Diary 25th February 2016

I’m in a sinn féin led govt whereby they’ve won the general election. They next then there eye on bringing the 32 counties. Hmmm

I get dreams of Barry my friend hanging around with me, and wonders off quite alot. Then of Emil acting like O’ Farrell in terms of shouting at a child or whatever and me being embarrassed AGAIN!!!!.

While taking a leak I ensure there is space for Campaign Daily on the Box. While doing so I look at a repeat documentary on What Do Women Want presented by Maia Dunphy.  I spot a hot guy(s) cause there were two of em. The segment was about fame then back to work. Senator mark caldy was on the tresure islands  reality show. Now he’s a Senator. Awwwws

So then I eventually woke up. ahhaahah. It was quiet funny. I went to pick up my baby or my +Furry Babys Stanescu Sammy. And I wasn’t looking where I was going. ANd of course he had to bring the TV with him. awwwww. But that said thou, the fire was on, so yeah I got worried, and threw him. awwwwww. Nevertheless he landed safely on his butt. hahahah.

I then started my errands: of which was the following:

An Post – Dole

Cineworld – Movie

Folks – Fix printer


Meetup GayDublin

So I then got started. I collected my dosh, then I headed onto the bank. Then afterwards on the way back to the bike, I saw Sarah. Had a lovely chat. Haha. I asked her if she was Vegan first then I asked her if she found vegan pancakes and she said her mother made them for her as her sister n herself are lactose intolerance or at least digestive issues

I then on the way to the cinema, saw an advertisement for ADIFF(AUdi Dublin INternational Film Festival instead of JDIFF(Jamesons Dublin International Film Festival). wow. APparently AUdi must have taken over Jamesons sponsorship. ahahah. Then I again I should have known as it would be advertised on TV. EVery year they always advertised. Yet this year, it never crossed my mind. hahaha. So I went to see my precious babe Dylan an aspiring actor or whatever.
I then headed up to the folks. But FIRST thou getting the cable required for me to fix the printer. hahahah. I went to PC WOrld, nothing, so I went to Maplins. THey were most helpful. I brought up three of them. THey all looked the same, BUT the M were different. hahahahah. So I arrived. Got a meal. Then Replaced the cable, and bodabing bodaboom. hahah

Went to Front Lounge to go to a Meetup known as GayDublin, a new group. I was told they are at the end of the Room. So I asked around. THe barman was suspicious. So I headed out. I was disappointed but at the same time meh. I was indecisive as in making up excuses if it were all females or even 1 male. Like at the end of the day only 4 were going.

So on the way home, I counted 5 homeless ppl. I was gonna give money, but then I just remembered that I actually do give money anyways to MQI(Merchants QUay Ireland – homeless charity whereby they help the homeless by putting them up for the night or whatever).

Diary 11th February 2016

Shortly before I went to bed, I was charging my new Nexy(Google Nexus 9). I had the charging atop Ducky. Then I got a sudden image of whereby my place would be burnt alive, as the case it was seen in the last few weeks, whereby a charger went alight as it was ontop of MATERIAL. So with this I decided against it and put Ducky elsewhere. awwwww

Then I went to sleep. And when I got up to take a leak, I realised that I actually forgot to get my Social Welfare. Considering I’m in debt of over €141, how I acutally forgot to be up in time for it? hmmmm. Just can’t get my head around it.

So then it was time in actual time to get up. However I had gotten so cozy, that I just decided to sleep it out. hahahaha. LIke I was far too late for my Social Welfare. Goosebumps was only realsied in Cinemas. I was due to go and see Goosebumps aswell.

So when I got up then eventually which is 1am, I noticed that one of my programs I wanted to record Prime Time dedicated to General Election 2016, only to realise that it ran out of space. ANd added to that the 12.30 News Bulletin clashed. Oh boi!!!!!.

Diary 9th Febraury 2016 – Pancake TUesday(Shrove Tuesday)

Well after a dream of whereby I leave my Cineworld card behind while I’m very close to the cinema, and then also my Dad’s friend who is currently in hospital with a Brain ANurism. In the dream, he dies and I of course cry my eyes out in reality.

So then eventually I got up, as I had a few errands to do, such as getting a card for my dad’s Sister in Law Maura(Dad’s brother’s wife). I went to Scribbles first to get the pressie and card. heheeheh. I saw a few teddies, of interest, hmmm. However with the price tag, I said I’d leave it.

So that said I then headed off to the GP to get my Medical Cert. However as time was not on my side, the GP was closed which I was shocked as I thought it’d be closed around 6ish, it actually closes around half 5.

So then I headed on into town to get my sis’ teddys she wanted. Then I was looking everywhere for Vegan Pancakes. So I popped into Holland and Barretts in Ilac Centre and the sales person told me, that there’s no such thing, as Veganism ain’t as popular as Vegetarianism. However that said, I can still make them BUT I want it READY-MADE. hahahaah. Then afterwards, I then headed on up towards my folks. I had gotten a voicemail of my Mom, to come up to them for to have Pancakes as today is Pancake Tuesday aka Shrove Tuesday. I was looking everywhere for Pancakes and this reminded me of Sabrina who “I want Pancakes”, hahahaah. Mom reminded how Pancake Tuesday came about. It is a Christianity thing, whereby people give up something or do something they’ve been putting off on the long finger. In relation to Pancakes itself, its a starter to Lent whereby they eat everything before they begin the actual fasting at hand. Quite interesting to learn. haaha. Then I headed on off to my sis. We looked at Mike and Molly. Great comedy. hahaah

Diary 8th February 2016

Well today was a quiet day. hahhaha. Well as per my norm TV shows etc.,

I also was getting my dinner too. hehehe. Did a bit of tidying up as the rubbish was in my way of the Oven. So I got the cooking going. hahaha. However thou, I soon realise that the soup I wanted to cook up was frozen obviously BUT, that I wanted there and then. However I have to defrost it first. 😦

While I was doing a tidy up in the living area, I noted a brand new heater that wasn’t even opened. hahahhah.

Also It was my intention to start on the Reinstallation of Windows 8.1 but firstly Windows 10. However when I got there, I came across my Norton product I purchased in PC World recently. I was wondering the price of €39 instead of €109 etc,. So I looked it up Apparently I got €55 off as part of the January sales.

Then I was also gonna open up my new GoPro which will be used for recording videos of my whereabouts on the bike and then the Opening of packages like I did with my Lumia phone. hahaha.

I was going through some music videos and James Corden who has videos of Music artists with Carpools. When I go to Thumbs up a Video ie a Like in Youtube, I have it setup so that Twitter receives a tweet saying I have Liked a video. However on Facebook recently, it posts several times, and I just can’t for the life of me understand!!!!

Diary 7th February 2016

Well I had a half half good and bad night. What I mean by this is that I had a dream whereby I was being diagnosed with cancer of the Colon which my Uncle Reggie went with, then I was diagnosed with heart cancer(which I don’t think it exists – to my knowledge anyways) also diagnosed with the head, something like that.

So then I got up. As my sis wasn’t well upstairs, I didn’t go to her immediately. So looked at Rebellion and the start of Superman 4. Then I got the call to head to her. So I got my cereal AND her cigs. Then onto her whereby I kept her company.

Diary 18th January 2016

Well today was a relaxation day. eheheheh.

Was looking at my last Dallas, for in like forever. Quite emotional to be honest. hahhaah. And I wouldn’t mind I had a dream of Sue Ellen and Cliff of whom they had an affair in the series, and Cliff wanted an abortion whereas Sue Ellen wanted to keep the baby but Cliff didn’t want If I recall was NOT in the series. In the series BOTH parties wanted the baby, but sadly she lost it.

I rang for a Blood Test appointment to for Kilduff. She wants my Blood Results.

Then it was time for the Vantage Point film. I seen it about 2 or 3 times. The plot was very simple, but the construction so confusing and all over the place. BUT the music was just so compelling. Quoting myself: “Music adds to the film” Well this particular one was fantastic. heheeh

So while looking at it, I was cleaning beside the bed more so down at the end of it. hahaah. I came across MORE Christmas Lights that I never put up, whoopise. hahahaha. then the dust got to me, so I quet for the night. hahahah.

Diary 11th January 2016

Well today was quite an emotional day. So I coped with it my self-harm which as I said to my sis, that I use my sleeve BEHIND the scenes and the skin ie biting the arm when I got a chance. It all started off when my Pops collected me to objectively to go and get my printer. I was using it to go and reconnect with my pops and obviously of course to print in my place instead of my folks.

So like I said my Dad collected me, we headed on up to Airside to go and get the printer. We headed to PC World. I saw the printer I was interested in. ehehhee. Then afterwards, I wanted to get a network cable aka RJ45 for my connection between the Sky Box and the Router so that I could get my Sky Box Sets and the HD channels whcih I will add onto my subscription very soon. heheeheh. I had hoped for tomorrow, however my Payment for the week that I missed my payment of the MEdical Cert aka the Injury Benefit. hehehehe. SO we’ll see. But that said thou, that I do intend, on applying for that extra subscription, hehehe.

So conetinetueing on I saw a Hard Drive for 5TB for about €200. At first I didn’t get it, I wanted to see price wise in Harvey Norman’s. So my Dad and I headed there, and compared prices. hehehe I was most suprised thou with their prices. heheeheh. However thou it was 2TB of CLOUD storage, which I’ve no interest in at this moment in time. Then I headed back to PC World to get the HDD. In Harvey’s thou, my Dad and I looked at washing machine. heeheh. I was amazed at Harvey Norman’s staff responded when I told the staff member that the HDD was more expensive than PC WOrld’s.

So then we got a bite to eat in TravelLodge what used to be the Little Chef. I had meself a Vegetarian LAsagnae. heheeh. However the fact that it was so creamy and not forgetting the cream or maynossaie on the salad. SO yeah I had the shits for the rest of the day.

So then I headed back home with Dad to his place. Put up my decorations in the attic for Christmas. hehehe. In his place of course. Then afterwards I was joined by my sis to head to my Aunt Colette. She is currently in an Orthopaedic Hospital. As I said previously she had suffered a mini-stroke back in November of 2015. So seeing her really through me off. HOWever thou’ I greeted her by “Queen Brady”, hahaahah. But seeing her so frail or with grey hair etc., etc., I just was not prepared. Like aging etc., then to hear of my Dad’s friend with Aneurysm, so yeah as u can gather why it was an emotional day.

So I continued self-harming on my arm in Mom’s car etc., etc., even when pissing etc., So then we went back to Mom’s place to go and get a cuppa. hehehehehe. I then headed back to my place with my new printer, my new hDD etc., etc., heheheheheheh.

I also got a chance to question about my Driver’s license. As Mom wants’ me to drive again, I need my license. However I have lost it. So with that in mind, I was going to find out the procedure on Los/Stolen License. So what I’ve to do is Medical Report/Eye Sight Report and obviously firstly get my glasses fixed. hehehehe. So then I fill out an Application form with €35. hehehehe