under the illusion he wanted something printed off or whatever or that maybe there was an error. So on the way home, I got a thought whereby, I was being put into a trap ie that they find out am buying my +Furry Babys Stanescu for my sis as well.

So when I arrived up, I got a bit of grub. Then I said to Dad where’s ur baby something like that. I was acclaiming what’s the issue or whatever. So he says to me, “Here’s ur baby”, hahahaha. So that said it was Maudy’s printer. I said to myself, wow, a junkyard. That I get second hand stuff. So I said at the time without acknowledging a lie that it ain’t compatible with my computer which at the titme would have been the truth cause I looked it up and it only stated WIndows Vista being the latest version. So then I also noticed that it does not have a Photocopier aspect. So in the end I did not take it on the basis of the lack of the photocopy function.

So then I headed back home to collect my sis’ new +Furry Babys Stanescu and my sleeves. heheheh. So we both watch Drake n Josh

Diary 17th December 2015 – Dad’s Birthday

Today wasn’t too bad. Although it was by no mean any better, but at least its something.

My day started off with my heart outta me mouth literally. Like the Sabrina epsidoe whereby she has a Secret Admirer, and her heart is literally beating OUTSIDE her body, (now oblivious not the real heart – ahaha, that would be just grotesque. )

Anyways moving on as one would say, Mom collected me. I had checked my post. I received three letters. One from Social Welfare, the other two from friends for ie Christmas Cards., So I opened the Social Welfare, and it stated that I had not signed as per required. So then I opened the other two. I had received scratch cards. Then I scratched them and was shocked that I had won €25. Cause the last time I won so high was when I had gotten a scratch card from Colette.

So then onwards, and upwards, we headed onto Social Welfare. Today’s idea was to get a more clear idea. I was deeply disheartened when Mom was told to get out three times., I felt for her. Me heart was higher in me mouth as per above description.

So then afterwards Mom drove me back to her place. I helped Dad briefly with the lights in the garden. Then I headed on back to my place.

I got myself ready for the evening in terms of putting on my Christmas Undies and Jumper on. I couldn’t find the undies. So I put on others I bought in Aldis on Sunday. I then headed onto Store St., seeing as I said above, that I forgot to sign my signature. Then I went onto Aldis to get more cards. Then I finally arrived at the Outhouse. I was due to be at the Christmas Party between 4-6. However that said, the fact that I arrived slightly late, at least I had seen others, so I wrote my cards and handed em out. eheheh. Then I was advised that I go and get a secretary. hahaahah. In fact Patrick had reminded us that the politicians ‘ Secretary used to send us Christmas Cards. hahaahha. So then James who also their, was also telling me how Windows 10 had failed him when he went to upgrade. So for waht ever reason I was trying to comapre that he hates Microsoft, whiel I hate Social Welafre. He was most appolgoetic for the way he went on about Windows 10. I kinda understood what the acutal issue was. Something about Widnows 10 not accpeting his backups or whatever. So I offered him how about he go and download Recuva to go and attmept to recover the files. etc., So I shall also offer him Ubuntu in terms of attmepting to access his files as well. Searson was also their. Was great to see him. He wanted to see my self harm cuts. WHen I went to take my jumper off as I was getting warm, I several times attmepted to hide my self harm. THat said, I also didn’t care. So it all depends ont eh person.

Diary 1st October 2015

Quite an interesting day so far. I got up at half 11, after a lovely night of sleep with my Blankies. awwwww. I was collected by Mom n Dad and my sis for to go out for a meal. I can’t honestly remember when I last went out. hahhaaha. I think it was for Father’s Day we all went out. Not sure. hahahaha. We went out to TGI Fridays, which I have previously reviewed. hehehe. Dad and I went to PC World to get ink cartridges and paper. How well the salesperson remembered us from December. Twas unreal. hahahaa. He asked me how is Lappy. I said it was alrite. Although there are sounds or something’s not right. But didn’t wanna say it in front of Dad thou; considering. So both of us went onto Homestore and More.

We all then went back home and had a nice cuppa. Like the good auld days. hehehehe. Then both Dad n I finished off the Citizenship stuff ie the letter we were waiting finally arrived. So on the way leaving my sis home, we headed to the Post Office to get the Letter registered and send it off to Tipperary. Oh boi. hahahah

Then afterwards, I came back, showered and got ready to get a new member of the +Inflatables Stanescu family. Oh boi. They are going to be hopping mad. hahha when they see Franky the new +Inflatables Stanescu hehehe.

I first got rid of rubbish from the kitchen. At the same time, I was recording the Scannal episode of the HOrsemeat saga or scandal hence the name of the program in Irish. Scannal is Irish for Scandal. I have to re-record the program for a 3rd time now. I must have hit it off the PVT. NOt sure, as it came back invalid.

I then headed off to Aldi, Lidl, Tescos and Outhouse. I arrived at Aldi to go and get Franky an +Inflatables Stanescu and Halloween lights. However the lights weren’t there. So I then headed to Lidl to go and get my 5x OJs and Bread.Then onto Tescos to get Butter. There I experienced issues with my coins. Twas the same woman who helped me the last time in which the machine wouldn’t accept my notes or something. I headed to Pennys as I had seen int eh Shop window a very cute Scarfy. Awww. So while there, I also encountered another scarf thinking it was someone’s in relaisty. THere was no Label or even hanger. So I was getting a bit anxious. HOwever when Declan who was actually serving me in Pennys. heheheh. He found a code, So I was delighted that he was able to sell it to me. I then decided to see if Eurogiant was selling +Inflatables Stanescu for Halloween. As it happens they were for €50. Bit steep. So I might leave it. I’ll see. I then headed off to the Outhouse. On the way, thou I was on the phone to my mate O’ Farrell. He explained of his grogginess. I asked him what sleeping tablets is he on and the fact he didn’t know, I said he should sue St. James for such behavior. hahaha. So more than likely he didn’t want to tell me. He wanted to come over to my place for a few nights. However my +Inflatables Stanescu are my life and my roommates. heheheeh. So when O’ Farrell made a comment “But I see you’re buying an inflatable from your FB”, when I said to him about my place Inhabitant. I asked what’s the connection. He failed to answer. So I told him to go and work with St. James Hosp in looking for accommodation. Until then there’s nothing I can do. So then I headed onto Outhouse where I came across Bernard. Wonderful to see him as ever. Sad to hear thou that Searson was jeered at Homophobically with his mates. I understand his mates were attacked physically I think. Bernard mentioned the term “My librarian”, I thought he meant his boyfriend or whatever. So he went to say that I think “psychoanalytical”. heheheh.

So then I came back home to relax with the News. haahah. Shortly after getting up, I got a text from Meteor saying that I may be able to be upgrade my handset to HTC’s M8. I’d have to think abotu it, as when I was with my ex, I got a FREE HTC phone from O2, and I just literally hated it to the core and swore that I would never buy let alone get a new HTC phone ever. The offer is unlimited calls and texts and 2GB Internet. THe INterent is quite low thou. So from 15GB DOWN to 2GB.hmmmm

Following is a quote that came from a viewer on IrelandAM. I think its so perfect. heeheh
“We’ve been married 50yrs next January. I was 28. Mr. D was 21. We still love each other and is happy now as we were then. Saying I Do is the easy part. And you have the kids. We had 4 of them, Sickness,, Money worries etc., They all take its toll. My advice is to have respect for your partner. Never treat him/her in a way that you wouldn’t like to be treated yourself, Never go to sleep on a row, Make time for yourself and give each other plenty of hugs and kisses”