Diary 25th February 2016

I’m in a sinn féin led govt whereby they’ve won the general election. They next then there eye on bringing the 32 counties. Hmmm

I get dreams of Barry my friend hanging around with me, and wonders off quite alot. Then of Emil acting like O’ Farrell in terms of shouting at a child or whatever and me being embarrassed AGAIN!!!!.

While taking a leak I ensure there is space for Campaign Daily on the Box. While doing so I look at a repeat documentary on What Do Women Want presented by Maia Dunphy.  I spot a hot guy(s) cause there were two of em. The segment was about fame then back to work. Senator mark caldy was on the tresure islands  reality show. Now he’s a Senator. Awwwws

So then I eventually woke up. ahhaahah. It was quiet funny. I went to pick up my baby or my +Furry Babys Stanescu Sammy. And I wasn’t looking where I was going. ANd of course he had to bring the TV with him. awwwww. But that said thou, the fire was on, so yeah I got worried, and threw him. awwwwww. Nevertheless he landed safely on his butt. hahahah.

I then started my errands: of which was the following:

An Post – Dole

Cineworld – Movie

Folks – Fix printer


Meetup GayDublin

So I then got started. I collected my dosh, then I headed onto the bank. Then afterwards on the way back to the bike, I saw Sarah. Had a lovely chat. Haha. I asked her if she was Vegan first then I asked her if she found vegan pancakes and she said her mother made them for her as her sister n herself are lactose intolerance or at least digestive issues

I then on the way to the cinema, saw an advertisement for ADIFF(AUdi Dublin INternational Film Festival instead of JDIFF(Jamesons Dublin International Film Festival). wow. APparently AUdi must have taken over Jamesons sponsorship. ahahah. Then I again I should have known as it would be advertised on TV. EVery year they always advertised. Yet this year, it never crossed my mind. hahaha. So I went to see my precious babe Dylan an aspiring actor or whatever.
I then headed up to the folks. But FIRST thou getting the cable required for me to fix the printer. hahahah. I went to PC WOrld, nothing, so I went to Maplins. THey were most helpful. I brought up three of them. THey all looked the same, BUT the M were different. hahahahah. So I arrived. Got a meal. Then Replaced the cable, and bodabing bodaboom. hahah

Went to Front Lounge to go to a Meetup known as GayDublin, a new group. I was told they are at the end of the Room. So I asked around. THe barman was suspicious. So I headed out. I was disappointed but at the same time meh. I was indecisive as in making up excuses if it were all females or even 1 male. Like at the end of the day only 4 were going.

So on the way home, I counted 5 homeless ppl. I was gonna give money, but then I just remembered that I actually do give money anyways to MQI(Merchants QUay Ireland – homeless charity whereby they help the homeless by putting them up for the night or whatever).

Diary 9th Febraury 2016 – Pancake TUesday(Shrove Tuesday)

Well after a dream of whereby I leave my Cineworld card behind while I’m very close to the cinema, and then also my Dad’s friend who is currently in hospital with a Brain ANurism. In the dream, he dies and I of course cry my eyes out in reality.

So then eventually I got up, as I had a few errands to do, such as getting a card for my dad’s Sister in Law Maura(Dad’s brother’s wife). I went to Scribbles first to get the pressie and card. heheeheh. I saw a few teddies, of interest, hmmm. However with the price tag, I said I’d leave it.

So that said I then headed off to the GP to get my Medical Cert. However as time was not on my side, the GP was closed which I was shocked as I thought it’d be closed around 6ish, it actually closes around half 5.

So then I headed on into town to get my sis’ teddys she wanted. Then I was looking everywhere for Vegan Pancakes. So I popped into Holland and Barretts in Ilac Centre and the sales person told me, that there’s no such thing, as Veganism ain’t as popular as Vegetarianism. However that said, I can still make them BUT I want it READY-MADE. hahahaah. Then afterwards, I then headed on up towards my folks. I had gotten a voicemail of my Mom, to come up to them for to have Pancakes as today is Pancake Tuesday aka Shrove Tuesday. I was looking everywhere for Pancakes and this reminded me of Sabrina who “I want Pancakes”, hahahaah. Mom reminded how Pancake Tuesday came about. It is a Christianity thing, whereby people give up something or do something they’ve been putting off on the long finger. In relation to Pancakes itself, its a starter to Lent whereby they eat everything before they begin the actual fasting at hand. Quite interesting to learn. haaha. Then I headed on off to my sis. We looked at Mike and Molly. Great comedy. hahaah

Diary 4th December 2015

Twas an alrite day. Nothing major to report.

My day started off with meeting Mom to get new glasses. I got my eyes tested. My first port of call was to get my eyes tested at a machine. Then for further scrutiny. I then advised them of my eyes balls paining me when they go to do the air pressure. However because of the tears in the way and of course the cataracts, that I had to go and do the air pressure again.

ISIS enters my head once more when while being examined the eye obviously, we hear sounds and then the thought being she tells me to get undercover and not a eep outta me.

Then Mom treated me to a meal in Cornucopia. While there Mom and I were chatting hehehe, and I said I’d like to invite Mom into my life. heheheh and she replied by her saying inviting me into her life. I then said “oh you have been for 20 years” . hahha

Then I was trying to get water working, and I said to mom in front of waiter that he’s taking the micky of me when he said to rub your hand in front of the machine. hahahah. I had hoped that Mom would get to see the LOVELY desserts they have. I have come to realise that I love Cornucopia’s DESSERT NOT the main dishes. This is the SECOND time, I’ve left it behind. While there, I was due to get my Social Welfare back payments etc., however its with great regret(NOTHING new), that I didn’t get it, still waiting. However my mental health ain’t waiting. So my sleeves are their to hand. awwwww.

So then I came home and my sis was downloading. Then I headed on off to the cinema to go and see The Good Dinosaur(Review here). I decided to use the €80 I had left supposedly for Rent, but Dad’s €400 will work for that for BOTH weeks. I then started my Christmas Shopping OFFICIALLY. hahaha. I got my sis her pressie. Then onwards to Pennys to get my Christmas Undies of which I couldn’t get them MAINLY because of the wet weather.

So then I headed onto Outhouse. ehehehe. I learned that if Dinosaurs were NOT made extinct that Humans would not have been created. Thats such fascination. There were women screaming with laughter or whatever. I said to Jaimie, you can see why we don’t like women, haahaha. David who works behind the counter was telling me, that his Crhstims is not as enjoyabel as it was a few years ago. As people die or waphtever or move on. Like his ideal chrisrtmas was when he’d invite pepoepl to his place or rwahtever and have a lash. However as people move on or wahtever, yeah you can see why.

Diary 27th September 2015

Whoa mama. What a day it was. Between Animal Rights, the Vegetarian Day, then a Rally exhibition. It was overwhelming. I was there thinking when I came home from the Movie yesterday and suddenly realised that today Sunday is World Vegetarian Day and the Protest march. I had completely forgotten about it.

So when I got back to reality, haahaha, I then headed to bed. I was suppose to get up for 12.35. However Georgie here don’t like 4hrs sleep. Which can’t be good. There was a time I used to last on 3hrs let alone 4, however NO. Anyways I got up at 1.10. So my plan originally was Dublin Port Rally, ARAN, and then Vegetarian Day. However it wasn’t to be. So my next plan of action was ARAN, Vegetarian Day and then Dublin Port Rally. So onwards and upwards as one would say. hahahaha.

So my first event was ARAN(Animal Rights Action Network). So when the event started, they were to have speeches for an hour and then for the last hour it would be the actual march. So clever little Stany here decided instead of speeches, that I would go to World Vegetarian Day and then come back for the March.

So for the World Vegetarian Day, Sarah A whom I know very well, decides to comment saying that I’m late. I said no I ain’t hahaah. “ara sure you’re always late”. ahahahaha. So I then showed the poster as to where I was. Besides World Vegetarian Day is between 12-4. haahah. So I was chatting with Vegan Ireland and a few other exhibitors. I was wanting to purchase a Vegan TShirt for October Vegan Day, however with the price it wasn’t to be. heeheh.

So I headed back to the March for ARAN. The tagline was “No excuse for ANimal Abuse”. Following is the route we took

Parnell Sq – O’Connell St – O’Connell Bridge – D’Olier St – College Green – Westmoreland St – O’Connell Bridge – O’Connell St – Parnell Sq

I then dispersed after a successful INAUGURAL March for ANimals. I then headed onto my last Event of teh day: Dublin Port Rally. It was fantastic. However I found the price to be excessively high. But well worth it alrite. heehehe. Seeing the Imp brought great memories flooding back. I repeated to myself: “I feel old” hahaha. Plenty of elderly people around. One in particular with a Zimmer. I bet he could tell a few tales alrite. When Is aw the Imp, “Go Minic Anseo….” I remember I was on the Imp with Dad going to James Hosp for TEETH OR EYES, can’t recall. I then repeated to myself also that the imps are no good now as the Population of Dublin has increased and financially viable it wasn’t possible. I then saw the 51B ahh LORD, now I’m REALLY old. hahaha. It used to come down Grace Park Rd near my folks and take us into town. There was one RAINY night, I’ll never forget. Mom, Maureen and my sis were in Abbey St., We were waiting in RAINY weather at night time at Wynnes Hotel. Its also possibly the same night, that I got my varuca. It was the Dublin Port Rally’s CIE’s 70th Anniversary. I first heard of this on RTE6.1 on Fridays.

So then I came back for a few minutes, and then headed onto my sis. We had a grand old time watching Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond n Cheers. We chatted but more so the TV. I told of many fond memories after showing the pics of the BUses etc., at the Dublin Port Rally, I was at earlier on.

Diary 22nd July 2015

Well what a day, it was. Twas of a positive nature. I went to bed earlier like I say, I wanted to try and get a “human” hours. ahhha. So I had set the alarm for 1,15, however I couldn’t sleep right to the alarm, so I got up slightly earlier. And besides, my timing wouldn’t have  been on time, as I needed Fair City, and of course the dole.

So I got up and showered. Looked at TV ie Monday’s news. I was amazed by the amount of Clashes that had occurred on my box in that NOT ONE of my News Bulletins got recorded let alone Fail with no space.

So I headed onwards to get my dole, then the bank, another booboo was made in that Meteor had taken their cash already, so that adds an extra week with no food. So I’ll get their eventually. heeheh. I then headed to Scribbles to get a USB Drive, as I had reported yesterday that my previously died on me. Then headed to Tescos to get initially to get Bread, I saw Vegan bread or what I thought Vegan, and Vegan Washing up liquid. I was so happy with the washing up liquid, but disappointed with the bread, so I then headed to Ryan’s Hardware to get a Mirror for to take pics in, but it wasn’t to be.

So after all the busy morning, I came back to do a bit more of the news. So I then headed to my first Vegetarian Meetup of 2015. We were to meet in Milanos on Baggot St(Review here) which happens to be the place I used to work in. It was under a different name at the time Ciao Café. The last time I was at a vegetarian meetup was back in November of 2014 in Wagamas. We chatted and dined. I enquirerd about Delhi O’ Delhi, and was saddened to learn of its demise. In that it is to be used for the Irish 1916 Centenary Celebrations. We also chatted about the sentient, I happened across an article on Facebook, whereby in New Zealand a Bill has passed whereby Animals are to be treated as to be having “feelings” otherwise known as “sentient”. One of the members of the group was praising Govinda’s on Abbey St., So I thought to stick my oar, in and let em know of the homophobic treatment in Govindas(Review here.) They listened attentively, which I kinda was surprised. Considering I hadn’t been there since LAST year, hahaah.

Oh and throughout the WHOLE day, I was experiencing some back pain. Even at the meetup in Milanos – the above, Everytime, I laughed, I got a sudden surge like the time I experienced that ended me in the Emergency Room. This was a few years ago, when I was experiencing alot of stress, and my sis and I were looking at Mrs. Browns. I got a mother of pain. This was exactly like that.


A ceremony was held in Norway, and in Utoya, in memory of those who died for the 70 who died in Ootoya. 70 people died amongst those were kids in the Utoya Island Labour Camp, when a gunman by the name of Andreas Bearing BRevik(can’t spell his name) gunned down 70 people, 8 in the Paraliament in Oslo and the some elesewhere and the rest on Utoya Island.