Diary 20th January 2016

Today was a semi-quiet day. hahahah. What I mean by that is simply put I was to go to the Dr.s Appt to be precise the Blood Test. So I headed down their. When I was getting one of the Blood Test I noted one of the tubes wasn’t filling up fully. So I joked perhaps all my blood has been taken, hahhaah. But axs it happens its just the structure of the Test Tube.

So onwards to my next errand. Which was to go and get my NDLS Driver’s License form filled out my the Cops ie the GArdaí. However I regret to say that as I don’t have a passport with me or PHotoID, they weren’t able to fill out at all.

So that said, or moving on as one would say, My next errand was to withdraw more money for my expenditure. hahaahah. So I went tot eh ATM only to find out that it wasn’t working. So perhaps they were maintaining it or whatever. So I went in. Withdrew. Then I said I may as well ask. When I go to log into my INterent Banking Account, they at times ask me for my Home Phone and Work Phone. Of which my House phone, my OLD phone were in use. So they updated needed information.

Then afterwards, I then headed as I only remembered on my way that I was to collect my glasses. THen on the way I decided to go and get the GoPro aswell while I was at it. hahaah. ON the way of getting my glasses  I noticed this boat like statute I took pics of it, by plenny it. hahaahah. So then I got my glasses refitted. hahaah.

Then on the way back up to PC World where GoPro was to be born, mmmm, I encountered a 1916 Memory Tour bus which by the way costs €20, but anyways I took a few pics of the bus in question and of course the old style bus they are now using for Tourist buses.

I then went to PC World, so then I went to get one and I was told it don’t come with a MicroSD card at all, not even a Built-in memory, so I asked what’s the recommended size of which I was told 32GB HC. Then I wanted to get a stand for the actual GoPro. I would have had just the bare amount, unfortunately the Insurance was what took it all away. So the salesperson was telling me that I would be able to bring it back if anything happens to it. So to be a smart ass, I asked what if I literally drop it on the ground and stamp on it. Well the laugh I got. hahaha.

So then I headed towards my bike from Specsavers, I encountered Amnesty International. I wanted to subscribe to them, however I was tied for time, So I went to Specsavers, did my business, then I went back to collect my bike, before I head on off, I approached him. I asked that I sign up. He was quite taken aback. Highly appreciative. He’s never had anyone approach him, cause normally they approach the people etc.,

However on the way to PC World, I encountered a shop known as Jean Stop, whereby they were selling clothing and of particular type. I was interested in the undies that has “explicit” sayings like “Av ya seen my nuts”, “Makin’ bacon”, etc., etc., So I went with Av ya seen my nuts.

So then I went back on home. In the meantime, I noted thou that it was 13.04 in which my time to finish the recording I had left on while I was out.

So then I decided. to get my food shopping done too. hehehehe. So I rang Mom as she has a car to help me with my soon to realise €145 in Tescos(€71), Lidls(€24) and SmallChanges(€50.55). Then I realised that I had left my Coffee and Cereal behind. So I went back out to Tescos in Drumcondra to SOCALL get my Coffee however they were too expensive as I left behind more coins. hahahah.

So then I popped into Centra to see if I could get any coffee, but as it happens, they didn’t have. I then went into Pizza Dog, to get meself some hotfood. While waiting, a woman came in to hand in her CV. The worker who served me, was talking to her. He asks for experience etc., HOWever thou, she was wanting to apply for a driver’s job. When the woman left, he told me, a woman driver abnormal, something like that. I didn’t like this tone. So I said back to him: “Times are achanging man”.

Then I came back home to get some needed rest. hahahah. I then started to undo the shopping that I got. and put them away into Freezer, Fridges and the dry food too. hehehehe

Diary 14th January 2016

Today finally came the day of my Psychiatric App. My main objective was to get the required help on how to deal with my recent trauma of Social Welfare or as Dr. Christina puts it as Financial Stability. But moving on thou, my trauma from Romania too. So I met my sis for moral support.

So then afterwards, I then headed on back home. eheheheh. I was looking at the news. Then I started to look for my Driver’s License and my glass lens. hehehe.

So after awhile, I got ready to head onto Cineworld to see Star Wars. heheheh. It’s the only movie that’s out there that am interested. Like there’s Oscar 2016 Nominated movies out at the moment, but I’ve no interest in em. hahaha. So just as I had my arm exposed as I was changing into my Star Wars tshirt, I just ate my arm as if it were my sleeve. Its my new baby now. awwwww. So then I headed on out.

I wanted to get Google Chromecast which allows to “Cast”, videos, pictures etc., to a TV. hheeheh. Also DVD Recordables for to create a Windows 8.1 Installation Recoverable Media. heheeheh.

So then I headed to Pennys to looksie around, Initially, I wasn’t gonna bother, but one of the mannequins attracted me to him. mmmm as he was wearing a Black Short Shorts, and Bright Red/Orange Tshirt Workout or Performance. So then I picked out few items, however I then went to check out the cash in my bag, and surprise surprise I had nothing but the “clothes on my back” as they say. I just had enough for food in the cinema. I had miscounted. So I just left the clothes back.

When I got back, I was looking for the rope cable that I usually tie my bike along with the lock, and I noticed it was missing. So I checked inside. Me thinkgs it was stolen.

Diary 10th January 2016

Well today was not bad a day. Fairly quiet to b honest. As I had gone to bed late, I was slightly late for my sis. When I woke up, I awoke to 2 voicemails ALL from my family home. Quiet curious I was. So I listened to my voicemails, all I could here was Dad saying Printer and to veto it or something like that. I was under the illusion he wanted something printed off or whatever or that maybe there was an error. So on the way home, I got a thought whereby, I was being put into a trap ie that they find out am buying my +Furry Babys Stanescu for my sis as well.

So when I arrived up, I got a bit of grub. Then I said to Dad where’s ur baby something like that. I was acclaiming what’s the issue or whatever. So he says to me, “Here’s ur baby”, hahahaha. So that said it was Maudy’s printer. I said to myself, wow, a junkyard. That I get second hand stuff. So I said at the time without acknowledging a lie that it ain’t compatible with my computer which at the titme would have been the truth cause I looked it up and it only stated WIndows Vista being the latest version. So then I also noticed that it does not have a Photocopier aspect. So in the end I did not take it on the basis of the lack of the photocopy function.

So then I headed back home to collect my sis’ new +Furry Babys Stanescu and my sleeves. heheheh. So we both watch Drake n Josh

Diary 17th December 2015 – Dad’s Birthday

Today wasn’t too bad. Although it was by no mean any better, but at least its something.

My day started off with my heart outta me mouth literally. Like the Sabrina epsidoe whereby she has a Secret Admirer, and her heart is literally beating OUTSIDE her body, (now oblivious not the real heart – ahaha, that would be just grotesque. )

Anyways moving on as one would say, Mom collected me. I had checked my post. I received three letters. One from Social Welfare, the other two from friends for ie Christmas Cards., So I opened the Social Welfare, and it stated that I had not signed as per required. So then I opened the other two. I had received scratch cards. Then I scratched them and was shocked that I had won €25. Cause the last time I won so high was when I had gotten a scratch card from Colette.

So then onwards, and upwards, we headed onto Social Welfare. Today’s idea was to get a more clear idea. I was deeply disheartened when Mom was told to get out three times., I felt for her. Me heart was higher in me mouth as per above description.

So then afterwards Mom drove me back to her place. I helped Dad briefly with the lights in the garden. Then I headed on back to my place.

I got myself ready for the evening in terms of putting on my Christmas Undies and Jumper on. I couldn’t find the undies. So I put on others I bought in Aldis on Sunday. I then headed onto Store St., seeing as I said above, that I forgot to sign my signature. Then I went onto Aldis to get more cards. Then I finally arrived at the Outhouse. I was due to be at the Christmas Party between 4-6. However that said, the fact that I arrived slightly late, at least I had seen others, so I wrote my cards and handed em out. eheheh. Then I was advised that I go and get a secretary. hahaahah. In fact Patrick had reminded us that the politicians ‘ Secretary used to send us Christmas Cards. hahaahha. So then James who also their, was also telling me how Windows 10 had failed him when he went to upgrade. So for waht ever reason I was trying to comapre that he hates Microsoft, whiel I hate Social Welafre. He was most appolgoetic for the way he went on about Windows 10. I kinda understood what the acutal issue was. Something about Widnows 10 not accpeting his backups or whatever. So I offered him how about he go and download Recuva to go and attmept to recover the files. etc., So I shall also offer him Ubuntu in terms of attmepting to access his files as well. Searson was also their. Was great to see him. He wanted to see my self harm cuts. WHen I went to take my jumper off as I was getting warm, I several times attmepted to hide my self harm. THat said, I also didn’t care. So it all depends ont eh person.

Diary 21st August 2015

My sis popped down for some downloading. hehehe. Just before I headed out. I got a sudden rush of Diarrhea. It can’t be lactose. As I haven’t had a any diary product for awhile now. So my diagnosis STRESS. My sis brought up a major brawl I had with her. The anger that I had with my Dad, as I wasn’t able to confront Dad, I brought it out to my sis. She knows how sorry I am, so does my body. Yet my body says keep living with the anger.

So I headed off on my merry way to Outhouse first. I encountered a few faces. Great seeing em. I was to see Christopher McGann after refriend him back on Facebook on Monday. He said he would be in the Outhouse on Tuesday. I then said I would be around, as I would be signing in anyways. heheeh. However it wasn’t to be. So I bumped into him today. Was great afterall I hadn’t seen him since last year at the LAST March for Marriage 2014. So then I headed on to see Pixels(Review here) in Cineworld.

I had seen the most anticipated film, I was deiing to see, my sister had seen it, and from the TV3’s(Ireland’ TV channel) trailer it looked so intriguing. I Decided again reviewing it. It wasn’t worth the review. AS Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons says “Worst Film Ever”.
Then I spent about an hour or so or even more I was playing around with VirtualBox which is a Virtual Machine software. Non of my Linux Distros wouldn’t work not even the Windows Machines would work. VirtualBox was reporting that the Virtual Operating System was “thinking” I was running a 64Bit Virtual OS on a 32BIt REAL or Host Operating System. However I know for a fact that I have Windows 8.1 64Bit. Its what I paid for, and I ensured it was. So after investigating, It was found that when I was setting up the Virtual Machine at hand, I had selected the WRONG Operating System type. So for Windows 10 Virtual OS, I had selected 32Bit instead of 64BIt. But that said that’s all that was available for me to choose. So I googled further: Following are the items for VIrtualBox to work properly:

  • Your Host Operating System must be a 64Bit if you download a 64BIt OS Image
  • BOTH Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d enabled in BIOS
  • Hyper – V is disabled in Windows Features list.
Now with me as I said above, my Host OS is 64Bit. Check
Both Intel technologys have Virtualization and VT-d enabled. Check
Hyper-V which is Microsoft new replace of Windows Virtual PC for Windows 8 upwards, is to be disabled. I looked  everywhere, still couldn’t find it. It was then found that I need a Pro edition of Windows 8 of which I most certainly will not be doing so.
So bottomline, I am still at a loss as to what to do next.